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ReelDirector on Sale

ReelDirector the video editing app is still on sale with 50% off for a limited time, although it said a limited time on the 11th when I last posted about this app. They also say that there's an update coming and iPad support too, which is good, but I really hope that they bring video upload to the 3G. I guess the app will have to be able to do something like that for the iPad anyway.

ReelDirector at the app store:

No UK Monotron until June :(

Thanks to chaseKevin for tweeting this earlier:
have spoken to Korg UK about it before and they won't be shipping in the UK until the end of June!.. :-|
So no monotron love in the UK for a while then!

Zoom PFX 9003 still on eBay

I posted on this the other day and just noticed that it still has no bids! I can remember when these went for twice this price. This one only has a day to go.

Zoom PFX 9003 on eBay

Mixtikl for Android getting closer

From Pete Cole's blog post it looks like Mixtikl for Android is getting much closer. More reasons to look seriously at Android as a mobile music platform.

Pocket Remix Vol 2 for iPhone

From the developer who made the free version for Computer music comes volume 2 of Pocket Remix. Nice interface.

Pocket Remix Vol 2 at the app store:
Pocket Remix Volume 2

Reforge update

Reforge gets an update today. Here's what's new:

- improved stability
- increase size of trackers
- improved access of right selection tracker
- added display to show position and value of recently moved tracker
- new buttons
- added support for AudioX sync to transfer audio to other iPads running Reforge

Reforge at the app store:
Tibor Horvath

PalmGear 25% off Sale - Last day

Palmgear has a sale and today is the last day. The coupon code is 'BIG25'

Retronyms on Courier Cancelled

Retronyms post to their blog on the cancellation of Microsoft's Courier tablet project. I have to agree with them that this is a real shame. Courier looked so promising from the concept video (at their blog).

Monotron Song

How cool is that! I so want a monotron. If anyone in the UK gets news of when and where they're available then please let me know. Via Matrixsynth.

Blue Yeti working via iPad USB kit

Early indications that the USB camera connection kit works well Blue's Yeti Mic. I'm hoping to hear that more and more devices can work through the kit too.

Apple patents whole new library of multi-touch language

9to5mac posts on a new patent from Apple with a huge number of new multi-touch gestures. I wonder if any of these will be in iPhone OS 4.0

Pete Cole on porting to Android / Symbian

More information from Pete Cole on porting Mixtikl to Android and Symbian. It is a very technical article though.

Little-Scale: Improvisation Tracks for Nanoloop

A few nice tracks from Little-Scale.

TrixMix 2 for iPad update

TrixMix has been updated. Here's what's new:
  • Built for multiple orientations
  • Trixmix now receives MIDI signals as well as sends in certain programs (ie. Move a slider or knob in Ableton Live, and see it update on the Trixmix screen as well).
  • updated keys
  • in-app XY-Controller purchase option
TrixMix 2 for iPad at the app store:
Monotone Records

Miki on Chris Carter's Dirty Electronics Ensemble

Miki Strange has a great write up on Chris Carter's gig from last night including more pictures and audio too. Read the whole post at Miki's blog here.

Monotron Mod (already!)

I'm amazed that someone's already modified one of these. They haven't even seen the light of day in the UK! Via Matrixsynth.

Photos from Chris Carter and the Dirty Electronics Enemble Gig

Photos from Chris Carter and the Dirty Electronics Ensemble last night. See them all here.

Steve Jobs open letter, 'thoughts on Flash'

MacRumors has this post on Steve Jobs open letter 'thoughts on Flash'. Make of that what you will.

Korg Kaos Bag for Kaossilator

Now these are rare, 2 available on eBay now.

Korg Kaos Bag for Kaossilator

RJDJ: The Dub Engineer – New scene by Rebel Sonix

Interesting as this is the first scene made with the RJC1000 that RJDJ have released. More at the RJDJ blog.

Akai Synthstation 25 UK update

I've just spoken to Dolphin Music in the UK about the iPK25 / SynthStation 25 and they say that they currently have these on back order. The date they've been given is the 1st of May but they don't think that's reliable. They've said they're going to give me a call when they have stock in so I'll let you know as soon as I have more information.

FunkBox has been update

- Added ability to export beat to a MIDI file
- Added ability to copy slots and subsequences
- Added two more user banks of beats, plus read-only presets
- Added BPM readout
- Added Elektron Machinedrum sample set
- Fixed timing glitch with moving between fast/slow sequences
- Fixed sound glitch
- Fixed lock/unlock to maintain mixer settings

FunkBox Drum Machine at the app store:
FunkBox Drum Machine

Xewton update

Another update to Xewton. Here's what's new:
  • New high-quality reverb algorithms with stereo spread
  • 3 reverb qualities (higher quality requires more CPU and can lead to stuttering on older devices)
  • Key velocity (volume) can be controlled via touch on the keyboard or the accelerometer (enable velocity in the setup tab)
  • Piano-roll: 'selection change mode' toggles the selected range (instead of just single notes)
  • When recording, playback continues if a tab or the record button is tapped
  • Piano-roll note editor improved: 1/64th button, quantization in note length mode, vertical lock in move mode, autoscroll and drawing improved
  • Double tap a track's icon and slide your finger to select a color
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements (see the change log in the help)
Xewton Music Studio at the app store:
Music Studio

MU8 at eBay

I've got an MU15 but again with this device I hadn't heard of an MU8 before.

MU5 at eBay

QY8 at eBay

Another Yamaha, this one I've never heard of before, a QY8. Interesting stuff. Anyone know more about these or if they're worth the money?

QY8 at eBay

QY20 at eBay

QY10's seem to crop up fairly regularly on eBay but not QY20's. This one seems a bit expensive to me though.

QY20 at eBay

Hex OSC Full for iPad

Hex OSC Full is musical keyboard which has substantial 98 keys!
It is now able to transmit OSC(Open Sound Control) for controlling your MIDI devices.
-play a chord with one finger
-adjustable key layout, comfortable transposition
-transmit OSC
-more built-in sounds

Hex OSC Full is musical keyboard software for iPad, which has substantial 98 keys.Besides, the keyboard layout can be changed in order to extend tone range by a single shake while you play.
Hexagonal keys have certain note relationships like guitar chords. When you know the patterns, you can transpose smoothly.

Main Features:
-play with 98 keys (4 octave) on a screen without scroll
-play a chord (3 notes) with one finger
-play chords with up to 10 fingers
-changeable tone range during performance
-adjustable key layout
-built-in 11 sounds; Synth1, Synth2, Tremolo Synth1, Electric Piano1, Organ1, Organ2, Funky Synth, Steelpan, Minimal Kit1, Bell1, Kokuritsu Kit
-transmit OSC
-transpose octaves when OSC is chosen
-available languages: Japanese, English

A special price of US$ 9.99 is being offered until May 1st, 2010. Regular price is US$ 15.99.

Hex OSC Full at the app store:

CDM on the end of Laptop Hegemony in Live Computer Music

A long post from CDM, but a really interesting subject. Definitely worth a read, and Palm Sounds gets a mention at the end too.

Soft Machines ...

Off topic I know, but the gameboy pillow caught my attention.

Aphonium for iPhone / Touch / iPad

I've been meaning to post on this app for a little while. It reminds me strongly of Bloom / Trope with a bit of Amidio's Star Melody too, but I like the generative art side of it too, and the price has just dropped to $1.99

Aphonium at the app store:

HP buys Palm

Lots of sites and blogs picking up this story but I only just heard. HP buying Palm. That could be very interesting for mobile devices.

I guess the coming weeks and months will tell us what that will mean and what HP plan to do with the hardware and with webOS.

New OS will support Android / Symbian / Linux

A new mobile OS compatible with Linux, Symbian and Android? This article suggest that it is being developed by NTT DoCoMo, Renesas, Fujitsu, NEC, Panasonic and Sharp. It sounds amazing, but I haven't seen the story picked up elsewhere at all.

If anyone out there has any knowledge of this I'd be very interested to know more

Sonic Wire Sculptor for iPhone

I posted on this when it came out but hadn't gotten around to getting hold of it. Well I bought it today and have only had a little play with it and it is a load of fun so far. Probably in the same sort of vein as Soundrop but in 3D and with a lot more control over the drawing part of things.

I'll spend some more time with it soon.

Sonic Wire Sculptor at the app store:
Sonic Wire Sculptor

WWDC 2010 Dates Announced

Apple have announced their WWDC dates for this year as June 7-11. More at MacRumors.

Another SU10 on eBay

Another SU10 on eBay. These just seem to hold their value so well, a bit like the old QY100's. I wonder why? Still, it is a bit too much for me. This one only has just over a day left to go.

SU10 at eBay

Pocket Music for GBA on eBay

I know that not everyone is a fan of these, but I thought I'd post it as it is going very cheap.

Pocket Music - Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA DS Lite at eBay

RJDJ at MHD Amsterdam

RJDJ's review of MHD Amsterdam.

Sound Scope Space for iPad update

Sound Scope Space for iPad gets another update very soon after the last one:

+ detune control for thicker sound
+ better pitch indicator, showing detune and modulation

Space for the iPad at the app store:
The Strange Agency LLC

Inside the Monotron

Not sure if the inside or the outside looks better. I just know I want one! Via Matrixsynth.

Akai Synthstation 25 shipping 14th May?

With only a few days to go I thought I'd check again for the iPK25 / Synthstation from Akai as I was prompted by Pierre commenting on the last post that sweetwater have confirmed shipping for the 14th. Amazon.com still says it will be available on the 1st but amazon.co.uk doesn't list it at all. Dolphin music in the UK also still says the 1st. I wonder what will happen? I'll check again on saturday and let you know.

Musikmesse 2011 Graphic

Nice graphic for next year

Nanoloop still on sale

Nanoloop is still on sale at just £0.59 / $0.99.

Nanoloop at the app store: