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Looptastic video

This is a video of the electro version of the app, but there are a bunch of other versions available too, so I've listed them below.

Looptastic Electo edition:
Looptastic Electro Edition

Looptastic Progressive edition:
Looptastic Progressive Edition

Looptastic minimal edition:
Looptastic Minimal Edition

Looptastic breakbeat edition:
Looptastic Breakbeat Edition

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robman84 said...

It definitely brings a smile to my face when I use the free version of this. Lovely interface, except getting out of filter mode. And slamming the crossfader is just, quite simply, dead cool :-)

I think its limitations put me off buying the 3 quid version though. Maybe if it had downloadable content instead, e.g. user created loops etc?

ashley said...

I think in OS 3.0 this should be much easier because developers should be able to enable us to purchased content within an app, so instead of having 4 or more versions of the app you could just buy the loops etc you wanted from within it.

I think!

robman84 said...

It's here - the ability to use your own samples!

Looptastic Producer edition (something like that) is out and just had to be bought :o)

Next stop, a whole bunch of Kraftwerk loops methinks!!!

Happily they've also included the crossfader on the filter XY page, which adds a lot to the creativity.

Once again my brain is buzzing with ideas for the app, which I put in my review on the app store.