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Decode at the V&A

Creative Applications has a post on the V&A's Decode exhibition which I went to see on Friday and really enjoyed.

Wave mix arduino synth osc + MIDI + ADSR

Via Matrixsynth

Music Hack Day Stockholm is looking good

More photos here, and you can follow live here.

DJ Player 1.6

DJ Player Blue Edition 1.6 has been updated. Here's what's new:
  • Pitch Control Smart AutoStep Speed.
  • Pitch button step: 0.01/0.02/0.05/0.1/exponential.
  • Faster cue prelisten.
  • Show BPM on player screen (on/off in settings).
  • ABC register for track library (if more than 4 tracks).
  • Improved beat-counter timeout for measurement down to 40 BPM.
  • Autocue switch.
  • Several small touch interface improvements.
  • Smaller latency.
DJ Player Blue Edition at the app store:
DJ PLAYER Blue Edition

RJDJ at Transmedia

RJDJ will be at Transmedia next Thursday engaging in the debate over gadgets and music apps, which sounds like exactly the right debate for them to be involved in.

Fingerpainted on the iPad

Some thoughts on why the iPad would be good for mobile artists from Fingerpainted.it.

Reminder: Nic Collins live today

A final reminder of this event tonight in London:

Nicolas Collins + Oscillatorial Binnage + Paul B. Davis + Resonance Radio Orchestra

Sunday 31 January 2010 at 8pm
Cafe Oto, 18 - 22 Ashwin Street, E8 3DL (www.cafeoto.co.uk)

Tickets: £6 available on the door or from www.wegottickets.com/event/65050

Nicolas Collins makes his first London concert appearance since 2004's epic “Feedback: Order from Noise" tour. He performs three typicallyextraordinary works which draw on a lifetime of building radical new electronic instruments. A composer who has worked notably with Alvin Lucier and David Tudor, since 1997 Collins has also been editor-in-chief of the Leonardo Music Journal, and since 1999 a Professor in the Department of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The second edition of his acclaimed book, Handmade Electronic Music The Art of Hardware Hacking, was published by Routledge in 2009. www.nicolascollins.com
Following concerts at Tate Modern, Atoms to Patterns, Show Flat and the First Last LMC Festival, the neo-primitivist multimedia electroacoustic quartet Oscillatorial Binnage join Collins on the bill, alongside Paul B. Davis the only DJ to ever get thrown off stage at the Technics/DMC World DJ Championships premières a new solo piece which he describes as probably a longish song. And The Resonance Radio Orchestra presents a radiophonic sketch based on surreptitious recordings gathered as part of a commission of Ed Baxter by Dundee's prestigious Kill Your Timid Notion festival.

Voice Band: Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me

Amazing app.

Voice Band at the app store:
Voice Band

Technobox update

Technoxbox has been updated. Here's what's new:

Added new effects panel with these features:
  • Individual panning for the synth and drum machine
  • Distortion with selectable cruncher
  • Delay unit with feedback and tempo sync with up to full measure delays
  • Phaser which can be applied to the synth or drum machine or both
Other changes:
  • Parameter recalling is now on by default
Technobox at the app store:
technoBox (303 808 909 studio)

8Bitone updated

8Bitone has been updated to version 2.0 which includes the ability to upload and download to a server. I assume that this is a wifi export option, but I can't tell as yet. Also there's some twitter integration too.

8Bitone at the app store:

Argon possible update

Looks like Argon might get a loop recorder from this picture. I do like this little synth app, and as always, I'm very pleased to see an app get continued development.

Argon at the app store:
ARGON - The Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer -

Everyday Looper on sale

Everyday Looper Is on sale with 50% off, not sure for how long.

Everyday Looper at the app store:
Everyday Looper

BleepLabs Nebulophone available from pre-order

Tempting isn't it, only $55. Details here.

Korg DS-10 Track 35

Brighthand on Dell Mini 5

Brighthand has some news on the Dell Mini 5 which is looking like a really good way to get into Android.

AC-7 DAW Control Surface

Brought to you by the people who made the AK-7 MIDI Keyboard, a new controller for the iPhone. Looks as nice as their other software too. I wonder what other stuff they've got up their sleeves?

AC-7 DAW Control Surface at te app store:
AC-7 DAW Control Surface

miniMusic news

After a long silence there's news from miniMusic on what they're plans are for development, and Chad's thoughts on the iPad.

RJDJ at Music 4.5

RJDJ will be at Music 4.5. There's an early bird rate. Details of the event here.

iPhone song made with multiple apps

I thought I'd post this as it has lots of my fav apps in it.

iPK25 is now SynthStation 25

I found this at the Akai site, which makes me a bit more hopeful about the SynthStation and the keyboard formally know as the iPK25:

The SynthStation app transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a portable music production studio for mobile music creation. SynthStation gives you three powerful synthesizers for creating and modifying sonic textures used for melodies, chords, and bass lines. drawing on Akai Professional’s rich history in synthesis and taking a page from the newest miniAK synth, SynthStation sounds great and offers wide-ranging sonic flexibility with its virtual analog synthesis. To take full-performance advantage of its power, SynthStation mates perfectly with Akai’s Synthstation 25 docking synth keyboard. SynthStation enables you to create and produce music anywhere on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Three virtual-analog synthesizers, each with three oscillators
  • Range of drum kits and sequencer
  • Create melodic and accompaniment parts using arpeggiator with preset patterns
  • Unlimited creativity with effects and filters
  • Seamlessly compatible with Akai’s Synth
  • station 25 docking keyboard controller

Everyday Looper update

Everyday Looper has been updated with a new feature, track merging. Tap and hold a track, and drag it to its destination.

Everyday Looper at the app store:
Everyday Looper

GrooveStep Group Closing

I got this from the Groovestep Google Group:
This is just a notice that the group will be shutting down soon. It hasn't had much activity lately and with the great amount of audio apps on for the iPhone OS, the DS platform for homebrew music app development has been made obsolete.

Thanks for all the support and may Darwin bless you!

Sad really, but I think that many platforms will be experiencing similar problems at the expense of the iPhone OS and soon the iPad too.

Sad day for the DS nonetheless.

AK-7 MIDI Keyboard

The guitar version of this app caused a lot of discussion when I posted it, so I wonder if this will cause as much interest.

*** Special Introductory Price *** for a limited time only!

From the makers of the AG-7 Midi Guitar comes this new wireless midi keyboard controller. It has no sounds onboard, rather it is used to play software instruments in Garageband, Logic etc. It requires the free DSMI Server software to be installed on your computer, and a wireless network. If you are already using the AG-7 Midi Guitar app, there's no need to install the server software again. In fact you can use multiple devices using the AG-7 and AK-7 apps simultaneously.

  • 17 note keyboard with velocity control - the further down the key is touched, the louder the note!
  • Multi-touch keyboard allows chords, slides etc.
  • Fully functional pitch bend and modulation controls
  • Velocity boost (variable from 0 to 100) can effectively override the velocity variations, allowing organs etc to be played at a level volume
AK-7 at the app store:
AK-7 Midi Keyboard

Musique non talent: Thoughts on the iPad

There must be thousands of posts on blogs about the iPad, but I thought I'd post a link to Rob's.

BeatMaker 1.3.5 update

I'm hearing that the new version of beatmaker doesn't support audiocopy/paste from sonoma. It is in fact a new system entirely from Intua. This is an odd way to introduce a new copy/paste system, with no other apps to support it.

If anyone has more information on what Intua are doing please get in touch.

BeatMaker at the app store:

TCTD Gala Weekend

TCTD Gala Weekend. Read about it here.

Bleep!Box wants to know what you want on the iPad

Bleep!Box wants to know what you want from Bleep!Box on the iPad or indeed from a new app.

BleepBox at the app store:

BeatMaker 1.3.5

Well it had to happen. BeatMaker has had an update which removes ioLibrary. The update also includes:
  • Added Velocity, Pitch, Pan spreading, now you can use the 16 pads as a mini-keyboard for easier melodic composition !
  • Replaced io.Library support by iPhone OS copy/paste functionalities to import and export audio to/from BeatMaker, as requested by Apple.
  • This means Noise.io import is temporarily unavailable.

I'm not sure if this lot is worth updating for.

BeatMaker at the app store:

iPad Intentions poll

I thought it might be interesting to see what users and developers think of the iPad and what you're intentions might be in terms of developing new apps and extending existing ones.

Possibilities ...

Found over at ISO50, and yes it is a mock up and not real. Interesting to think of what we might see in a few months

Thoughts on the iPad

Now that is has been announced I expect we will see a continuation of opinion and views polarizing into 'for' and 'against' camps, and I can see both camps.

Until it is released we won't know what it is really capable of, but until then I have questions for users and developers alike.

It is obvious to me that the iPad isn't going to attract as many buyers as the iPhone or the iPod Touch, at least not initially. I've only seen one prediction on sales volumes and that is 4 million units this year. Given that, my guess would be that it won't be as popular with developers as the iPhone and Touch, again, at least to start with.

iPad is going to appeal to a different user base with different needs. I think that musicians will find it an attractive option if it gets support from developers, and there's no doubt that the device does offer developers some new opportunities not only for their existing apps, but for new ones too.

Given that the iPad will run existing iPhone apps it will have the immediate disadvantage of the current app store in that the music category will be crowded out with 'official' apps and all the other junk that currently annoys us. But will Apple make a shrewd move and introduce an iPad only facility in the app store to cut through this? It would be useful if they did.

What really interests me though is how developers will react. I've already heard some developers talk about making their apps device aware so that they can offer iPad only features into their existing apps, but in doing so will they miss an opportunity?
Apple has already defined the device as a middle ground between the iPhone/Touch and the laptop. If you extend this model to pricing of software then we could see a middle ground in pricing terms too with iPhone/Touch apps at the lower end (and there's already been much coverage of the 'race to $0.99'), with desktop/laptop software at the higher end, and with iPad software occupying a new middle ground.

Let's face it, if you could have an enhanced version of Jasuto, or BeatMaker, or NLog (or any other number of apps), which boasted extra facilities and capabilities and made real use of the expanded screen real estate, then why not market two separate apps, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad?

My next question is what will Apple produce in software terms for their new device? They've not made a lot for the iPhone, but already they've announced their book app iBooks, and their new versions of iWorks just for the iPad, and set the price point for these comparatively low, and more interestingly at a mid point between the software they offer on the iPhone and desktop.

I knew that 2010 was going to be an interesting year for mobile music, and yesterday saw that prediction come true, at least the possibility of it coming true anyway.

In the days and weeks running up to the release of iPad I hope we'll see some announcements on what developers have started to dream up.

If you have plans for new apps for the iPad or extending your existing software I'd love to hear from you (confidentially or not), and as always I'm keen to hear what you think of my thoughts on the iPad.

Reverb 1.1 available

A new version of Reverb has been released: New features include:
  • live
  • audiocopy
  • presets.
Reverb at the app store:

File Sharing come in 3.2

Thanks to everyone who's pointed out that the 3.2 SDK has file sharing capability, at least at this point for the iPad. I hope it'll come to the iPhone too, but I guess there's no guarantee at the moment.

More at Macrumors.

MyWerx for iPhone

I've not heard about this service, but they've brought out an iPhone app to allow you to share work and collaborate.

I'm interested to hear from anyone who's used the service or knows if it is useful.

MyWerx Mobile for iPhone
MyWerx Mobile

So iPad is here, but what do we think?

It is here, and already it caused views to polarize. CDM isn't impressed and with good reason I think. Peter's right, the iPad is closed just like the iPhone. We won't see Processing on iPad which is a real shame.

Others are over the moon, and with good reason too. I can imagine some of my favourite iPhone apps running in a bigger screen with a 1Ghz processor. The bigger screen could give rise to further innovation on Apple's mobile platform, or are all their operating systems mobile now?

Either way, the iPad is going to change a lot of things and it does represent a big opportunity for mobile music developers.

I'd love to hear your views and how you think it might change your apps and what you might make in the future.

Brushes on the iPad

Will we get a shot of a music app too?

iPad will run iPhone apps

The iPad will run all the iPhone apps straight out of the box. Great news for developers, and it has a speaker and mic built in.

iPad comes in 16/32/64BG

It is the iPad!

Here we go ...

I'm going to try and post stuff as we go through the Apple event. I've got high hopes ...

Brighthand on evidence of the ZunePhone

Brighthand has this story on evidence emerging of Microsoft developing a ZunePhone. I can't help thinking it will be too little too late, but let's see if it comes to anything.

RJDJ Reaction to support Haiti

An important message from RJDJ:

More than a week after the earth convulsed in Haiti, it’s survivors are still waiting for relief. Artists and musicians around the world are moved by the suffering and try to support the Haitians. The Kids on DSP and pharmacopia are donating the revenue of their sales in the month february to the Red Cross. Drop us a line if you too want to donate the revenue of your scenes or submit a scene for that purpose.

RJDJ apps at the app store:
Reality Jockey Ltd.

New Compressor from iBeatmaker

Here's a screen shot from the maker of Equalizer and Reverb for the iPhone. Looks like it'll be another good app for iPhone mobile musicians.

Equalizer at the app store:

1x Gristleism / 2x Buddha Machines

Via CloneSound.

Bhajis on N800

A few shots of Bhajis Loops running on a Nokia N800. Good to see people are still using it. I know I am. More info on how it plays on the N800 at the Garden.