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NLog Synthesizer web site

NLog Synth now has a web site. It doesn't have any details on what's coming next, but it is a step in the right direction.

Click the iTunes button to see it in the iTunes app store:

NLog Synthesizer

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robman84 said...

Quite a fab little synth but do you find the sounds a little "thin" compared to other iPhone synths? I'm not sure if that's even possible but I just felt slightly underwhelmed by patches that should have blown me away. But I could spend hours making patches for it. Already have a cool syndrum done :-)

Not sure if you have tried it but Oui lead is worth a look too. It was free when I got it. No patch editing but a really meaty sound engine and keyboard modulation.

Anonymous said...


yeah, it is a preliminary web-site. Need some time to set it up. Possible new features in future releases might be:

- wavetables
- HP, BP etc. filter modes
- step sequencer
- arpeggiator
- chorus / phaser / flanger
- reverb
- wav export
- echange of sounds banks by email
- more sound banks
- play along iPod
- glide / portamento
- unisono with 1-2-4 voices spread
- random wave for LFO
- overdrive / bit crusher
- x/y control
- hold for keyboard
- extend osc pitch to +/- 24
- autorotate screen in both directions
- accelerator integration
- integration into Logic

if you have more ideas, send me!

but i cannot promise when what's coming in what order ;-)


ashley said...

Robman, I was playing around with this today, and I can't say I've noticed it being 'thin', but I'll keep listening to see if I spot that.

I've downloaded Oui Lead now, and I'll give it a go. It was still free.

Thanks for the update on your plans for NLog Synth. Sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

dont know about "thinny" sounds... but just added chorus and distortion today in my development version which makes things really fatty if you like it that way. sad, that app store is soooooo slow for updating apps. i need to wait and collect new features...

robman84 said...

Great stuff. Hope I didn't offend in any way as I didn't mean to. As I said, I'm not sure if it is even possible for the oscillators to sound "thin" if they use some form of standard algorithm. Maybe the other apps I'd been using that day had some kind of effects on the patches to thicken them up a bit so I was expecting a similar "sonic explosion" :o)

Made a lovely little ditty with it this morning. Need to keep recording my ideas 'cos I forget within seconds.

I know what you mean about update speeds. Apple's "control" is the one big downside of the App Store, even though I understand the reasons for it.