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Thinking about Noise IO Pro

I was showing a friend my iPod Touch the other day and explaining some apps. As I showed him Noise IO Pro it suddenly dawned on me just how powerful the application is and how much you can do with it.

I think it becomes easy to forgot apps like this when new ones are coming out all time. I think I should spend a little more time with it now.

Noise IO Pro available at the iTunes App Store

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velocipede said...

I was spending some time with Noise IO Pro last night after letting it sit on my Touch for about a month.

I spent a lot of time making a patch and trying to figure it all out. I am impressed by the power and sound it has and the configurable XY screen.

At the end, though, I started to wish that I could patch up on my Mac and just use the Touch version to play it. To make a patch, Noise IO demands more commitment than I have when I am using my Touch because of all the pages. I am going to spend more time with the presets in the future.

I hope that the record function is improved in a future update. I can certainly imagine using it to send riffs to Beatmaker.

ashley said...

That makes a lot of sense actually. I know what you mean about the number of screens. It is powerful, but complex too, not overly complex.

I think it is to do with the interface and how it forces you to work in certain ways.

Anonymous said...


As the person behind the Noise.io's interface, I can say (in my defense, heh) that there simply wasn't any other obvious way to do it.

Many functions -> many screens. If many functions cripple into few screens, this causes misunderstandings. Many screens -> expandable structure -> ability to change something in future.

I've checked everything. There isn't a single action in Noise.io's editor that needs more than 3-4 taps. That's a very good result. Given that performing a tap on the iPhone screen is much faster than a mouse click, I think the operating speed is quite allright. It's just a matter of getting used to.

(E.g. noone ever wrote a thing about that ribbon controller, and I think that solution turned out pretty well, in terms of quick entering multiple parameters on a 3" screen !)

In any case, for example, it took me about 3 days to create the initial fabric 81 presets. I never achieved those speeds on my other synths.

As for the synth sounds, users like ecnetsixe ant totalition posted user banks that made my jaw actually drop - I was very impressed.

Ecnetsixe has even created a EP using Noise.io, here: http://soundcloud.com/ecnetsixe/sets/noise-io-creations-ep It might be worth posting about.

As for the presets, check out this user bank, it's very powerful: http://noise.io/presets/p777_presetid/196/p777_action/viewpreset/p777_start/0

Thanks again for such detailed and positive feedback on our synth! :)

ashley said...

Hi ToyoBunko, I don't think that anyone is criticising your synth app. In fact, I think it is a given that it is one of the most innovative iPhone apps available. I think that the level of functionality you've squeezed into a synth running on the iphone is amazing and it is the fact that it is a complex and highly flexible and configurable synth that sets it apart.

Whilst many other apps can be picked up and played instantly, yours requires more thought and effort on the part of the user. Of course the results are worth it.