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You may well of heard, Apple are to give a sneak peak of what's coming in iPhone 3.0 on the 17th of March. What I'm interested in is will it be available for current devices or new hardware only? I hope that it will be an upgrade as with the previous updates to the OS.

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Pighood said...


Good...then let's begin. The next iPhone will be purchase gleefully by my person IF...

1. It has cut/paste ability
2. It has a removable battery
3. It has video recording
4. It has customizable GUI/app categorization
5. It ports MS Office functionality

OPTIONAL, but strongly preferred:

6. QWERTY keyboard

Ya HEAR me?

ashley said...

1-5 I agree with, I just can't see them going for a proper keyboard.

Let's see what we get on the 17th.