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A quick performance on the new Novation Launchpad app - available for free from the App store now.

New Loopseque Mini coming soon

The lovely people at Loopseque are also working on a new version of mini. Here's what they say:

Working on a new version of the Loopseque Mini (for iPhone). MIDI, AudioBus, New FX’s and more…

FL Studio Mobile HD getting on the bus

Confirmed on Facebook, FL Studio lovers will be pleased to hear that the 2.1 update is being submitted soon.

More on Facebook.

CV control analog four to monotribe

Sorry, here's the video also from Synthtopia.

Synthtopia on CV in for the Monotribe

Worth a read and it makes me want to get one of these again. That wish list just gets bigger and bigger!

Via Synthtopia.

Coming to Audioshare 2.4

It just gets better. I know I've said it before, but it does.

Lemur - scripting (video) from TeachingMusicDigital

Nice find from Discchord.

Pierre Balez CelliOs (part 2)

Second track of "CelliOs", iPad only Cello project, using Notion, DM1, Glitchbreaks, Animoog, bs-16i, Audiobus, Cubasis, Auria apps.

Korg Kaossilator2 - Have Sounds, Will Travel!

Procoding updates with some great new features

Processing and JavaScript app Procoding updates in a big way:

New Features
  • Resource Manager to add photos, sounds, fonts, html-snippets, css, scripts, js-libraries, external classes and other media files to sketches
  • iCloud Sync across all your iOS Devices
  • Export sketches as .js, .pde or as HTML5 project folder (that will run as standalone webapp in most modern browsers!)
  • Make screenshots (export to documents or save to camera roll)
  • Import and export sketches & screenshots from and to iTunes File Sharing
  • You can now use your own templates for new documents by adding a file "default.js" or "default.pde" to your Documents folder (via iTunes sharing or export as js/pde)
  • Share & print sketches (iOS 6 only)
  • Procoding is now just Procoding. New design theme…
  • Many internal changes including the new Procoding .pro document file format (see note below)**
  • New coverflow-like document overview on iPad
  • New document organizing buttons in the iPhone/iPod landscape coverflow view
  • JS Checker is now using JSHint and has been improved visually
  • Use a customized version of processingjs by adding a file "processing.js" to your Documents folder via iTunes sharing*
  • Procoding now has its own document file format. See notes below
  • Sketch covers can now be preserved from being changed individually ("lock cover"). The general preference to lock cover screenshots has been removed. There's an option to lock the current cover in the canvas action menu
  • On the iPhone & iPod the keyboard button has been moved to the new canvas action menu
Procoding - Coding with Style - Michael Markert

Three animoogs sequenced by Ableton

Minimoog VA: Arturia iMini for iPad x Arturia Mini V for Mac

Marcus compares the iMini with the Mini for Mac.

iMini By Arturia for iPad Demo and Review (video) from thesoundtestroom

A little bit of stop motion from a couple of years ago

I posted about Smoovie earlier and it reminded me of this video from a couple of years ago.

I wonder what it would have been like using Smoovie ...

Smoovie - The Stop Motion Animation App

I read about this app at TUAW, and even though it's targeted at children (hey, aren't we all just big kids?) it looked like fun and I love stop frame stuff so I thought I'd post it.

The 'must have' app for making stop motion animations on iPad. Loved by families and educators around the world, Smoovie is the only stop motion animation app to combine precision editing and multiple scenes with instant playback.

Mac Life said "Smoovie's ease of use makes stop-motion animation a joy and filmmakers and families alike should have fun bringing inanimate objects to life for hours on end."

** Smoovie requires an iPad with a camera **

  • Capture frames from the iPad's rear facing and front facing cameras.
  • Onion Skinning overlays existing frames with live video from the camera, helping you get that next shot just right.
  • Instantly play back what you capture - no rendering required.
  • Edit existing projects at any time.
  • Drag to rearrange content.
  • Adjustable playback speed on individual scenes.
  • Full cut, copy and paste support.
  • Copy and paste images from other apps on your iPad.
  • Full undo support.
  • Add a soundtrack from your iPad’s music library.
  • Capture more content at any time.
  • Instant playback - no rendering required.
  • Export in high definition.
  • Send to the camera roll on your iPad.
  • Publish directly to YouTube.
  • Watch your creations in Smoovie's very own virtual cinema.
  • Use AirPlay to watch your movies on your HDTV with Apple TV (requires iOS 5).
Designed exclusively for iPad 2 and the new iPad:
  • The dual core A5 and A5X processors lets you edit in real time with no rendering required.
  • Use either of the iPad’s built in cameras to capture content.
  • Use multitouch gestures to browse your library and edit your projects.
  • Export to the Camera Roll or use AirPlay to watch your movies on your HDTV with Apple TV (requires iOS 5).
Smoovie's elegant design makes it child's play for budding animators to bring their toys to life. And more seasoned enthusiasts will feel equally at home with Smoovie's simple, fast, yet surprisingly powerful editing tools.

Smoovie is priced at $4.99

Happy (belated) birthday Raspberry Pi

I love the cake, via Make.

Photoshop Touch comes to the iPhone (and Android)

So, Adobe brings Photoshop to the iPhone and Android at last. Cool.

It's priced at $4.99. Just thought I'd mention it.

Retronyms on the iMini

A post at the Retronyms blog about the new iMini which is Tabletop ready. A few details in there that you won't find elsewhere.

Big congrats to the Audiobus team

For winning ...
  • Best Musicians App
  • Best Use of Hardware
  • Best DJ App
Nice job guys!

You can read their blog post on it here.

CDM on Makey (yep, that vegatable thing)

A post from CDM on Makey Makey which gets me thinking about using mine, especially with my iPad, which I think is possible with a little tinkering. More on that at the weekend I think.

I wish people would stop releasing cool little boxes like this

It really is just too tempting!

Via Matrixsynth.

Evolver on Arpeggionome

Evolver has an interview with Alex of Arpeggionome on his journey from hack day to the app store.

Elektron A4 Lemur Template

Want to make tone generators with CMOS Logic?

Then you should really read this piece, it's packed with information.

Korg Monotribe in CV/gate mode (Demo)

15 free presets for Magellan

Some free sounds for Magellan from Alba Ecstasy.

Novation Launchpad for iPad arrives

Another free iPad app from Novation. Here's the app's description:

Want to make and remix music?

The Novation Launchpad is an easy to use app for iPad that will have you making beats and music instantly. It comes with eight ready-to-perform sessions that span different musical genres. You can re-combine the loops and sounds included in these sessions within the multi-colour Launchpad grid to make and remix your own music. The built-in time stretching always keeps you locked into the beat so your loops don't go out of time.

The app follows some of the key features from the renowned 'Launchpad' hardware, now used by many of the worlds famous DJs, producers and performers, but brings it to a new level of simplicity and fun.

8 volume sliders allow quick volume changes and simple FX modes offer cool DJ effects such as repeater and filter effects, adding fun ways to remix your music and make your performance unique.

Making music has never been so much fun.

  • 8x6 Launchpad grid for triggering up to 8 loops and sounds at a time
  • 8 volume sliders and 8 filter sliders
  • FX section for adding repeat and synced filter effects
  • Premium content library from Loopmasters
  • Load new complete sessions and sounds
  • Global Tempo change
  • Edit mode for loading samples
  • Autosave - never lose your sessions
The Launchpad iPad app is designed to work alongside the Novation Launchkey iPad app. A powerful and unique synthesiser which uses interactive, hands-on graphics to give you a fast and fun way to add synth lines to your music.

Novation Launchpad is for iPad 2 and above (including iPad Mini) and requires iOS5 or later.

Novation Launchpad is an iPad app and is not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch.

Novation Launchpad - Novation

CDM on Vio

More news on Vio, CDM have the story too.

S4-Pad universal arrives

I'm not sure what to make of this app, I do like the look of the interface though:

All you need to do is import your favorite music from iPod music library, various audio files, etc., and tap the pad!
According to your preference, you can use S4-Pad in many ways such as the following:
  • Making sound effects
  • Using as drum pads
  • Using as an acoustic device in stage
  • Available 256-patterns audio files (16 pads x 16 banks. For iPhone and iPod Touch: 9 pads x 9 banks = 81 patterns)
  • This app allows you to make backup/restore 256-patterns audio files up to the limit of your storage device.
  • Each pad allows you to...
    • select three patterns of Play mode
    • trim the position to play
    • set loop mode
    • set fade-in, fade-out (Only when loop mode is invalid)
    • set volume and pan
    • set Mute Group
  • You can import various audio files from iPod music library and iTunes. In addition, you can import audio files from AudioPaste into pad.
  • Each effect
    • Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Low Pass Filter, Varispeed
The app is priced at $1.99

DM1 brings full MIDI implementation, and a little more too

DM1 update, it's a good one too:
  • Full Midi implementation
  • Song project Import & Export

SoundyThingie gets a surprise update

SoundyThingie gets an update after a very very long time, which is nice:
  • share soundythingie files
  • record audio
  • two new drawing tools
  • iPhone compatible

iMini (First steps with Tabletop)

iMini - Arturia

Merge and Thru, side by side

The Overloud THM plug-ins for Auria

TB MIDI Stuff 2.1 Video

iFretless for iPad Demo and Review

Vio Featured Artist: Aby Wolf

KORG iPolysix Tutorial Mission 2 -Tips For Users

Midi monotron meat quasimidi 309

My french is rubbish, but this looks very interesting ...

Vio Featured Artist: Jazari

BeatMaker 2 with Audiobus

Vio Featured Artist: Oso

bleep!BOX 1.4 release notes

Worth reading if you're a user of this excellent app. You can find them here.

Vio Featured Artist: Carnage


PPG WaveGenerator 2.0 arrives

Here's what's new:
  • Virtual and Hard MIDI Output
  • MIDI Poly Pressure
  • Touch Keyboard Extensions
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Bucephalus (universal) arrives

Create unique sounds with this instrument utilising the power of elastic spheres! Five ball sizes have unique collision sounds and individual resonant tones for each wall of the screen.

Basic features
  • Five ball sizes controlled globally
  • Variable hardness and resonance
  • Add up to 20 balls (6 on slower processors)
Advanced features (available via in-app purchase):
  • Custom designed three stage, four parameter chamber reverb
  • Two parameter custom distortion
  • Three filter types with adjustable Q and cutoff frequency
  • Save states
  • Variable elasticity, gravity and resonance
  • User defined resonance settings with Major7, Minor7, Dominant7, Semitone, Wholetone and Pentatonic arpeggios and variable detuning for microtonal effects
The app is free (but has an IAP for the advanced features).

Vio Tutorial

Introducing Vio: Transform Your Voice

Video description:

Transform your voice into a mesmerizing instrument. Morph and shape the sounds you create by exploring Vio's entrancing interface. Learn more at http://transformyourvoice.com

Sonic adventures -- always in tune
Build sonic universes from your own voice. The innovative audio engine behind Vio goes far beyond existing voice effects to create novel, futuristic vocal styles. Vio's sound spaces vary in character from edgy and energetic to mellow and relaxing. Vio surprises and inspires your creativity: you may not intend to do something, and it comes out cool. Whether you are an amateur or seasoned professional, Vio's pitch correction technology ensures that everyone sounds in tune and is beautifully harmonized.

Touch Control
Explore each sound space by touching Vio's swirling particle vortex. Move the vortex around the screen and change how your voice is transformed - harmony is added or subtracted, melodies emerge and disappear, and reverberations shape shift.

Double-tap the screen, loop what you have just sung or hummed, and focus on morphing your sound with the particle visualizer.

Recording & Sharing
Record your performances and share them via email, SoundCloud, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing. Choose between compressed and high quality audio files.

Advanced Features
Visit http://squareb.co/vio to learn about advanced features like changing keys and recording high quality audio.

The app is priced at $2.99.

Using Genome to control a Yamaha MU15 and Shruthi-1

Using Genome to control the shruthi and the MU15 at the same time using a MIDI Thru box

Genome MIDI Sequencer - White Noise Audio Software

Genome MIDI Sequencer running Yamaha MU15

Using Genome MIDI Sequencer to trigger multiple channels on the MU15.

Genome MIDI Sequencer - White Noise Audio Software

Super Manetron (video) by Apps4idevicesMusic

Jam Maestro - Getting Started Tutorial

Found via discchord.

App Sound: Korg MonoPoly "Synth Circle"

Synth Circle for KORG MonoPoly. A collection of 128 new programs.

More infos: www.app-sound.com

Using Konkreet Performer 2? Get some presets

You can find them here.

Proteus - Wormhole (made using PixiVisor)

Video description:

This was an experiment in the audio and visual realms. I wanted to see what I could do with my monotron on the train if I only used my commute time for two days to record audio and video.

The audio was done on my iPad:
Beatmaker 2 as mobile DAW and drums
nLog as lead
monotron for bass and chords

The video was made using Pixvisor - small video loops are translated into audio by the transmitter device and then processed as audio through the monotron. The receiver device then re-translates the audio into video and alters the color palette and image settings. I approached this as visual synthesis - taking a complex waveform and processing it to create something new.

PixiVisor - Alexander Zolotov

Loving the latest version of bleep!BOX

It's great on the iPhone 5 and Audiobus is wonderful. This app just gets better and better in my opinion. If you don't know it then you should really do yourself a favour and take a look.

bleep!BOX - White Noise Audio Software

You know you need a Shruthi keychain!

Surely everyone needs one of these right?

In case you missed it ... some free music from me

These tracks were made with Bhajis Loops and Microbe over a number of years and through a number of versions of Bhajis too. For the most part it was made on an old Pam Tungsten T3 (click to find one on eBay) although I did use a a few other older machines in the process too.

Anyway, I hope you like it / enjoy it etc.

3D Printable Shruti enclosure

Handy if you want one to your own exacting specifications ...

Via Thingverse.

Even more goodies for Tabletop, including iMini !!!

Tabletop gets better and better ... Here's what's new:
  • New Tabletop-Ready device: iMini
  • New effect: BOOMROOM
  • New instrument: CUEBOARD
  • New effect: DEADBEAT
  • Stability fixes
  • iMPC sequencer crash and tune knob fix
  • Cloudseeder fixes and Featured List fix
Tabletop - Retronyms

iMini Tutorial Video

iMini - Arturia

Arturia brings us iMini !!!

Who knew that was coming! Here are the details:

iMini is a recreation of the classic 1971 Minimoog™ synthesizer, one of most iconic synthesizers of all time.

Based on the TAE® technology found in our award winning Mini V software, iMini offers a level of sound quality never before found on the iPAD as well as over 500 sounds by leading sound designers.

We have also partnered with the Bob Moog Foundation so that a portion of each sale goes to support their work in music education via the Dr. Bob Sound school program, making available the archives of Dr. Bob Moog and funding the dream to build the Moogseum.

The Minimoog™ synthesizer was made famous by artists and bands such as Stevie Wonder, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Keith Emerson, Devo, Jean Michel Jarre and more. We now bring the features and sound of this classic to the iOS platform.

The iMini not only recreates the look and feel of the most legendary synthesizer, it does it with unparalleled sound quality. iMini is based on the award winning Arturia Mini V software that was created in partnership with Dr. Robert Moog himself, back in 2003. Thanks to this heritage, continuous research and refinements over the years, iMini comes with amazing sound quality and a large collection of preset sounds created by top sound designers such as Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream) and Geoff Downes (Asia).

What will you do with it?
First you can play the iMini’s numerous sounds from the iPad keyboard. You can create your own sounds and start building your personal sound palette.
If you are an owner of the Arturia Mini V software on your Mac or PC, you can import and export sounds between your laptop or desktop Mini V and iMini.

You can also control iMini from a MIDI keyboard via CoreMIDI and integrate it into your studio or live performances.

But this is not all; iMini is ‘Tabletop Ready’. Tabletop is a free iPad application that allows you to integrate iMini into a full studio of devices. With Tabletop you can build an entire song, with drum machines, FX's, sequencers... and of course the inimitable Minimoog™ sound.

Tabletop Ready™
The connect page is also your avenue to open up a whole new world of possibilities with iMini via Retronyms Tabletop application.
Tabletop™ is a free app for your iPAD that allows you to integrate iMini into a complete studio environment. In Tabletop you can use multiple instances of iMini; record your performance into a real-time sequencer; automate any of the parameters; add effects; process other modules through the iMini filters, etc. Tabletop also features number of in app purchase options to add more effects and instruments from other 3rd party companies.

Features include
  • Classic Minimoog™ sound.
  • 3 Oscillators
  • 24db per octave filter.
  • Simulated headphone jack/external input feedback.
  • 2 Assignable XY pads
  • Chromatic or tuned scale keyboard modes
  • Polyphonic mode
  • Full featured arpeggiator
  • Repeat
  • HOLD and MEMORY latch modes
  • Octave span
  • 5 note order modes
  • Speed and sync controls
  • Virtual Analog Chorus
  • Virtual Analog Delay
  • Owners of both the iMini and Mini V software apps can transfer sounds from one platform to the other via iTunes.
  • Full user MIDI mapping of panel controls.
  • Supports WIST sync with other iOS devices.
  • ‘Tabletop Ready’
  • Soundcloud seeder (via Tabletop)
  • Render to .wav file (via Tabletop)
  • ‘Audiocopy’ to paste your audio into another iPAD application. (via Tabletop)
iMini is compatible with iPAD 2, iPAD 3 and IPAD Mini

iMini is priced at $9.99

The Minimoog™ name used here is a trademark of the respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Arturia. These trademarks are used solely to identify the products whose sound and features were modeled during the development process.

iMini - Arturia

iOS Update - Vol. 31, Analyzer App and i436 Measurement Microphone

Which app do you most want on the bus?

Of the apps that aren't there as yet? Which is your fav that is still at the bus stop or worse still, hasn't even considered getting the bus?

One last reminder ... my interview with Jordan Rudess

Director's viewfinder app Cadrage for Android

If you're an Android user and want to use your Android device for movie making stuff then it's worth having a read of this piece over at Handheld Hollywood.

Alex Hutchings - Discovers the most amazing app for Guitarists on the iPhone5

If you want to find out more about molecule synth ...

You can find everything you need to know here at the molecule synth site.

3D Print OP-1 Stand

Handy for using your OP-1. Via Thingverse.

What's the future for webOS?

Hearing lots of strange things like, LG have bought it from HP and plan to use it in smartTVs! Really? Does that make sense? I thought it had been open sourced?

Now that LG have it, will it remain open source?

Traktor Dj iPad Skrillex vs Kill the noise (bootleg by supru)

New version of Notion coming in a few weeks ...

Here's what we hope will make the cut:
  • Show more than two measures per system.
  • Make the default notation size a little bit smaller in order to make room for showing more than 2 measures per system.
  • Implement zooming using the standard iOS pinch gestures.
  • Added Print feature for printing via AirPrint (accessed via the export menu).
  • Making a PDF and printing via AirPrint uses the same layout that you see when open a file on the desktop, rather than the default iPad layout.
  • Add ability to switch to Print View, which matches what the score looks like when you print, write to PDF, and matches how the score looks on the desktop, and it shows the page boundaries. (Click on the gear button in the toolbar and choose "Switch View…"). You can edit in Print View the same way you can in normal iPad view.
  • Added print layout options
  • Added iPad View Settings.
  • Press and hold on a measure to bring up a menu that allows making it a pickup measure.


I couldn't let this one slide. A great idea for a circuit bent instrument. A post from Matrixsynth.

iDensity (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

synthmate add Audiobus and is still on sale

synthmate updated and still on sale for just $0.99.
  • Audiobus support. Stream audio to other audiobus apps. See http://audiob.us for more information.
  • Core Midi support. Send note and controller midi messages.
  • Share recordings via email
  • Fixes :
    • Re-record doesn't produce noise.
    • Panel now stay open at all times.
synthmate - sohla

Sunvox on a Treo 650

Just a quick look at the Treo 650 running Sunvox. You can see how the keys on the treo work to trigger notes in Sunvox. I actually used this live once too.

A look at the new sir sampleton UI


Loopseque fixing MIDI, getting on bus

Loopseque bringing MIDI fixes and Audiobus support too.

... and a molecule synth t-shirt too

How cool is that (or am I on my own here)?

Molecule Synth: LFOs

Accessory buying

This is stuff isn't cheap is it!

Playing with Loopseque

I'm enjoying the new features in Loopseque, but so far haven't had a chance to check out the MIDI side of the latest update. When I do I'll post some thoughts on that too.

Toro Mini experiment

Molecule Synth: More molecules

Molecule Synth: Pressure sensor

Molecule Synth: MIDI / Arduino

CDM Waxes lyrical about the latest version of Loopseque

And why wouldn't you? It's a great app and a great update. I also think that Peter's comments about MIDI being more important for this app than Audiobus is are right. I'm going to look forward to using this as a MIDI controller soon.

Read the CDM post on Loopseque here.

nds4droid release 16 (and 17)

Good to see this emulator for the DS getting constant updates. Here are the details of release 16, and 17 has arrived as well it seems!

Giving you a view on the size of the V4

It's not a large piece of kit really.

Molecule Synth: Flex Sensor

I'm especially looking forward to using this one.

Pulse-8 by Zaphod Bleep !

Live recording created using mikrosonics RD3HD Grovebox on the Galaxy Note Tablet

PixiVisor audio in

Looking for a line in for using PixiVisor? Alex has published this little diagram above at the pixivisor site.

Sonic logic blog arrives

You can find it here to keep on top of all the news about Sonic Logic.

j.viewz playing Teardrop with vegetables

Molecule Synth: Power module

Molecule Synth: Main power module (speaker)

3D Printed Ukulele

I really like the idea of 3D printing, and this 3D printed ukulele seems amazing.

Molecule Synth: Main power module

Get all of Pixelh8's DS software

You can find it all here.

Audio Evolution for Android now includes automation

This Google App seems like it's going to be one to watch.

Raw meat TEST by Trueyorky

Molecule Synth: Joystick module

Looking forward to testing this with iRig MIDI

I used to have a powered V3 but I've no idea where it is so I picked up one of these to see how well it works out with the iRig (and other MIDI adapters).

Big ProChords update

Major Update!- MIDI WiFi (ProChords to Mac or PC via rtpMIDI)- Virtual MIDI (ProChords to other Apps)- New crispy look and feel.

OP-1 Tornado Effect

OP-1 Tornado Effect from Chris Davis on Vimeo.


I spent a couple of days trying to get my OP-1 to talk to my iPad, here's a custom effect manipulated by the rotary dials.

Code Available here: github.com/Gameweaver/Tornado

Upgrading the Nexus again

I haven't (as yet) got tired of the Android upgrade screen. I know it's a small point, but I think it's a nice feature to have a good screen running when there's an upgrade going through.

A little wait list update

Just a minor update to the wait list. I've added DevBots (I think that's the right name), which is a Devo inspired music making robots app. How cool is that?

Pioneers of Electronic Music (event)

Just a little plug for this event which looks awesome and I expect I'll be going along.

Ninja Jamm submitted?

Hearing that the very long awaited Ninja Jamm has gone to the app store review. Anyone verify this?

It's bigger than I expected (molecule synth arrives)

I thought it was smaller that it actually is. As you can see, the footprint is about the same size as my 15" MBP.

Expect more photos ...

PSP oldTimer, an Auria Plug ins (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

Inside the molecule pod ...

Here's a first look ...

Trying to get Sunvox to work with an IR keyboard

I had this idea to try this out, but I couldn't get it to work at all. Of course, it could be the keyboard as it didn't seem to want to work with anything at all on the Treo. I'll have to search out another one to see where the fault is.

The molecule has landed ...