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iPhone OS 3.0: What's new so far (1)

Looks like the iPhone 3.0 could have some interesting things for developers. So far:
  • 1000 new APIs for developers
  • Peer to Peer support
  • Accessory support (hardware add-ons like TuneStudio maybe?)
  • New sales methods like subscriptions and in app sales (loops / instruments / patch banks?)
  • The much requested cut and paste (1 of 100 new features apparently)
I'd be very interested in developer's views on the new features and APIs and what they might mean for mobile music apps. More soon ...

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Pighood said...

One down...four to go for me:

1. video camera
2. removable battery
3. customizable GUI/categorizable apps
4. real PIM

ashley said...

1. Agreed
2. I can live with
3. Essential
4. Not sure I get that one?