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Seline Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

The Seline HD promo code give away is now closed, thanks to all the people who've entered. Codes will go out tomorrow, and thanks to Amidio for providing the codes.

A different use of AmpliTube

Interesting use for iRig running on an iPad with AmpliTube. I might have to try that out. It gives me a bit of an idea.

An excellent concept for a possible Nano!

I love this idea from Plai.TV for a possible gestural wrist band for the possible new iPod Nano that may arrive tomorrow!

But I could this being something you could use with an iPhone or iPod Touch in the future which would be excellent for performance alongside accelerometer and gyro sensors. Now that would be amazing!

Jason Sposa: Quiet Songs for Computer People

I was listening to this album earlier today and I knew I had to post something about it. This is a great collection of tracks made with Nanoloop, Gocken JrManetron, and a little Casio SK-1.

The tracks can be heard here and they are really worth a listen.

If you've made music with your iPhone / iPad / Android or other device and would like it featured on Palm Sounds, then just get in touch.

Pianist Pro 1.5 to support Line6 MIDI Mobilizer

Pianist Pro from MooCowMusic is to support Line6's MIDI Mobilizer in an imminent release.

Here's what MooCowMusic's press release says:

MIDI Mobilizer is currently the only hardware MIDI interface for the iOS platform, providing a pair of MIDI cables that can be plugged directly into external devices such as MIDI controller keyboards and modules, or a computer interface to control Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software such as Logic, Garageband or Cubase.

With our existing MIDI-via-OSC technology, Pianist Pro can already be used as a wireless master MIDI keyboard to control external soft or hard synths. MIDI Mobilizer now allows us to offer a robust wired alternative for live performance, together with bi-directional control enabling Pianist Pro to also act as a MIDI sound source or sequencer driven by an external hardware keyboard. Now you can record your song ideas on the road with nothing more than an iPad and portable MIDI keyboard, and then import those songs into your DAW via a Standard MIDI File when back at the studio.

This is great news and I'm sure that Pianist Pro won't be the last app to support the MIDI Mobilizer now that they have opened their SDK.

SunVox: elochka (by NightRadio 2009)


Hypebot on dwindling iPod sales

I found this article at Hypebot interesting and also not a big surprise in some ways. I still own an iPod Classic and use it a lot. For a start I can only carry around half my music collection on my iPhone and as apps and data continue to take up space that % dwindles too.

Apple never seem to be that sorry when a product dies off. They always seem focused on what's next, which makes sense, and it wouldn't be a shock if the traditional iPod line vanished in time.

GyroSynth for the iPhone 4: FREE for a limited time

If you have an iPhone 4 (or are thinking about it) you might want to get hold of Gyrosynth which is free for a limited time only.

Interesting developments at Ellatron

Omenie (makers of Ellatron and M3000) post on what they're up to. Always good to hear, but if you read to the end of this post you'll find that they're working with an interesting prototype MIDI interface (not Line6 as far as I know) for iOS.

No details as yet, but if I find out anything I'll be sure to let you know.

Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 side by side

Gadgetlab has this post on the Kindle 3 which I still have some interest in although I'm moving to thinking about the DSi at the moment.

Still very little news about the Kindle 3's abilities with sound (it has mic) and the possibilities of some kind of app store for it.

Android running on an old Palm TC

Sweet! More info at the DGOS blog.

The Wire now available on your iPad

Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but if you know the magazine there's now a free iPhone / iPad version available on the app store.

10 Commandments of Soldering

Make's 10 commandments of soldering

MONOTRON vs BLIPTRONIC - Tone Shaping and Noise Bass

Via Matrixsynth.

A bit of a noisy Monotron and Bliptronic adventure.

More rumours for the 1st of September

Most of the rumours in this post at MacRumors are ones you've heard already, but the last one, the possible 'mystery app' in a potential new iLife suite being an app that lets you make your own iPhone app and send it to a device, now that would be cool! MacRumors calls it Apple returning to their Hypercard roots, but could it be a reaction to Google's App Inventor as well?

App stats

Developers and others might be interested in this post at my marketing blog.

iElectribe at 50% off until 1st September

A reminder that Korg's iElectribe has 50% off until tomorrow, the 1st of September, so if you've been putting off getting it due to price then take a look.

New app from Syntheticbits

A demo of an app that I hope we won't have to wait too long to see from the maker of Funkbox, a great drum machine app for iPhone and iPad.

Korg M01 Music Workstation round up

Lots more news on the Korg M1 for the DS. So here's what it says on the Detune page:
  • 8-part multi-timbral synthesizer with more than 300 sounds including whole of the original PCM data in the KORG M1 (maximum 12 voices)
  • 8-track/16-step sequencer (maximum 64 steps per a sequence)
  • 1 Master effect: Reverb or Delay
  • Simple and well-composed screens structure: Track overview, Sound browser, Sequence edit, Mixer, and Keyboard
  • Easy input mode for notes, chords, and drums with Touch control screen
  • Exchange of song data between the others with Nintendo DS wireless system
KORG M01 will be released in Japan in December, 2010.
We are planning the international sales.

All excellent news so far. Looking back to the original DS-10 launch in 2008 (yes, it was that long ago), it wasn't a huge wait for the cart to become available worldwide, so hopefully this launch will follow suit.

CDM picks up the story too. But I do wonder what Korg's strategy is around the handheld and mobile market. Monotron, iElectribe, DS-10 and now this! Where next?

I'd like to see a Kaossilator for the iPhone or iPad, I wonder if they'll do something like that? Who knows where they'll go next, and I know that we'd all like to see the Monotron become a line of tiny handheld synths with a Monotron Pro and a Sampletron too!

Still, they keep us guessing and I like that. Here's looking forward to whatever they do next, and also to December for the M01.

Pictures via All Things DS-10 (will be see an 'All Things M01' blog?)

Vote on the Apple Media Event poll

Only got to wait until tomorrow to find out what's coming so vote soon.

Whatever happened to the UMPC?

I can remember a few years ago that the UMPC was the next 'big thing' and Microsoft were really pushing it hard. So what happened to all the UMPCs?

Seline Promo Code Give Away

I've got 4  promo codes for Seline HD to give away. To enter the competition all you have to do is answer this question.

How many people were playing in the video of Seline I posted earlier today?

Send your answer by email to palmsounds.comp@me.com by midnight GMT 31st August. Please remember that promo codes can only be used in the US iTunes store.

iSequence + MorphWiz for iPad (MusicApps.com.br)

Nice video from our friends MusicApps.com.br of iSequence and Morphwiz on iPad.

Curtis for iPad update

Curtis for the iPad is getting some great new features:
  • exclusive Richard Devine sound set
  • pitch control
  • echo effect
  • volume control
  • mp3 import

TouchAble for iPad controlling Ableton Live from 100 meters

TouchAble for iPad controlling Ableton Live from 100 meters

Korg M01 Music Workstation Video

I've tried to translate their blog page but it doesn't give much more detail. As soon as I can get specs and requirements etc I'll post them. I'm assuming that this will run on the DS Lite as well as the DSi

The iPad Orchestra using Seline HD

What a great video, and a great app too. If you haven't seen it so far then read my review of Seline HD here.

iRig Competition

A reminder that IK Multimedia's iRig competition is still running up to the 30th of September, details below:

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users: going on vacation with your guitar and your iRig? Be sure to send us the best, most creative, even strangest place you have ever played your guitar – thanks to the mobility of AmpliTube iRig. Post your holiday pictures of AmpliTube iRig as Fan Photos on our Facebook page before September 30th, 2010

Details of the prizes are available here.

iRig at Musician's Friend:
IK Multimedia iRig - Audio Interface Adapater for iPhone/iPod/iPad

iRig at Music123:
IK Multimedia iRig - Audio Interface Adapater for iPhone/iPod/iPad Standard


Pocket Synth for iPhone

A new synth for the iPhone which sounds quite interesting.

User programmable additive synth controlled with classic landscape keyboard or full screen Aural Expression Matrix (AUM)

Taking advantage of the PM-Synth engine and Aural Expression Matrix (AEM) technology Pocket Synth will have you droning the dulcet tones of the deep sea whale, pumping classic synth brass and grinding out industrial mayhem in no time. At the pulsing heart of this audio machine is an additive synthesizer engine with two oscillators per voice each with five available wave shapes, four envelopes, LFO with seven shapes, low pass filter, distortion, delay, pulse width modulation, six octave range and pitch bender. What sets Pocket Synth apart from its supposed competitors, however, is its Aural Expression Matrix which takes full advantage of your phones capacitive multitouch capabilities to provide a practically unimpeded conduit between your mind and the desired sound. Do yourself and everyone else within earshot a hot favour and snatch this. ---

This latest version has been called “the only music app that can both entice potential suitors and repel would-be assailants (sometimes simultaneously).” It is fully programmable and includes 20 saveable memory slots:
  • User programmable additive synth controlled with classic landscape keyboard or full screen Aural Expression Matrix
  • 20 saveable memory slots
  • Sine, sawtooth, square, pulse and noise wave shapes
  • Seven LFO shapes assignable to pitch, amplitude or filter
  • Four envelopes (Pitch, amplitude, filter and LFO depth)
  • Low pass filter
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Pitch bender
  • 6 octave range
  • Portamento, distortion and delay FX modes