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SampleTank's last day on sale

SampleTank's sale ends today. It is 75% off, down from $19.99 to $4.99. I thought you should know that it is the last day.

MegaMania by Frozen Lonesome

ElasticDrums leading the blind through the fog.

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Chernobyl by oldlibmike

Ambient track composed and mastered on the iPad in "the saddest of all keys". This track uses the Tera modular synth app, Animoog and iVoxel driven by Noatikl through Audiobus into Multitrack DAW for recording.

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BROM 11 by the_riel_thing

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Dream Sequence 2.5 by MyklH

100% iOS made Ambient Berlin school(ish)tune - iMini arpeggio, photosphere drone, animoog and wavemapper bleeps recorded into Uria LE via Audiobus then Uploaded with Audioshare

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Dustbowl (KORG Gadget) by CloudSounds!

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Resist by Frozen Lonesome

One shot track played in Ondes. Post-processed in apeFilter and finished in Mastering.

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Matrix of Gadget by /('_')\ iDogOte

Third Mix

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Jacob's Ladder by brewmeisterbean

Made with KORG Gadget for iPad and a Novation Launchkey 49

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Mustache Man by Alex Amplify

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Starpak by mntcrisis


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Vala Garcias - Naughty Girl (acid mix) by the shoemaker

Stock image from http://picjumbo.com Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://ift.tt/1rywUnA

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Heat Wave by Pendagram

Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://ift.tt/16XygCL

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Snowmageddon by Pendagram

if you want to remix: http://ift.tt/169ZA1Q

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Propulsion! - Remix of Rocket Science! by Mikehrom by TjTheEpicOne

Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://ift.tt/1rywUnA

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Like by Vasile Plesca

Сделано с Figure для iOS. У вас еще нет Figure? Это веселое, простое и доступное музыкальное приложение, которое может использовать каждый! Узнайте больше: http://ift.tt/1rywUnA

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Hi Fidelity by Spaceboii

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Glitch Please by Missing Figures

Used Figooroo to squeeze 12 bars at 99 BPM into 8 bars at 66 BPM.

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Aquifer by When in Roam

Made with Figure app on iPhone 5. Enjoy_

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Solar Sailing (Space Journey #3) by jakoB haQ

Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://ift.tt/1rywUnA

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Abulon QX-12 (made with Figure) by jakoB haQ

Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://ift.tt/1rywUnA

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Roid surfing (made with Figure) by jakoB haQ

Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://ift.tt/1rywUnA

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The Intuitives by deadarmz

Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://ift.tt/1rywUnA

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Just a regular reminder that if you want to help support the blogs and sites that make up the mobile music community please do consider buying your apps using the iTunes links you find on those sites (including this one of course). Thanks.

Things you can do to help the world of mobile music: 5

Rate the apps you love in the app store and leave reviews if at all possible. It's so important to developers to get positive reviews. It helps them sell more apps and that makes it easier to improve them and make news ones etc ...

Zillidrone groovebox arrives ...

Zillidrone is a sample-based groovebox for creating, performing and interacting with 32-step sequences for snares, kicks, hi-hats, sampler and two multioscillator synthesizers. With Zillidrone you can easily create, modify, save sequences and arrange them on the fly during a live performance. Use drum pads for making extra drum shots over the saved drum patterns. Shuffle samples, randomize patterns, use synth preset sequencers, apply DSP effects with automations to produce a wide range of sound transformations for your composition. Upload your own samples and use the magic of randomization without any editing to discover more ideas for your music. Record loops or full tracks in real-time, export recordings to other applications or share them via dropbox or email.

  • Drum machine and drum pads for real-time groove production with 4 types of touches. Tap or swipe drum pads within different areas to produce different shots.
  • Change samples manually or shuffle samples randomly during performance.
  • Two oscillator synth with 5 presets, preset sequencers and automations for each controller.
  • Sampler with piano keyboard (6 octaves).
  • 5 real-time DSP effects: distortion, free verb, pitch shifter, wah-wah, ring modulator , one non-realtime "looper" effect and global delay effect.
  • Mixer for panning and sending to global delay effect for each instrument and DSP effect.
  • Arrangement editor for storing 16 different scenes. Each scene saves all states of controls, sequences, automations. You can change scenes manualy, randomly or create a song arrangement.
  • Included library of 397 samples (99 per each drum instrument and 100 for sampler).
  • Upload sample packs (wav, aif, aiff formats) via iTunes and assign them to each instrument separately.
  • Real time recording for loops or long tracks. There's an option to record instruments and effects into different WAV files.
  • Export recordings to Dropbox or open in applications with audio file import support.
  • MIDI input and output. MIDI Sync input.
  • Demo projects, help and video tutorial are included.

The app costs $5.99.

Bloom 3 arrives, the first update since 2011 for Mr Eno's flagship app

Here's what's new in Bloom ...
  • Complete interface redesign for iOS 8 and all new iPhone sizes.
  • Slide to unlock (recommended when using the app with young children.)
  • "Multitasking" has been renamed to "Play in background".

Sismo Qadrox on Etsy

The Sismo Qadrox is a squarewave generator with six analog oscillators built in eight step sequencer, sync in - out, cv in - out.
Synchronize with any external analog device by clock and control internal sound generator by cv in.

  • Create powerful noisy rhythms and unpredictable sounds
  • Portable design in wood and acrilic
  • Sync by Clock, lead or follow the pitch
  • CV input and output
  • Stereo oscillators output

  • Polyphony: monophonic
  • Oscillators : six oscillators square / pulse
  • Control : cv out, sync in - out, manual and external reset
  • Current draw: 12 Volts (center positive)(Not included)
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Dimensions: 10,5cm (H) x 13cm (D) x 13cm (W)

  • Do not exceed a 15VDC wall wart
  • Make sure the wall wart has at least 300 to 1000mA capacity

inc power adapter /batery clip /2x monojack out 6.5 to 3.5 plugs



Dark Interpreter plague noise synth: Lachrymarum / glitch, granular, blackdeath on Etsy

From the designer of The Black Death, The Dark Interpreter (Towers Open Fire edition) is the ultimate plague-driven, finger sensitive,stand-alone noise processor, granular synthesizer and sound generator, merging digital and analogue processing.

The Dark Interpreter is modeled as a set of leaky, overlapping medieval village spaces within which various plague simulations run, and through which a motley of villagers (grains) wander, steered by
electric fingers and touch.

All models of the Dark Interpreter can generate sound or process incoming audio (full size (6.5mm) input and output JACKs). The model (Lachrymarum) presented here samples 16 bit audio at 48 KHz with a sample memory of 1 second (or more depending on speed and settings).

The Dark Interpreter is hand-made and is delivered fully assembled and tested. It features high quality ALPS potentiometers, and a BOSS style 9v power socket (+9v/positive on the outside, negative centre, minimum 300mA). Returns and repairs are accepted within reason.

More information on the Dark Interpreter range at: http://1010.co.uk/org/darkint.html

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/martin_howse/1011editvocalplus1012frag

Oh, and it ships from Berlin, sometimes from London!

Dark Interpreter plague noise synth: Lachrymarum / glitch, granular, blackdeath on Etsy

WretchUp sale ends tomorrow

MIDI Over USB via Lightning/30 Pin cable coming soon to MIDI LE!

iPad AIR with Fairlight, FLUX FX & Multitrack DAW apps (video)

iPad AIR with Fairlight, FLUX FX & Multitrack DAW apps:

"Getting started with the FLUX FX app. It really brings a whole new dimension to these old 8 bit sounds. All 3 apps are linked with audiobus"

If you're thinking about ordering the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators, read this ...

I ordered mine, so I guess I'm in for the long haul ... Here's what TE have to say ...

"thank you so much for all the attention regarding the launch of pocket operators! everyone is now back from namm and we are happily working hard to fulfill all orders. we know a lot of you have questions for us, so here are some general questions and answers compiled. sorry for keeping you waiting. thanks!

q: what is the status of my order, when can I expect delivery?

a: first of all thank you very much for your order! everything will be processed in sequence, in a first-come, first-served manner. due to heavy demand, delivery is expected within 2 – 3 months, and hopefully faster. we will get shipments continuously and we will let you know as soon as possible when we can ship your specific order. we can not give any more information at this point so thank you for your patience."

CZ for iPad gets virtual MIDI and more

Well that was a quick update for the CZ iPad app. Here's what's new:
  • Virtual MIDI support
  • Optimized preset sounds
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes

Mind Control Or Clark Gable (demo) (video)

Video description:

"A short demo from my upcoming ep. You can hear my latest album, Destroy All Presets, here http://docpop.bandcamp.com/

This track was created with Nanoloop on an old Gameboy. The LED mod was created by Drone of Ghostfire Electronics."

I'm looking forward to another Doc Pop EP!

What's your app of the week?

What's the app that's been most useful or the most inspiring this week? Or maybe just the app that's been your work horse for the last few days. Tell me which one it is and why.

DMT 217: Zoe Keating & YouTube, PlayStation & Spotify, iHeartRadio, Australia, Transparency (video)

SOUND Canvas for iOS Sound Catalog (video)

DFX- Digital Multi Effects (Fingerlab) - Synth Presets (video)

DFX- Digital Multi Effects (Fingerlab) - Synth Instruments and Individual Effects (video)

DFX- Digital Multi Effects (Fingerlab) - Drum Presets (video)

DFX Digital Multi FX Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

EMDS Mk IV Synthesiser on Etsy

The EMDS Mk IV is a small synth that makes a big noise, it's made from a combination of jarrah and huon pine and finished using natural wood oils.

Main controls:
Pitch: the pitch control allows you to make, 127 tones and 127 white noise variations.

Modulation: The mod control sets the speed each sound is played, from about 1 second to insane.

The output is via a 3.5mm stereo socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

I hope that gives you a basic idea about how the EMDS works, if you have any questions please feel free to convo me.

EMDS Mk IV Synthesiser on Etsy

EM-Tronic wooden musical instrument on Etsy

It's the perfect musical gift and is so easy to use you will be playing awesome jams in no time. The EM-Tronic is a small handmade synth that makes a large range of electronic music sounds.

With the combination of pitch, speed and mode controls, giving endless combination of sounds this Synthesizer packs quite a punch for it's size.

Main controls:
Pitch: the pitch control allows you to make, 127 tones and 127 white noise variations.

Speed: The speed control has different functions depending on what mode is set, but essentially, it sets the time a tone or tones are played and repeated.

Mode: the EM-Tronic has three modes, mode 1 is basic and gives a bleep at the pitch and duration you set. mode 2 is delay mode, this mode gives a delay effect as you move the pitch control up and down. Mode three includes a delay and multiple notes played rapidly.

The output is via a 3.5mm stereo socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

All you need to start making sounds, is a pair of earphones and a common 9 volt battery.

Perfect gift for a musician, the EM-Tronic wooden musical instrument on Etsy

DFX - Digital Multi-FX arrives today ...

50% off for a limited time!

DFX is a powerful real-time Quad Multi-Effects Processor for iPad. With an intuitive and beautiful user interface for easy playability and instant fun.

We are curious. We like new experiences. We welcome unexpected discoveries. And... we are musicians. It was an obvious choice for us to develop for the iPad the multi-effects that we wanted, that we needed for our thirst for sound. Four powerful and multipurpose chained effects, driven by trackpads for fast and easy sonic explorations. Like a million of pedal boards on a device.

Plug in any audio source, a guitar, a bass, a microphone, a DJ mixer. Or play your favorite iOS synth or drum machine with Audiobus or Apple Inter-App Audio. Or why not playing a track from your iTunes Music Library. Select one, two, three or four effects amongst 35 hi-quality digital audio effects and explore endless sonic possibilities. Delays, echos, reverbs, filters, tremolo, autowah, compressors, distortions, vocoders, resonators, etc… more possibilities that you can imagine.

At last, but not least, DFX is also a great little sound design machine. Just select one of the built-in tone synthesizers on the first effect and let your imagination build new sound landscapes at the tip of your fingers. We have had a lot fun making ours in the Factory presets.

No in-apps, no ads, no fuss. DFX is simple, intuitive and fun. No user guide required

  • From the makers of DM1 - The Drum Machine
  • Designed by Jonas Erikson
  • 10 effect categories
  • Delays : Sync Delay, Ping Pong, Tape Delay
  • Reverbs : Metal box, Hall, Descent, Reflections, Freeze,
  • Filters : High Pass, Low Pass, High Shelf, Low Shelf
  • Phase : Phase Flux, Vibe Chorus, Phase Shift
  • Modulation : Wave Tremolo, AutoWah, Envelope Follower, Ring Modulator
  • Distortion : Wave Shaper, Bias, Raw, Bit Crusher, Synthizer
  • Voice FX : Vocoder, Resonator, Formant Simulator
  • Pan : Stereolizer, AutoPan, Leslie
  • Dynamics : Noise Gate, Compressor
  • Instruments : High Tone Synth, Bass Tone Synth
  • Audiobus compatible
  • Audio Inter-App compatible
  • 4 playable trackpads with real-time waveforms
  • Live Effect Swapping
  • Live recording
  • Recordings manager
  • Recordings exporter
  • Built-in Countdown
  • Built-in Tone Synths (high and bass)
  • Built-in Output Limiter for a controlled output
  • Built-in Metronome
  • Tempo Synced animations
  • Effect Solo Mode
  • iTunes playback
  • Presets Manager (factory & user)
  • Fullscreen Favorite Presets for fast live access
The app costs $1.99 today

And another Roland PMA-5 Personal Music Assistant Sequencer MIDI Workstation on eBay

Here's another one!

"For Sale is Used Roland PMA-5 Personal Music Assistant in Excellent Working Condition. The external leather case has a small broken piece. Worn and stained Quick Guide. Also the original pen was replaced by another one. Generic power adapter.

PayPal payment and US bidders only, please."

Roland PMA-5 on eBay

Thinking about Roland? Here's a hardware PMA-5 on eBay

For sale is a used in good condition Roland PMA-5. It will come with a power cord and stylus for easy navigation. Please take a look at the pictures or let me know if you have any questions.

Roland PMA-5 on eBay

SOUND Canvas for iOS has arrived, but not for all devices ...

Well, it's here, we've all been waiting for it, but it is just a module really. I'm intrigued to try it out though. Here are the details.

The good old sound module "SOUND Canvas" has come back for iPhone and iPad!

SOUND Canvas for iOS is the software synthesizer built-in SMF *1 player.
It is based on Roland GS standard that has been de fact standard sound source,
"SOUND Canvas" of Roland Desk Top Music (DTM).

It is compatible with the sound for "GS","GM2", and "GM".
It includes Reverb, Chorus, Delay, and 2 Band EQ, plus 64 types of insertion effects *2.

In addition, it plays SMF for "SC-88Pro" and "SC-8820". *3

You can enjoy the old data created by SOUND Canvas series and a variety of GS
data on the market from Roland with high quality sound.

*1: SMF:Standard MIDI File with extension ".mid".
*2: This utility cannot edit the tone nor insertion effect.
*3: Subtle nuance of Tone color, Volume balance, trigger timing of note on may vary depending on the data.

  • Two types of graphical user interface: “Sound Canvas skin” for music data creation and “Player skin” for practicing with instruments or karaoke application
  • High quality MIDI file sounds by its 1,600 tones and 63 factory drum presets.
  • Convenient functions:"LOOP" mode to repeat your specifying region, "SONG LIST PLAY" to play sequentially plural songs, and more multifunction.
  • MIDI interface (separately sold) connection enables to receive MIDI data from the external devices to play sounds.
  • Available with a music application compatible for the Core MIDI.

  • Requires iOS : 8.1 or later
  • Works on : iPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, iPad Air or later, iPad mini2 or later

It's been launched with bugs though ...

Fixing version is In Review now
  • The app aborts when you hook up or unhook a MIDI device to iOS device by Lightning connector. *You can avoid the bug in order to CONNECT them FIRST, then start the app.
  • No TEMPO data displayed at the edit window popped up.
  • Noise problem occurs at SC-55 map on playing the pedal hi hat sound (note number 44).

Launch celebration sale! Limited-time special price on SOUND Canvas for iOS. (until Feb 10)

The compatibility information lists iOS required and compatible models.

The app costs $14.99 initially

In App Purchase: TF7 - Chaos Arpeggiator (Some new Presets) (video)

NAMM 2015: iRig 2 - The sequel to the most popular mobile guitar interface (video)

NAMM 2015: iRig PowerBridge Universal charging solution for all iRig accessories (video)

NAMM 2015: iRig UA - the first universal Android guitar processor/interface (video)

Nova Musik - Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators with Oscar Ahlgren at NAMM 2015 (video)

DFX,DM1, SH101, MS20 Mini (video)

Video description:

"DFX - Digital Multi-FX by Fingerlab soon available on the App Store
DM1 The drum Machine by Fingerlab
MS20 mini by Korg"

NAMM 2015: iRig Mic Studio ultra-portable large-diaphragm digital microphone for all platforms (video)

SoundCloud group of the week is ... The OP-1 group

haQ attaQ 38 - haQ attaQ upgrades 2015 (video)

Video description:

"New year, new stuff, new upgrades! Ami is also being extremely difficult...

Interview – iOS Musician Patrick Devaney aka ”Citizen-X”"

LF1 Monosynth 1.2 comes along ...

So, here's what's new in LF1 Monosynth:
  • Virtual MIDI support
  • New preset system with 100 user slots.
  • Online user guide available from settings menu.
  • Undo
  • Performance controls on left-side of keyboard - can be reversed by engaging 'Left-Hand mode' from the settings menu.

Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire 2014 (video)

Video description:

"Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire is a day of family friendly making, learning, crafting, inventing and tinkering in the heart of London.
Be inspired by arts, crafts, engineering, science and technology from the Makers of the capital."

This is a nice little wrap up of the faire. It was a good day and nice to see so many friends too.

Teenage Engineering's PO-12, 14 and 16 NAMM 2015 (video)

A very rare Vintage Casio VL-Tone Electronic Musical Keyboard VL-5 w/ Barcode Reader and Case on Etsy!

This is a rare Casio keyboard in the VL-Tone line, coming after the famous Casio VL-Tone 1. This package includes the famous optical barcode reader pen, which allows one to scan songs from special barcode books into the internal sequencer memory. It comes with its original case, which is in excellent condition with no holes or tears, however there are some numbers and letters written on the outside of the case in Sharpie (you can see this in picture 2 above).

The keyboard has a connection problem and often becomes quiet and static-y - a problem usually abated by messing with the volume control switch. I assume that this is a connection problem that would be remedied through a simple sauter job, and it has no other working problems. Item is being sold AS IS.

  • 37 button keys
  • built-in small speaker (thin sounding, mounted in a resonance pot)
  • polyphony 4 notes (2 notes during sequencer playback)
  • 10 preset sounds {flute, bagpipe, clarinet, violin, trumpet, pipe organ, harpsichord, piano, pretty, funny}
  • "tone memory" 4 step switch to assign 4 of the preset sounds for quick access
  • 8 preset rhythms {waltz, march, rock, swing, samba, rhumba, slow rock, metronome}
  • sustain button
  • volume and "rhythm/ melody balance" sliders
  • tempo slider
  • LCD (displays numbers of preset sound & rhythm and sequencer note numbers)
  • semi- analogue sound generator. The digital envelopes (with audible zipper noise) are linear and thus sounds unrealistic because they fade silent too soon.
  • percussion consist of shift register noise for snare/ hihat and for the drums squarewave blips those have 3 pitches and 2 lengths. One sound is a long blip layered with noise. All percussion employ digital decay envelopes with much zipper noise.
  • complex multi- chip hardware:
  • CPU1= "NEC D910G 011, K2106K" (80 pin SMD)
  • CPU2= "HD43191A07, 2A 25" (80 pin SMD)
  • SRAM?= "NEC A19046-140, D444C, Japan" (20 pin DIL)
  • 2x IC "LB1100, 1M3" (20 pin DIL)
  • IC "LB1100, 1M4" (20 pin DIL)
  • simple monophonic sequencer (240 notes, editor (insert & delete, rhythm start point), "one key play" to change note duration)
  • optional barcode reader pen to load songs from special song books into the sequencer
  • tuning trimmer at case bottom
  • jacks for AC- adapter, headphone, line out & barcode pen

Vintage Casio VL-Tone Electronic Musical Keyboard VL-5 w/ Barcode Reader and Case on Etsy

Vintage Z Machine Noise Synthesizer Synth makes Wave and Rain Sounds Marsona on Etsy

"This thing is old and crunky but works great and sounds...um...dreamy? It comes with an adapter and has a 1/8 inch output on the back. if you would like me to switch it for a 1/4 inch guitar style let me know and i'll adjust the price by 20$

It shows it's age but is in quite clean shape."

Vintage Z Machine Noise Synthesizer Synth makes Wave and Rain Sounds Marsona on Etsy

Clipsitron light controlled synth on Etsy

Part martian space craft, part synthesizer, the Clipsitron by Rarebeasts is a Theremin style musical instrument that uses a light sensor to make a large range of electronic sounds. This unit is so easy to play, all you need to do to change the frequency of the sound is wave your hand in front of the light sensor.

The body of the Clipsitron is made from Jarra and the legs are made from Huon Pine. The unit is finished and protected using natural wood oils.

TheClipsitron has only one control and that is the light sensor in the middle of the unit. The less light that goes into the sensor the lower the frequency. The Clipsitron is played with the hand by blocking light from entering the sensor or can also be played using a small flash light(not included)

The sound output is via a speaker on the bottom of the unit.

All you need to start making sounds is a common 9 volt battery.

Clipsitron light controlled synth on Etsy

SampleTank is still on sale

I thought I should mention that SampleTank is still on sale for only $4.99. Just in case you didn't know.

K-Mix by Keith McMillen First Look NAMM 2015 (video)

Hello, what's this then ...

#soundscaper #ipad #betatesting #glitch #noise #drone #circuitbending

A video posted by Igor Vasiliev (@zzzwiw) on

KORG MODULE Demo & Review [English Captions] (video)

Controlling Filter using the pressure sensor in littleBits (video)

FM4 1.1 arrives

Here's what's new in FM4 1.1:
  • Audiobus support
  • iOS 7.0.x crash has been fixed
  • Performance boost: the UI responsiveness has been drastically improved
  • App-size has been reduced with more than 60%
  • The manual is up
  • Added a tempo popover with manual control of the tempo
  • Added a waveform popover with an overview of waveforms
  • Minor bug fixes

Just enjoying playing with littleBits Synth Kit (video)


I'd thought that this might have moved on a little more by now, still, it's fun and you might want to encourage it along a little.

Caustic in Perspective -- Caustic 3 (video)

Video description:

"My pilot test video of what I hope will set the standard for future video presentations"

FM4 lite arrives!

FM4 lite is a four operator FM synthesizer for iPad.

The lite version is fully functional except for the following limitations:
  • MIDI is disabled
  • Inter-app Audio is disabled
  • Audiobus is disabled
  • Saving is disabled
  • Only 40 factory presets are included

  • Four operators configurable in eight different routings
  • Three sound engines modelled on 1980s hardware units
  • Eight waveforms derived from classic FM synths
  • 2x, 3x, and 4x polyphonic unison
  • Tempo-syncable arpeggiator with up, down, up-down, and random patterns
  • Microtuning with eight different temperaments
  • Up to 24 voices of polyphony

Modelled on the popular DX series from the 1980s FM4 provides the same gritty sound, with a modern interface, and without being bound by the limitations of the original units.

Every aspect of the hardware — from envelope curves to sine-table sizes and quantisation errors to digital-to-analogue converters — has been meticulously analysed, in order to recreate the raw and dirty sound of the original units.

The interface has been carefully thought-out and is simple and intuitive, yet powerful — with every parameter being available on a single page. No menus, tabs, or jumping from page to page.

FM4 is capable of producing a multitude of sounds, ranging from punchy basses, crystal-clear bells, and lush pads, to organic textures, striking drums, and piercing leads.

All product names used are trademarks of their respective owners, and reference to these here in no way constitutes an association or affiliation with Primal Audio. All trademarks are solely used to identify the products whose sound was studied during the development of FM4.

And of course, it's free ...

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth - Phase84 (video)

Figure update arrives ...

Now you can upload your own cover art with Figure. Which is very nice indeed.

Massive modular synth made from littleBits Korg Synth Kit (video)

Volotic arrives for your iPad, and it's free

Volotic is an experimental nonlinear sequencer. Populate the grid from a library of towers to create, modify and route beats into melodic and percussive instruments.
  • Over fifty tower types with more on the way
  • A selection of demo compositions to get you started
  • No musical experience required, preset scales and arpeggios keep things sounding nice
  • Manual tuning for advanced control
  • Easily record your composition on your Mac (requires iOS 8 and Yosemite)

NAMM2015 Roger Linn LinnStrument (video)

Messing around with littleBits (video)

Manipulated Turntable & Samplr (iPad) (video)

haQ attaQ 37 - "64 Well done presets" - for Argon (video)

Argon on the app store:

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators Demo - BBoyTechReport.com (video)

Synthikat Samplr App Impro

Nova Musik - Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix NAMM 2015 (video)

Keith McMillen Instruments: 12 Step is Playable (video)

Video description:

"12 Step is laid out like an octave of keys making it perfect for tapping out notes in a song. Here it is used with a Moog Minitaur to tap out the baseline of a famous classic rock tune."

Don't forget you can find iPad Music as a flipboard magazine

You can find it by just using this link.

The ScrubBoard: Tape scratching & guitar looping (video)

Video description:

"I built a rocker that lets me apply DJ-style cutting effects to an audio signal, and also lets me quickly switch between two different audio sources. I've been working on a new kind of cutting technique that involves alternating between two different sounds, and in this video the two sounds are my ScrubBoard tape-scratcher and my guitar."

If you missed the round up from last week ...

Then you can find it right here. There was a lot to talk about last week with NAMM, but there was more too.

Making Drum and Bass beat in Beathawk for iPad (video)

If you've got a music tech start up then consider this ...

Why not think about being on the DIG index provided by Rockol. You can find the index here. DIG stands for Deep Innovation Growth Index, and it aims to become the comprehensive music-tech index and database, filling a gap in the market and acting as a point of reference for entrepreneurs, startups, angel and VC investors as well as journalists, government bodies and professional service providers.

Give it a go!

Keith McMillen Instruments: 12 Step is Road-Proof (video)

Video description:

"We ran over 12 Step with a van and it still worked perfectly."

So why does the C.24 have a Star Trek logo in it?

Is it just me? Can you see it too? It's the third along from the left. Nice, but why?

Axoloti guitar multi-fx (video)

Music App Blog's excellent resource list

If you're new to iOS music making then this link to this massive page of even more links will give you lots to follow up and get to grips with as it's become a complicated world.

So do check out this great comprehensive list of resources for iOS music making, and it is also well worth checking on a regular basis and probably bookmarking as well.

NAMM 2015: Miselu C.24 and MIDI HD Bluetooth (video)

Video description:

"NAMM 2015: Miselu C.24 and MIDI HD Bluetooth Updates on the iPad keyboard case"

What's your workflow?

Everyone has a different workflow and a different way of working and getting the sounds you want. So what's yours? How about sharing it and explaining why it works for you? Just get in touch (check the 'about' page) and tell me all about your workflow.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators - NAMM 2015 (video)

Video description:

"Teenage Engineering show us their latest offerings, a trio of tiny stripped-down calculator-sized sequencers — each for only $59. There's the PO-12 Rhythm drum machine, the PO-14 Sub bass synth and the PO-16 Factory lead synth. We hear what they can do."

A lovely bit of discrete design in the C.24

Nice design. The USB charge cable is held inside the module that sits in the keyboard. Very tidy indeed.

Yamaha Synth Book with Amazing Free AN2015 Synth for iPad

Another cool video series coming soon ...

Modular Synthesizer for iPad Tutorial (video)

Back in 2007: A first look at Audiobox

Another largely forgotten Windows Mobile Application from 4Pockets. Back in 2007 it was new and I was just taking a look for the first time.

Miselu C.24 unboxing ...

From the maker of GlitchBreaks and Sliver: Plaster Development

How Do It: Paste to iMPC, iMPC Pro & iMPC iPhone (video)

Video description:

"This week Eric gives a tutorial on how to use the AudioPaste in iMPC, iMPC Pro & iMPC iPhone."

Raptutron - Handmade synth on Etsy

The Raptutron is a one of a kind handmade analog synth

This device has three main controls, the top control changes the frequency and the other two chop up the noise by fast modulating the sounds.

Here is a short YouTube video showing the Raptutron in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qktahPDNVhc

This synthesizer is made from a beautiful piece reclaimed Tasmanian Huon pine and finished using natural wood oils.

The output is via a 1/4in mono socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

* The Raptutron - is powered by a Common 9v Battery which is not included due to shipping restrictions.

Raptutron - Handmade synth on Etsy

Beat Destructor Handmade Synth drum loops on Etsy

The Beat Destructor is a small handmade beat maker that synthesizes industrial beats with various sounds and tempos.

If you want to hear what the Beat Destructor sounds like, I have upload a small YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FRZj74T1_w

Main controls:
Tempo: The tempo control allows you to change to tempo of the beat.

Bass note control: This controls the number of bass notes repeated in each bar, form 1 to 14.

The output is via a 3.5mm stereo socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

All you need to start making sounds, is a pair of earphones and a common 9 volt battery.

Beat Destructor Handmade Synth drum loops on Etsy

Toa Mata Band - Live in Prague#1 (video)

Nova Musik - Korg Little Bits Synth Kit NAMM 2015 (video)

Yamaha Synth Book now available in the US too

Well now it's available in the US too ...

Yamaha celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Yamaha Synthesizers with the Yamaha Synth Book!!!!!!!!!
This app features a complete history of Yamaha Synthesizers, an integrated virtual analog soft synth, and serves as a portal to Yamaha’s online synth communities.


HISTORY features detailed, “behind the scenes” information about the 40-year design and development history of Yamaha synthesizers. This fascinating historical accounting of the technological breakthroughs behind some of the most innovative, musical and successful Yamaha synthesizers is a must-read for all synth fans.

AN2015 features virtual analog modeling like the AN1x. It also features a drum part that can keep the beat going while you perform and control the main synth part.

Use case 1: Enjoy it as a standalone iOS app!
There are 2 modes available, SYNTH mode and Drum mode that work at the same time, e.g. when drum phrase is playing, Analog sound can be selectable and playable with the drum phrase, and vice versa without stopping ongoing music.

Use case 2:Use it with a MOXF as an external tone generator!
When connected to the Yamaha MOXF Music Production Synthesizer (OS version 1.10) using the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter by Apple, the MOXF becomes the MIDI/Audio interface for the iOS app creating a very powerful music production system.

  • Analogue Synth
  • Tone Generator: Virtual Analogue Modelling
  • Polyphony: 8
  • Preset voice: 64
  • Arpeggiator: 1
  • Scale: 1
  • Polyphonic Pad

Drum Part
  • Tone Generator: Audio (Drum loop and time stretch function included)
  • Part: 1
  • Polyphony: 1
  • Drum Pad: 16
  • Drum Pad Set: 5

PORTALS features links to Yamaha’s online communities. Connect with other Yamaha Synth fans around the world on Facebook or Yamaha’s own online synth community: yamahasynth.com.

PRODUCT LINE-UP is showing video of current product line-up:
  • MOTIF XF Series
  • MOXF Series
  • MX Series
  • CP40 STAGE

YAMAHA APP CATALOG introduces other Yamaha Synth iOS Apps.

And it's free ...

iOS Beta testing going iOS8 only next month ...

SYNTHDRUM from noystoise (video)

BeatHawk by UVI The Epic Guide for iPad (video)

K-Mix Fader Sensitivity (video)

Now this looks interesting ...

NT03 from noystoise (video)

Something new coming from Olympia Noise Co

The video looks very promising indeed ... It's got my attention for sure.

Nova Musik - Arturia BeatStep Pro NAMM 2015 (video)

In case you missed it from last week, the BeatHawk has now arrived!

It was a very busy week last week, so you may have missed it. The BeatHawk has now arrived. You can find all the details right here.

DMT 216: Apple & Semetric, EU, Deezer US, Primary Wave, Germany, Rdio, Festivals, Placebo, TLC

WretchUp sale continues

WretchUp continues its half price sale, down from $3.99 to $1.99.

Keith McMillen Instruments: 12 Step has Smart Fabric Under Every Key (video)

Video description:

"Pressure sensitivity is used to control the filter cutoff amount on a Moog Slim Phatty synthesizer. Smart fabric used in the design of 12 Step makes it all possible."

Reactor Halls E12: Ugly Weekender

The first in a new season of Reactor Halls events. A 24-hour retreat exploring DIY electronics, sound and design will produce the content for this performance. With: John Richards, Alexandra Moon-Age, Jennifer Lucy Allan, Natalie Kay-Thatcher, John Fass, Jim Frize, Phillip Henderson, et al.

Full details here.

Glitch Twitch Soundpack (Week 18.5) (video)

Video description:

"This week's soundpack was a happy accident. As I was working on some other soundpacks, I slowly started to change them, but kept some of the samples that I was using around in another drum rack. Slowly it turned into this pack! But even as that was nearing completion, I had a two versions of this soundpack. One with more raw sounding samples (as well as completely different samples) , and the other with a slightly more polished feel. Instead of just picking one, I decided that they could be played together. So, here's two banks of glitch twitch fun! -Alex

Sign up to receive these soundpacks straight to your inbox every week:

FREE DOWNLOAD (Ableton Project File, Traktor Remix Kit & WAVs Folder all in one zip file): https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/3974

Video Credit: Alex Medvick

Check out the Soundpack4Soundpack Collective: https://www.facebook.com/soundpack4soundpack"

I'm on Instagram, just saying ... again

I mentioned this before, but in case you're interested I'm also on Instagram here. Just thought I'd let you know, that's all.

Korg Kaossilator 2s: Make Music Anywhere (video)

Video description:

"Make music no matter where you are, with the touch of a finger. The new Kaossilator 2s is a compact, battery-powered synthesizer and loop recorder with 150 sounds including drum kits, synths, basses, realistic instruments, sound effects, and more. You can record unlimited audio overdubs with the built-in mic, and undo/redo as needed. Once you’re back in the studio, you can even export your work as an Ableton Live project. Making music on the go has never been easier."

DM1 gets an update

Here's what's new in DM1:
  • Brand new Audio Engine with nice, crisp, clean sounds
  • 64bit architecture
  • iOS8 and iOS7 compatible
  • Accurate volumes for Mixer Effects
  • New Pitch ribbon algorithm (smooth and glitch-free)
  • Live Waveform display for FX pads
  • New export WAV and AAC algorithms
  • Minor fixes and UI improvements
  • Removed WIST support (current SDK 1.0 is not compatible with iOS8)
  • Removed “Synth” effect (not compatible)

KORG cortosia GOOD SOUND TUNER (video)

Don't forget about Axoloti, still on Indiegogo

Still a few days to go and it is already fully funded now.

Keith McMillen Instruments: K-Board Plug and Play (video)

Video description:

"Just plug the K-Board in to your favorite music making device and begin playing."

Support the iOS Music and You podcast

Yep, the iOS Music and You podcast is now on Patreon so you can sign up to support it and it's future.

Using audio input in littleBits (video)

Not sure that this worked very well sadly.

Wait list updated

I've cleaned up the wait list as we've had a few arrivals lately.

It was a big week with NAMM but there was more news besides that, so here's the round up from the last week

NAMM brought us lots of new stuff, but that wasn't the whole story from the last week. Here are the highlights from my perspective.

Monday 19th:

Tuesday 20th:

Wednesday 21st:

Thursday 22nd:

Friday 23rd:

Well that was a lot, an for me the biggest thing was the new TE Pocket operator series. I'm really looking forward to getting mine.