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What will 'in app purchase' mean?

I was wondering what the whole 'in app purchase' thing could mean for mobile music making. This is what the Apple iPhone developer site says:
Allow users to purchase content or services from your application using the Store Kit framework. This new framework handles the financial aspects of the transaction, processes payment with the iTunes Store, and provides your application with information about the purchase.

Could this mean that developers could make audio content available from within an app? Like sample packs or loops? But then I wondered if this framework could be used for apps to utilize a plug-in architecture in the way that Griff used for both effects and instruments, and Bhajis did for effects?

It would be amazing to have apps with their own plug in collections, and I'm sure it would suit developers too.

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velocipede said...

I think and hope that your assessment is correct.

ashley said...

I guess we'll find out over the next couple of months.