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DJ Mode coming to SunVox?

More cool stuff coming along to SunVox. I'd love to see some more performance related tools and bluetooth as well ...

pdPOD, whatever happened to that?

I really liked the idea of this, but it never seemed to take off in a big way. Maybe the interface is just too limited, but it was a great idea, and nice sounds too.

What's happened to PhaseArray?

I just went to see if there were any updates at the phaseArray site, and found that there's nothing there at all.

I hope it is just a site rebuild and nothing to worry about ...

SunVox and Bhajis

Thanks to Drew for this comment on using SunVox with Bhajis Loops.
i've managed to get Sunvox running on my TX (though it is still very temperamental) and have found it to have a very nice sound engine.
I've been dropping loops made in Bhajis Loops into Sunvox's Sampler Module, to utilise the magnificent Flanger. I didn't realise the Palm was capable of such a rich sound (much broader/richer than the native Bhajis Space Flanger). Then I export it as a WAV back into Bhajis for further tweakage.
It's great to have as an extension of Bhajis Loops, to 'resample' sounds with Sunvox's effects, etc.
So, the prospect of further effects for Sunvox is exciting!

Good tip, and an interesting way to use applications together on the move.

Pocket Toshi ...

I found this by accident on YouTube. It looks like fun. As the blurb on YouTube says it is a prototype, but the ideas remind me of electroplankton quite a bit.

GrooveStep in action at YN2k8 CDM Instrument Contest

Can't see much of how it is being used, but it does sound good.


STEIM is under threat (see full post at CDM). You may remember that STEIM hosted last year's Mobile Music Workshop. They are an important part of European Music research.

Add your voice over at CDM to help save them.

DScratch update (via CDM)

A new video of the DScratch DS app. According to the developer this is:
pure freestyle demo (one shot, no cut, no good scratch skills!) using a preview version of my project "ProteinDS" - now 4 modules running at the same time!
Will be available in a few days - Enjoy!

Looks like a real step forward to me.

MusicThing demo of BC-16

Music Thing: Chimera BC16 mini modular synth demo from Tom Whitwell on Vimeo.

Nice demo from MusicThing.

Intermorphic mobile

From the sounds of this it looks like the new app from Intermorphic is going to be truly amazing ...
We'll be announcing more in due course, but some things to whet your appetite for our new "wonder-tool" :)
- desktop (win/mac) and mobile (various) versions
- standalone (desktop/mobile) and plug-in (desktop) versions!
- work on your content on the move on your mobile; finesse on desktop using plug-in later; move back to mobile whenever you want...
- loops, midi, generative and modular synthesis
- embedded noatikl generative engine :)
- real-time fx
- too much else to mention; we have an amazing roadmap for this.

What is coming is going to be "the" uber-creativity tool for mobile multimedia. :) We're incredibly excited by what we're doing, and think this could be simply huge...

More at Palm Sounds Group ...

All quiet over at 4pockets?

4Pockets has been a fantastic developer in the past, bringing classics like AudioBox, Pocket StompBox and the awesome multi-track recorder MeTeoR. But so far this year there's been nothing from 4Pockets at all.

So, what's happening? Ideally I'd hope that there is something really big coming out of 4Pockets imminently, but I've had no contact with the developer for some time. My worst fear is that they'll go the way of Tao Group and miniMIXA, which would be awful. I was hoping that they'd go in to iPod Touch direction and do something interesting with that platform.

Who knows...

Palm Sounds Live

I've been asked about posting some video from my 1st Palm Sounds show. Sadly the video isn't useable for a variety of reasons, so I thought I'd write some comments about what I used and how.

First off there were actually two of us performing. Most of the time we were using Bhajis Loops as the core for the performance and other devices more as instruments to improvise around the core. Bhajis was running on a T3 and a TX. My Treo 650 was running SunVox 1.0, which is very useful live as the Treo Keyboard works just like a regular keyboard except very small. The only drawback is that whilst you can use a variety of instruments in SunVox you can't switch between them using the hard keys on the device. However, this is a feature I've requested.

We also used PalmBuzzer for a bunch of random samples, and a Kaosillator, which is fast becoming one of my favourite toys. The whole mix went through a mini KP for good measure.

The visuals you can see in the photographs are running from an iPod Classic which delivered video and slide shows and worked very well. In fact, in the first two shots the actual images were made using NinerPaint which is an excellent Palm based art tool.

It is a shame the video didn't work, I guess we'll just have to do some more live shows now! Any suggestions for venues around the London area?

DS Fanboy useful guide to DS homebrew

DS Fanboy has a handy guide to homebrew solutions for the DS, which is useful if you want to get into NitroTracker, or DScratch etc...

Thoughts on son of miniMIXA ...

I was thinking about miniMIXA and Pete's news that intermorphic are moving into the mobile music space.

Obviously, if their new mobile / cross platform tools are anything like as good as the stuff they've developed since they launched intermorphic then they are likely to be well worth the money, and this time I won't wait for the next version to buy the full app. In fact, I still have a demo copy of miniMIXA on my dell axim, and I just can't bring myself to delete it.

Version 3 of miniMIXA was due to have some cool new features:
Well, we are now getting very close to nailing miniMIXA V3. One of the important things we have been asked for, and so we wanted to get in, was synching of microphone recordings. Well, we have done it . What that means is that you now get a count in period before you make a microphone recording - so you can get ready for your take. You can set how many bars you want this to be and how many bars you want to record for, as well as a system latency factor (as all mobile devices have different capabilities) - and the recording then synchs to the bar boundary. It is really useful and great fun!

The miniMIXA++ product will also include an autoloop recording feature. This means you can do take after take and only keep the take when you think you have nailed it.

This feature addition will make it much easier to use miniMIXA for capturing ideas on a mic, maybe as you are riffing or jamming to a background groove. You could then even sing/jam, record and sync harmonies on top.

So what would I want to see in the 'Son of miniMIXA' (for want of a better name for the app / apps). Well, obviously I'd like to see a lot of the stuff that was already in the old miniMIXA, but also some cool live features too. Things that take advantage of the hardware available like ...
  • Bluetooth / WiFi clock sync so you could jam with multiple devices simultaneously
  • Loops and synthesis all in one (like the advanced features in the old miniMIXA)
  • Desktop integration so you can work on stuff and move it from device to desktop and back again rather than just a desktop sync function
  • Real time effect control for live work
These are just some initial thoughts. What do you think ...

Discuss at the Palm Sounds Group:

Thinking about GP2X

There's been some talk on the new PalmSounds Group about the GP2X and using it live. I found this page of software for it and wondered how many developers are actively writing new music / audio / video apps for it?

I've kind of liked the idea of it for a while because of the VJ app available for it which I think would be really handy to use live.

But I wonder if the iPhone / iPod Touch will get more developers writing apps for it than GP2X due to the ease of release using the iTunes app store?

Nice live rig

Nice live rig from Herr prof. The photo on flickr has some useful annotations.

Music Thing: First Impressions of the Chimera BC-16

Music thing has some first impressions of the Chimera BC-16, and it sounds very nice.

Palm Sounds Live Pictures

Pictures from the first ever live show from Palm Sounds

Trio Da Da Da: Early VL-Tone adopters

I had forgotten Trio and their 80's VL-Tone hit. About half way through the video you see him play the VL-Tone too. Nice.

And now an iPhone Drum Machine (via CDM)

CDM has a post on a new drum machine app for the iPhone from the creator of the iSynth app.

Intermorphic coming back to mobile

Fantastic news, Intermorphic are coming back to mobile apps ...
Hi Folks!

A bit of news for you: I can't say much more at this stage, but we
here at intermorphic are working on a range of cross-platform mobile/
desktop audio creativity tools

More info will appear in due course when we're read to release it ...
but I can say that platforms supported will include iPod/iPhone,
Windows Mobile, MacOS X, Windows desktop, and others in due course.

Hoping this information is of interest!

Discuss at the Palm Sounds Group.

Site Stuff: Palm Sounds Group

The Palm Sounds group is now up and running on Google Groups. I thought I'd set this up as a number of people had mentioned the need for some more interaction and discussion, and I'd agree with that.

If you'd like to join, please email me at

palm dot sounds at mac dot com

Tonium competition

Enter a mix at the Pacemaker site for a chance to win a Pacemaker DJ device. The contest is open from now until the 31st of May.

Is it or isn't it?

More rumours and counter rumours about a potential Apple tablet like the old Newton. This time it seems that Intel are back tracking on the current rumour, according to AppleInsider anyway.

Still, only about three weeks to wait now to see what it is they actually do.

Mini Laser Show Projector

I got given this little device by a good friend. As you can see from the pictures it is really tiny. Small enough to fit into any gear bag. It projects beautifully in a dark room, and I think it would be excellent to use live. I guess you'd just set it up and let it run.

Anyway, here's a short video so you can see what the output is like.

Here are a couple of pictures so you can see how small it actually is:

The device is powered by three AAA batteries. I'm not sure how long they'd last, but the output in a dark room is surprisingly bright.

PalmBuzzer comments

Well, I posted my suggestions for PalmBuzzer, and the developer has come right back with some comment.

because of the way PalmBuzzer works now, not all your suggestions are possible to implement:

Set volume independently for each on screen button

This should work, it's just the question, how to do it in a usable way.

Select if samples play over each other or cancel currently playing sample

Sorry, not possible.

A bank select function so that you can access multiple sets of samples

Isn't it just like the themes work now?

Be able to set the pitch for each sample

Sorry, not possible.

Have a filter function for the sample with an on screen ribbon (replacing some of the sample buttons) like the Yamaha SU10 or similar

Sorry, not possible.


More details on possible Apple tablet

According to AppleInsider a source at Intel has spilled the beans on this new device. I'm sure that there were stories like this around last year just before WWDC. Let's see what happens.

Casio VL-1 Pictures and video

So here's a little look at my new (old) Casio VL-1. First off the front view:

Then the back casing.

Finally, a little perspective. Here it is alongside an iPod Classic.

And now for a little video of it in action ...

PalmBuzzer suggestions ...

I couldn't find an easy way to contact the developer of PalmBuzzer so I thought I'd write down some suggestions for the app.
  • Set volume independently for each on screen button
  • Select if samples play over each other or cancel currently playing sample
  • A bank select function so that you can access multiple sets of samples
Some more advanced functions would be:
  • Be able to set the pitch for each sample
  • Have a filter function for the sample with an on screen ribbon (replacing some of the sample buttons) like the Yamaha SU10 or similar

Let's see if any of these get picked up.

Belkin Podcast Studio in June for £80?

According to Blog Herald The new Belkin Podcast Studio, or GoStudio as they refer to it, should be available as soon as next month in the UK, and for only £80.

I have to say that I am somewhat skeptical about Belkin release dates and pricing given that it took a year to get the TuneStudio out and the pricing varied wildly for ages.

TrakAx 320 x 320

Another TrakAx post today. This time they've got a version for 320 x 320 WM square touchscreen devices.


This is a little freeware visualiser app that has been around for some time. However, it struck me today that maybe you could use it in a live show if you could connect the PocketPC video out to a projector. Then it might be handy?

Mobile Music Workshop 2008 starts tomorrow

I'm looking forward to what they've got in store. I wish I could have gone this year but it was not to be. Some of the stuff on the itinerary looks really interesting. Especially MoGMI: Mobile Gesture Music Instrument. So I guess we'll have to wait for whatever output comes over the next few days.
DAY 1 – MAY 13th

13:30 • Caressing the skin: Mobile devices and bodily engagement
Franziska Schroeder
Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen´s University Belfast, Belfast, UK

14:00 • MoGMI: Mobile Gesture Music Instrument
Amnon Dekel and Gilly Dekel
The Hebrew University Jerusalem,
The selim and Rachel Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering, Israel

14:30-15:00 • Coffee break
15:00 • Transit
Department of digital Arts, University of applied arts vienna, Austria

15:30 • Craving
Bernhard Garnicnig and Gottfried Haider
Department of digital Arts, University of applied arts vienna, Austria

16:00 -17:00 • Digital Claiming
Department of digital Arts, University of applied arts vienna, Austria

DAY 2 – MAY 14th
10:00 – 12:00
• Mobile Tangible Interfaces as Gestural Instruments
Fares Kayali, Martin Pichlmair and Peter Kotik
Institut of Design & Assessment of Technology, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

• An Augmented Reality Framework for Wireless Mobile Performance
Mike Wozniewski, Nicolas Bouillot and Jeremy R. Cooperstock
Centre for Intelligent Machines, McGill University Montreal Quebec, Canada
Zack Settel
Universite de Montreal Montreal Quebec, Canada

• undersound and the Above Ground
Arianna Bassoli
ISIG, London School of Economics, London, UK
Johanna Brewer
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, UC Irvine, UK
Karen Martin
The Barlett School of Graduate Studies, London, UK
Iacopo Carreras, David Tacconi

• Soundfishing
Claudio Midolo
Communication Design and Technology - Parson the new school, New York City, USA

12:00-13:30 • Lunch

13:30 • Some Challenges Related to Music and Movement in Mobile Music Technology
Alexander Refsum Jensenius
Department of Musciology, University of Oslo, Norway

14:00 • Real time synaesthetic Sonification of Travelling Landscape
Tim Pohle and Peter Knees
Department of Computational Perception, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

14:30-15:00 • Coffee break

15:00 • Tango Intervention Vienna
Lawrence Robert

16:00 • IMPROVe: mobile Phone sound improvisation
Richard Widerberg

16:30 • Collaborative Musical Games with PhonePlay
Knowles Joshua

17:00 • Framework
Arnold Haberl, Klaus Filip, Silvia Faessler, Nicolaj Kirisits

19:00 • Community - dinner at EXPEDIT http://www.expedit.net/

DAY 3 – MAY 15th


10:00 - 12:00
• Richard Widerberg IMPROVe
• Yollande Harris Sun Run Sun
• Steve Symony muio Interface

12:00 – 13:30 • Lunch


13:30 • Developments and Challenges turning Mobile Phones into Generic music Performance Platforms
Georg Essl and Michael Rohs
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, TU Berlin, Germany
Ge Wag
Center for Computer Research in Music And Acoustic, Standford University Standford CA, USA

14:00 • A typology for Listening in Place
Pedro Rebelo, Matt Green and Florian Hollerweger
Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen´s University Belfast, Belfast, UK

14:30-15:00 • Coffee break


15:00 – 17:00


19:00 – … • CONCERTS

Jan Perschy, Robert Mathy and Merlin Wyschka

20:30 • taus
Tim Blechman and Klaus Filip

21:00 • Institute for transacoustic research [Iftaf]
Nikolaus Gansterer, Matthias Meinharter, Jörg Piringer and Ernst Reitermayer

Casio VL-10

I just got a Casio VL-10 from eBay! It arrived today. I can't believe how small it is! I shall post some pictures and a video soon.

TrakAx on Twitter

For those who Twitter, TrakAx is now on Twitter!

Korg DS-10 blog update

Another Japanese update from the DS-10 blog. As far as I can gather it is a bit more about debugging (I think they're making progress), and some stuff about the DS-10 being on terrestrial TV in Japan (I assume).

Another Apple mini tablet rumour

Macrumors has another Apple PDA / mini tablet type rumour. This time for WWDC next month. It would be good, but I can't see it happening myself.
The reason for a pre-WWDC announcement? Reportedly, Apple would instead announce a brand new portable device at WWDC. No other details of what this device might be, but there have been rumors that Apple was developing a mini-tablet multitouch device for launch in 2008. This PDA-like device would reportedly have a higher screen resolution (720x480) and be about 1.5x the size of the existing iPhone.

Concretedog show

Sounds like it was a great show. More from ConcreteDog's blog.

More on iPhone control from CDM

CDM has yet more info on using an iPhone or Touch to control Ableton Live.

CDM iPhone Music app round up

CDM has a good round up of iPhone music making apps which made me realise how many there are. Having said that I think that even collectively they aren't enough to make me want to switch as yet.

More from CDM on the iPhone as a controller

CDM has another post on using the iPhone as a controller. I find these interesting, but personally I'm more interested in using the device as an active instrument, and I'm hoping that from June onwards I'll get more of a reason to go out and buy one!

Mobile Music Workshop 2008 Reminder

I got a reminder today about this year's Mobile Music Workshop, so I thought I'd post something about it. This year's workshop is in Vienna on the 13th to the 15th of May.

Previous workshops have seemed quite interesting, and although I can't go this year, I think there might be some quite intriguing projects to explore. I'll look forward to seeing the output later in the month.

Music Thing: Chimera BC-16

Lots of people have been talking about the Chimera BC-16. Music Thing has a video of it in action. Nice ...

New version of iPhone SDK

According to iLounge (amongst many) the SDK has been updated with mainly bug fixes.

Korg DS-10 blog update is likely to be about debugging ...

Why do I think this? Well, the title of the post is 'Happy Debugging' (in English), so I think I may have an accurate guess.

I haven't tried to translate this because of the title.

CDM on a very clever way to use an iPhone to control stuff

CDM has an interesting post on using an iPhone to control visuals and music, but I have to admit that it is a bit complicated for me.

TrakAx Wavtracks Full Tracks Available

TrakAx has an update on their site about royalty free tracks available for video use (should you want to).

PalmBuzzer Problems

So, I was playing with PalmBuzzer for a spare hour today and got some very strange results. Some samples wouldn't play on my Treo 650 and others would. When I reset my Treo some of the previously unresponsive samples played and others didn't without any real sense of why at all!

I'm going to try it on a different palm and see what results I get from that and I'll post an update when it is done.

Music Thing on Clari-Fi

Music Thing has a useful post on the Clari-Fi device and how it actually performs. Perhaps not so good after all.

A whole band for your iPhone

Well, as we approach June and the iPhone / iPod Touch app store I guess we should expect more applications to turn up. Here's one that, although strange, does show something of what the platform and hardware should be capable of.

I'm guessing that a multi-track for the iPhone wouldn't be difficult at all.

Anyway, the app shown here is a little strange, but the addition of an audience you can mix into your own performance is quite nice.

PalmBuzzer 1.2 First Impressions

This is a fairly simple app. It launches samples and nothing more at all, in fact you can't even manage their individual volume from the app, just the overall volume. However, in some ways, the fact that it is so simple is a real positive for it. It only cost me £3.55, and I don't think it is really over priced.

So, what can you use it for? Well, for me it is really a live sample trigger and that's about it. PalmBuzzer also has the ability to launch loops (up to four), so in theory you could even use to to create some simple tracks, but is is not in any way sophisticated. But I think it will be useful.

To make it work you have to store samples in a specific sample directory on your SD card and give them the correct names in that directory, i.e. test1.wav through to test16.wav. These files are then triggered via the on screen buttons in the app. The last four are the loops (13 - 16).

It is worth a look at for something to play with or use live for simple loops and samples.

Virtual Piano video

This is one of those applications I've never even tried on a Palm device. However, if the video is anything to go by this is really something else, and may be worth a go after all.

Another Circuit Bent VL-Tone on eBay

Circuit bent VL-Tone on eBay with the following features:










Looks nice too!

Another PixiLang Compo entry

Pixilang Competition entries: vote now

Here are the entries for the pixilang compo which you can vote on here.

Micro BR size comparison

All the Micro BR reviews talk about how it is not much bigger that an iPod. So, I thought I'd put it next to an iPod and see how much bigger it is. Amd, it isn't much bigger after all.

Today I've been using it to record some improvisation work, and also I've used it with a guitar. It has been working really well.

Pacemaker UK price £479

Whilst I'd love to buy one of these, It is a lot of money. Maybe I'll wait until the price comes down. Here's hoping.

Casio VL-5 on eBay

I'm interested in the VL-5 in terms of the ability to use the bar code reader for purposes it was never intended for. I'm sure that one of these must have been bent at some point.

What can you do with a dead iPod?

My iPod 5G is no more. That is to say that it has the 'sad face' icon, which is not good at all I understand. So, I've been wondering what to do with it? I could just throw it away, but is seems wrong. So apart from the obvious:
  • Use it as a paperweight
  • Prop up a wobbly table
What else could I do with it?

More DS-10 videos

These have turned up in the last few days.

Echonest gets a $500,000 grant!

The echonest gets $500,000 for:
This grant will help us provide an even deeper understanding of music fans to a wide array of online music companies -- from social networks and bloggers to webcasters and paid music services." said Dr. Tristan Jehan, co-founder of The Echo Nest.

I wish they'd do something with Capers and Palm OS personally, but I'm guessing that it won't be a big priority for them for time being.