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Make a little Moog

You can have a great analogue synth in your pocket, and now you make a great little paper cut out Moog to go along with it, via Matrixsynth.

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Some background to Amidio

The Amidio blog has interesting information on where Amidio came from and also the fact that Apple won't publish their 'Hot Dancer' game, I wonder why? Anyway, here's what they say:
26-Mar-2009 | Thought about Amidio, Noise.io, Star Guitar
I think first I should tell about who we are and why we engaged into developing of iPhone apps.

Amidio was founded as collaboration of gadget and music enthusiasts in 2005. Our first projects included custom robots, limited-quantity gadgets and VST synths.

It's quite interesting that for some time, we've been developing a VST synth very similar to Sonic Charge's SynPlant :) We never finished it, as we decided to switch to the iPhone development in March 2008.

It took us about 7 months to create Noise.io Pro. Some of us at that time had another full-time day job so we had to work at nights.

We released Noise.io Pro at the end of October 2008 and we were the first company to introduce an app of such quality and complexity. Noise.io Pro is still unrivaled in terms of sound quality, features and sales volumes.

After Noise.io Pro, we decided to try creating a game, "Hot Dancer". The game is finished, but Apple refuses to publish it :) I'll cover that in one of the next blog posts.

When Hot Dancer was finished, we started to think about creating a guitar app.

Personally I never understood why people tried to insert and emulate guitar strings (!) in the interface. The iPhone doesn't detect the power or the pressure amount of the screen taps so that's evidently useless, if we want to achieve good sound.

Strumming on-screen strings can be fun for like 10 seconds, but then even inexperienced user inevitably comes to the opinion that the sounds suck :)

Real guitard sound so nice because every string sounds different every time it is strummed/picked.

So we carried out R&D and came up with completely new "SampleMagic" engine which allowed quite realistic sounding, while keeping sample sizes to a reasonable 10mb per guitar.

We also introduced "SmartStrumming" technology. It's simply a virtual "hand". When you tap the chord manually, the app tries to detect, where your hand is now - above or below the strings - thus deciding the direction of the strum and modifying the sound.

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Moonbuz on Star Melody

Moonbuzz has a few thoughts about the new app from Amidio. I'll be interested to see what the Moonbuzz has to say.

Star Melody at the app store:
Star Melody

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New app from Amidio: Star Melody

Those guys at Amidio have put out another in their 'star' series of apps. Star Melody is described as taking the idea behind bloom and taking it to the limit. This looks like a great app, but I'll have to try it out a bit before I can say for sure. More soon.

Star Melody at the app store:
Star Melody

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Looptastic Record function

This morning I tried out the new record function on Looptastic. I have to say I was impressed. You can start messing about with a mix and then if you like what you've done all you have to do is press the record button and give the mix a name.

Everything you've done including filter controls is recorded from the moment you started the mix. The playback is excellent too.

Pianofly is on the way

The latest news from miniMusic is their new Pianofly app is on the way soon, and it is good. What's more, miniMusic have more in the pipeline.

I'm hoping we'll see something like NotePad for the iPhone. There's a real gap for notation apps on the iPhone and NotePad is a superb application.

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Screenshots from the latest version of Digidrummer

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More Sunvox news

If you were wondering about Sunvox coming to the iPhone, here's some news from NightRadio:
Now i think, that 50% of SunVox porting done approximately. At least GUI works fine on my iphone :) Next steps are the sound, simple web-server for files exchange and some more interface optimization.

All sounding good to me.

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Gary Go at the Apple Store

Following my last post on the this artist playing using only iPhone apps, I got informed by the developer of Ellatron that Gary had played at the Apple store and used Ellatron in the performance.

This seems to be becoming a bit more common now doesn't it.

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I was working on a track in Sunvox this morning. I am constantly amazed at how flexible and powerful the app is. Today I was using the song editor or whatever it is properly called. Once you get into it the process for putting together a song is really simple.

I do hope that Sunvox makes it tithe iPhone as I think it is going to appeal to a lot of people who wouldn't have had access to it before.

Spin Vinyl on the iPod Touch 2G (via Synthtopia)

Spinning vinyl ipod app from Theodore Watson on Vimeo.

Nice demo and use of the accelerometer.
Via Synthtopia.

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iPhone Design Awards open

The Apple design awards for Mac and iPhone applications is open. Applications need to be submitted by the 4th of May, which isn't very far away. So, any thoughts on which apps you think should win a design award?

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Synthesizer 3.0

Synthesizer has been updated and now includes a waveform display. Nice touch.


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iPhone playing at Wembley

I don't know if this is true, but if it is then I still can't really believe it. Gary Go (I've not heard of him personally) is apparently supporting Take That at Wembley this summer using his iPhone 4 track app (don't know which) as backing.

Read the full article here.

If anyone can confirm the story I'd like to know, and if anyone knows which 4 track it is that would be interesting too.

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Looptastic versions updated

All versions of Looptastic now appear to have been updated. I'm guessing that they all have the 'record mix' functionality added.

Sound Trends LLC

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DigiDrummer 3.0 available

DigiDrummer has been updated with the new Customer Kit Maker.

DigiDrummer available at the iTunes App Store

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Stompvox for iPhone 1.2 new features

Stompvox for iPhone is getting the ability to record loops to a wav file in version 1.2 coming soon. Good news.

Stompvox at the app store:

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Megasynth 1.0.1

Here's the detail on the update to MegaSynth:
The 1.0.1 update is available as of today. It features a number of improvements to the output saturation guard (it is now harder to accidentally overload the signal), and fixes some of the presets that caused clipping. We also retuned the FX Modulation unit for better results.


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RecordStudio for the iPhone

This is a new 4 track app called RecordStudio. Here's what the developer has to say.
A day of joy! RecordStudio for iPhone and iPod Touch (2G) is available in the app store. Record up to four tracks of CD quality audio, use the built in metronome to find the perfect groove or import your own sound files and record additional tracks on top. Download your music also on the go through the integrated web-browser.
WiFi-sync your instrumentals and recordings. RecordStudio gives you totally new perspectives in living your musical creativity everywhere you go - For only $4.99.

I haven't tried it yet, but if anyone has any experience of it then please get in touch.

App store link:

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LittleSnapper for iPhone now available

I posted on this app a while ago, and it has now been released. Still looks like a good alternative for taking snaps on the iPhone camera.

LittleSnapper at the app store:


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Duckslinger for NDS (via Truechip)

Here's a new tracker for the DS called Duckslinger. This tracker doesn't use samples but uses the internal DS sounds.

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Concretedog on BBC Radio Wales: iPlayer Link

Here's the iPlayer link to Concretedog's BBC Radio Wales show from yesterday. Concretedog is on at about 2 hours and 16 minutes. A good show all round though.

If you have shows or radio appearances coming up and would like to share them then please email them.

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Little Boots new album available for pre-order

Why is this news? Well, Little Boots is one of the few artists I know of who (recently) performed live with a tenori-on and a stylophone. Worth a mention.

Her new album is available for pre-order on iTunes (button below), and although not everyone's cup of tea does have the previously mentioned tenori-on and stylophone track on it.

Little Boots

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Looptastic Electro Edition update

The original Looptastic app has also been updated now, and has a new FX panel and mix recording.

Looptastic Electro Edition available at the iTunes App Store

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Looptastic Producer Edition update

Looptastic Producer now features the ability to record your mixes in version 1.1. Excellent news.

Looptastic Producer edition available at the iTunes app store by clicking the button below:
Looptastic Producer

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