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DS-10 now available via Play Asia

Play Asia has the Korg DS-10 available for order now and shipping within one week. I can't wait to get my hands on one!

CDM on Indamixx

CDM posts on the release of the Indamixx from Trinity. Interesting use of a UMPC.

Belkin GoStudio doesn't work with the iPhone or Touch

Belkin's GoStudio is compatible with a range of iPods but not the Touch or the iPhone, which I find a little bit odd?

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DS Fanboy on DS-10

DS Fanboy has a good post on the DS-10 today. Apart from being a useful walk through of the features of the app there was this snippet which I found very interesting:
Finally, we have the Chaos Board. Once you've actually made a decent loop, you can go here and distort the sound in real-time, using nothing more than your stylus and the handheld's touch-screen. Dividing the touch-screen into hemispheres, you can control the pitch and tone of the track, as well as a variety of other things. You can even record your on-the-fly remixing, in case you want to dissect it later.

So it looks like it could be good for live stuff too, especially if you've got a few of them wifi'd together!

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BeatPack 0.8.1

Intua releases an update to BeatPack. Here are the details:
This update fixes various networking issues users have been reported:

- Fixed network issues under MacOS X PPC
- Improved network management under all systems.
- Fixed display of IPv6 addresses.
- Now displays IP address of both wired and wifi interfaces under Mac OS X.

You can download the update for your operating system at :

KaOSSILATOR extremes

Thanks to music 4 machines for these comments on how to modify your kaosillator!
http://youtube.com/muzik4machines for examples of it and many other kaossilator productions
(owner, you can just add this to the previous post as i can't edit it since it needs to be approved to appear)
Publish Reject
(muzik 4 machines) 7/19/08

by booting in what people on youtube calle diagnostic (hold tap and rec while powering up, release, let it boot and choose the lenght(goes up to 16, no overdubs) you can get 4 bars with no overdub track (as all memory is allocated to 1 track)
Publish Reject
(muzik 4 machines) 7/19/08

Why Kaosillator is still fantastic

I've just spent some time playing with this device again, and I have to say, I still think it is excellent. Sure, it has plenty of limitations. You can only record 8 steps, you can't erase a single layer once it has been recorded, and there are no ways of altering the internal sounds.

However, what is great about the Kaosillator is that it is so immediate. You can pick it up and make a sound with it straight away. It is also very expressive in the right hands, and can be a very satisfying instrument to play.

Every time I pick it up I remember these things and try and think of ways to use it with other devices, but in some ways that defeats the object. The Kaosillator is fun. Not just a toy, but still fun, and it should be enjoyed.

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Apps held up by Apple?

This post on TUAW suggests that a number of apps may be being held up by Apple. I'd love to know how many new music apps are waiting out there for the iPod Touch and iPhone?

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Warmplace has new music

Alex has new music on the Warmplace site.

Brighthand review of Treo 800w

Brighthand has this review of the Treo 800w, which isn't entirely complimentary. The biggest downsides seem to be the battery and the GPS although the screen didn't come off too well either. All of which is a shame as I was looking forward to this device being a big leap forward!

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MSI Wind Sub-notebook

Brighthand has this review of another entrant to the sub notebook market. However, the MSI Wind is well priced to play the competition.

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Brando adapter provides microphone access to iPod Touch?

It sounds like it anyway? This post from TUAW suggests it could, which in turn could be a very useful way of using an iPod Touch for field recording / sampling rather than having to go for an iPhone.

The Modified Toy Orchestra and ZX Spectrum Orchestra are both on iTunes!

I can't believe it. Fantastic! I've been waiting for their new CD for a while, now I can get it on iTunes nice and easy!

More news from Intua

Another email from Intua confirming the beta release of the BeatMaker companion BeatPack, the release of their user manual and launch of their forums! They've been busy. Here's what they had to say:
Following yesterday's exciting release of BeatMaker on the App Store, we have some other good news to share with you today !

* BeatPack 0.8 Beta version available

BeatPack is the synchronization companion for BeatMaker.
Send your personal audio samples from your computer directly into BeatMaker, and upload back your exported songs, projects and kits !
Add as many BeatPack servers as you wish to share your beats remotely with your friends. Bringing your sound material everywhere has never been so easy.
And to make things even better, BeatPack lets you create compressed BeatMaker kits within seconds, by dropping your samples directly into the application pads. Click "Generate kit", and it is ready to be downloaded on your BeatMaker.

BeatPack works under MacOS X 10.4 and superior, as well as Windows XP and Vista. This 0.8 release is a beta version, we will address possible issues and release new versions accordingly.

Download BeatPack for free at: http://www.intua.net/shop.html

* BeatMaker User's Manual

BeatMaker fits in your pocket, but it is a complete music creation tool. The 34 pages User's Manual will help you understand every aspect of the software.

Download the manual for free at: http://www.intua.net/shop.html

Note: The document already includes information about some of the upcoming features of the free BeatMaker update we will be releasing soon.

* Intua BeatMaker Forums

BeatMaker forums have opened at http://www.intua.net/forums
Share your experiences, ideas and questions with other BeatMakers there !

Stay tuned for more news coming soon !

CDM on BeatMaker updates

CDM posts on forthcoming updates to BeatMaker from Intua.

MeTeoR updated to v 1.1

MeTeoR, the multi-tracker recorder for Windows Mobile has been updated to version 1.1. The main features added to this version are;

1) The ability to make a clip from a selection of a larger clip.
2) A new monitor tab adds the ability to control the input gain and monitor stereo out.
3) The new markers function.

I've just loaded this onto my Palm Treo 750v and it is very impressive indeed. I really like the monitor function.

Announcement from GrooveStep soon?

There hasn't been any update from the Groovestep site for a while, but happily they're still around and going to make an announcement next month. Excellent!

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Chimera bc8 for £75 (via MusicThing)

Music thing posts on the Chimera BC-8 which looks like a lot of fun.

BeatMaker video

Here's a really handy video of Intua's BeatMaker app for iPhone / iPod Touch.

miniMusic to release an app a month for the rest of 2008!

I hadn't really read this on the miniMusic site. If they can keep up that kind of momentum with the iPhone apps it would be great. Add to that the BeatMaker app announced today and I've started to think about getting a cheap iPod Touch!
Pianofly, will be released in July, and we will try to release a new app every month for the rest of 2008 (since we have 5 projects in development). All but one of these are music related, and only two of them have Palm counterparts...

BeatMaker 1.0 Released

I got the email from Intua about BeatMaker. I does look good you have to admit it. Lots of people will be posting on this soon I guess. Here's what their email says:
BeatMaker introduces a new generation of pocket-sized music creation studio.
Inspired by professional drum machines, samplers and sequencers, it combines them into an easy to use, all-in-one inspirational instrument.

Using BeatMaker creative tools, you can compose, record, arrange, and tweak live your ideas into a complete song, ready to be shared with others.

BaetMaker 1.0 features:

- 16 Sample Trigger pads with individual controls for:

- Volume, Mute and Reverse playback
- Automatic and manual sample duration settings and tonality control
- Channel routing (Main, FX channels)
- Edit samples start/end positions with the wave editor
- Individual sample loading on each pad, auto-chop samples
- Edit multiple controls at once with handful selection tool
- Instant sample muting and reversing modes

- Step sequencer with velocity and groove editors
- Live sequencing of sample trigger
- Unlimited patterns creation
- Velocity and groove editors

- Song sequencer
- Sequencing of patterns on the song timeline, live
- Time-line, loop, tempo and playback control via foldable transport bar
- Suited for live performances !

- Live pattern recording
- Tap the trigger and record to a new pattern
- Create an unlimited number of recoding patterns
- Quantization

- Two effects channels, each one containing 3 FX racks:
- Synchronized Delay
- 3-Band Equalizer
- Bit-Crusher

- Share your audio material from and to your computer with BeatPack

- Home
- Load & Save controls (Kits & Projects)
- Song export to audio file
- Inline documentation
- Intua RSS viewer
- Kit description pannel
- BeatPack servers configuration

- Shipped with an initial soundbank
- Intua soundbank containing with various styles: Hip-Hop, Electronica, Drum'n'Bass, Techno, Funk, ...
- Exclusive artists kits: JacquePolynice, Richard Devine, Man Parrish, Rafiralfiro, ...

This release of BeatMaker will be followed by BeatPack, a free MacOSX/Windows tool which enables you to create kits easily and share your audio material with BeatMaker. We will keep your updated on its upcoming release.

We wish you creative moments using BeatMaker, and most importantly, to have fun making music !

Belkin Podcast Studio to be released as GoStudio

At last the Belkin PodCast studio appears to be coming out. Apparently according to this article from MobileMag in September in the US for around $119.

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MeTeoR running on my Treo 750v

Recorded on a Treo 650. Here's MeTeoR from 4Pockets on my Treo 750 under Windows Mobile 6. It works like a dream!

Mixtikl to include video / stills in a later release !

Thanks Pete for this:
miniMIXA V3 featured a video mixer, enabling you to chain together pictures, videos, music and sound effects with a range of transitions. It was quite impressive. :) This won't be in the first release of Mixtikl (we have too much to do!), but it'll re-appear no doubt in subsequent releases of Mixtikl!

Sound like Mixtikl will be an awesome all round application in time, a real multi-media powerhouse.

Korg DS-10 and Tenori-on?

Something definitely going on here, but I can't make sense of it. This post on the DS-10 blog is certainly about the DS-10 and the Tenori-on, but I can't make any sense of the translation, which is so annoying as it looks really interesting too!

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TUAW on iPhone 2.0 Firmware issues

According to TUAW lots of people are reporting issues / crashes with iPhone apps. Apparently these aren't necessarily the developers fault and could be down to instability of the iPhone 2.0 firmware.

App Store : 10 million apps in 1st Weekend!

A number of sites have picked this story up, but it is quite an achievement already to have that many downloads in a weekend. I am guessing it will ease off, but as the number of iPhones increases I guess it won't go down too much.

CDM on non-sound making uses for mobile devices

Another interesting post from CDM. I tend to agree. All too often I overlook the other uses of PDAs / handhelds in the search for the next musical tool

PSPSeq 3.0 Released (via CDM)

CDM reports that the latest version of PSP Seq is now available. Featuring:
  • Synthesizer presets
  • 7 MB sample memory
  • FM feedback with configurable routing (nice)
  • Shortcuts and workflow improvements
  • Randomization with various controls (range, etc.)
  • Looping improvements

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Treo 800w released in the US

Whilst this is a rather quiet launch, I have to say that I am impressed with the Treo 800w already. Palm have finally released a device that offers wifi, GPS, and bluetooth! All with a 320 x 320 touchscreen and lots of memory too. Ok, it is a windows mobile device, but at least that means that you'll be able to run Bhajis Loops and Microbe under styletap.

The upside is that you can also run Griff, MeTeoR and TrakAx Mobile. Now it starts to sound like a real mobile multi-media tool, unlike another recent smartphone introduced to the market!

The State of Mobile Music: Part 2

HS has posted excellent thoughts on the state of mobile music.
Sorry, I didn't read the original post so I'm not directly replying to
it, more or less stating how I HOPE it goes:
At the moment, much of electronic music in handheld devices is based on the hardware+3rd party software concept. Meanwhile, so-called 'studio-worthy' devices are all standalone units with specialized hardware dedicated to destroying your speakers (as I like to say). The foray into handheld standalone devices has been quite...miss-miss. There's a battery powered QY-100 which is light years behind pretty much everything, a portable mpc that's battery powered and doesn't do a whole lot, the Kaossilator which is gimmicky at best and that's pretty much it. Meanwhile, PDA's and game systems have software written on a non-specific platform that go way beyond any of these dedicated devices, even extending into the realm of 'pro gear spec'. Now, this is all good and dandy, but wouldn't it be nice to have a piece of hardware that fits in your pocket like a pda or psp that was designed from the ground up to be a serious music workstation? I personally would pay extra for such a device so long as it had a coherent and very usable interface, decent battery life (3 hours is just fine) and generous built in effects, neglegable sample memory and at least a 2 note polyphonic synth engine (if not more). See, the ideal design, for me, would be something that works like a pda, but with extra 'quick buttons/knobs' for that 'hardware feel' and ease of use, 16 note polyphony, 2 multieffect busses (i.e. each effect can be changed to whatever and bussed to whatever track), and a global
compressor/limiter. The 16 notes would be split it (ideally) between 10 sample parts and 6 synth parts, all monophonic (trying to be realistic here!). All this with a nice touch screen editor for sequencing and editing patches and filemanaging with a couple of nice audio jacks (maybe even work that into the bus for external effects!). This could, given the advances in technology nowdays, be EASILY conceivable. However, there's a huge drawback: Handheld music creation is a tiny drop in a huge music-production bucket. It's very sad, but very true. We represent a worthless piece of the corporate dollar which would ultimately, if the 'dream unit' was produced, make no money for the people involved and it's their job to turn a profit. I mean, really, a GOOD handheld device specifically designed to pump out your music in the most flexible way possible...why is it always a software solution where certain items have to be sacrificed since the hardware wasn't geared toward that use? It's very naive to think that software on 'general hardware' is the best choice for the end user when I believe co-creation of hardware with the right software hand in hand is the ultimate holy grail in this arena. Again, given the advances in technology, a unit could happen down the line when it's little risk, but right now, I think it's just now getting to the point where a decent device could be made and thus is more of a risk to produce...assuming anyone at korg, roland, alesis, etc. is even considering such an item...
I guess I'm rambling now..haven't slept in 30 hours or so, guess I should sleep...and dream of the Korg Handy-X or whatever it would be called...

Korg DS-10 blog update

Another Korg DS-10 update. This time I can't really understand what it is all about at all!

Muvee Show now discontinued

I stumbled over the muvee site when I was browsing through Handango looking for art and video. I'd forgotten all about this app, so I've loaded it on my Treo 750 and it works fine.

It is nowhere near as good as something like TrakAx mobile, but currently I can't get that working on my Treo as the screen size is not supported. So, while I wait for the people at TrakAx to fix that, I thought I'd try out a few other apps.

Muvee is actually a very simple little app, and just makes little slide shows from still images, and adds a theme to them as well. For what it is there's nothing wrong with it, but I was expecting more to be honest.

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Will we see 'Whistle and Hum' or 'Imp' for iPhone?

'Whistle and Hum', and 'Imp' are applications that have been in research and development with miniMusic for a long time. Largely because the Palm OS and hardware has not moved on to the extent where you could do something like this.

So, I wonder if they might make an appearance in the iPhone world at some point? That would make it worth buying.

App Store : No trials?

Just another quick thought on Apple's app store. There are no trial applications at all. Either it is free or you have to buy it. Ok the prices are low at the moment, but even so, no trial apps? Did I miss something?

Just like the early days all over again ...

I've been looking at Apple's new app store for the last few days, and yesterday it struck me how much like the early days of palm applications it was like. Ten years or so ago places like palmgear were full of applications that wern't alwas of the highest quality, and that's what I'm seeing in the early days of the app store. Lots of apps that are fairly simple and don't really leverage the full potential of the iPhone's hardware or operating system.

Peter Kirn at CDM has a similar take on the early days of app store. Let's hope it evolves rapidly.

Pete Cole's blog on MixTikl

Pete Cole's blog has this update:
Mixtikl - what a huge challenge. Taking miniMIXA into the real world! What you'll see and hear will just be the tip of an iceberg of multimedia code, enabling what we think will be the first truly trans-platform multi-media creativity tool.

We've been working towards this for some time now, and it is really quite amazing to physically see/hear Mixtikl working as a native app for Windows and Mac, as an Audio Unit for Mac, and as a VSTi for Windows/Mac, and also on Windows Mobile! With interchangable files that work on all supported platforms! Oh, and an embedded Noatikl generative music engine. :)

We're currently very busy working on polishing-off the work we've done so far, and will then be looking to port to iPhone - where I hope there won't be too many issues with sand-boxing or integration with Objective C...

October 2008 release? Well, that's what we're aiming for. Wish us luck!

PSP Rhythm 8 Announced

Just got this from PSP Rhythm:

The PSP RHYTHM development team is proud to announce the release of RHYTHM version 8. RHYTHM version 8 has been in
development for over one year. We have rebuilt the audio engine from the ground up, making many improvements. The
User Interface and controls have also been completely redesigned to streamline the music making process. Virtually every feature of RHYTHM has been improved upon.

-PSP Rhythm Team


- New Easy to Use Interface
- 32 Step Patterns
- 6 Octave Piano Roll
- Synthesizer and Loop modes
- Waveform display with ADSR Envelope
- More Patterns
- More Song Steps


Commercial Video

Screen Shot

Windows Install

Manual Install

Rhythm 8.0 Demo Songs

pCam and pCine

By chance I found these two apps which are meant to help you with camera and film work. I was looking on Styletap for a suitable datebook replacement when I noticed these.

They have been around for a while. I always like apps like these which help you with film making.

Song Summoner: More thoughts ...

Well, day two of playing this game, and I am beginning to get the hang of it. It is quite good fun, but I'm still not entirely sure how musically relevant it is. Still, the more I get into it the more I'll understand about exactly what it is doing with the songs.

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Nitrotracker 0.4 is a big update

Thanks to Erik for this. Nitrotracker, the homebrew tracker for the DS platform has had a big update, including:

- Loops
- Multisamples
- Envelopes

and more. Check the Nitrotracker site for more information.

miniMusic to launch Pianofly

miniMusic have announced their first iPhone / iPod Touch application called Pianofly. Here's what their site says about it:
Available: July, 2008

Our first product for the iPhone and iPod touch will let you design sounds, play them and record them. These are essential building blocks for a number of other products we have planned. Come back next week for some screen shots and more details.

It sounds like it will be just the start of a whole new suite of iPhone apps to come out of miniMusic. Let's hope for even more good things from them.

And so it begins ...

Well, it is no secret at all that the app store has opened, and with 500 apps or thereabouts, but what is in it for mobile musicians wanting to use the iPhone or iPod Touch? Well, here's what I can find so far:

Band: By Moo Cow Music, which has already had lots of posts from all over.
Drummer: A fun looking drum application.
GuitarToolKit: Featuring metronome, tuner, chords etc...
iMetronome: Does what you'd expect.
MixMeister Scratch: scratching tool (covered here before) and free.
Pianist: Again from Moo Cow Music.

There are other tuning apps etc, but nothing approaching a Bhajis Loops or MeTeoR so far. So, unless things change soon, I can't see myself going down this route as yet.

I was surprised not to see anything from miniMusic or Intua as yet, but perhaps they'll turn up tomorrow?

Meet the Tenorions

I guess that this had to happen sooner or later right? Well, here it is. According to the musicians tools blog here are the band currently known as the Tenorions (which makes me think of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, or am I just showing my age?).

Song Summoner first look

I need to start this by saying that I am no real game player, so my views may not tell you what you need to know. I've only had a short while to play this game. In fact, it was my diverting activity on the train to work this morning, and my train journey is very short.

However, so far, the graphics for the game are very good if a bit busy at times. I've only just got into the part where the game asks you to select a song from which it makes a 'warrior'. I can't tell as yet how the song defines the new game character, so I shall give that some more thought tomorrow!

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Korg DS-10 blog update

The Korg DS-10 blog has a new post on it, with a new video that I've included here.

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TUAW iPhone app round up

Following on from my post yesterday about other apps for the iphone I thought I'd post a link to this from TUAW, which gives some details of a few more apps that are expected.

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What other stuff will app store deliver?

Ok. This is a sort of off topic kind of post, but it has been on my mind for a day or two. With Windows Mobile and Palm OS there are lots of applications covering almost everything you could possible want to do, from business and productivity applications, to music multimedia applications.

So, when the Apple app store opens up, just how many applications will there be available for the iPhone, and what kinds of thing will they do? Obviously, the kinds of things I'd like to see would be music related applications, but also, media related stuff like an iMovie type app, or something like TrakAx Mobile for the iPhone.

Aside from audio and visual applications I'd like to see the regular stuff too, like a decent blogging app, and something I can use to make lists and handle documents etc.

What it comes down to in the end thought is getting to that ideal one device that really does do everything. Will it be the iPhone? I don't know, I wish it could be, but intuitively I can't see it.

TUAW has a very interesting post on why you shouldn't buy the iPhone on Friday, and whilst I don't think that those will be my reasons, it does make me wonder what else I'd do with the iPhone.

I think I will be waiting to see what they come up with before I jump in.

New iPod Classic Game ?

TUAW has a post on a new iPod classic game released today called 'Song Summoner'. Apparently it turns your songs into warriors! I can't really get my head around that so I decided to buy it to see what it is like.

More later.

PSPseq 3.0 is coming

A new thread, on the group about the next version of PSP Seq, moving up to v3 soon.

I think I'll need to keep a bit more of an eye on the PSP stuff.

Mixtikl Performer: Early Screen Shots

Intermorphic have release screen shots of their forthcoming Mixtikl trans-platform application which is due out in October this year. It does look cool!

App Store entries to be in by the 7th if July

Macrumors has this post about Apple setting a deadline for developers to get their applications into the iPhone app store. The 7th isn't bad if you ask me.

Another Launch event for DS-10

According to my rough translation from the DS-10 blog. This time in Waseda.

Models, distribution, and a 'trans-platform' approach

A post on CDM a while back has been in my mind now for quite a while. It made me think about the different models adopted by handheld device makes for some time.

If we go back to the early days of the palm platform the model was all about synchronisation with the desktop. Now lots of people use a mobile device with no sync at all, or perhaps for back up. But the Tonium model is interesting.

It has three distinct elements:


Combining these elements together makes for a very different and interesting mix of technologies, and that's half the picture that's been rattling around in my head.

The second part is all tied up with Mixtikl from intermorphic. Mixtikl will be a 'trans-platform' tool. This is not my term, it is from Pete at intermorphic. He describes the term as follows:
These are tools that are not just cross-platform (within a category of device), but cross-platform and cross-category! They allow creatives largely to be device or platform agnostic, and productive either on the move or back in the studio/office (subject of course to the capabilities of the software...!).

Mixtikl is I think is the first announced trans-platform audio creativity tool. We already have it working in the labs on:
- Windows desktop (standalone, VSTi)
- Mac desktop (standalone, VSTi, AU)
- Windows mobile (PPC)

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. If you can have an 'trans-platform' application that allows you to do more than the traditional sync function, but lets you move a file or idea from device to desktop or vice-versa and back again that's a real step forward.

Do we need to add a portal too? Maybe, let's see how Mixtikl works as 'trans-platform' application first. My guess is that it is going to be a sea change in mobile music making, and a welcome one at that.

4Pockets win award for Pocket RTA Pro

Check it out at their site. They won the award for best use of mobile technology for the Pocket RTA Pro application.

iPhone, no intel inside

The Appleblog has a post about the fact that Apple haven't used intel chips in the iPhone 3G. What's interesting is at the end of the post the Appleblog comments that they were hoping to see Boot Camp (Apple's software that allows you to boot to Windows XP or Mac OSX) on the iPhone to boot to Windows Mobile Smartphone.

That got me thinking. StyleTap are planning a version a version of their Palm OS emulator for iPhone, but why not a WM6 emulator for iPhone too? Wouldn't that give you the best of all worlds?

Amazon Japan claims exclusivity for Korg DS-10

According to dsfanboy Amazon Japan is claiming exclusivity for the DS-10. Of course those of use who are not in Japan can still import, but as dsfanboy points out, the prices are not cheap!

Make a difference in the mobile music world

Well, why not make more people aware of how many excellent music making products there are out there? Here's a simple way of doing just that. Simply head over to the Pocket PC Mag awards site, and vote away!