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SunVox 1.3

Excellent news. Sunvox 1.3 has been released.

Here's what's new in v1.3:
  • fixed bug with ping-pong loop in the "sampler";
  • fixed bug with big values in scrollbars;
  • fixed bug with wrong song lenght calculation;
  • fixed bug with panning in the FM synthesizer;
  • new keyboard shortcuts: F9 - play; F11 - play pattern; F12 - stop;
  • added new parameter "P.Modulation" to the "generator" for phase modulation with input signal;
  • added possibility to load samples from RAW and JPEG files;
  • added support of 32-bit (floating point) samples;
  • added new effect 8 - arpeggio;
  • added new effect 9 - set sample offset;
  • added new simple examples: phase_modulation, phase_modulation2, arpeggio;
  • added right-click pop-up menu in the pattern/synth editors;
  • added button for changing the piano keyboard size;
  • added UTF-8 support to engine;
  • pattern icons became resizable in the timeline window;
  • now the timeline and the synths network may be shown at the same time if initial window size is greater than 640x480;
  • inproved ALSA support (thanks to Will Light);
  • updated manual;
  • code optimization;
  • fixed various small bugs.

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Unknown said...

great update - Alex is a good man!
i can't wait to try these new features out.

ashley said...

Agreed. I'm going to try out 1.3 on my Axim. If you get a chance to try out the palm version please let me know what you think.

Unknown said...

hey man, been playing with 1.3 on my TX all day today...runs without a hitch, sounds as lovely as ever and the new features are integrated seamlessly. the ability to resize the piano is very handy, in fact now in 1.3 you can resize any part of the screen which really helps workflow and makes the app much friendlier than earlier versions.

the Sunvox synths sound so nice...i really struggle to get tones like this from Bhajis using sampled waveforms.

ashley said...

Thanks Drewzle, I had a brief play and can see what you mean. I really like the keyboard sizing.