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MeTeoR: Multi-Track Recorder for Windows Mobile

This is for real, the first handheld multi-track recorder EVER!

I have been testing this for a few weeks with the developer 4Pockets and it is an awesome application. It allows Windows Mobile users to record and use up to 12 tracks, with the final mix being exported to .WAV or an MP3 file.

MeteoR lets you bring audio into an audio pool from which you can import clips in standard .wav format. This means you can work with backing tracks and loops and then add vocal or real instruments on top.

The way MeteoR has been designed means that clips can be referenced multiple times without duplicating on the storage space used. Individual clips can be edited as wave forms too, and effects can be added in.

MeteoR includes a decent range of effects such as:

- Chorus
- Delay
- Reverb
- EQ

and a few more besides and has three aux sends. Virtually all of the effects and track parameters can be automated very easily. Mixing and editing facilities are very easy to use too.

Overall it is an awesome application and really worth looking at if you are on the Windows Mobile platform. I've been testing it on a Dell Axim running at 520mhz with a 133x SD card and it runs like a dream.

Here's what the 4Pockets site has to say about it:

MeteoR is a digital multi-track recorder designed specifically for the Pocket PC. The program features up to 12 tracks of high quality audio, a built in mixer and multi-effects processor. MeTeoR is ideally suited for creating musical compositions, and also a great tool for journalists and business people who need to splice and piece together voice notes, narration or dictation. Compositions once mixed can be exported to standard file formats for use on your desktop PC.

MeTeoR includes a fully featured sound editor allowing recordings to be trimmed or spliced together. You can apply various effects to your recordings either directly, as part of the recording process or in real time during playback. Editor features include cut, copy, paste, fade in/out. clear, reverse, gain, normalize, remove dc offset, time stretch and apply effect. Effects include digital delay, chorus, reverb, phaser, tremolo, graphic equalizer, filter factory, pitch shifter, tone boost and noise gate.

The Mixer and effects are fully automated using definable controller tracks. An integrated metronome with count-in helps you record your masterpiece, and If 12 tracks isn't enough there is a full stereo mixdown facility.

Minimum System Requirements

Processor: 400Mhz or better
Storage: High Speed SD or CF card (1GB x133 recommended).
Memory: Requires approx 5Mb free program momory.

Note: MeTeoR uses uncompressed WAV files in order to achieve its speed. Audio data is recorded at 44.1Kb/s (CD quality) and require large amounts of storage space. It is therefore recommended that you use a high speed SD/CF card to store recorded materials. A 1GB SD card for instance will store approximately 6 hours of recordings.

- 12 simultaneous CD quality tracks
- Multi-Effects Processor
- Integrated 12 channel Mixer
- Integrated Sample Editor
- Aux Send Effects
- Insert and Record Insert Effects
- Mixer and Effect Automation
- Metronome
- Mixdown / Bounce Facility
- Landscape Mode
- Import from WAV format
- Export to MP3 and WAV format
- Supports SD/CF Cards (recommended).
- Auto Calibration Feature
- Memory Speed Test Feature

I expect I'll be posting more on the app as I continue to use it, but if you are a Windows Mobile user, this is really worth a look.

Circuit bent Casio VL-1

I know I have been on about this for a while now, but I found some shots of a circuit bent VL-1, and I thought I'd share them. I think it is pretty cool.

I found one!

Ok, it is only a simple change, but a start.

Palm Sounds OSX widget (update)

It may not be long awaitedby many (or even any), but I am goting to get this widget done. I hope to get it out in June, but don't expect too much, I freely admit I am no programmer.

Words and lyrics?

I focus a lot of attention on making music, but never much on lyrics and words.

Sometimes it is really hard to think of lyrics to for songs. So why not use Fridge magnet poetry? Of course, it needs to be on a palm, and Pocket Poetry fits the bill.

It is just like having magnetic poetry on your fridge door, but instead it is in your PDA.

All you have to do is to make sure you've got plenty of words in the word lists in the app and you can use it to make lyrics to your heart's content.

QOTD: What next for Palm Sounds?

What do you think Palm Sounds should focus on next?

- More application reviews?
- Speculation and rumours?
- Comment and opinion?
- How to type posts?
- Something else entirely?
- Retro?


Modifying a Casio VL-1 or VL-10?

I know I've posted a few times about Casio VL-tones, and this is yet another. I will try to stop going on about this soon I promise. It is just that I have this thought in my head which says that wouldn't it be great if you could modify a VL-Tone to be a MIDI controller for PDA?

It can and has been done in bigger devices such as the Casio SK-1 by Highly Liquid and does it look cool or what!

Now I realise that the first barrier to overcome is the small nature of the VL-1 and the fact that it is after all a glorified calculator, and that even if you could do that you'd then need to be able to get a serial connection into a palm device, which is not easy on many of the OS5 models, but if you could it would look amazing I bet!

My ideal would be to have one the size of the VL-10 below as these are only about 8" long, but maybe that is just too much to ask for?

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Freesound sample resource

If you've never been over to Freesound you really should give it a try, it is full of interesting samples for downloading. Why not add to it yourself?

PocketMC 2.0

I have posted on this app before and gave it a quick try out on my old Jornada 568, but I couldn't get the hang of it. I was wondering if I should give it a go again, but I'm not sure. I've added it to the application directory for completeness, but I'd be interested in what other people think of it too...

I'd be interested to know if anyone has any experience with this app?

On the CoyoteFlux there some useful bullet point information about the app:

- Echo with variable length and Flanger

- Programmable slicer (this feature uses 16 switches, any of the switches can be either enabled or disabled to quickly turn the sound on and off during a period of 1-2 seconds)

- Real time reverse (constantly plays seconds of audio in reverse)

- Variable long echo mode to create an echo that continues almost eternally

- Variable quantizer to remove 1-15 bits from the sound output

- Variable pitch bender to pitch the sound input up or down

- Variable modulated pitcher - Variable noise gate

- Variable downsampler (allows the sound to be played at lower frequencies to make it sound like an old radio)

- Variable output gain (to increase/decrease the output volume)

- 10 Presets with save function - Recording mode to record the sound input with any amount of special effects. Since the .WAV format is used for recording, the output files can be loaded with any sample editor or audio player.

- Any recorded file can be played back using different modes. It is possible to play them through the effects unit and they can also be mixed with the microphone input - Ten different file slots per storage medium

- Mute mode (to disable the sound output instantly)

- Monitor mode (to disable all the special effects instantly)

- Easy to use graphical interface

Capers applets... end of the line sadly

Well, I have to admit defeat on this one. I have been chasing the developer for months with no reply at all, so I am going to give up on this particular project I'm afraid.


If Casio made a VL-1 now, what would it look like?

I think it would be brilliant if someone like Casio made another unit like the VL-1. Except I think today it would be a really ground breaking device. I would have the same sort of form as the old VL series, but it would also have a USB MIDI in/out, an audio line in/out and a mic in too.

The basis of the unit would be a keyboard similar to the VL-1

But it would be more like the size of the VL-10 below. Instead of a speaker on the front there would be two discreet speakers, one at each end, and the screen would be much bigger, colour and touch enabled like a PDA screen.

On board would be a sequencer and sampler and some basic synth functionality, but the device would be able to connect to a laptop of desktop to transfer files and export. It would have a slot for an SD card and sport wireless collaboration using bluetooth, but it would only work with other devices using the same standard.

But most important of all, it would have a CALCULATOR! built in.

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More videos soon

I haven't made any new videos for the blog for a while, but I do plan to soon. The kind of things I will be covering are:

- Application demos
- Some OS4 Apps

Let me know if there are other topics that are worth while?

Circuit bending with Microbe ...

This video comes care of Matrix Synth. It looks very interesting. Sadly the whole of Perciante Rocco's site is written in Italian, so I can't understand it.

Palm OS4 Museum

I've often posted on old OS4 music apps, many of which are no longer available anymore. I had a thought the other day that maybe I should start off an OS4 museum with pictures and apps too so these pioneering applications could still be seen and used by anyone that still wanted them.

In some cases this isn't so easy as the apps aren't freeware or demos, but it is a thought that I may pursue at some point.

OT: VoicePlayIt 1.0

Ok, this is slightly off topic, but not too off topic I think. I kind of like Pocket Tunes and this is an interesting add-on to it.

Here's what their site says about it:

"VoicePlayIt™ is the FIRST and ONLY voice command and control software for Pocket Tunes. You can now control Pocket Tunes hands free with simple voice commands. Within seconds after training voice commands, like “Next Track”, you will be able to control your favorite music with just your voice. VoicePlayIt™ really comes in handy while you are in the car, walking, running, or working out at the club."

It may not change the world of handheld music ...

... but It does look nice though!

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MadPlayer again

After a space of almost a year I've got my madplayer back from a friend who borrowed it and never used it. I first bought mine when a friend recommended it to me as a really useful device for when you've run out of ideas and need some inspiration.

It is a very unusual device in that It creates music in a sort of random manner. You select a musical style, then press play, and it generates a piece of music in that style.

You can then drop down into any part of the piece and change the instrumentation and the part itself. You can add samples as well. The files it generates can be exported as MIDI to a smartmedia card.

The device also works as an MP3 player, FM radio and recorder.

They don't make these any more but you can still find them on eBay occasionally for about £50 or thereabouts.

If you check their website you'll find that they plan to issue a Java based version. This perhaps might be usable on a palm or pocket pc? Who knows. I've been keeping an eye out, but nothing for a while now.

Now that I've got mine back I can't decide if I should get rid of it or not. I kind of want to keep it, but if I'm honest I know it won't really get used.

Hollow Sun downloads ...

Hollow sun is a brilliant place for all kinds of synth and synth related samples. Good for use in apps like Bhajis Loops or Audio Box etc...

TuneStudio update

The Belkin site now has a page all about TuneStudio, with this great panel image. If you go to the page and hover your mouse over the image you can find out all about the product. Quite useful really.

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miniMIXA V3: Interesting comments ...

There's been an interesting exchange of comments on Tim Cole's blog regarding the forthcoming V3 release of miniMIXA. It looks like the app is really moving from strength to strength.

Here's the Q&A exchange:

Q ... so does this mean that miniMIXA now can be used like a “lite” multitrack recorder to pull basic demo song ideas together on the move?

A ... Yes, V3 will allow that. It is not a sequencer (yet!) though, bu t it is still handy for jamming some cool ideas in the moment when you just have your phone with you.

Q ... When can I start using miniMIXA as an mobile guitar FX unit? Surely that can’t be too difficult now, with recording changes? You’ve had the FX unit stuff since V2, right? Then I’d just need a buffered 1/4 inch jack input on my PDA. That would be *too cool*!!!

A ... Well, you should also be able to have a bit of fun with that in V3. But, don’t expect your mobile device to have audio latency better than 50-100ms, so it is still worth investing in a MicroBr

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Mobile Studio: Palm RhythmPro

I've posted before on my old OS4 clie which is now my Palm Music Museum. Over time I'm trying to write something about all of these old apps and dig out pictures where possible.

So, today's OS4 treat is:


I have to start by saying that this is a little bit of a cheat. RhythmPro is a also an OS5 application, but like a few that have persisted it started off quite a while ago.

RhythmPro lets you create and play your own custom drum patterns with real digitized drum sounds on a Palm handheld. Or it can also be used as a versatile and extremely accurate metronome. You can create rhythm patterns in almost any imaginable time signature, save and organize your patterns into categories, and play them using your choice of four different display modes for optimal visual and audio feedback. Set the tempo for each pattern using the onscreen controls or just tap the screen twice in time and RhythmPro calculates the tempo of your taps and begins playing. Other included features:

- Ability to build rhythm patterns using digitized drum sounds (hi-hat, snare, bass, and cowbell) or using musical tones at any pitch from 50 to 4000 Hz.
- Customizable relative volume for each type of beat sound.
- Extremely accurate playback with timing accuracy of 0.00017 BPM (the highest accuracy possible on Palm devices).
- Ability to create patterns in any time signature up with up to 40 beats per measure.
- Playback at any rate from 1 to 400 BPM (beats per minute).
- A self-check features monitors the playback to tell you if your playback tempo surpasses the ability of your Palm's hardware to play the rhythm with accurate timing.
- Whenever possible the CPU is put to sleep between each beat to limit battery power consumption.
- Four different visual display modes during playback, including an animated metronome and other modes showing you the entire beat pattern or the current beat.
- Measure counter with option to automatically stop playing after a set number of measures.
- Six sample rhythm patterns included.

RhythmPro has an appealing interface that makes the application a pleasure to work with.

Whilst it has a fairly standard interface for rhythm programming it has good methods of feedback to the user and that's important when working in a small form factor.

Also, the metronome function is implemented very well indeed.

Mobile Studio: Palm OS4: MelodyPad

I think I did use this app for a while, but not too long. It looks nice, and has a MIDI import / export (which is great if you own a PC) but it hasn't been maintained sadly. It would have been nice if it was.

This is what PalmGear says about the app:

"MelodyPad is a musical application for Palm(TM) handheld devices for playing, creating, editing and storing songs or melodies on the handheld. You can simply use MelodyPad as a pocket keyboard, or record songs and melodies as you play. Powerful editing features allow you to capture all nuances and make the melody exactly the way you want it. Complete documentation is included. A conduit to download MelodyPad songs and MIDI export will be available soon. Please see product website for MIDI samples.
Updated Description:

1.0 (1/02/02) - In this update, a conduit to download MelodyPad files from the the handheld to a PC has been added, along with a utility for generating MIDI files from the downloaded MelodyPad files. Please see the README.TXT files in the zip for details."

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Mobile Music Application Directory

This is my attempt at a directory of all the palm and pocket pc music and sound applications that I know of. I will try to add to it and keep it up to date, but if you find a link that doesn't work or know of an application that should be added, please let me know:

Palm OS Applications (OS5)

AxisPad Theremin application for palm
MixPad MIDI mixer for palm
BeatPad Sequencer for palm
NotePad Notation for palm
SoundPad FM Syth for other miniMusic Applications
BugBand Notation education for palm
SpinPad Innovative sequence for palm
EarTrain Education software for palm
RhythmPro Drum machine and Metronome for palm
Microbe Sequencer and drum machine for palm
Bhajis Loops Full studio for palm
Psytexx Amiga-MOD based player and tracker for Palm OS
Wave Edit Pro Advanced sample editor for Palm OS
Mp3Enc MP3 file encoder for Palm
PocketBeat Advanced metronome for Palm OS
Almond Musical terms database
ChordLab Musician's tool for finding chords
DaCapo Metronome
EarMan Musical training application for Palm
Mozart Musical learning game
Pocket DJ M-Flash powered DJ applet
Pocket DJ Electro Trance M-Flash powered DJ applet
Pocket DJ 70's edition M-Flash powered DJ applet
Perfect Beat Visual Palm Metronome
Perfect Pitch Chromatic tuner
Music Studio Polyphonic composer for Clie series
MiniMIDI v3 App for working with MIDI modules
GuiPar Tuner type app
HandDee Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer
PhonTuner Advanced tuner application
MusicPal MIDI composer
Magic Piano Virtual Piano
Virtual Piano Piano application
Handi Drums Drum software
Sound Toys Apps from the Palm Sounds Sound Toys series

Palm OS Applications (OS4)

Burrito OS4 sequencer for palm
Egg-Demo OS4 sequencer for palm
Hedgehog OS4 sequencer for palm
Meedy OS4 sequencer for palm
Tractor OS4 sequencer for palm
Burrito OS4 sequencer for palm
Piezo Power OS4 early sound application
Theremini Theremin precursor to AxisPad
ittyMIDI Player MIDI file player
ittyMIDI Drummer MIDI Drum Machine
ittyMIDI SysEx Manager universal SysEx dump utility for the Palm OS
ThumbMusic ThumbMusic is a digital kalimba for Palm OS4
Botzam MIDI Player MIDI file player
Beat Key Software keyboard for BeatPlus Module or Clies
Fretboard Fretboard app!
GTrainer Guitar training app
MelodyPad OS4 Sequencer

Windows Mobile and Pocket PC

Griff Software Studio with multiple plug ins for Windows Mobile
Syntrax Software Studio Windows Mobile and Symbian
Audio Box Sequencer / Studio for Windows Mobile
StompBox Audio effects for Windows Mobile
PocketJam Synths and Drum Machines for Pocket PC
miniMIXA Music DJ DJ / Mix App for Pocket PC
Pheonix Studio Sequencer for Pocket PC
MilkyTracker Windows Mobile Tracker
Perfect Beat Visual Metronome
Perfect Pitch Chromatic tuner
Midnote Notation sequencer
Pocket Synth Keyboard app
Pocket Drums Drum machine
MIDI Control MIDI file editor
GSPlayer MIDI file player
Mimidi MIDI file player
Strummer Guitar sequencer
Sound Creator Make sounds for Pocket Synth
Four Track Mixes wave files
Z4 Music Sequencer / Drum Machine
Pocket RTA Spectrum Analyser
PocketMC Audio effects
MeTeoR 12 Track Multi-track editor

Nintendo DS Applications

Electroplankton Brilliant musical game
Nitrotracker DS Tracker aoo
Jam Sessions Guitar Simulator
DScratch DS DJ App (alpha)

iPhone / iPod Touch Applications
IR 909 drum machine
Band a whole band in your pocket.
iPhone Synth Synth based on 1.1.4 firmware.
BeatPhone drum machine (not released under firmware 2.x)
BeatMaker loop based music creation studio.
BtBx drum machine and sequencer
Thereminator Theremin emulator
Cosmovox Accelerometer based music generator
iDrum (both versions) drum machine
Guitarist Guitar emulator and recorder
Pianist Piano
ITM Apps MIDI controllers
ProRemote / ProRemote Light Controller for Pro Tools
Pocket Guitar A guitar emulator
miniSynth Nice synth app
ProTransport Transport control for Pro Tools
Noise.IO Synth Synth app
Haplome Monome emulator
Bedrum Drum machine
FMScreen XY Pad music creation
Android FX Strange sound generator
TouchOSC Controller
4 Tracks Lite 4 Track recorder
Virtual Decks DJ App
SrutiBox Harmonium emulator
RJDJ Very strange app

Directory last updated: 4/10/2008

Please add a comment for any broken links / missing applications or email Palm Sounds

MiJam Minis ...

Strange toys or what ...

I've posted on the MiJam products before, but here are some new ones. I kind of like the look of them.

The mi Jam Mini Keyz is a miniature keyboard with key icons. It can also be played as a standalone keyboard or with a music device. Just turn it on, select the built rhythm, tempo and volume and tap the keys to create your masterpiece. Or plug in your music device and play along with that.

The mi Jam Mini Drumpad has icons for snare drums, bass drum, tom tom and cymbals In standalone mode you can just turn it on, plug in your headphones or external speaker, activate the built-in rhythm, set the tempo and volume and tap away at the icons with your fingertips to create your own sound. Or plug in your music device and play along with your favorite music…either way ..its your music ..your way.

The mi Jam Mini Guitar is a mini guitar which plays riffs and chords. Each sound is built-in and like the other mi Jam Minis. The guitar can be played standalone or with a music device. The mi Jam Mini Guitar is played by placing a finger on the mini fret board and then strumming the strum bar to produce a sound…the strum bar works in two directions and can play a chord or a riff.

Last but not least is the mi Jam Mini Mixer. This is a super DJ mixer right in your pocket with a range of built in sound effects. Just like the other mi Jam Minis, the Mixer can be played on its own or with a music device and with headphones or external speakers. The mi Jam Mini Mixer is played by switching it one, selecting the effects and the scratching the two discs in either direction with your thumbs or fingertips.

They do look quite cool really, it would be nice if they were a bit more than toys

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Mobile Studio: Palm OS4: Theremini

Theremini emulates a Theremin using the speaker in Palm devices and the pen to control amplitude and frequency. It is also able to control MIDI sound modules in real time.

Theremini is of course the predecessor to AxisPad from miniMusic. It is a fantastic little application and one of the first I ever used on my palm. As it worked with external MIDI devices I used to use it with my old Swivel Systems SG20 module. I do miss that old MIDI module, I wish I'd kept it now, they're pretty much impossible to get hold of these days, I don't think I've seen one on eBay for years.

Theremini is one of those applications that you just have to play with once in a while. For the same reason I love AxisPad, and I'm really looking forward to when it can record and export as well.

Theremini is really worth a try if you've never played with an app like it, and you should check out Pete Moss' web site too, as it is quite an interesting place!

miniMIXA, MIXApaks and Colartz "ZIXpaks"

Free (for personal use) MIXApaks from Colartz...

Retro: Akai U5 Professional Trackman (4-track) !

I've no idea how this worked, but it claims to be a 4-track walkman device. I've never seen one, but who knows, maybe it was for real?

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miniMIXA X-Y Pad update

More on the upcoming X-Y Pad feature for miniMIXA from the Colartz Blog

"The XY pad (seen in the YouTube video clip) is only available for the filter unit within the FXM Editor. It is really still beta as it takes a little while to load - but it is great fun. The powerful FXM Editor for advanced users may continue to be included within miniMIXA++, or made available separately as an add-on."

MiniMusic in Education in the UK

Here's a great story about miniMusic apps being used in education in the UK.

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Handheld Education 2007

I like the idea of handhelds being used in schools and I know that miniMusic have been involved heavily in the US in education programmes using their software.

I think that children would really benefit from the use of these kind of applications in education, lets hope that conferences and exhibitions like this make it possible.

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Still potential for iPhone 3rd party apps?

Mac Rumors and other mac sites have picked up this comment from an Apple shareholder meeting:

"One additional tidbit from Apple's shareholder meeting notes was a revealing blurb that Apple still hadn't completely decided whether or not they will open the iPhone to 3rd party developers.

Jobs did acknowledge that the company is still struggling to decide if third-party developers will be able to create software that will run on the iPhone. It’s a decision Apple “is wrestling with,” according to Jobs."

This could be good news if they do allow 3rd party apps.

More Milkytracker goodness

Even more Milkytracker goodies coming with the next release ...

New waveform generators and a mix-sample feature will be also available in the sample editor. Cool !

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QOTD: Wireless Keyboards (Palm)

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a wireless keyboard like a piano keyboard on a palm device?

Mobile Music Workshop photos

Take a look at what they got up to, looks like they had fun too!

Mobile Music Workshop blog

Here's the blog of the 2007 workshop... interesting reading.

Retro: Casio VL-10

A Casio VL-10 on eBay, and at the time of writing, going for over £20. The VL-10 was smaller than the original VL-1, being only 8" long. Ok, it only had 3 voices, and a 100 note sequencer, but for 80's that wasn't too bad.

Imagine what you could get packed into a box that size now! If someone was to design and manufacture something like this now I bet it would be awesome!

Mobile Music Workshop 2007

Well, by now it should all be over. I wonder how it went?

Audio Box Micro Composer: First Steps - Sequencing

This morning I played with more of the sequencer functions of Audio Box, which is actually very flexible when you get under the covers. You can not only copy and paste bars but notes and individual phrases too, which is really handy.

OT: iPhone runs FCP6 !!

This story comes from MyiPhone.com and shows Walter Biscardi and Peter Wiggins getting FCP6 to run on a prototype iPhone. Click on the title to check out the whole article.

So, what does this mean? Well, if it is true, it means that there could be a world of application software available for iPhone users in the future. If it isn't true, then that's a shame...

Pacemaker DJ Device: 1st email

I registered for info on the pacemaker site, and here's what I got:

Thanks for your interest in Pacemaker!

Really, who thought it would be possible to shrink a professional DJ system to a size no larger than a peanut butter jelly sandwich? Well, we’re here. Pacemaker is the world’s first pocket-size DJ system!

You already know about the 120 GB, the SNR 103, the bend, pitch, cue, loop, EQ and sound-FX functionality, the separate line-out and headphones crossfaders, the separate line-out and headphones jacks and the two independent channels controlled via the same one interface – all elegantly wrapped in a peanut butter jelly sandwich, only prettier!

The news are that we’re well under way and really excited about the developments within our beta community prototype! (Perhaps we can invite you to come test it and help us develop our community concept?) Also, our absolutely free downloadable Mac and PC compatible computer client, enabling advanced and user friendly offline mixing, is getting ready for beta release, and we’ll shortly be able to make public our last remaining sock-dropping secret (you’ll love it!), and next is when the real fun begins!

We’ll get back to you shortly – like on June 12, when we launch our online interactive Pacemaker show reel on www.pacemaker.net, and in September, when we release our limited edition Pacemaker series, and in October, when the premiere edition Pacemaker will be on a carefully selected shelf near you!

I love stuff like, this, I can't wait to hear what's next, I'm hooked already!

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Pacemaker DJ Device

I picked up on this product from CDM (Create Digital Music). It is (or claims to be) the first pocket DJ system, and is due out this autumn. It looks like an interesting device, and as CDM says it could be useful for musicians as well as DJ's, who knows. As with all these things we'll have to see if the product actually sees the light of day.

Their web site says that they intend to bring in a range of products and services. Well, good for them, I hope it does work out, and I'll be watching closely to see what they deliver.

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PSPSeq 2.10

Ethan Bordeaux has just released a new version of this nifty program. Updates are:

- Automated interpolation of synthesis parameters
- More track copying options to simplify and speed composing music
- Button combos enabling instant solo/unmute of all tracks, copy/paste of synthesis parameters, and removal of hits in a track
- Automated shifting of hits in a track for easy echo effects and arpeggiation
- Ability to record to ms0:/PSP/MUSIC directory for playback of loops and songs outside of PSPSeq
- More visualization modes and new visualization controls
- Access to time, battery life and available flash memory within PSPSeq
- New features for using PSPSeq in live environments
- Optimized WAV file playback
- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations to screen and audio rendering
- Many new sample songs and loops

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Mobile Music Workshop started today

Well it started today. Sadly I couldn't make it, but never mind, maybe next year. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of it though.

miniMIXA V3 update

Well, from comments on Tim Cole's blog it sounds like miniMIXA V3 will be available to buy direct although there is no launch date as yet.

Mobile Studio: Palm OS4: ThumbMusic

ThumbMusic is a digital kalimba, the application requires at least a Palm III with OS 3.0. It is a really small app running in about 3k of memory. If you click on the title of the post you'll go to a web page about the app and there you can download the source code for it too.

I use this on my clie T425. Which is an old OS4 device, in fact a monochrome one at that, but fine for running older palm applications that won't run in OS5.

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This is the Coolest site I've seen in a long time!

I stumbled over this web site today. It is fantastic. You've gotta take a look!

miniMIXA V3 microphone recording and synching coming soon in V3!

Well it seems like there's a new version of miniMIXA on the horizon, and with it, some new and exiting features. Here's what Tim Cole's blog says about what they've been doing.

"Well, we are now getting very close to nailing miniMIXA V3. One of the important things we have been asked for, and so we wanted to get in, was synching of microphone recordings. Well, we have done it . What that means is that you now get a count in period before you make a microphone recording - so you can get ready for your take. You can set how many bars you want this to be and how many bars you want to record for, as well as a system latency factor (as all mobile devices have different capabilities) - and the recording then synchs to the bar boundary. It is really useful and great fun!

The miniMIXA++ product will also include an autoloop recording feature. This means you can do take after take and only keep the take when you think you have nailed it.

This feature addition will make it much easier to use miniMIXA for capturing ideas on a mic, maybe as you are riffing or jamming to a background groove. You could then even sing/jam, record and sync harmonies on top."

Sounds good, let's see what it looks like when it arrives.

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What's in the bag?

I thought I'd post a little insight into what I tend to carry around in my bag most days. I'm guessing that most of us have a gear bag of some sort. The kind of bag that has loads of pockets for devices and notebooks and cables and adapters / cards etc. Mine's no different in that respect, but it does contain a number of PDAs and supporting gear. Here's what's in it at the moment:

- Dell Axim X51v (newest PDA)
- Palm Tungsten T3
- Treo 650
- Sony Clie T425
- Sennheiser PX100 headphones
- 2x Ear buds
- iPod 30gb

No, not all of that is in there every day to be fair, and some days other stuff gets in too, like:

- Digital camera
- Pocket speakers
- Zoom PS04 4-track

And of course, depending on what I am actually carrying, and what I plan to do with it, I carry a small tin or adapters and connectors and cards (SD, CF and SmartMedia).

So, what gets into your bag and why?

Audio Box Micro Composer: First Steps

I've been checking out Audio Box Micro Composer. I have to say that I am really impressed by synthesis and automation, it is a really powerful application for creating interesting sounds. Patches can all be saved obviously, and the parameters can be automated.

I often find it difficult moving to a different way of working with new software, but I'm getting to grips with Audio Box, and I think it is going to be really worth it.

CDM Looks at LittleGPTracker

A good post on CDM about this tracker app. I must admit that I did follow it for a while, but had lost sight of it. It looks like it has had quite a few updates since I last checked it out.

VL-Tone: Retro or Cutting Edge?

Another post from CDM that I spotted. I had a VL-Tone when they came out, in fact I think I had two at one point and would sequence them both together. I thought that they were brilliant, and if you think about it they were in effect the precursor to handheld music.

I think it would be brilliant if someone was to develop a new style VL-Tone, with audio and all sorts of bells and whistles. I'd probably buy one. In fact, I've just been considering getting an old style VL!

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I saw this app on PalmInfoCenter. I've never been keen on ringtones and ringtone apps, but as this is freeware I thought it might be fun to try out.

This small freeware app allows you to select a MP3 file and add it to your ringtone list in Sounds. It also features a file splitter so you can use a section of a song instead of the whole song. A drawback to this is that it copies the file to main memory and can be a memory hog. Usage of the files does not require the app to be installed.

Note: This app does NOT convert a MP3 to MIDI. It only adds a MP3 into the sounds list.

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QOTD: What do you read?

What the best PDA news or info sources you read? What else do you read? I like CDM and Music Thing amongst others.