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Giving it a good THUMP!

I was going through apps I haven't used in a long time the other day and came across THUMP. I haven't played about with this for a while so rather than delete it I decided to give it another go.

It is still a great little app of the DRUMS + 2 X SYNTH variety, but it has a few tricks up it's sleeves too. My favourite being the ability to set the pitch and filter of the drum samples, which is fairly unique.

It is a real shame that THUMP hasn't been updated since it was first released over a year ago. But there are many apps like that which get no update love even after showing a lot of initial promise.

Never mind, it is still fun to play with.


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Little MIDI Machine arrives

Another Line 6 enabled iPad app. Little MIDI Machine is a sequencer for external MIDI hardware.


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Google Database of Android Phones

I posted on a similar service a little while ago, but this site from Google looks really good, and is also international too.

I had a quick play around with it and the detail it gives you on the hardware is fairly comprehensive.

Via MobileCrunch.

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SoundFields is free

SoundFields from Alex Zolotov (maker of Sunvox) has become free with an update today.


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Knobs Price drop

Knobs, the iPad synth has dropped in price to $0.99 from £1.99


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DJ Mixer 3 update

DJ Mixer 3 gets an update with a couple of interesting new features:
  • Gorgeous new iPad DJ Mixing interface
  • New premium feature: mix with headphones using another iPod, iPhone or iPad and a WiFi network.

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NanoStudio Tutorials

There's a lot in NanoStudio, so I thought I'd post these three tutorials from dekoy.


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Patch Morphs - SpaceDrone Instrument for iPad/Lemur/TouchOSC

Patch Morphs - SpaceDrone instrument for iPad/Lemur/TouchOSC. from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Templates available here.

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NLog MIDI Synth Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

The promo code give away has now closed. Thanks to everyone who emailed in. Codes will be going out later today.


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iSequence price drop

iSequence (for iPhone / Touch) has dropped in price from $6.99 to $4.99. Not sure for how long though.


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iPad Creative on 1st ever iPad only song

Via iPad Creative.


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iShred Live update

iShred Live adds a recorder to the available in app purchases. Here's what's new:
  • New multi-layer Recorder available for in-app purchase - great for everything from recording short licks to creating multi-pass demo songs
  • Guitar volume control added, independent of device volume
  • Several new Music Player features added
  • Other improvements and fixes
Note: Recorder only available on devices that support multitasking


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Any chance of a Scratch?

Now that we've seen two BASIC interpreters arrive for the iPhone, the latest being HotPaw, and of course the C64 BASIC too. I wonder if we'll see MIT's Scratch app for the iPhone come back?

That'd be great for kids of all ages!

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Another M01 video turns up

Two in 1 day!

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Erik Norlander Plays Keyboard through AmpliTube iRig on his iPhone

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CDM on Processing for Android

In addition to the Creative Application tutorial on writing Android apps using processing now there's one from CDM.

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HotPaw Basic for iPhone now available

Another basic interpreter arrives for the iPhone today. This time HotPaw which was originally a Palm OS app (and still is of course).

You can't compile native apps with HotPaw, but it'll still be fun. Here's what to expect:

HotPaw Basic supports the minimal Basic language, including:

let if then else endif dim data read restore
for to step next while wend goto gosub return
? print input open close end stop
run new list del save load removefile cls rem

int() abs() sgn() rnd()
sqr() exp() log() log10() sin() cos() tan() atn()
len() val() asc() str$() chr$() hex$() mid$()
timer() date$ time$ pi

+ - * / mod ^
= > >= <


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A Manual for Audioforge

The start of a manual for audioforge. The developer would like feedback if possible.

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touchAble on circus rehearsal


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Spunk 0.11 from the Strange Agency

Spunk 0.11 from strange agency on Vimeo.

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Blackberry PlayBook runs QNX OS

So the Blackberry tablet is running an OS called QNX which will eventually replace Blackberry OS on their smartphones according to this post at Brighthand.

More importantly I'm told by Omenie (makers of Ellatron and M3000) that QNX has a lot of potential to be a great OS for mobile music. This does depend on RIM making a workable SDK SDK a) native b) free and c) cross-platform.

So, who knows, Blackberry could end up being a mobile music platform! I guess we're a long way from knowing that for sure though.

Add to this that they will need to make it an attractive place to go for developers as well.

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Arduino and MIDI

The Arduino blog has this post on a pretty amazing MIDI project.

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Symphony Pro wrapping up and Symphony 3 coming

From this blog post it looks like the long awaited Symphony Pro app for the iPad should come to the app store soon and then be followed before Christmas with an updated version of Symphony too.


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Will Amazon release their own Android tablet?

The tablet market seems to get more complicated on a daily basis. A couple of days ago there was news about Amazon starting their own Android app store, which I think is a bit strange, but what I forgot to mention was this post at gadgetlab where there is a suggestion that Amazon will even release their own Android tablet. That I find very strange simply because I don't understand how it will sit with their own Kindle 3 devices.

Does this make sense to anyone?

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More devices from Dell on the way

MacRumors reports on Dell's intention to bring another Android tablet to the market. This time a 7" device with a 3" and 10" also coming.

In addition they are planning on using Windows and possibly Google's Chrome OS as well.

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M01 video (Japanese)

Japanese video that does give one or two more clues about the M01

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3DS in Europe and US in March

According to AppleInsider and priced at $299.

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NLog Pro Sound Set

While we wait for NLog Pro to arrive, here's what it sounds like.

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