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I have to say that the results so far are quite interesting.

3 months in: iPhone / iPod Touch round up

So, here we are three months (or almost three months) after the launch of the iPhone / iPod Touch app store, how have music applications developed?

Prior to lunch there were a number of jailbreak music apps, and some of those have moved over to 2.0 (now 2.1) applications, Notably:

IR 909

Some that haven't moved over to 2.0:

iPhone Synth

Since launch there has been a huge number of new applications popping up every day, and surprisingly, a large number of music based apps too. Here are some of my favourites:

iDrum (both versions)
ITM Apps
ProRemote / ProRemote Light
Pocket Guitar

These are are the apps that I think are probably most worthy of note, although there are others too.

Of course, there are a few apps that have been announced but as yet haven't arrived:

PianoFly from miniMusic, together with the other apps that miniMusic will be releasing.

Noise IO which is about a month overdue now.

And not to forget the new app called miniSynth from Yonac that was announced yesterday.

There are of course other apps out there being developed and as time goes on I hope that we'll see even more high quality music apps for this platform.

Of course, one area that has seen a lot of activity is around controllers. There have been lots of controller apps released, in all sorts of different varieties. This is quite interesting, multi-touch seems to fit very well for these apps.

What I'd really like is to see a wider use for this platform, not just controllers. I'm hoping for lots more in the next three months . I'm especially hopeful of the miniMusic suite of apps.

So, for a new platform I think that this is a really good start. It'll be interesting to see how it matures and where the more complex apps come from. So far we've not seen an equivalent to Griff or Bhajis Loops, perhaps we won't, perhaps it will be something quite different and more performance driven.

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miniSynth released!

miniSynth has been released on the app store a bit earlier than was expected.

Pandora open for ordering ...

Pandora opens for ordering today. So, are you tempted?

miniSynth from Yonac

Yonac have got a new app on the go, called 'miniSynth', which should be out soon.

More things to look forward to!

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Gamesalad anyone?

GameSalad from Gendai Games is currently in a private alpha phase. Here's what it might offer:
Make games for the iPhone
Now you can create games for the most explosive and exciting handheld gaming platform since the DS. With multi-touch, the accelerometer, and hardware-accelerated graphics, GameSalad allows you create innovative games that can be played on the go.

So, why is this interesting for mobile music? Well, think about Electroplankton. If you could start to make that king of thing for an iPhone without the constraints of Apple's SDK, it could allow for some interesting software.

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Concretedog release on Warm Data netlabel

Concretedog gets a release on a new netlabel called Warm Data.

CellDS 1.2

CellDS is updated to version 1.2. The update contains some bug fixes and also a new page containing 6 volume sliders corresponding to the 6 engines. The volume settings are saved along with your snapshots. Use the LEFT or RIGHT shoulder buttons to navigate to the volume page.

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OT: What other iPhone apps do you use?

I know this is a bit one sided as not all of you out there are iPhone or iPod Touch users. But for those who are, I'm interested in the non-music apps you use?

I'm starting to think of my iTouch as more of a PDA, but I've struggled to find any other kind of app that I want as yet.

Any suggestions?

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IR-909 v 2?

So, what's next for IR 909? Version 2 is apparently on the way according to the site.

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SliderOn for Palm OS

After a long time I've started writing some new apps. They are still part of the 'Sound Toys' series, so don't expect to much from them, and as before they'll be available as freeware.

This one is called SliderOn. It is a bit strange, but kind of fun. When it is finished, or as finished as I want it to be I'll make it available in the usual places.

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Google Android music app: Rayfaria

This is a story about a developer from Perth Australia who has won $120,000 for developing a music game app for Google's Android platform. The app is called 'Rayfaria'.

I think it is interesting not only that one of the first apps o this platform will be a music app (albeit a game), but that a music app won one of the prizes from Google.

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A new DS soon?

DS Fanboy has this post on a leadked story about a new version of the DS, possibly with a camera? According to the leak the new version is to compete with devices like the iPhone.

I'm not entirely sure it is the same market though.

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GrooveStep now in public Beta

GrooveStep for the DS has gone into Public beta.

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phaseArray: Corrosion plug in

PhaseArray has released beta 2 of their corrosion plug in for Bhajis Loops. There are some minor changes but importantly a dll for synchronizing with the desktop.

BtBx video

This is a really good video of BtBx in use.

Yonac site gets an update

The makers of Thereminator for iPhone have updated their site with a new design. It looks really good.

Haplome 1.1 on the way

According to the haplome site the app is being re-written from scratch due to problems with the 1.0 release.

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Android Talker for iPhone

Another quick video, this time on Android Talker for iPhone from Pure Profit.

Pete Cole's on Mixtikl in alpha

Pete Cole has the post about Mixtikl going into the alpha phase. It makes for interesting reading and has some good background on the development.

Most of all I was really pleased to hear that it is 6-8 weeks away from release!

RJDJ delayed by at least another week

The RJDJ site has this comment:
sorry to keep you waiting here. We had some feedback from apple! It looks like we still have some issues with the binary. So the plan is to sort things out and update the submission as soon as possible. It looks like the review team is on a 1 week - 10 days time frame to review the apps… so if everything goes well we will be in the store in aprox 2 weeks (or earlier).

One more thing: we decided to initially bundle the scenes eargasm, echolon, gridwalker, noia and WorldQuantizer with RjDj. I know i said we will bundle about 12 scenes with this release but we changed our mind because it might make more sense to have 5 scenes which make the point. So we have no “shake” scene bundled right now. With the next release we will have more scenes and most of all we need to have a more flexible solution than to bundle the scenes anyway.

So I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer to see what it is like.

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Music thing on building a Thingamakit

It seems like MusicThing has had a go at the Thingamakit I posted on the other day. Take a look at the post, and follow the 'something more interesting' link.

Haplome now available at the app store

I posted yesterday about a controller app for iPhone / iPod Touch called haplome. It is now available on the Apple app store and it is free.

Think Geek Releases Electronic Drum Kit T-Shirt

Futuremusic have this story of a playable t-shirt from Think Geek. Now that has to be about as mobile as it can get right? Read more at their blog, and take a look at the think geek site if you want to buy one.

Another Cosmovox video

Following my video of Cosmovox. Here's another one that got there before me!

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

Tim Cole's song is doing well!

Check out Tim's blog. He's done rather well with this song!

Well done Tim!

iLounge round up of iPhone art apps

On the palm side of art applications I've always been a big fan of ninerPaint, and have just bought a copy of ninermedia's ninerPad app as well, so I was interested to find out about this application round up of art and drawing apps from iLounge. Worth a read.

Mixx Mobile updated to 2.0

I seem to have missed this. Mixx Mobile has been updated to version 2.0. The Mixx Mobile site doesn't tell you much about the update except for this:
With improved handling for SmartPhone we have greatly optimized the workflow for creating ringtones. Mixx Mobile 2.0 provides full support for Windows Mobile 6.1 and includes many other improvements. Try it out and see for yourself!

I'll have to see if I can get an updated version to check it out.

Android arrives 22nd Oct

This is all over loads of blogs and sites at the moment. Who knows what it will mean for mobile music making, I guess we'll have to see if there's any developer interest for this device and subsequent ones. However, at least one developer says that Android will be far more difficult to work with:
"Do I want to be spending six months to write the game, and another six months making it compatible? If I had Trism available for Android," says Demeter, "and there are 50 Android devices and every time one of them crashes [the users] contact me, do I want that?”

This from the development of Trism.

Personally I'd like to see lots of music apps for Android, and maybe even a version of StyleTap to run on it?

Cosmovox video

It has been a while since I posted any videos so I thought I'd do something about that and record some new ones. Here's the first. It is just a little demo of cosmovox running on my iPod Touch.

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

TouchOSC 1.1

TouchOSC has been updated to version 1.1. The latest version adds some new features, including:

- Accelerometer Support
- A new Keys layout

Guitarist 1.1

Moo Cow Music have released an update to Guitarist. The update contains mainly some usability fixes following feedback from users, which is always a good sign.

PocketGuitar 1.1

PocketGuitar has been updated to version 1.1 with some usability tweaks and minor bug fixes.

PocketGuitar available on the iTunes App Store

4 Tracks Lite 1.2

The next version of 4 tracks lite has the following updates:

- Now 4 tracks comes with a metronome, so you don't loose the beat !
- Volume control on each track, so you can mix your song
- Bug fixes

Interestingly, the 'littlecodeshop' site adds the following:
Note : 4 tracks lite saves the tracks you record even after you close the application, they are saved individually. there is no export funtionality on the lite version.

4 tracks lite should stay as simple as possible, It is a practice tool, stay tuned for a much more feature full application that will have export functionality and much more.

Now, that sounds interesting!

haplome demo (via MatrixSynth)

haplome demo from toddtreece on Vimeo.

MatrixSynth has this post on a new iPhone OSC controller app called haplome. There's not too much information available at the site at the moment.

Tempted to make a weird noise thing?

Well who wouldn't be! MatrixSynth posts on the Thingamkit from Beep Labs. They look like a lot of fun.

I got all excited for nothing!

I got an email today from Griff about a new version. But when I read on it was just the latest version with support for square screens.

I was hoping for more obviously!

Physical interface comparisons: Multi-touch v Touch screen

I've owned my iPod Touch now for just over a month, so I thought I'd put down some observations on this interface against traditional touchscreen interfaces.

I do like the multi-touch concept. However, one thing I've found is that the lack of a stylus or other pointing tool does make control choices less straightforward. What do I mean by this? I'll explain.

If I take the example of a palm application with a complex interface, like SoundPad by miniMusic.

The interface for this app is of course designed for a touchscreen device. The controls are to be used with a stylus and are small and can be quite close together. All of this is fine when working with a stylus.

However, imagine this interface, or something like it working on an iPhone / iPod Touch. It would need to be quite different or at least enhanced in some way in order to work effectively.

The same is true if you think of something like Bhajis Loops, or many other applications.

So, does this mean that we won't see apps with the kind of sophistication that the examples above have? Or, will developers need to think of new ways to tweak interfaces and utilise the additional possibilities afforded by the accelerometer?

I don't know, but I think it will be interesting to see what traditional Palm OS developers like miniMusic do when they start to release their iPhone apps.

What is a fair price?

Since the app store launched I've been watching the price ranges for applications to see where most apps come out. BeatMaker was £11.99 (and worth it). The majority of apps seem to range between GBP £0.59 and £5.99.

As far as I can see that's quite reasonable, and of course I'm not saying that for something really special I wouldn't pay more, but what do you think would justify, £30, £40, £50 or even more?

TiltSynth on the way

Here's another app due to hit the app store at some point. Here's what the developer's site says.
TiltSinth uses the iPhone's accellerometer to make some squeals in a simple synth patch.
The info page (hit the (i) button) shows three sliders that control the central frequency, the accelerometer slew rate and the amplitude. You can also change the OSC server host:port configurations. You can change the OSC id so you can run several iPhone TiltSynths simultaneously into an OSC consuming patch. The control rate is roughly 50 cps.

What next from Leisuresonic

I'm hoping that Leisuresonic (who brought us Cosmovox) will continue to bring new apps. Anyway, I was browsing around their site and found this comment:
About Leisuresonic: Leisuresonic is based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in Portland, Oregon. We are a privately held company with exclusive rights to a substantial body of digital audio and video research innovations. Our current focus is to develop and market media creation software: digital musical instruments, signal processors and media composition instruments for MacOS X and iPhoneOS platforms.

Which makes me assume that they will be bringing more apps out, and quite interesting apps too.

RJDJ Vienna Sprint update 2

More updates over at RJDJ. Sounds like they'll be cooking up some really interesting stuff for this app, but so far I've not seen anything turn up on the App Store as yet. I wonder when it will turn up then?

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RJDJ Vienna Sprint update

A little update from RJDJ on their progress in Vienna.

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Noise.IO Synth: Update 20.9.08

Noise.IO synth have posted an updated message with some MP3 samples of Noise.IO working in beta. Here's what they say:
20 Sept 2008:

Some people have emailed us claiming that Noise.io is a scam and vaporware. Well guys it is not :-) The development is close to the end. Yesterday we finally managed to get the sequencers working right. (No 303-ish glides yet, but we promise we will make them)

So, here are 2 quick MP3 demos for you to check out (need Flash)

Those sounds were recorded in real-time straight from iPod Touch running Noise.io v.08beta.

Well you see that fat basses and glassy appergios are no problem for Noise.io. We underline that this is BETA version of Noise.io and it would sound EVEN better. Maybe in several days we will find time to publish some more sounds (when we finish with the 303-ish glides probably - yes, you will be able to turn your iPhone into a mini-303)

Stay tuned!

I think this is quite hopeful. Having listened to the MP3 files, they do sound a little rough, but maybe coming from a beta that's ok. I hope they do get it to work the way they want it and all goes to plan soon in the next couple of weeks.

PaklSound1 Deluxe remvoed from the App Store

The following is from the PaklSound site:
Dear users,
Clearly, PaklSound1 Deluxe was not a successful venture. It has been removed from the App Store, and its advanced features will eventually be added into the regular PaklSound1.

If you're interested in knowing what happened, let me just say it has been very difficult to work with the AppStore for a few reasons.

(1) At first, users thought they were being charged for updates to PaklSound1, and gave negative reviews. I could not communicate with those users through the AppStore, since all transactions are anonymous to me. This forced me to put a message saying that "all updates are free".

(2) It then seems many users interpreted "all updates are free" to mean that *any* work I ever did on PaklSound1 would be available for free. Sure, I have already released a number of new, unpromised features for free: auto-saving when you quit, Parts A/B, and different colors for different layers. However, I never promised adding features beyond more layers and sounds. PaklSound1 Deluxe introduced totally new features that I never planned, like exporting songs to XML, sharps and flats, alternating A/B, and others. Nevertheless, some users continue to think that anything I add to PaklSound1 would have to be a free update.

Looking back, I can almost see how some users might have misunderstood that. I really hope that that is the case -- that these users genuinely misunderstood.

In closing, let me say that it was my hope that this experience would have been an enjoyable one for all. To some extent, it was: I got lots of great constructive feedback from many of you, even a few recordings using PaklSound1 and GarageBand! I have really appreciated that kind of interaction.

If you got PaklSound1 Deluxe but hadn't gotten PaklSound1 first, please contact me.

Thanks, and I hope you continue to enjoy PaklSound1.

Theresa: MIDI Controller for PocketPC

Huge thanks to Adrien for sending this link. I had no idea about this app whatsoever, and now I can't wait to try it out. The current download is dated May this year, and according to the site there's still a substantial todo list including:
  • better code (error handling, sanity checks, etc)
  • easy installation for the technically impaired
  • XY pad (KAOSS, here we come!)
  • launch the client automatically (via RAPI) when the server starts
  • multiple pages (have one button switch page to allow more controls)
  • background bitmap
  • rotary encoders (with magnify on touch)
  • improve fader graphics (eg knob shadow...)
  • tied faders (with configurable tie strength), think eq
  • logarithmic scale for faders
  • configurable MIDI channel
  • rubber (bouncy) faders
  • ripple pad (don't ask)

I hope that this applications keeps going, as it looks really interesting. I'm especially interested in rubber faders, and the ripple pad.

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Noise.IO Synth update (2 more weeks to wait!)

Noise.IO synth have posted an update to their current site. Here's what it says:
Dear Visitors,
We're fully aware that shifting the release date wasn't too nice. We're really sorry for that but we assure you that users would only benefit from that. We're working very hard and doing our best. The implementation of sequencers (3 types of sequencers - pitch sequencer, trance gate, custom modulation) - made us to rewrite the whole sound engine from scratch. And then we started facing memory limitations so we had to rewrite Noise.io once again. The whole story of Noise.io is a story of trial and error. This is our first app for iPhone and we want it to be perfect. Please try to understand that and give us a couple more weeks. BTW The new site will be available really soon. This is the last news message in this version of the site. Thank you once again. Do not hesitate to contact us though mail: dev@noise.io.
There are a couple of points that I think are of interest:
  • Firstly, there's another 2 weeks to wait for the release (at least I would think)
  • They say that this is their "first" iPhone app, which is interesting, I wonder what will they will come up with next?


Oblique strategies for iPhone / iPod Touch. Not much to say except this is a free app.

2nd version of Griff demo video

Griff Promo Movie from Daniel Webb on Vimeo.

Griff have released a second and higher quality version.

I think it is interesting that there's been a rush of activity from Griff recently. I wonder if we might see even more from them soon, and perhaps in the shape of an updated version, or even some new plugins?

CDM on Stanton

CDM have a couple of posts recently. This controller does look very interesting, but the price tag is relatively high.

Another TrakAx post on music styles

No sign as yet of the next version of TrakAx mobile, but another post on music styles.

Who knows, maybe they're deep into a port over to iPhone?

QOTD: What's your next device going to be?

Given the way the mobile market has changed over the last few months what will your next device be? Will you go down the iPhone route, stay with Palm or WM6. Is a symbian device going to be your next machine, or will you be opting for something more esoteric like the Pandora?, or maybe a DS?

Circuit bending in London?

After watching that video of Reed Ghazala I was looking for circuit bending workshops or groups, or anything in London. I haven't been able to find anything, or at least anything that isn't in the past. But perhaps that's because I'm not looking hard enough.

Any help would be gratefully received.


Another new DS appliction. cellDS is a Lua extensible grid sequencer.

Features include:

* Dead simple user interface.
* Ability to create your own unique sequencer rules using the Lua programming language. CellsDS comes with a developer’s guide and example scripts to get you started.

* 175 sounds are included. With a little work, you can add your own sounds.

* Ability to customize the scale. (All you microtonal nerds will be pleased.)

* Coming soon… Wifi-Midi support.

There are some limitations to the Lua scripts that you can write due to performance issues. Please refer to the Developer’s Guide (included in the distribution) for more details. In short, cellsDS sequencers need to perform briskly - which might rule out things such as doing expensive cellular-automaton calculations.

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Griff Demo Video

More activity from the Griff camp in the form of a demo video showing what Griff can do. Worth if look if you've never seen Griff. In fact, worth a look if you're a user too!

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Circuit Bending with Reed Ghazala

A bit off topic, but I found this quite interesting (via MatrixSynth).


Line6 have always made innovative and useful products and I think this one is too. In many ways BackTrack isn't too different to a number of micro audio recorders on the market. However, BackTrack adds and interesting twist. Both varieties of BackTrack auto detect a signal, and the BackTrack mic version has a built in mic. The ability to hit the mark button for easy recall and review of audio makes it very useful indeed, especially if you've recorded hours of material.

Here's what the Line6 site says:
Inspiration is spontaneous, and BackTrack™ + Mic is your guitar’s instant replay button. Easy to use, BackTrack + Mic captures everything you play without ever hitting record.

Always on, BackTrack + Mic begins recording as soon as it detects a signal through the sensitive mic or the quiet 1/4-inch input. Use the 1/4-inch output or headphone output for immediate playback. Just set it and forget it for total inspiration control.

Pressing the “Mark” button designates what you just played as special and separates it for easy review. The Forward and Reverse buttons provide instant recall of marked and non-marked ideas.

BackTrack + Mic can capture up to 24 hours of audio. Saved as .WAV files to a rugged 2-GB flash memory, the audio is easily transferred via USB 2.0 to your computer or recording software for further recording, editing or mixing. The USB connection also recharges the internal battery to its full capacity of over 8 hours.

Sleek and low-profile, BackTrack + Mic fits in your gig bag as easily as it fits into your setup. At rehearsal, at the gig or at home, BackTrack + Mic is fully dedicated to capturing everything you play.

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Android Talker from Pure Profit now released

Android Talker from Pure Profit has been released. It turned up in the 'entertainment' section of the app store rather than the music section, so that might tell you what to expect.

Diddy DJ Lite updates

More updates from Diddy DJ on his DJ app for iPhone. Sounds like he's making some real progress.

Playing with the DS-10

I've been spending some time in the mornings playing with the DS-10. What a great application it is. Really slick and straightforward to use. The more I get into it the simpler it is to use and the more I discover. I really like the fact that the pattern retain the patch settings individually and when you copy a pattern and change the patches it stays with the new pattern.

Best of all the whole thing is so well designed and pulled together. I'm sure I'm only just beginning to discover the full potential of this application.

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Thereminator 1.1 first look

Yesterday I mentioned that Thereminator had been updated to version 1,1 with both some improvements and enhancements. Well, I tried out the new version on the train this morning on my way to work.

I have to say that it is a big improvement on version 1.0. The sound is much smoother and the enhancements, like reverb and increased delay length have made this more fun to play with.

What I would love to see for future versions of Thereminator are some of the following:

- Greater control over the sound, i.e. envelope / filter etc
- A way to assign the X and Y axis to specific sound parameters
- A simple record and overdub function so you can build up a layered performance
- A way to store 'songs' or recordings

However, I do like the app as it is, and it is definitely worth the £1.79

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ITM Tilt from iTouch MIDI

ITouch MIDI have released a new application called ITM TIlt. Tilt is a Accelerometer driven midi controller, which looks really interesting to try out. Here's what their site says about it:

iTM Pad 1.0 Features:

Accelerometer driven midi controller
Sensitivity slider allowing for inclination based operation or acceleration based
5 different assignment pages to allow control of different parameters / fx
Lock and auto lock button for safe or free mode operation
Auto Server

CC assignments:

Page A: cc10 on X axis : cc11 on Y axis
Page B: cc12 on X axis : cc13 on Y axis
Page C: cc14 on X axis : cc15 on Y axis
Page D: cc16 on X axis : cc17 on Y axis
Page E: cc18 on X axis : cc19 on Y axis

Compatible with: Ableton Live, Logic Pro and Express, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Mackie Tracktion, Modul8, Motion (more will be added when reported)

App Store and iFund

There have been a number of stories about the growth of downloads from the Apple app store since it launched. However, the really impressive number is that the app store is on target to serve up a billion applications by 2009. That is huge by any standards, and incredible for a platform that is less than three months old.

On a similar note, iFund have started a blog to talk about the platform and where mobile development is going (I'm guessing specific to the iPhone though) and to announce new initiatives and developments.

Android Talker from Pure Profit

Android Talker is the next application due out of Pure Profit who brought us BtBx

The app si described as follows:
Android Talker is a robot speech synthesizer and sound effects generator for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Tired of the same of boring conversations? Ever wanted to talk like an robot? Well, now you can!

With Android talker you can create a custom android voice for yourself. Blips, Tones and Robospeak is as easy as sliding your finger across the gesture grid!

Android Talker is perfect for making an array of science fiction style sound effects.

Mixtikl update

There's lots of new information on Intermorphic's new Mixtikl app for desktop and mobile. I have to say that this is one of the most exciting apps for this year. Not just because it carries on the legacy of MiniMixa, but because it is the first of a completely new breed of mobile applications, or "trans-platform" applications as Intermorphic describe them.

These "trans-platform" applications work not only on both the mobile and desktop but allow you to move your work between the two. For me this is a real step forward for mobile music.

You can read more about Mixtikl at the intermorphic site, but here's a little taster of the apps that are coming:

Mixtikl Remixer
Create, EQ and save a quick mix from up to 12 user selectable sound sources/loops, and apply FX.

Mixtikl Performer
Create a more complex cell based mix with up to 12 tracks and four sections, and easily apply per track FX, pan and volume.

Mixtikl Player
Create and play a track list of mixes, pieces (including generative music pieces) and recordings you have or have made.

Mixtikl Partikl
Edit Partikl synth sounds and patches directly, and create presets; create custom DLS wavetables; bundle Ogg/Wav files, MIDI files, Noatikl files and other content together into a self contained "Mixtikl" file; create/edit Partikl FX and networks directly, and create FX presets.

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Pandora is coming soon !

I guess I'm not the only one to get an email from Pandora about their imminent device. The specs are very impressive:

* ARM Cortex-A8 600Mhz+ CPU running Linux
* 430-MHz TMS320C64x+ DSP Core
* PowerVR SGX OpenGL 2.0 ES compliant 3D hardware
* 800x480 4.3inch 16.7 million colours touchscreen LCD
* Wifi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth & High Speed USB 2.0 Host
* Dual SDHC card slots & SVideo TV output
* Dual Analogue and Digital gaming controls
* 43 button QWERTY and numeric keypad
* Around 10+ Hours battery life
* GUI: gMenu, various X based desktops, Ubuntu etc. or make your own.

The first batch will be limited to 3000 units worldwide. The next batch will be made in 2009.

Orders will be on a first come first served basis. If demand is too high we will start to limit the orders to one Pandora per person, although any multiple orders recieved before that would still be honoured.

The price is $329.99 / £199.99 (Inc VAT) / E249.99 (Inc VAT), which is very reasonable indeed as far as I can see.

I have to say I am a bit tempted. Although I think that this is going to be more game orientated then anything else.

Korg Updates Pandora PX5D Personal Multi-Effects Processor

Future music has the following on the update from Korg to their effects processor.
Korg has updated the Pandora PX5D personal multi-effect processor and USB recording interface for guitar and bass. The update expands the unit’s capabilities and are available as a free download from the Korg website.

Already PC compatible, the PX5D’s Sound editor now also offers Mac action. In addition, updated features include new Song Updater software that lets users either swap out some of the existing demo songs in the unit for new ones included in the software, or replace existing songs with their own favorite songs in SMF format.

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OSCemote controlling Thor

Nice little YouTube find.

Moo Cow Music dong well in the UK charts

Moo Cow Music have written a brief post giving details of the positions of their apps in the iPhone UK "charts". I'm not sure where this information comes from, but it is interesting nonetheless.

66 - Band
70 - Guitarist
73 - Pianist

I think that's pretty good performance for mobile music apps, especially in such a new market.

Tenori-Off: My kind of DIY!

Can't afford a Tenori-On? Me neither, so why not make one of these instead!

Thereminator 1.1

Thereminator has been updated to version 1,1 with both some improvements and enhancements. I shall look forward to giving it a try on the train tomorrow morning.

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4 Tracks Lite version 1.2 in progress

4 Tracks 1.2 is in development, although the little code shop site doesn't actually say what is coming in 1.2.

It would be nice if it could be an export to wave file option, but we'll have to wait and see,

Chimera news

A few posts on the Chimera blog today. They will have stock of the BC8 and are changing their ordering process to only work in £GBP.

First thoughts on 'Guitarist' from Moo Cow Music

Moo Cow Music now have three applications on the App Store. Band, Pianist, and now their latest app Guitartist.

Guitarist is not strikingly different from the other two applications. In many ways it is a continuation of the same themes already started in Band and Pianist. However, it is well executed and put together and above all it is fun to use.

Guitarist boasts two guitars which can be played in a wide variety of ways to suit almost any user. Each guitar can have effects applied to it in the form of delay and fuzz. You can record the guitars and save the output inside the application, but I'm not sure that you can do anything with it after that.

I decided to spend some time playing with this app to see what it was like, and I was pleasantly surprised. The sounds are clean and realistic, the input methods are straightforward and simple, and the app does the things it sets out to do and does them well.

I think it is an interesting app as in many ways there isn't an equivalent to this in the Palm or Windows Mobile world at all. Guitarist and the other apps from Moo Cow Music make good use of multi-touch, but not the accelerometer, so they don't really fall into the mobile instrument category. Neither do they fall into the mobile studio category, so they are quite interesting really.

As an app to play with I do like Guitarist, but I struggle to see where it fits in to my own mobile music set up long term. It is fun to use though, and so perhaps it is just me being to caught up in my own preconceptions of what a music app should be. Perhaps I just need to lighten up and have some fun?

Anyway, I would say that Guitarist is worth the £3.49 on the app store.