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Electro pack, textures and cymbals demo Drumjam v1.2

Korg Gadget Song - Maximum Velocity by Mulperi

fugue first update arrives

Here's what's new with fugue:
  • The app will now transmit MIDI in the background, so you can leave it playing and focus on tweaking your iOS synths! When the app loads, be sure to allow access to the microphone. Although the microphone is not used within the app, this is the permission required to allow background operations.
  • Ability to turn a channel off. Go to the "Track MIDI Channel" page and drag the track column all the way down to the bottom of the screen. The channel will display "off" at the top of the screen. When a Track MIDI Channel has been set to "off", the corresponding columns on the other Track properties will appear dimmed.
  • Ability to turn off a note in the "Edit Sequence" page. Similarly to the ability to turn off a channel, drag the note column all the way down to the bottom of the screen. The note will display "rest" at the top of the screen.
  • Track Speed range increased from 1-240 bpm to 1-320 bpm.

NAMM 2014: Stereo Designer App Preview and Audiobus 2

Connecting littleBits Synth kit to other instruments

This is a useful piece on connecting your little bits kit to other instruments, but it's audio only, not MIDI. I do hope they do that. Anyway, I need to get a mic module now.

Bleep Labs - 12 Nebulophone choir

12 Nebulophones into a mixer with no effects. Arpeggio rates of some linked together over IR.
Made by Thomas Fang and Cordey Lopez of Bleep Labs.

Kits and fully built units available at bleeplabs.com

Music 4.5 The Music In-app Economy, 19th Feb, London

Another useful event from Music 4.5, with some really good speakers lined up too. You can see all the details here.

Tickets are available here...using promo code PALMSOUNDS for a 10% discount

SPY NUMBERS - Je M'éveille (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ... play spot the OP-1

SPY NUMBERS - Je M'éveille (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Spy Numbers on Vimeo.

Mood481 on Spotify

That's Clif from Apptronica, and his stuff is on Spotify, so give it a listen ok? You can find it here.

KORG Gadget Building A Song Tutorial

I was really pleased to see the Synthpatcher news page

Selfishly of course, but it's nice to see. Take a look at the page here, and I really must check out this site in a bit more detail soon.

DrumJam for iPad Massive Update 2014, Demo and Tutorial

Use a bluetooth keyboard with Caustic?

Here's an interesting piece from Musical Android on using a standard BT keyboard with Caustic. I don't know if that's with the Android version only or would include the iOS one. I might have to try with both.

littleBits Korg Synth Kit, with randomised filter (video)

Brief update on what's happening with JACK

Not a huge amount of information in this update, but it does at least say that they're about a week away from deciding which way to go next.

jakob haQ - "Impaktoholic" (LIVE Impaktor performance on iPad mini)

Nebulous Theremin Synth arrives

Nebulous Theremin Synth arrives for iOS. Looks like it's fun, and it's free.

The Nebulous Theremin Synthesizer has been designed to re-create the classic sounds of a theremin, and adapted for iOS devices. Touching the screen produces a tone. Moving to the right increases the pitch, and movong up increases the volume.

ValveKing Demo Ampkit+ (iPad version)

Sonoma Guitar Jack Stage

Via Sweetwater.

Screenshot of drum perfect

Via MoMuPro.

Korg Gadget - a deeper investigation

BeepStreet DSP: DMTest

Something that BeepStreet is experimenting with ...

NAMM 2014: Quicco Sound Bluetooth Wireless MIDI Controller

NAMM 2014: Audiobus 2 (video)

NAMM2014 CUICO & Miselu's C.24 iPad keyboard and the expansion module ...

Malte from Miselu is speaking from about 1:58 in this video. I would have liked to see a bit more about the modules, but I'm sure it'll come.

Warming up for the new year ... (Sunvox)

How do you organise your app? Your views are needed

We used to do top 10 apps, and 'what's on your home screen', which was really interesting from the perspective of seeing what people were using and how they had them organised, but as I haven't done one of those for a while now (and perhaps we should actually), it made me wonder how people were organising their apps, and especially how you organise your apps if you use more than one device. For instance, if you have an iPhone and an iPad do you organise the apps into the same named folders?

Interested to hear from people as to what you do, and if some themes come out then perhaps we'll have a poll on it.

AUFX:Space SWIRL demo

AUFX:Dub 1.2 news

How to get GBA4iOS on iOS 7 (NO JAILBREAK)

#lsdj on the iPhone! How cool is that!

Go to the video on youtube to see the full instructions

KORG iKaossilator still on sale

KORG iKaossilator is still on sale with 50% off and the price down to $9.99.

VividTracker Tutorial - making a drum loop with the echo feature

VividTracker is an Amiga Protracker compatible music app for the iPhone and iPad. You can use it to load, edit, save, and create new Protracker music. This tutorial shows how to make a nice drum loop using the echo feature.

VividTracker will be released on App Store in late January 2014 (which is tomorrow, so I hope that this gets out very soon).

Visit http://www.vividtracker.com for more information.

VividTracker has been submitted to the app store

I was checking around the VividTracker site and found this in their 'news' blog. So it doesn't look like we'll see the app in January, but probably in early February.

Follow the Sun (by NightRadio) + New SunVox Visualizer (video)

Korg Gadget (London) App Jam (video)

You Compose Demo and a trip into the dark and murky world of iOS MIDI

Doc Pop's awesome kickstarter has less than two weeks to go

I've mentioned this before but I'm really excited about this kickstarter campaign, and it's great to see that it's fully funded now.

It's only just under a couple of weeks to go, so there's still time to get in.

Polytron experiments (video of chained monotrons with polyphony)

This is just a experiments for MIDI-Bare. For more information check there.


Have you visited libpd.cc in a while?

If not you might want to, that is if you're interested in using Pd for making music related apps on iOS and Android, or indeed for games as well.

There's now a very nice little showcase at the top showing just what's been made with libpd which might surprise you as well.

Worth a look anyway. You can find it here.

QuNexus as a random CV sequencer (video)

Storm 3003 - Ice Jam (Elektron Analog Four + Korg Volca Beats)

Really useful list of iOS devices and maximum OS versions

You can find it here on Wikipedia. Loads of good stuff in there.

Eddie plays Bloom (because cats need mobile music too)

Kaleidoscope : KORG Volca

KORG iELECTRIBE is still on sale

KORG iELECTRIBE is still 50% off at $9.99.

KORG iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition is still on sale

KORG iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition is still 50% off at $9.99.

DrumJam also updated to 1.2 with lots of good things ...

Oops! I forgot to mention that DrumJam has also moved up to version 1.2. Here's what's new:
  • Additional loops and instruments now available for In-App Purchase.
  • BEDLAM chaotic pad instrument effects: randomized pitch, pan, glitch, and reverse as you play the pads.
  • Inter-App-Audio support (IAA), for smooth integration into midi and audio DAW workflows.
  • Added control for the loop beat count to alter the effective time signature (2 through 8 beats per loop).
  • Added Drop Chance control that causes the auto-repeat to randomly drop hits when dragging on the pads.
  • Additional user preset export options
  • Master limiter effect added
  • MIDI clock sync improvements
  • Loop pitch is now adjustable (all loops together)
  • Streamlined settings
  • AudioCopy v2 support
  • iOS7 optimizations

And don't forget that the price is down from $7.99 to $3.99.

KORG Gadget 6/8 4/4 Gadget Frenzy + Sequence Editing

KORG M01D on NOLIFE (French TV channel)

Beatstep Tutorial UseCase 01 USB (video)

Beatstep Tutorial Intro video

Nova Musik - Teenage Engineering OP-1 OS update at NAMM 2014

Korg Gadget, Recording Tips, Exporting to a DAW and Sound Demo for iPad

Santoor 3-AUFX:Dub-AUFX:Space-AUFX:PeakQ-trimmed

kymatica says ...

A recording of me playing my Santoor (a real one, not an app!) through my effect apps AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space and AUFX:PeakQ, showcasing the upcoming new WARBLE sine lfo mode of AUFX:Dub and SWIRL parameter of AUFX:Space


Pants of Death "Voicemail" comes to Bandcamp and iTunes

I can't really help but smile when I see the words "Pants of Death", so with a smile it's great to see this album come to Bandcamp and also to iTunes. I don't know which one makes more money for his, but I hope that he does well out of it.

As ever, please support the mobile music community.

Pants of Death "Voicemail" on iTunes

MIDI-IF for monotron (video)


Littlebits Synth Kit jam

Sequential for iPad App Jam

SoundCloud group of the week is ... The OP-1 group

RD4 Groovebox & Novation Launchkey Mini

Discchord's round up of NAMM

A great round up of what went on at NAMM from Discchord.

PSP Rhythm TuneFreak-PSPamenjungle

Video description:

Little jungle on PSP Rhythm, amazing program for PSP. Amen break arrangement has been done in PSP Rhythm.


Korg Gadget para iPad: entendendo o sequenciador e a maneira de compor tracks (MusicApps.com.br)

Korg Gadget para iPad: conhecendo os instrumentos disponíveis (MusicApps.com.br)

News from @nlogmusic

News from @nlogmusic

News from @nlogmusic

SunVox 1.7.4 arrives on iOS

I've said it before, but here's what's new in the latest Sunvox (iOS):
  • engine optimization;
  • extended Visualization Parameters in the Module Properties: type of the Level Meter, type of the Oscilloscope, background, shadow, etc.;
  • available Level Meter modes: OFF, Mono, Stereo, Color, Glow effect;
  • available Oscilloscope modes: OFF, Points, Lines, Bars, Bars2 (symmetrical), Stereo phase scope (Goniometer), Stereo phase scope x2;
  • default Visualization Parameters can be set in the SunVox Preferences (Main menu -> Preferences -> Modules -> Default visualizer);
  • new module - Sound2Ctl; this module can convert the audio signal to the numeric value of any selected controller;
  • new module - MultiCtl; with this module you can control multiple controllers at once;
  • WaveShaper: new controller "DC filter" (DC Blocking Filter) has been added; enabled by default;
  • Amplifier: new controller "Absolute" has been added; enable it to apply "absolute value" filter to the signal;
  • MultiSynth: new buttons have been added: Options, Reset, Smooth, Load, Save;
  • MultiSynth: now you can switch between different types of Velocity Graphs in the Options menu; it is useful for complex velocity mapping;
  • DrumSynth is now supports Velocity Change commands;
  • "Change font size" option has been changed to "Scale"; and now you can change the pattern editor scale very smoothly on any device;
  • now you can set the name of the pattern, instead of the 16x16 icon;
  • the Scale parameter can be changed for each module separately (in the Module Preferences);
  • additional File Browser functions: Remove, Rename, Cut, Copy, Paste, Create Directory;
  • now you can see the file size in the File Browser;
  • new simple examples: sound2ctl*, drumsynth*;
  • new song examples: moon_secrets, CsardasContinuum (by Frantisek Fuka (Fuxoft)), berlin_fm_-_nt, visualizer_demo, silence_artifacts;
  • bugs fixed.

Nave 1.4 coming ...

KORG Gadget Mobile Synthesizer Studio for iPad

AUFX:Space getting a swirl ...

NAMM 2014: Gobbler Cloud Storage Gets iOS Support

Korg Gadget, Setting Up and Getting Started, For iPad

Builderz Project for Caustic 3 Sneak Peek #1

The future's looking very bright for SoundCloud

Andrea Leonelli (from Digital Music Trends) on SoundCloud's latest funding round. Some very interesting ideas and predictions for what SoundCloud might do next. I'm also very impressed by their valuation.

DMT: Paul Williams at the World Creators Summit 2013

S4 Rhythm Composer Pro adds virtual MIDI

S4 Rhythm Composer Pro gets an update. Here's what's new:
  • Added the ability to Virtual-MIDI
  • Fixed the audio samples.
  • Improved the audio engine.

XOR Trinity by Bastl Instruments

XOR specific Features:
  • 6 voice polyphony
  • wavetable based -- sine, saw, triangle, digi-noise
  • played ONLY by MIDI using MIDI Bastl
  • ^[xor], & [and], |[or] modulation + modulation between voices
  • arpeggiator -- gate and note modes, different shapes, adjustable speed, MIDI clock sync,
  • 8 different sound settings in one preset
  • 6 presets
  • ADSR
  • LFO
  • full MIDI implementation (note, velocity, pitch bend, mod wheel sustain, CC, clock)

Trinity Features:
  • available assembled or as a soldering kit
  • software reprogrammable by Arduino (breakout for standard FTDi USB)
  • hardware expandable and hackable -- including breakouts for sensors or more buttons
  • chain connectors to share power, audio and communication within more Trinity/Bastl instruments
  • user memmory for storing presets and patterns (exportable, transferable)
  • stylish lasercut replacable enclosure with instrument labels
  • adjustable volume
  • mono, 16385 hz, 14 bit -- double PWM sound generation
  • TRS Jack 3.5mm audio output able to drive headphones
  • powered from 9V positive polarity power supply (2.1 mm) or from the Trinity chain (use switch to select)
  • running Mozzi library and Bastl library for Arduino

Improvised Little Bits Drone

DIY Instrument + Arduino (very short video)

"Using Arduino and DIY Instrument Kit to create modular sounds. Soon there will be more DIY instruments joining this fella in a orchestral."

AUFX:Dub getting even more goodness

More presets coming to AUFX:Dub

iPulsaret iOS 7 update

NAMM2014 Reactable prototype (this is awesome)

I totally want this.

Reactable on iOS:

SoundFont Pro adds IAA

SoundFont Pro adds inter app audio in the latest version of the app, plus it's now iOS7 compatible.

NAMM 2014: UVI BeatHawk iOS beat making app

Via MoMuPro where's there's more information on the app.

NLog MIDI Synth updated too

Here's what's new with NLog MIDI Synth:
  • Native 64bit support for iPhone 5s
  • AudioBus SDK Updated
  • Manage Audio Buffer Size in iOS Settings App
  • Bug Fixes

Mastering app from positive grid looking very awesome ...

Ep.44: The Unsigned Guide (DMT 1-2-1)

iOS guitar amp sim comparison; Video 4; Lead/Shred Tones

NLogSynth PRO moves to native 64bit and more

Here's what's new with NLogSynth PRO:
  • Native 64bit support for iPad Air & iPad mini retina
  • Poly Aftertouch & Channel Pressure from external Controller
  • AudioBus SDK Updated
  • Manage Audio Buffer Size in iOS Settings App
  • Bug Fixes

Giant Isopod (universal), noise synth arrives

Giant Isopod is a synthesizer to generate noise. Let's try and drown in the noise coming from the depths of the sea!

  • Oscillator
  • Two Oscillators
  • Four Wave Types: Saw / Square / Noise / Magic
  • Pitch Sync

  • Three Filter Types: BPF / HPF / LPF

  • Three LFOs
  • Four Wave Types : Sine / Square / Saw / Random
  • Six Destinations : OSC1 Pitch / OSC1 Volume / OSC2 Pitch / OSC2 Volume / Filter CutOff / Master Volume

  • Two FXs: Lo-Fi / Delay

  • Two assignable X-Y Pads
  • Assignable Gyro Control

  • Supports virtual MIDI (MIDI IN only).
  • Supports MIDI sync (LFO Rate, Delay Time).
  • Supports Background playback.
  • Supports Audiobus (Input).
  • Supports for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad as a universal app.

The app is priced at $2.99.

Don't forget, Korg Gadget is still on it's intro price

It's got a while to go, but don't leave it until the last minute!

[NAMM] AudioBus 2 demonstration video

littleBits Korg Synth Kit, using filter and delay

Doc Pop running a Nanoloop workshop next month, I bet that'll be fun!

His kickstarter is already funded but it's got two weeks to go, so you can still fund it.

That's a nice shot of the Miselu booth, and who's that in the middle ...

Audio Mastering 2.0 demo (video)

Audio Mastering 2.0 arrives!

Here's what's new with Audio Mastering:
  • Fully updated 32-bit audio processing algorithms.
  • Standard and Advanced processing control modes.
  • Parametric equalizer in addition to graphic.
  • Spectrum analyzer with switching connection points.
  • Switchable crossover frequency for Stereo Imaging.
  • Additional controls for Maximizer.
  • Separate adjustment of input level reduction.
  • Improved controls for presets.
  • Compare mode for presets in each track.
  • Inter-App Audio supported.
  • New color schemes of visual interface.
  • Built-in description updated.

littleBits Paper Sequencer - Mechanical iPad Alchemy Army

Just how awesome is that!

"This project uses littleBits to sequence two circuits, the main black blocks right of the paper are running the Korg synth bits and are connected by the pulse clock on the left.

Two instruments sequenced and playing in time with each other. One is a robot playing an iPad and the other is a synth. It's been fun working!"

Meet AMPLIFi—The Guitar Amp, Reinvented | Line 6

AMPLIFi is unlike any guitar amp you've ever played. Hear every note in amazing detail with a 5-speaker stereo design. Jam to your favorite tracks with an integrated Bluetooth® streaming speaker system. Dial in amazing tones from the cloud with the AMPLIFi Remote iOS app. Watch to see how AMPLIFi redefines what's possible in a guitar amp.


Yellofier VW - win a car!

polynomi-on (universal) arrives

polynomi-on has arrived on the app store, it's free too. Here's what the description says:

"strings" are spanned between touched points. Short ang long strings generate high and low frequencies, respectively.

Auria - recording The Sun (Western Disco, feat. Lura)

Another contest entry.

Audiobus jam #8 (sHip oN wAves)

Look what's coming from Sonoma ...

I don't cover tuner apps very often, but this one looked interesting ...

But this one was Audiobus compliant so I thought it should get a mention ...

The Auto-Tune iOS app for vocal pitch correction is available on the Apple App store. Now Antares' world class Auto-Tune ® recording studio technology is available for the local performer to use live, on-stage, using an iPhone or iPad. Alpha Scorpii is pleased to partner with Antares Audio Technologies of Scotts Valley, CA to bring the Auto-Tune technology to the iOS platform.

“With more and more artists bringing iPads on stage for set lists, lyric viewers, and such, it is a great time to bring vocal pitch correction on stage too” says Sue Marvin of Alpha Scorpii. "Auto-Tune iOS is made with the local musician in mind. Whether you are singing lead or backup vocals, trying to reach a difficult high note, or just wanting to make sure you're on pitch, Auto-Tune iOS is a safety net to make sure everything in your performance is in-tune.”

The Auto-Tune iOS app works by connecting the iPhone / iPad between the microphone and the P.A. / sound system using a microphone audio interface device and the appropriate cords. General pitch correction is achieved easily with the default settings to make sure the vocalist is in tune, not singing sharp or flat. More precise pitch correction can be achieved by targeting specific melody notes and/or setting a specific key or scale of target pitches. Meters on the app indicate which note a vocalist is singing and whether they are singing sharp or flat.

In addition to natural sounding pitch correction, a vocalist can apply the iconic “Auto-Tune Effect” using the app, to create that robotic vocal effect popular in hip-hop and pop music. A bypass button on the screen can be used to easily and quickly apply or remove the effect.

Auto-Tune iOS brings professional pitch correction to the iOS platform. Auto-Tune iOS is Audiobus-compatible; it is positioned as a filter effect on the Audiobus; and so can be used in recording situations with other Audiobus iOS music apps.

News from @AudioEvolution5

Nova. Musik - Novation Launchkey Mini NAMM 2014

MobMuPlat update

MobMuPlat gets an update after half a year. Here's what's new:
  • New GUI widget "LCD" draws 2D graphics
  • Incorporate LANdini networking protocol for more robust network messaging
  • Audio routing to external devices and multichannel output
  • Trigger system vibration
  • Use system compass data
  • fix OSC message bug (in sending multiple values in a message)

NAMM op1 oplab sketch

PositiveGrid A quick preview of Masteringapp

Cakewalk bringing the Z3TA+ Synth to your iPad in Feb

Zoom launches iQ5 Lightning-connected professional-grade microphone for iPhone, iPad

Which looks pretty cool and for $99.99 it's pretty reasonable.

Vote for your fav menu icons in Sunvox

Tell Mr Sunvox what you think. Vote here.

Sunvox competition is still open

It has got much longer to go, but it's still open, so go take a look if you've got some awesome Sunvox stuff around. Details are still here.

volca bass + TR-606 - Function Breaker / BakaOscillator

iOS guitar amp sim comparison; Video 2; Crunch Tones

Saturday sessions NAMM OP-1

TE NAMM crew 2014

Nice photo.

Light reactive littleBits beat machine (video)

Crazy (Auria contest finalist)

Anything new for the wait list?

It's Monday, is there anything that needs adding into the wait list? Let me know if there is, or just take a look and see what's coming up.

Droneo, Demo for iPad, A great Way To Generate Drones

More iRing content at Volterock

Volterock has some good content on the iRing. Well worth a look if you're interested in knowing more.

Good overview of Caustic 3 from Distraub

If you're looking for a bit more information on Caustic 3 this is a great overview of the app and what it's got.

Auria in Shanghai (contest finalist)

Back in 2007: A first look at Audiobox

Another largely forgotten Windows Mobile Application from 4Pockets. Back in 2007 it was new and I was just taking a look for the first time.

No input AUFX:Dub+AUFX:Space self resonance from kymatica

I love this sound and how it's made. I've always been interested in no-input mixing so to know that this can be done on an iPhone is awesome.

Track description:

was set to self oscillation with MUTE IN and some TAPE NOISE, then processed through AUFX:Space.

So here's the weekly round up

Another busy week with lots happening at NAMM, so there's loads to round up. Here goes.

The biggest news of course is Korg's new app, Gadget Mobile!

New apps:

Here are the big updates:

The big news:

So, I'm betting things will be a bit quieter in the coming week, but who knows. 

Looks like NLogSynth PRO update is coming very soon

"My First Hour with Korg Gadget" (video)

Not actually mine, that's the title of the video.

littleBits Korg Synth Kit, envelope and filter experimentation

NAMM 2014: Miselu C.24 wireless iPad keyboard (video)

Songwriter Demo Studio (Auria contest finalist)

NAMM 2014: Focusrite iTrack Dock (video)

Hank trying out the new dsynth on the OP-1

FlexyDrum is on the bus

FlexyDrum has been updated and is now Audiobus compliant.

Fun Way To Use Auria (contest finalist)

littleBits Korg Synth Kit, envelope experimentation

Using Auria with my band F.R.E.D. (Auria contest finalist)

A fugue update is in review with Apple

Here's what to expect next with fugue, as this is the detail of an update submitted to Apple:
  • The app will now transmit MIDI in the background, so you can leave it playing and focus on tweaking your iOS synths! When the app loads, be sure to allow access to the microphone. Although the microphone is not used within the app, this is the permission required to allow background operations.
  • Ability to turn a channel off. Go to the “Track MIDI Channel” page and drag the track column all the way down to the bottom of the screen. The channel will display “off” at the top of the screen. When a Track MIDI Channel has been set to “off”, the corresponding columns on the other Track properties will appear dimmed.
  • Ability to turn off a note in the “Edit Sequence” page. Similarly to the ability to turn off a channel, drag the note column all the way down to the bottom of the screen. The note will display “rest” at the top of the screen.
  • Track Speed range increased from 1-240 bpm to 1-320 bpm.

Sábado Dance by Angel José

Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://ift.tt/16XygCL

SPOOKYZOO - Soundfont Pro - My tune for winning app. by spookyzoo

After winning a code for Soundfont Pro over at iPadMusicians facebook group, the task was to create a song and write up using that app. It's a very cool app. It can load up 8 simultaneous soundfonts and also has the ability to split a keyboard into 4 zones and assign 2 fonts to each. I used some pretty CPU heavy fonts and pushed the limits of my iPad 4 using it in conjunction with Cubasis where I recorded all the midi data, and recorded the audio back into cubasis via Soundfont pro. EVERY sound is from SFpro, no added fx. It was my first real track using cubasis too, so much of the process was experimental. Hope it's deserving of the promo code. Thanks to Linda over at the facebook group and to Azfar the developer. :)

Figure Hero by Angel José

My daughter was singing the song Hero, from the group called Family of the Year. Pretty catchy song, so I made a mini cover with Figure. For some reason I have been very attached to this app, lots of fun playing around with it! Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://ift.tt/16XygCL

Fugue+SampleTank+AUFX Dub+Remaster by MOG_hidekinoway

Uploaded with AudioShare app - http://ift.tt/109HeHL

Silence Speaks by martinneuhold

A little ambient Jam, using a looped reording of Bowl, Alchemy and iFretless Sax, AUFXspace and AUFXdub, AudioMastering and MasterRecord.

DiagonaL HorizoN by JINXPADLOCK

Another instalment from my "Autumnal Downward" set. Not cheery, but trippy enough to sit through in the dark! Its heavily influenced by two movies I've recently seen, the amazing "Gravity" and the odd, yet wonderful "Berberian Sound Studio" Going for the dynamics and the filth. Made with iSem, CubeSynth, Thor, Nave, DM1, Cubasis, a SHITLOAD of Audiobus and Nanostudio on iOS. 2014 hasn't started well, Noro virus, chest infection then to top the cake, a kidney infection, so its good to get these gloomy tracks out whilst still in a weird state of mind. Do not fear, I have a sleeve full of rave coming your way very soon Thanks for listening, thanks even more if you listened loud and in the dark :) Pez x

4 Shape Down by app-sound.com

Winter2014_01 by MOG_hidekinoway

*Phew... Finally, the first song of this year (A Happy New Year!) *Made with Yellofier, JohnCagePiano app, Beatmaker2, LIVE FX, Audiobus, and Remaster app. *Also, check out the short visual&audio project I started at http://ift.tt/1l9JeLX

G-Stomper-3-VA-Beast-Synthesizer-Preview, created with G-Stomper Beat Studio 3.0 BETA for Android by planethcom

G-Stomper-3-VA-Beast-Synthesizer-Preview Created with G-Stomper Beat Studio for Android 3.0 BETA | http://ift.tt/1l9Jevn All Synthesizer sounds are created with the newly integrated VA-Beast Synthesizer. Check out the first impressions of the upcoming release 3.0 at the Support Forum: http://ift.tt/1l9Jevp G-Stomper Beat Studio is available on Google Play http://ift.tt/YMUwsO .. and Amazon http://ift.tt/1emFYDL

Status Report by Mood481

Gadget Hacking 101

Hemorrhage by Mood481

Gadget hacking

Deadly Like Blue (KORG Gadget - First Impression) by akvalley

KORG Gadget for iPad released yesterday (January 23rd). My first impression is that it is powerful yet intuitive. This is a single loop that uses the mute function on the scene control that brings parts in and out of focus. The gadgets I used: Chiang Mai London Tokyo Marseille Berlin Amsterdam Helsinki Kiev Chicago Wolfsburg Miami Brussels Caution: It crashed several times while I was editing, so remember to save often.

Going Doubtown (Gadget) by Sinking Feeling

iPolysix Sessions Vol 1 On iTunes http://ift.tt/1mtk9qt

Cynical Pinnacle (Gadget) by Sinking Feeling

iPolysix Sessions Vol 1 On iTunes http://ift.tt/1mtk9qt

Volunteer (Gadget) by Sinking Feeling

iPolysix Sessions Vol 1 On iTunes http://ift.tt/1mtk9qt

My Mind Puddle (Gadget) by Sinking Feeling

iPolysix Sessions Vol 1 On iTunes http://ift.tt/1mtk9qt

unnamed generator (Gadget) by Sinking Feeling

iPolysix Sessions Vol 1 On iTunes http://ift.tt/1mtk9qt

what the devil offers (Gadget) by Sinking Feeling

iPolysix Sessions Vol 1 On iTunes http://ift.tt/1mtk9qt

Let's Automate This Sucka (Gadget) by Sinking Feeling

iPolysix Sessions Vol 1 On iTunes http://ift.tt/1mtk9qt

bad mouth (iPolysix Remixable) by Sinking Feeling

iPolysix Sessions Vol 1 On iTunes http://ift.tt/LS60aW

Let The Machines Have Their Party by Mike J Dayton

Drums and percussion created with Robotic Drum and Samplewiz, along with Animoog and noisemusik. Processing done with AUFX space, peak, and audacity.

Sabado Dance by Angel José

So, after some encouragement last week from a couple of friends I completed this extended version of Sábado Dance. From the original 3 tracks on Figure it became a 13 track affair using Audiobus to channel all Figure sounds to Garageband. There I arranged and exported to Audio Mastering for final touches. Enjoy!

Tense Advance (Gadget) by Sinking Feeling

iPolysix Sessions Vol 1 On iTunes http://ift.tt/LS60aW

SunTea -- C3 Modelling Project Remix Preview by EIPStudiosOhio

Here's a sneak peek at the start of some modelling projects I've got planned to showcase using Caustic 3 from SingleCellSoftware....

Doctor Rave Will See You Now by JINXPADLOCK

So, second tune today, this came together pretty quickly in Cubasis so I thought I throw a few new toys at it. The arsenal available on iOS is ridiculous these days, its hard to keep up with it! We're definitely back to rave business here, hope its a turning point on those months of hell. This was made using Artic Pro, Telepathy, Modular, VirtualANS, TF7, Thor, Nave, RoboticDrum and the trusty DM1. Mixed and arranged in Nanostudio on an iPad. Can see this screaming in Logic. Beware the bass...

A loop in C at 120 bpm by martinneuhold

Contest entry for iPAd Musician Facebook group. Made with Korg Gadget, BM2, Bowls, iTabla Pro, Alchemy and Thumbjam. A bit strange, maybe....Uploaded with AudioShare app - http://ift.tt/109HeHL

I saw this over at Matrixsynth and thought it was really awesome

The post at Matrixsynth has no additional detail. Of course this isn't an iPad, but my assumption is that the screen would work the same way. If Reactable can get this working on the iPad screen it'll be awesome! I'd buy a set anyway.

Via Matrixsynth - NAMM: New Reactable Prototype - iPad with Physical Blocks.

Animoog for iPhone is still free

In case you missed it from a couple of days ago, Animoog for iPhone was priced at $9.99 but now it's free! This is going to last until the end of NAMM so grab it now!

My Auria World (Auria Contest finalist, by Anthony Alves)