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iProphet Tutorial (video)

Glen Darcey, Arturia VP of Product Management, is your guide and makes you discover all the functionalities and features of the iProphet app.

Arturia introduces iProphet (video)

It's a thing for real ... say hello to iProphet

So it really is a thing then ... Here's iProphet.

iProphet recreates the unique sound of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS synthesizer. The Prophet VS's rareness and classic digital sound make it a mainstay for those who can find them and a seemingly out or reach dream for those who cannot. The sound is purely classic crisp digital sound that easily stands on its own, but at the same time is the perfect compliment to the sound of analog synthesizers. It brings the crystaline vintage sound of four digital oscillators and allows sculpting them using a creamy & warm multimode filter. You can morph the sound of the 4 oscillators using the joystick or the vector mode and the vector envelope.

The iProphet is great for evolving pads, sharp leads and super punchy digital bass sounds and comes with over 500 presets created by some of todays best sound designers. You can also swap presets between iProphet and Arturia's Prophet V synthesizer which allows you to work on the iPAD and finish in the DAW of your choice.

iProphet supports Core MIDI, interapp-audio as well as Audiobus technologies for perfect integration.

iProphet is also a Tabletop Ready app. You can use it exclusively or along side your favorite Tabletop instruments.

iProphet costs $9.99 on the app store:

The Build — Tabletop 2.6 and iProphet (video)

Tabletop on the app store:

iProphet on the app store:

Tabletop 2.6 arrives

Here's what's new in Tabletop:

For Tabletop 2.6 we've added the Tabletop-Ready polyphonic-beast-of-a-synthesizer, iProphet.

We're also introducing a new device we call Interfx, an Inter-App Audio Effects Slot.

We've squashed a lot of bugs and spent a ton of time testing, refining, and testing some more. We can't wait to hear what you'll do with this release! Stability and Performance is improved across the board.

Thanks for the continued support and being an awesome community of music makers.

Pull version 2 has arrived

Synthtopia tells about version 2 of this control template for Ableton and M4L.

What's new? Here you go ...
  • Control of VST, AU plugins and Max for Live Devices directly from your iPad
  • A template for every live native device (over 60 templates).
  • A simple framework to create your own templates (no Max development needed. You can simply create all of your templates in Lemur)
  • Mixing controls for tracks
  • Navigation between devices/tracks – even inside rack chains
  • Rename drum pad names
  • Drum rack slider scrolling – scroll up/down.
  • Detailed template creation tutorial
  • Demonstration templates for CamelCrusher VST and XVAnalogFilter Max for Live Device

In case you missed it, apeFilter arrived this morning

In case you missed it, apeFilter arrived this morning. All the details are in the original post here.

Cotracks For iPad, Setting Up And Getting Started (video)

Master of Man Soundpack (Week 2) (video)

Video description:

"In week 2 of our FREE weekly soundpacks, Alex shows off his custom soundpack "Master of Man" for Ableton Live. So grab a midi controller and have some fun!"

Studio Amplify's NOiZE app being a hit at the Royal Festival Hall for the Beautiful Octopus Club

I've been meaning to post these for a while now, and as it is the last day of September it seemed like a good day to post about this one last time.

Well you don't see a Chimera bC16 very often

These are rare to say the least, so I thought I really should share this one. At the moment it's quite cheap, but I suspect it'll go for quite a bit as it still has 4 days to go.

Click on the link below to take a look.

Chimera Synthesis BC16 with lots of extras

Reminder: London's Mini Maker Faire is only 6 weeks away!

In 6 weeks it'll be the London Mini Maker Faire at Elephant and Castle. You can get tickets and take a look at some of the cool stuff that is likely to be there. I'm going to be there myself even though it does clash with day two of the Music Production Expo.

Anyway, full details plus tickets etc here.

If you're interested in knowing more about the London hardware scene

If that's something you'd like to know more about and would like to see a great showcase of London hardware start ups, then this is the event for you.

Here's a good list of IAA apps

I've posted this list as it is a great resource for Inter-App-Audio apps categorised into hosts FX and instruments, big thanks to audre.io for this.

Have you heard of Sonocase?

I heard about them through reddit, but thought that this was something well worth sharing with everyone. Here's their site, facebook page, and also a new gallery of photos of the prototype.

Looking forward to seeing this on kickstarter.

Missed the round up from last week? Find it all here

In case you missed the round up post from Sunday, you can find it by just clicking here and then catch up with anything that you missed from last week.

SAM: The Ultimate Internet Connected Electronics Kit on Kickstarter

Something else for you to spend your hard earned cash on. SAM reminds me of littleBits a lot, and on balance I'll probably stay with them for now, but SAM does look good though.

Music App Blog's excellent resource list

I'm sure I've posted a link to this massive page of links before, but it really is a great comprehensive list of resources for iOS music making, and well worth checking and bookmarking.

Music In The Age of Democratization: Gerhard Behles (Ableton) & Matt Black (Ninja Tune) in Conversation (audio)

I posted this before, but whilst listening to it again I kind of picked up on something that Gerhard said towards the end of the discussion (1:06:30 onwards), which makes me think that they're not really going to venture into the apps world as they still see it as a 'toy'. That was what I took from it, of course, you should make up your own mind though.

iPodfather laments the discontinuation of the Classic

Only a short piece about the discontinuation of the iPod Classic, Tony Fadell talks about how he feels about the classic going.

SpringSound Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

Reminder: More Music Tech Fest dates coming up

Just a quick reminder that there are more Music Tech Fest dates coming up that might be of interest to you. Here's what they have planned ...

Berlin October 24-26, Paris November 21-23, New York December 12-14, with the addition of São Paulo, Auckland, Umeå, Los Angeles and Amsterdam in 2015.

I'm sure something will fit for you.

STj v1.5 Preview (using an Atari ST to control DJ Player, it doesn't get much better than this)

STj can be found here.

DJ Player on the app store:

apeFilter (universal) arrives

apeFilter is a sophisticated Equaliser, the DSP is based on the Biquad/Cascade filters, very fast! The graphical interaction provides a great tool to design an extremely precise and smooth frequency response by directly manipulating up to 36 Peaks Filters. The Spectral Grid compilers increase the complexity and coherence between the filters bandwidth space. You can create your pitch space by the way of four different criteria of construction by determining a pitches grid: Fibonacci, Harmonic, Geometric and Scalar. Use apeFilter for sculpt your sound through the embedded sampler or LIve from Audiobus or Inter-Audio-App Input. Among the FX chain, an amazing ClassicVerb is available.
  • 6 Common Filters: Lowpass, Hipass, Bandpass, Notch, Lowshelf, Hishelf
  • 36 Peak Filters for Spectral Grid Compilers
  • 4 Spectral Grid Compilers: Fibonacci, Harmonic, Geometric and Scalar
  • MIDI Note On/Off messages, for playing Filters Frequency and Filters Peaks Gain
  • HV Pad for Filters Interpolations between Bands
  • Sampler, embedded
  • Three post Fx: Stereo Delay, Amazing ClassicVerb and Dynamic compressor/expander
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio Support
  • AudioCopy and Dropbox
  • Midibus Support
  • iOs 8 compatible
  • All the others common apeSoft features

apeFilter costs $6.99 on the app store:

ANI at Ephemeral Vessels event (Babeland Gallery, CODAME) (video)

Video description:

Live looping iPad performance on two iPads plus a Korg Kaoss pad at B4B3L4B's Ephemeral Vessels event in Oakland's Babeland Gallery. CODAME artists showed off interactive installations while ANI made dance music on the middle floor.

Video recorded from a new overhead cam and GoPro.

Free audio download at:

Nice use of NanoStudio.

Sound and Music incubator closes today

The Sound and Music incubator closes today, so if you're still planning on getting an application in you better be quick You can find more information here.

Back in 2008: A first round up on iPhone apps

It's strange to think of a time when you could round up all the apps for a platform (like iOS) in a single post. But back in 2008 this is what I did. You can read the round up of the first batch of iPhone music making apps right here.

CME, Wizdom and Omenie give away, every week for 5 weeks!

Check their Facebook page for more.

Here's why the TJ Android video is gone

Using Drum Loops to practice (video)

Back in 2008: miniSynth arrived!

Well it didn't take very long to get here. After a quick look yesterday miniSynth from Yonac arrived the next day (today). You can read the original post here.

SAMPLR, Teenage Engineering OP-1 & VOLCA BASS

EGDR909 - 909 Drum Machine (video)

AudioShare Walk Through (video)

If you don't know AudioShare then you should take a look as it really is the swiss army knife of mobile music apps.

iRig Pads - Overview (video)

Nice work Bismark ...

Synth Jam: Electribe EMX-1, Electribe ESX-1 and OP-1 (video)

Audio recorded with Audiobus, Audioshare and AUFX:Space for iPad.

Nice GIF showing the iPhone from 2G to 6+

TF7 Synth for iPad, The Big sound Test, Brilliant FM Synth (video)

ThumbJam on Galaxy Note 4 (with Samsung Soundcamp) (video)

Video description:

"The well known iOS app ThumbJam will be available on Samsung's Galaxy Note 4!

Thanks to Samsung's new Professional Audio SDK, latency is much better than it used to be on Android devices so we decided to take the plunge.

At first it will be available on the new Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, but later it should also be available on Note 3 and S5."

So it looks Android Audio is really starting to take off !

ThumbJam coming to Android?

Apollo Sound Injector -- Reaper on a PC (video)

Tabletop jams with circuit bent creation and Molecule Synth LFO (video)

Haven't seen a video for this as yet, but I'm looking forward to it when it arrives

OT: Friend Gawain Hewit''s first piece from his visit to Bangladesh is at Spitalfields Music 5th -16th December

Some pictures from Travis Feldman's circuit bending / synth making workshop

MIDI clock coming to MIDI Designer?

According to this tweet it is.

SpringSound (universal) arrives

SpringSound is a physical-modeling audio synthesizer that produces sounds by simulating interactions and vibrations of a set of activators and masses connected to springs. The model offers detailed control of an array of features including: gravity, bouncing, fluid and static friction, mechanical limits, non-linear functions, and more.

SpringSound is provided with a very large set of sound presets that you can tweak and save.

It can be used as a sound generator or as an effect using its Audio-In feature, opening a new world of physical modeled effects. It is fully Audiobus® 2 and inter-app audio compatible, and manage state saving.

SpringSound can be controlled by a standard MIDI keyboard and directly from the iOS device screen.

SpringSound app is designed for optimum use with the Haken Continuum (www.hakenaudio.com) and integrate an IOS Continuum Remote (iPad only) allowing a very comprehensive and accurate remote control of the Continuum from your iPad (access to all parameters except programming the Eagan Matrix).

SpringSound has be designed to explore sounds domains you won’t be able to access with other synthesis technics. It expands your sonic palette with a new world of physical sounds. It is a rich musical instrument, a sophisticated sound-design tool and an entertaining sonic playground.

SpringSound costs $2.99 on the app store:

Something very cool coming from Omenie ...

Arpeggio test from humbleTUNE (vine video)

Konkreet Performer 2.2 supports MIDI over Bluetooth

Rheyne - Live Jam #105 (video)

More GrooveCloud on Windows (video)

Reminder: Music Production Expo in London on the 14th and 15th

Another reminder about this event because I'm really pleased to see something like this happening in London. So if you are going to be in London in mid-November then you should definitely check out Music Production Expo which is on the 14th and the 15th.

I'm planning to be there on both days so let me know if you'd like to meet up.

Buy your tickets and get this deal, it's pretty good and worth the price of the ticket and more.

Korg confirm that iOS8 compatible versions of their apps are on the way

Groovecloud running on pc with #genymotion (vine video)

Now you can embed a littlBits project in any site you want

littleBits just keep getting better and better ...

One year old Arctic ProSynth

First on the app store 1 year ago today! Happy birthday to Arctic ProSynth from Palm Sounds!

Reminder: Apps World Europe next month

Don't forget that there's an interesting conference and expo in London next month. Click on the graphic at the top of the page on the right to find out more about the event.

SunVox: "NES audio" template (video)

Miselu announce that the C.24 is now shipping

I can't wait to get mine and see what it can do.

The Sound and Music incubator closes tomorrow

There's only one day left to get applications in to the Sound and Music incubator. You can find more information here, and remember that the incubator is only open until the 30th for applications.

Back in 2009: A surprise coming to Windows Mobile!

Well in 2009 as everything was moving more and more towards iOS (as it was to become) I didn't expect to see 4Pockets announced Aurora for Windows Mobile. It was a complete surprise although not in any way unwelcome at all. I still have it on my Windows Mobile PDA. Read the original post on Aurora for Windows Mobile.

Jimmy Fallon & Robert Plant Form 2-Man Doo-Wop Group Using iPad App (video)

Nice one Loopy ...

A giveaway coming from Omenie ... Today?

Back in 2008: A first look at Yonac's miniSynth

Yonac's first ever iPhone app, miniSynth was an amazing step to see a little synth on your iPhone. You can read the original post (with video) here.

Just so you know, Yonac's app sale is ending tonight, so grab one of their excellent apps for only $1 each

They tweeted earlier to say that the sale ends tonight, so grab on the great apps below and pick up a bargain.

Here's what's still on offer:

Hope you find something you like!

And another week goes by and a lot has happened in the world of mobile music

So that was another week has gone by since my last weekly round up. Here are the highlights as I see them from the last 7 days.

Monday 22nd:

Tuesday 23rd:

Wednesday 24th:

Thursday 25th:

Friday 26th:

Saturday 27th:

So that was the week, loads going on, and I expect we'll have a similarly busy week in the coming 7 days.

Jakob Haq shares his favorite iOS musician resource sites (video)

Review: iPhone 6 Plus for Music Apps (video)

Chrome Brulée - Cassette Store Day 2014 (video)

Welcome to Cassette Store Day 2014

Well the day has come, and I was only talking about it just the other day. It's an awesome celebration of all things tape, and I love it. So if you're in the US, you need this site, and if you're in the EU/UK, you need this one.

Whatever you're doing to celebrate, have a great time, and if you've no idea what I'm talking about then click on one of the sites above and be enlightened.

What's your workflow?

Everyone has a different workflow and a different way of working and getting the sounds you want. So what's yours? How about sharing it and explaining why it works for you? Just get in touch (check the 'about' page) and tell me all about your workflow.

Reminder: Buy apps from the sites and blogs you love

Just a regular reminder that if you want to help support the blogs and sites that make up the mobile music community please do consider buying your apps using the iTunes links you find on those sites (including this one of course). Thanks.

iSymphonic Orchestra - iPad live Demo (crudebyte & KApro)

Synth Panel from Wejaam for iOS, coming soon I hope

More about WeJaam ...

Looks like Yonac's apps are all still on sale

I've just checked the main ones, and it seems Yonac's apps are still available for just $0.99 each. I expect it won't be for much longer though.

Here's what's on offer still:

Audio Evolution update looking good

ScaleGen Demo and Tour for iPad

Conductr Review - Part 3 (video)

Another update from the SoundLab project: 4 - The Pop up band

Here's another mention of my SoundLab project. In this post you can find out about our pop-up band, what the rationale behind it was and how we achieved our aims with the set up.

EDM Example - Made in Caustic (video)

iDensity update brings a new reverb

Here's what's new with iDensity:
  • iOs 8 support
  • Audiobus 2.1 support
  • AudioCopyAndPaste latest SDK update
  • New Amazing Reverb, Thanks to Carmine Cella
  • Auto name files when recording, now is more clear
  • File Manager Audio Inline Preview
  • Accelerometer Bypass Shortcut
  • UI Improvements
  • Presets Store

Please note: the update to Audiobus 2.1 means that unfortunately iOS 6 devices will no longer be able to run Audiobus with this update.

Music and Democratisation (via CDM)

Music in the Age of Democratization: Gerhard... by SMWBerlin

This post over at CDM is really worth a read, you can watch the whole thing, or in fact just listen to the audio on SoundCloud (via CDM).

SoundLab update: Computers have eyes ...

If you're interested in our SoundLab project then you might like to know about how we experimented with computer vision and what we learnt. You can find out here.

[HD] Techno - Roland Aira TB- 3, Korg Volca Bass, Roland Mc- 808, Korg EMX, Pioneer Rmx 1000 (video)

Reminder: More Music Tech Fest dates coming up

If you weren't able to get to Music Tech Fest in London then there are plenty of other dates coming up that might be of interest to you. Here's what they have planned ...

Berlin October 24-26, Paris November 21-23, New York December 12-14, with the addition of São Paulo, Auckland, Umeå, Los Angeles and Amsterdam in 2015.

I'm sure something will fit for you.

Roland TB-3 TR-505 Korg Kaossilator Improv (video)

Reminder: Music Production Expo in London on the 14th and 15th

Another reminder about this event. If you're in London in mid-November then you should definitely check out Music Production Expo which is on the 14th and the 15th in London. Buy your tickets and get this deal, it's pretty good and worth the price of the ticket and more.

KORG volca - Blitzkrieg Bop (video)

Anyone planning on integrating the iRing?

Just remembering that Symphonix Evolution has brought IK's iRing to their app, I thought I'd ask if anyone else had planned to use this as well?

DMT 202: Beats Music's future, Phan v Ultra, Pre-1972, Ticketmaster, Splice & more

What's your app of the week?

What's the app that's been most useful or the most inspiring this week? Or maybe just the app that's been your work horse for the last few days. Tell me which one it is and why.

Ninja Jamm, Projection Mapping and wearables event on the 27th

With Mr Matt Black showing NinJa Jamm and how to make a tune pack as part of the workshop I think this could be an excellent event, and really worth considering if your in London on the 27th, i.e. tomorrow.

Event details here.

Ep.76: Nadav Poraz, CEO at WhoSampled (DMT 1-2-1)

New shuffle feature coming to Figure Remix web app

So there's new stuff coming to Figure Addicted's Remix web app, in the form of a new shuffle feature. If you don't know the Figure Addicted community and web app (and if you're a Figure user) then you really should have a look, it's well worth it.

And a big happy birthday to Alchemy Synth!

Today in 2011 Camel Audio brought Alchemy Synth Mobile to the app store. Happy birthday!

Chamber of Hellos (Wire Train) iPhone 6 Plus Garageband Cover (video)

Not exactly a BPOW this year, but it's something

So Travis is doing a full BPOW (Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop) this year, but he is doing a synth making day tomorrow, the 27th, which is great, at least if you're in or around the Portland area.

Details are here, The Projects III, a Portland comics festival, held at the awesome Independent Publishing Resource Center (www.iprc.org), SE 12th and Division

Talking about SoundLab at ROLI last night

Light night I was speaking about the SoundLab project at ROLI's regular "Modern Music Industry" event, which I've been a big fan of since they started hosting these late last year. It was a really good crowd and I was in the company of some really excellent speakers too.

Anyway, don't take my word for it, here's what ROLI said about it in an email they sent today ...

"Last night's Modern Music Industry meet-up was a huge success, gathering over 50 people in our HQ to discuss a range of issues and opportunities effecting the industry. We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along, especially our four fantastic speakers, it was a truly inspiring evening. For those of you that couldn't make it, here's a short round-up of what happened.
  • Martin Klang spoke about 'The Owl', his open source, programmable effects pedal, and touched on the issues that start-up companies face when raising capital whilst trying to maintain creative control of their company.  
  • Susanna Eastburn, CEO of Sound and Music, shared her thoughts about some of the social problems the music industry is facing, particularly in regards to gender and wealth equality.
  • Ashley Elsdon discussed his involvement in SoundLab, an initiative that is helping people with disabilities gain access to music.
  • Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner shared his experiences of 'using the technology that is available' to create his art, from his first 4 track tape recorded to today's digital tools.

We also had the team from SubPac, who let our guests demo their wearable bass system that transfers low frequencies directly to your body. Plus we had lots of great homemade food courtesy of Cafe ROLI and some impromptu Seaboard performances in our SoundHive. Our next Modern Music Industry meet-up is on the 12th November and we already have multi award winning composer and sound artist Nick Ryan, and Paul Bonham from the London Arts Council lined up to speak. You can register here."

So if you're in the area on the 12th, then sign up and I'll see you in November.

TriqTraq Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

GrooveCloud doing some aggressive monkey testing.... getting ready for release!

Don't miss out, Yonac's apps are all $1 for today only to celebrate 6 years on the app store

Yonac have continued to innovate on the app store since day 1, so it's great to know that they're still going strong and celebrating today by making all their apps available for just $0.99 each!

Here's what you can:

That's an amazing bunch of apps on sale at a great price, but remember it's only today, so don't miss out!

Here is the beginning of a mobile modular synth

A big thank you to EUMLab for providing all the codes this evening

Thanks to EUMLab for giving away the codes, if you didn't get one you might want to take a look at their new app Drum Loops (Beats, Grooves and Rhythms) which has only been on the store for a couple of days now.

And finally, three codes available for UkeTube from EUMLab

Last of the give away, here are three promo codes for EUMLab's UkeTube app.


Yonac at 6: Magellan for iPad - Professional Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Yonac's flagship synth app Magellan is on sale alongside all their other apps today for just $0.99.

3 Codes up for grabs for EUMLab's UkeHero

Here are the three codes for UkeHero provided by EUMLab. Hope you get one ...


Yonac at 6: AirVox for iPhone and iPad - Touchless Synth

Another completely innovative app from Yonac. AirVox was entirely groundbreaking when it first came out and I think it's still an amazing use of the hardware.

Remember, it's on sale today for just $0.99.

3 Codes available for Uke101

Here we go, here are 3 codes for EUMLab's Uke101, I hope you're able to grab one.


Yonac at 6: Thereminator, the iPhone Theremin

It's amazing that Yonac have been on the app store for 6 years now, and this video goes all the way back to the beginning.

Remember that Thereminator is on sale today for just $0.99, so get a piece of mobile music history for a ridiculously low price and celebrate with Yonac.

Giving you some notice ... App Give Away happening at 7:30pm (please read)

To celebrate the release of their latest app Drum Loops (Beats, Grooves and Rhythms), EUMLab have given us a bunch of codes for their Ukelele centric apps. So, at 7:30pm (BST) exactly I'll be posting up 3 codes for Uke101, at 8:30pm (BST) I'll be posting 3 codes for UkeHero, and at 9:30pm (BST) I'll be posting 3 codes for UkeTube.

Please remember that these codes will appear here on the blog first and not on twitter, so you'll have to watch the blog and not twitter to be able to grab one.

iRig Pads Trailer (video)

iVCS3 update brings MIDI clock and loads more besides

Here's all of what's new in iVCS3:
  • iOs 8 support
  • New Midibus support
  • New Midi Clock for Sequencer Sync
  • New Sequencer Relative Tempo Menù
  • Audiobus 2.1 support
  • New Audiobus Triggers for Sequencer play/direction/rewind
  • AudioCopyAndPaste latest SDK update
  • Auto name files when recording, now is more clear
  • Presets Store
  • Save Control Manager in Presets (see Settings)
  • Save Knobs Color in Presets (see Settings)
  • File Manager Audio Inline Preview
  • Accelerometer Bypass Shortcut
  • Keyboard Note Off Graphic bug, fixed
  • UI Improvements
  • Minor bug fixed

Please note: the update to Audiobus 2.1 means that unfortunately iOS 6 devices will no longer be able to run Audiobus with this update.

Virsyn Addictive Synth Sound Review Part I (video)

Different Drummer 3.1 brings a new visualiser and more

Here's what's new in Different Drummer:
  • New Musical Interval Visualizer
  • Better UI action in Automation Panel
  • Added Voice Legend to visualizer
  • Fixed bug in longer waves
  • Fixed bug in loading legacy files and some non-legacy issues
  • Fixed ABA sequencing
  • Fixed play from queue
  • New Play-once and stop feature
  • Editing in Grid Mode acts different for Notes, Rests, Ties and Dynamics, letting you edit individual values
  • Changing measure view in Grid Mode wraps instead of stops
  • Master Volume is now 0-127
  • Editing ABA now autosaves
  • Various UI improvements

iRig Pads - Grooves to go (video)

FunkBox Drum Machine 3.5 adds iOS8, AB and promises more

Here's what's new with FunkBox Drum Machine in version 3.5:
  • Updated for iOS 8 compatibility.
  • Updated with latest AudioBus library, which is required for iOS 8. AB now requires iOS 7+, so FunkBox does also. Devices using older iOS versions can still download and use FunkBox 3.4, which uses the older AB library and is iOS 5.1 - iOS 7 compatible.
  • Added Audiobus state save of current MIDI routing configuration. This can be turned off via the Settings app.
  • Added new roll option that will queue up the first hit so it always plays in time, instead of immediately playing it. This option can be turned on via the Settings app.
  • Added missing LM-2 tambourine and conga sounds to the sample library.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

But the other good news is ...

"We are still working on additional features for a future release, this update was primarily for iOS 8 and AudioBus compatibility. Thanks for your support!"

Orphion update arrives

Orphion updates for iOS8 Audiobus 2 with state saving and adds a new interactive tutorial too.

Ableton & jamstik: Using The Looper (video)

AbletonLive & jamstik: Getting Connected (video)

PAINTVOX "Oscillodriver (Play the KORG DSN-12) " Performs live in Japan! (video)

Korg DSN-12 Analog-Style Creation Tool for Nintendo 3DS (video)

apeFilter DEMO (video)

Coming very soon ...

TF7 Synth gets an update

Here's what's new with TF7 Synth:
  • iOS8 Ready
  • 9 new waveforms for modulator and carrier modules (Pro Pack)
    • 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+5, 1+6, 1+7, 1+8, 1+2+3, 1+3+5 waveforms to give you an even greater variety of sounds!
  • Midi Learn. Assign your midi CC controller commands easily. (Pro Pack)
  • New Auto-Vibrato effect - inject greater expressivity to your sounds - guaranteed fun! (Expanded Algorithms)
  • Supports Audiobus 2 now (iOS7 and above required) (All)
  • Also: Presets Pack using the new waveforms and vibrato effect coming soon - wait for it!

The Bleep Drum Module for littleBits (video)

Video description:

"The littleBit module version allows you to trigger it from any changing signal such as a a sequencer, button, or all manner of bits.

These crunchy samples go great with the smooth sounds of the synth modules!

Dr. Bleep and company think it would be a great addition to the littlebits library.

All audio direct from what you see. The littleBits proto module at the end of the chain is used to give direct audio output."

The lovely Sinusoid gets some new bits and pieces

Here's what's new with Sinusoid:
  • Adding per note pitch sweep (-36 note >> +36 note, 1/44100 sec >> 1 sec).
  • Adding channel and page delete (hold waste basket).
  • Adding ability to change horizontal time lines (double tab on cell number).
  • Adding settings for export song fadeout length.
  • Adding settings for export song extra length.
  • Tweaking page slide out/in algorithm.
  • Tweaking touch algorithm for note settings.
  • Adding ability to slow down note envelope (for individual notes)

poumtica live@home#1 (Electribe and TouchAble video)

Concreted0g talks about SoundLab

A great post from my old friend Concreted0g about his experiences working with SoundLab at the beginning of the month. Some nice pictures too.

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test (video)

Maybe it would be a good idea to get a really strong case for these?

Propellerhead's Take Creative Vocal Recorder gets export options and other stuff

Here's all that's new in Take Creative Vocal Recorder 1.1.2:
  • New song export option: iTunes File Sharing
  • New About Take screen with manual and support links
  • New headset and monitoring options in Settings
  • Recording and sharing improvements
  • Performance and bug fixes

Audiovisual Modular Synth Techno Jam! (w/ Lauflicht for iPad, Volca Beats, MicroBrute, etc.) #TTNM (video)

Sunvox on a Palm TX, what a great thing to wake up to

Super 64 - Retro Video Game Soundpack (video)

Whilst it isn't really mobile related it is pretty cool and I was sure that this would be of interest to at least a few.

Tuna Knobs: We've got samples! (video)

Korg's Ableton export makes me wonder what's next

I'm still somewhat confused or rather, intrigued as to why Korg would decide to introduce the Ableton export feature in Gadget and iKoassilator. Not that I'm complaining or that I think it's a bad idea at all. In fact I've been playing with it today and I really like it, but it does make me wonder if we'll see more integration of this kind from Korg, or if they'll do similar things with Cubase, Reason, Logic? Who knows.

It's also a good way for Ableton to enter the mobile space without actually entering the mobile space. What next?


It isn't anything you don't know already I expect. The rule of thumb is probably just keep waiting for now. The downside is that some apps are going iOS8 only, DM1 for iPad for one. I'm sure there'll be more apps that go that way too.

I haven't seen one of these either!

Apptronica on ScaleGen

A very useful post from Apptronica on getting started with ScaleGen. Worth a read.

Thingamagoop 2 is all gone, but what's this ...

Only a week left for the Sound and Music Audience Development Incubator

There's only another week left to get applications in to the Sound and Music incubator. You can find more information here, and remember that the incubator is only open until the 30th for applications.

Using the Myo as a MIDI controller - Music Tech Fest London 2014 (video)

I saw this at MTF London earlier this month and it does look like another interesting control mechanism for music as you can see here in this video. Of course here it's being used to control a laptop, but there's no reason it couldn't work with mobile at all.

Sonoma working on updates for FourTrack and GuitarTone

FL Studio for Android gets a great update

Here's What's new for FL Studio Mobile 2.0 for Android
  • Audio Tracks
  • Wave editor
  • Audio Recording
  • Many small tweaks, improvements and bug fixes

Which is great news, and also another signal that Android is starting to get serious.

Last Reminder: Conductak on Kickstarter

It's still got 2 days days to go and it's funded now!

Wow, did get hear that right? if your littleBits module gets manufactured littleBits give you 10%

Watching that video again and paying a little bit more attention this time round, I heard Ayah say that if your module gets manufactured then littleBit will give you 10% of the sales! That's amazing. That all makes sense now!

If you want to know more about the Korg Ableton export feature have a look here

Ableton have a useful page on their site that gives you more information about what to do to get a Live Lite licence from inside Gadget etc and info on exporting and Live sets.

Rethink Music's Berlin Venture Day

This might be of use or interest to developers and start ups as it's quite a good package of prizes on offer too.

MIKU STOMP (feat. Otomania) (audio)

Track description:

MIKU STOMP is a compact effect unit for guitar that lets Hatsune Miku sing according to your guitar playing. Just connect your guitar, and Hatsune Miku sings when you play. The world's most famous virtual singer software Hatsune Miku was developed by Crypton Future Media, which is transforming now into this effect unit utilizing the vocal synthesis technology eVocaloid™, a vocalizing effect based on Yamaha's next-generation NSX-1 sound engine. Using your guitar to control Hatsune Miku's vocals is an easy way to obtain a richly expressive performance that has a different character than when using step-recording or a keyboard.
* MIKU STOMP supports only single notes.

Detune confirm DSN-12 coming to Europe on the 25th

So, finally, not long to wait for the DSN-12, although I haven't got a device that'll actually run it! You can read their announcement on Facebook here.

Making Music with SunVox Tutorial 1 (this is an hour long video)

Music App Blog's excellent resource list

I'm sure I've posted a link to this massive page of links before, but it really is a great comprehensive list of resources for iOS music making, and well worth checking and bookmarking.

7 Minutes with a Ipad Synth - iTuttle (video)

Via Synthanatomy.tumblr.com

In case you missed it, bitLab is here

In case you missed it, bitLab, the new user generated hardware portal from littleBits, has opened. I think that this is really big news. Considering they are making this a democratic process. If the community votes up a module and over 1000 user vote for it then littleBits will make it. That's awesome.

Jordantron Sound 0921 (video)