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Star Guitar: First look

I have to say that in general I think there are already plenty of guitar apps for the iPhone platform. However, there's always room for something really innovative. So when I tried Star Guitar earlier today I wasn't expecting much.

However, I have to say that I am impressed. I opened up the app and started playing chords within a couple of seconds, and before I knew it I had a song going. The interface is really easy to use and it is very intuitive. I'm not a great guitarist by anyone's standard, but this app can have you making songs almost immediately. Worth a try I think.

Click the link below to find Star Guitar at the iTunes App Store

Star Guitar

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velocipede said...

I also got it on a whim and was pretty impressed. The big disappointment for me is that when a sequence of chords is recorded it becomes just a recording. In other words, when it plays back, you cannot see the chords that you played, so deconstructing happy accidents for use elsewhere requires a good air and/or lots of trial and error.

ashley said...

I hadn't noticed that. I'd suggest letting Amidio know about it as they've been really helpful in the past with making app changes on user request.