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Ocarina now available for iPod Touch

Ocarina now comes to the iPod Touch. The new version operates in two modes, the original where you blow into the mic, and now a touch mode.

If anyone has tried this on a touch please let me know what you think.

Ocarina at the iTunes app store:

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robman84 said...

Yup, got it yesterday. Works ok with Touch, but you lose the expression as it's just on/off for the sounds. Works great with my iVoicePro microphone though. Not the easiest instrument to play, but sounds rather nice if you avoid the rather harsh re-trigger that sounds a bit unnatural.

ashley said...

I keep thinking that maybe I should get it, but I've never gotten around to it. Would you say it was worth it?

robman84 said...

If you have an iPhone, or an external mic for an iPod, then yes it is worth it. Otherwise I'd say no, because it's basically just a synth (or sample player probably) with an odd keyboard then!

I'll be writing a bit about breath control on my blog soon.

gregor said...

Perhaps they could add tilt control to be more expressive on the touch.