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Pixelh8 Making Music with GameBoys

More sounds from Pixelh8's workshops with GameBoys and a C64.

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NNN Mono Synth update

NNN has had an update which allows you to create wave forms. Sounds interesting, but as it still isn't optimised for the 3G I'll give it a miss.

NNN Mono at the app store:

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Synthulator for archos IT

Great news if you have an Archos Internet Tablet. Synthulator has arrived. Now I want an Archos Tablet.

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iPhone art tutorials

Fingerpainted has a great bunch of tutorials for making art on your iPhone. It might even improve my awful drawings.

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PalmInfocenter Mobile Heist

50% off today at PalmInfocenter as part of their Mobileheist.

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Make: Guide to Christmas Retro Tech

I know it isn't particularly musically orientated, but it is still quite a good list.

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All Things iPhone Music on 3rd party input under 3.1.2

A new blog on iPhone music by Michael Nervous. This first post is all about 3rd party input which is very useful.

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uLoops is now in Android Market

I've no way of checking this out, but I now really want an Android device to try out this application. If anyone else tries it please let me know what it is like to use.

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Other stuff you can do with older Palms

With Alex cooking up some new Palm OS goodness I thought it might be worth writing about some of the other applications that are still around that can be used for older Palm units.

AxisPad is a great app that's really for OS5 but works in OS4 (just about). Another similar application is MixPada MIDI mixer for palm (again from miniMusic). BeatPad and NotePad are also excellent OS4 applications that'll work with OS5 too.

SpinPad is a demo app that never made it to full and I doubt ever will now, but is still fun to play with. RhythmPro Is a drum machine and metronome which works on OS4.

Burrito, Egg-Demo, Hedgehog, Meedy, Tractor are all demo type applets from Capers which was meant to be a replacement music based OS for Palm units which never saw the light of day sadly. I've been hassling Brian Whitman about it for months, but I doubt we'll ever see Capers turn up even though Brian did hint at it on his blog. All the applets are available at the Palm Sounds site.

Anyway, to finish off here are a few more. Piezo Power an OS4 early sound application. Theremini Theremin precursor to AxisPad, and you can also find his C source for MIDI in Palm applications. ittyMIDI Player is a MIDI file player, ittyMIDI Drummer is a MIDI Drum Machine, and ittyMIDI SysEx Manager is a universal SysEx dump utility for the Palm OS. How cool is that!

Anyway, I hope this lot is of some use. There used to be lots more OS4 stuff around, but sadly most of it has dropped off the internet now.

So I'll look forward to Alex's new Palm software soon.

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25% off a Palm Sounds T-Shirt

Palm Sounds T-shirts have been around for a while, but today you can get 25% off by using this code (25FORU) at CafePress.

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More on Mixtikl 2 RC1 from Intermorphic

Here's a bit more detail on the release candidate from Intermorphic. Sounds like the iPhone version will be submitted on the 8th and then it is up to Apple as to when we get to see it.

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2 new Pattern Music Tutorials

Pattern Music at the app store:

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Elvis comp winner announced today?

According to All Things DS-10 the winner of the DS-10 Elvis Presley competition will be known very soon.

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Mixtikl 2 RC1

Just over a week to wait for Mixtikl 2 to arrive. Saw this tweet from late last night from Intermorphic:

Mixtikl 2 RC1 now baked. Final round of testing during the week. iPhone version will be _submitted_ 8th Dec, when Win/Mac/WiMo launched.

If you missed my explanation of what Mixtikl is about you can read it here.

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Tangible Groove Pad?

I found this at Matrixsynth. It looks like Matrix Music Pad by Yudo, but I don't recognise that functionality. Is this a demo for something new in MMP?

Matrix Music Pad at the app store:
Matrix Music Pad
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Storyboarding with Hitchcock

This is a good piece on storyboarding with Hitchcock. The images made in Sketchbook look fantastic. I wish I could draw like that.

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Playing with Pattern Music

I spent a bit of time with Pattern Music today. It is good sequencer application, with some nice features and the ability to set when patterns play and for how long in a piece. The interface is well thought out and makes sense.

But the sounds need some work. They are what lets this application down. It is a shame, but with a better set of sounds, or indeed tweakable sounds it would be a great sequencing application.

Don't get me wrong I still like it and still find it useable. Of course, I'd also like to see something like ioLibrary support and / or Audio copy too, but perhaps that's for later on.

Pattern Music at the app store:

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MultiTrack 1.1 details emerging

Good things coming to MultiTrack the 16 track recorder for the iPhone. MultiTrack 1.1 will feature:
  • Stereo Recording
  • Timebar
  • Ruler
  • Metronome
  • Time Signatures
  • Automation
  • Punch in
  • and more ...
MultiTrack at the app store:
MultiTrack - 16 Track Recorder

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Bhajis on N810

Great news for all N810 owners. According to this post over at Bhajis Garden Jnoggle has got the new Beta 5 Garnet Virtual Machine working with Bhajis Loops
This was without any added samples or plugin filters loaded yet but otherwise, I created a sample from sine wave and plotted it in the piano roll view!

I think that this may finally be compatible!!!!!

Great to know that more people will be able to get Bhajis running on their PDA.

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iComposer update

iComposer has got the first update in a long time. Here's what's new:
  • Exporting/Uploading midi file to website SoundPlayground.com
  • Better project management functions: uplaod, save, save as, rename
iComposer at the app store:

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Chipflip thoughts on C64 iPhone emulation

Some really interesting thoughts on the C64 iPhone app from Chipflip.

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CDM: Events in Dec in NYC

Loads going on in NYC in December including CDM's 5th birthday party.

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Make: Guide to Christmas music kit gifs

Some really nice kits in this list. Also, I think that MakerShed were doing some deal were you get a Make notebook with every order. Not sure if that deal's still going though.

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Playing with Touch DJ

I stayed up much too late last night. The last thing I did was mess about with Touch DJ using a couple of Little Boots tracks. It is such a great app to play with, loads and loads of fun, I just wish I was better at DJ'ing. I guess it might take some practice.

Touch DJ at the app store:
Touch DJ ?

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Some thoughts on Euno

I posted yesterday on Euno being on sale, and I bought it and tried it out last night. Sadly it was a bit of a disappointment really. Whilst the sounds were ok the keyboard wasn't, and I could find no way of hearing the sounds while editing them. You have to switch back to the keyboard every time you adjust a parameter, which doesn't work for me.

The app store write up says that there is new stuff coming in for this app. I hope there is now that I've got it, but until then I don't think I'll be using it much.

Euno at the app store:

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