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8 Step Sequence (little bits video)

KORG volca DUB mayhem - Jam Session - oLLiLab

Play a Song: When the saints go marching in (little bits video)

SoundFont Pro Demo and Tutorial for iPad

SquareSynth 1.5 brings MIDI and more

A nice little update for SquareSynth. Here's what's new:
  • 4-bit Triangle wave
  • Virtual Midi Desintination
  • Midi patch data persists between session
  • User assignable sliders on main screen
  • One Shot sampling in Recorder
  • UI Overhalled, by Keff and I
  • New Icons
  • Bug fixes

Synthesizer with the works (little bits video)

Recording Studio In A Bag....A Complete Mobile Solution (video)

Gestrument 1.4 arrives

The new version of Gestrument has landed and it has some great things. Here's what's new:

  • Patterns: Sequence the rhythmic pattern of each instrument.
  • Scale presets. Load one of many bundled scales, or create and save your own.
  • Transpose in real-time between 6 configurable transpositions, either absolute or within scale.
  • Allow individual instruments to ignore transposition.
  • Skip scale mapping if minimum and maximum pitch is equal, suitable for drones and percussion.
  • Pulse density slider scaling and inversion for each instrument.
  • Remember visible slider on iPhone.

  • Major improvement for scheduling notes on internal synth: now sample accurate.
  • MIDI recording: Use a separate track per instrument.
  • Better handling of out-of-range pitches.
  • Improve pitch fluctuation.
  • Fix occasional stuck note with extreme pitch ranges.
  • Updated Audiobus SDK.
  • Minor UI tweaks.

Boards of Rome - PREVIEW (release 07 SECT 2013) by Sinapsya

FINALLY IS OUT! For one mouth in exclusive on iTunes, GRAB IT NOW! https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/boards-of-rome/id685680736 Tracks List: 01 - Smoke Density 02 - Everything you need is an iPad 03 - Tape Memories 04 - In a beautiful city out of the world 05 - Importance of the bass 06 - Granular dream 07 - Music is physics

Caustic 3 -- short promo video

Can't wait. Hope it won't be too much longer now ...

Teenage Operator by gcheliotis

*new mix uploaded* first tune with the op-1... some modified presets, sequencing, filters and jamming. all sounds from the op-1. mixed with headphones.

Boop by Zak Hayek

8:07 by TR3V0R ANDR3W5

29 November by JT_Fales

Created with the Tabletop app for iPad.

Robots (original mix) by DJ H3nry DI

Jolly by Riccardo Romani 2

Made with Figure for iOS. Don't have Figure yet? It's a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here: http://itunes.com/app/figure

Slow Cyclone by Gemini Knight

This is my entry towards the One-App Challenge, Part 3. This song was created using my iPad and the app NanoStudio.

Coventry Carol by Jesper Jones

This is my contrib to the Apptronica.us Christmas compilation. It´s also my first try with the "AudioMastering" app. Big thanks to my sister Emma and my father Ron, who lend their voices to this spectacle! Apps used: Nanostudio, Alchemy, Sunrizer, Audiomastering and Audioshare.

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Thanks to everyone who's voted so far, if you still wanted to vote then you have less than half an hour left.

Requiem for Stochastik by pantsofdeath

Another track for the forthcoming album on www.apptronica.us As anyone who follows me will know my favourite drum app ever was Stochastik, a flawed but brilliant piece of work. If the promised updates had ever appeared it would have been awesome. Sadly it appears to be abandon-ware as iOS7 has killed it dead and nobody seems to get a reply from the Dev. After iOS6 came out there was a fix a month or two later but nothing seems to be happening this time. Ah Stochastik, how I loved you. But now you are dead and gone, how shall I replace you. (I am writing an article on exactly how I am replacing Stochastik ... er ... as soon as I have some time) So this piece is my requiem to my dear friend and companion. I crammed in a load of random generation into this. Plenty of apps allow you to generate patterns randomly but very few allow for probability based triggering or random generation dynamically (that is to say while the app is playing rather than prior to pressing the play button) This features TNR-e in bounce mode (not strictly random, but polyrhythms) Robotic Drums WeJaam (loaded with Stochastik samples. Amazing randomization abilities on drum and bass) Xynthesizr for a slowly and randomly developing pattern Animoog being played by StepPolyArp with probability set on every note Er - I think there is some Different Drummer in there, again not dynamic randomization but complex polyrhythms and some Alchemy lines and a solo from synthx The net result is very chilled - do not play while driving.

Nikola Tesla by mchlnrvs

Uploaded with AudioShare app - http://kymatica.com/audioshare

ColdMan / iMini-iSEM-iMPC-Nanologue-Nlog at Here by Sinapsya

Whenever You Smile by flightofthecuckoo

I made this song for the OP-1 battle 15. The rules are: OP-1 only, DBOX only. Resampling allowed. (Although I chose not to resample at all. Pure DBOX.)

Indecision -- Caustic 3 by EIPStudiosOhio

Been thinking about something and this came to me few hours ago...

Sinking Feeling - "folded" by Sinking Feeling

My second iPolysix track

Smash Bang by Frozen Lonesome

A cacophony of synths marshalled by a beat from Figure.

Original Song "50" by Maria Calfa-DePaul (vocals processed with Master Fx)

Cubasis 1.7 - Inter-App Audio Tutorial

Take a look at this picture and then tell me why you wouldn't buy Chordion especially at the sale price!

Chordion is still on sale for just $0.99, and they deserve your money for this picture alone.

How to Make Wobble Basses in Sunvox (video)

Tuning (little bits video)

Musyc Pro arrives

 From the people who make DM1 and RockMate here's the Pro version of Musyc.

Musyc is a fun and innovative music application where touch turns into music.
No use of piano keyboard or partitions, draw shapes and listen to your piece of music while viewing sounds bouncing on the screen.
Enjoy the 64 instruments (organized into 16 groups) exclusively created and produced at Fingerlab music studio as well as all the exciting and new physical and music tools provided in Musyc.

  • Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson
  • Retina Display
  • Optimized for iPhone 5 and new iPad
  • High quality sound engine
  • Ultra-realistic physical engine
  • Audio track mixer (level, pitch, length, pan, mute)
  • 2 effect channels with 5 effects (Delay, Overdrive, Reverb, Dalek, Compressor)
  • Physical sequencer
  • Motion recorder
  • Advanced physical objects (planet, black hole, modulator, …)
  • Real-time audio recording
  • High-quality or compressed exports (DropBox, SoundCloud, Mail, AudioCopy and iTunes)
  • User sound kit with samples import

Coming soon in next update:
  • Import & Export song project (DropBox, Mail, iTunes)
  • Audio background support
  • Wist synchronization
  • Midi synchronization
  • AudioBus support
Musyc Pro is priced at $4.99.

Orbulator...Demo and Tutorial for iPad

Introducing Swoopster (something new coming from Holderness Media)

Live improvisation iPad Samplr, Toy Music Box, Ableton Push, Maschine, Leap Motion

TF7 Inter-app Audio Demo with Garageband (iOS7 only)

Synth Band (little bits video)

Amplitube Rocks!! (video from Derek Buddemeyer)

4Pockets release StompBox FREE

StompBox free turns your iPad into a flexible Multi FX Processor which comes with 3 free effects; Delay, Reverb, Chorus and a further 16 Effects to choose from in the Online store.

StompBox Free supports AudioBus and Apple’s Inter-App Audio making an excellent general purpose audio processing tool for all musicians, not just guitarists.

With StompBox you get the best of both worlds, a rack of professional sounding stereo effects (with far more control than simple foot pedals) and a foot controller to access a tuner and all your patches.

Simply listen through a pair of headphones, or attach to an external amplifier or hifi to truly experience the program in all its glory!

Once you have built up a library of patches, you can use the virtual foot controller to quickly and easily move between patches. The Virtual Foot controller gives instant access to all patch parameters and amp settings, with the ability to enable and disable individual effects at the touch of a button. If you want to modify an effect parameter, simply scroll the effect rack into view and make your changes.

The great range of In-App options include:

Media Player - Load your favorite MP3s and play along, you can even slow down the music without effecting pitch so you can play along at your own pace.

4 Track Recorder - Record your own backing track.

Loop Station - Record your own loops.

  • Guitar and Bass Multi FX Processor
  • 16 Unique Effects available in In-App Store
  • 7 Types of Distortion via Distortion In-App
  • Chain upto 12 Simultaneous Effects
  • Media Player with Time Stretching (In-App Purchase)
  • 4 Track Loop Recorder (In-App Purchase)
  • Metronome/Chromatic Tuner
  • Stereo Routing
  • Save 12 banks of 6 patches
  • Virtual Foot Controller
  • Virtual Whammy Pedal
  • Tap Tempo
  • Compatible with range of hardware interfaces
  • 3 Unique Skins
  • Great value for money Full Unlock In-App

Many guitar apps use a form of Amp Modelling which in most cases is just fancy form of EQ. This is great for electric guitars, but not so good for accoustic. StompBox allows various amp EQ's both via the PreAmp and additional effects, but the important thing for accoutic guitar users is that these EQ's can be completely bypassed. This is where StompBox really shines, giving a faithful reproduction of accoustic instruments. This also means StompBox can be used on keyboards too.

Key Player: Learn how to play notes on the keyboard (little bits video)

Nanoloop for Android gets the big update ... iOS is coming

Here's what's new in the latest version of Nanoloop:
  • per-step control for all parameters
  • variable pattern length
  • 8 channels
  • 6 seconds sample length (mono)
  • fine-tune samples
  • filter resonance
  • more "gain" range
  • soft clipping
  • adjustable font/icon size
  • new layout
The interface has been simplified, there are no more triple-taps, double taps are not needed either, except for panning.

In most cases, a long press on an icon reveals info and/or a menu.

You can find it on the play store.

Back in 2007: Larva Labs apps for T-Mobile Sidekick

I can only barely remember the platform let alone these apps, but they were quite unique back then and looked pretty amazing. I never got to try them and I don't know what happened to Larva Labs. Here's the original post which had some pictures of the apps too.

Want to find all the apps on sale?

A list of all of them (and of course that doesn't mean that they're still on sale when you click the link) can be found here. I thought it might be useful. It's just using the label as a search, but it might be handy.

Vote in the app sales poll

It's the last day for this poll, please vote and say what you think about apps that go on sale and what works for you and what doesn't.

DMT 159: Spotify, Goldieblox, Turntable.fm, Soundrop, The Echo Nest, Rdio & CMT

News from @RetroSynthAds

ScratchPad HD (video)

ScratchPad HD from Cakewalk arrives

It's nice to see that Cakewalk aren't staying out of the iOS game. Here's their first app, ScratchPad HD.

Tweak, scratch, and stutter loops on the fly anywhere, anytime. Create beats and grooves in seconds with ScratchPad by dragging and dropping loops from any genre right onto each expression pad. Play up to 9 loops at the same time and manipulate them using the effects on each expression pad. Add in the XY Filter Pad for even more control.

Feature Highlights
  • Remix and tweak loops from genres like Dubstep, Hiphop, Trap, House, Drum and Bass
  • Manipulate loops on the fly by sliding your fingers around the Expression Pads
  • Record your live performance
  • Recall previous songs
  • Never lose the beat, stay on time all the time
  • No musical skills required!

Scratchpad was designed as a fun and easy way to make music on the go. If you are new to music apps or you want to start shaping your own songs ScratchPad is a great way to get started. Easily mix loops that come with ScratchPad or import your own loops using Dropbox. Advanced users can load their own loops and create an interactive way to play with their songs.

In Depth
  • Scratchpad has 3 main effects on each of the 9 expression pads.
  • Stutter, Tape Stop, and Scratch
  • Columns have a global tape stop
  • Expression pads have 2 play modes: Loop and One Shot
  • 3 trigger types: Normal, Momentary, and Re-Trigger
  • XY Filter Pad has both a HPF and LPF
  • Bring in your own content from Dropbox
  • Route to other apps using AudioBus

The app is priced at $4.99.

Teenage Engineering sale giving 15% off

Take a look at the TE site.

Frequency Modulation: Discover how two oscillators interact (little bits video)

News from @amplifyio

Smitematter review of Master FX

Another review from Smite Matter, you can read it here.

Messing around with CTRL

TF7 Synth (Pro) now gets Inter App Audio

Here's what's new:

Inter-app Audio Functionality for Pro Upgrade users - use TF7 in DAW apps like Garageband and BeatMaker 2! (requires iOS 7)

Other stuff:
  • MIDI In Channels Selector
  • Select/Deselect MIDI In Sources
  • Fixed various bugs

Cubasis Tutorial...Two Great Pro Production Tricks for iPad

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White Noise: Experience the random module (little bits video)

bismark bs-16i updates with IAA and more

Here's what's new with bismark bs-16i:
  • iOS7 support
  • Inter-App Audio
  • Rx (Receive) MIDI channel can be selected in each part (You can play different 2 sounds in same MIDI ch)
  • Added function to remove unsupported files inside the app
  • Added "repeat" function to the internal MIDI file player
  • Added "Velocity Sense Offset / Depth" ("Fixed Velocity" is removed)
  • Improved UI and Icon
  • Applied Audiobus-SDK v1.0.2.5
  • Applied AudioCopy-SDK v2.0.1

Rheyne - Live Jam #91 (live looping with Ableton Live)

Don't forget: Bleep labs $5 off

Don't forget that there's $5 discount on bleep labs goodies using the code here. Only valid until Sunday December the 1st.

Fun times with the Lunchbeat Groovebox

Last chance to back Touch Board, less than 2 hours to go now ...

Filtering Noise: Create a unique sound using the filter module (little bits video)

Spooky Sounds (little bits video)

Now there's a good idea for this time of year!

Little Bits (Korg Synth Kit) now have gift cards that you can use to give the gift of making strange noises with small snap together devices. What could be a better Christmas present?

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Light Sensitive Sound (little bits video)

Interesting to see what 'dream bits' people are asking for ...

And, as it happens, I think I agree with quite a few of these too. Take a look on the dream bits page and ask for one if you like.

BIAS Tutorial - GarageBand Integration

CTRL Pd Tutorial 1 - Tremolo Reverb, Glitcher, AFX Glitcher

First in a series of tutorials covering how many of the Pure Data effect and synth modules are made in CTRL. This video covers the Tremolo Reverb, Glitcher and AFX Glitcher modules.

Link to rjlib library of abstractions: https://github.com/rjdj/rjlib

10Konekt: Duo of Sonic Manipulators and Circuit Benders

Metal Music (little bits video)

Really useful single page refernce for OP-1 users

And there's also a colour version on the ohpeewon site too.

CTRL Music for iOS (video)

In case you missed it from yesterday ...

It looks like Electrify's next evolution is on the way ...

From Reactify Music, the people who brought you CTRL last week, don't expect to see this in the app store any time soon ...

SoundCloud group of the week is the FL Studio Mobile Group

$5 off orders over $55 at bleep labs

If you're looking for a little discount on some bleep labs goodies then take a look here for $5 off. Only valid until Sunday December the 1st.

LUNCHBEAT - synchronization demo

News from @apptronica

New "Dubstep Destruction" pack for BM2

In their in app store now ...

The Stylo-looper (video)

Percussion Party (little bits video)

The Fish Police Album launch ...

I've been meaning to post about this for a while now. You might remember that I posted a while back about a project that I was involved with called 'Sound Lab'. The project was with a charity called Heart n Soul (it's worth taking a look at their site to understand what they're about), based in South London, and one of their many other projects is a great band called 'The Fish Police', who have some awesome songs, and their own app on the app store too.

Well I was lucky enough to get invited along the album launch which was a blast. Not only did the Fish Police play but they also had an awesome support band called Sculpture, who I loved.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the great work that Heart n Soul do then please take a look at their site and try the app too, it's free.

The Producer's Manual (app) on the store now

Paul White's critically acclaimed Producer's Manual - the essential recording and production resource - comes to the iPad as a huge, fully-interactive App.

First published in 2011, Sound On Sound editor-in-chief Paul White's Producer's Manual became an instant hit, garnering critical acclaim and becoming the must-read production text of a generation.

Now the team behind the book present this all-new and expanded iPad edition featuring all of the original content across 320+ immersive pages alongside over an hour's worth of video walkthroughs direct from Paul's studio, fully enlargable photos, diagrams and an expansive glossary.

What's Inside
Every paragraph from the original book has been ported into this beautiful looking, easy to use App, a scrollable reference manual that covers all aspects of recording and production music:
  • All you need to get great recordings: from vocals and drums to guitars, bands and acoustic instruments. Choose the right mic, review classic recording techniques, learn how to tame spill and get the most from performers.
  • In-depth 101-style guides to dynamics and compression, reverb, pitch correction, studio acoustics, monitoring and more.
  • Taking your mix to the next level: explore the techniques and the pitfalls. Essential jargon-free theory backed by practical insights on everything from EQ through mixdown approaches to classic hardware profiles.
  • How to master your own material when the budget doesn't stretch to professional mastering.

But where the original book could only offer visual walkthroughs, the iPad edition serves up immersive videos from Paul White's own studio supplemented with easy-to-follow commentary.
  • Watch Paul as he layers guitars, sets up compressors, tames rogue frequencies and performs mastering in 25 original videos. The videos, performed in Logic X, use a range of plugins but the techniques are applicable across DAWs.
  • 'Pinch and zoom' functionality allowing high-def expasnion of the written word.
  • Click to enlarge option on many of the illustrations, allowing for full-screen viewing.

With every page lovingly rendered to this new format, this is an App that will be dipped into time and again, becoming an essential studio companion.

The app is priced at $20.99.

Chimera bC9 Synth on eBay

They become rarer all the time. Here's a lovely little bC9 from the long gone Chimera Synthesis. It's on eBay, but I bet it won't be for long.

chimera bc9 synthersizer on eBay

CHAiOS SYNTH Teaser video from a while back

I actually don't remember seeing this back in July so I thought I'd post it now as this synth app came out last week.

Monotone delay is on the bus

Yep, the lovely little monotron app Monotone delay is now all Audiobus'd up. Nice.

Movember, Movember, Movember ...

It is now less than a week to go for Movember and once again I thought I'd give you a (definitely not so) gentle reminder that it is a great cause and if you can make a donation, however small, it would be very worthwhile. It doesn't take long, and you can donate anything you want.

So, if you've saved a few £ or $ on apps from Palm Sounds over the last 12 months, had your app featured, you video posted etc, why not make a small donation to the Movember campaign. It's all about men's health.

But even if you really can't make a donation (and I do appreciate that some people can't), please visit the page and rate it. I'd really appreciate that.

Thanks. You know it makes sense.

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Sonicstate: Novaton LaunchKey Mini, Launch Control Review


Robotic Drums ... Great Drum Synth with Probability Engine, Tutorial for iPad

That's a lot of molecule synth and a very big molecule table too

Novidades do Cubasis 1.7 para iPad: inter-app audio e mais (video from Marcus Padrini)

News from @MeeBlip

Play A Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (video from little bits)


A digital release from JONATAN LILJEDAHL (maker of some of our favourite apps).

Atmospheric for Alchemy Mobile

Atmospheric is a collection of beautiful pads, musical soundscapes, strings, and sound effects sounds which are perfect for everything from film scores to ambient and electronica.

VOLCA TENORI MASTER MIND Everybody Has A Story (video)

Presets for Groups of Controls (1.6.0, Jan 2014)

Synthecaster gets MIDI and more

Here's what's new in this version of Synthecaster:
  • MIDI: Synthecaster is now Core MIDI compatible as a MIDI controller. The app outputs messages for note on/off events, pitch wheel changes, legato pedal events, and polyphonic note ties compatible with Animoog.
  • Scale highlighting: highlight keys for any scale. Choose from a long list of scales or create your own custom scale.
  • Fixed LFO Target display bug that occurred on iPhones with 4 inch screens.
  • Adjusted output volume to reduce clipping.

Rheyne - Live Jam #90 (live looping with Ableton Live / M4L)

Pressure Sensitive Pitch Sweeps (Advanced) little bits video

Back in 2007 this was a bit of a surprise

Today in 2007 Brian Whitman released Pushpin, his MIDI synth for GameBoy. This came as a bit of a surprise as he'd left the project unfinished for quite some time. Here's the original post.

Interview with Hector of Big Robot Studios on Robotic Drums

Interesting interview with the developer of the excellent Robotic Drums, Hector from Big Robot Studios.

The daily picture ...

Whatever happened to these?

Coming in Gestrument 1.4 ...

Transposition ...

Tape by Focusrite now has Audiobus and more

Tape by Focusrite gets a very nice update for a free app. Here's what's new:
  • Audiobus support
  • New share features, including; Audio Copy, Mac/PC file share, Email
  • New mastering presets
  • New input effects
  • iOS 7 support
  • Bug fixes and improvements

What's coming to Gestrument ...

Patterns ... coming in Gestrument 1.4.

Alchemy Synth Mobile Studio updated with inter app audio and more

It's a nice update for Alchemy. Here's what's new:
  • Inter-App Audio controls added
  • Simpler main menu design
  • Dropbox song import
  • All Sounds Pack - buy all Sound Libraries at once for a reduced price
  • Various other improvements

Exclusive new features in Pro upgrade
  • MIDI Learn - control sliders and remix pad from an external MIDI keyboard
  • Dropbox song export


Movember ... another day, another reminder

It is now exactly a week to go for Movember and once again I thought I'd give you a (maybe not so) gentle reminder that it is a great cause and if you can make a donation, however small, it would be very worthwhile. It doesn't take long, and you can donate anything you want.

So, if you've saved a few £ or $ on apps from Palm Sounds over the last 12 months, had your app featured, you video posted etc, why not make a small donation to the Movember campaign. It's all about men's health.

But even if you really can't make a donation (and I do appreciate that some people can't), please visit the page and rate it. I'd really appreciate that.

Thanks. You know it makes sense.

Is Lemur the REAKTOR of Control?

Stoop Kid by Mike Leisz, music made with the OP-1

SQRT Demo and Tutorial for iPad running thru a MiniKaoss Pad2

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R2D2 for your Monotron ...

Pressure Sensitive Pitch Sweeps (Basic), video from little bits

AudioCopy 2.1 beta SDK posted

I'm not entirely sure from the description of it what that actually means, but I'm sure others will. So if you missed it, you can find it here.

iOS Music And You: iOS Music Weekly (11/25/13 – 12/1/13)

Did you miss the latest happenings in the iOS world throughout the last week? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered here at iOS Music And You. Every Monday we’ll be filling you in on the most recent news, new app releases, and the on-site happenings. You can get a taste of everything that’s fueling [...]

Click here for the original post from iOS Music And You

News from @HeartnSoulArt

News from @HeartnSoulArt


Virtual ANS beta 2.1 available (not iOS or Android)

The next version of Virtual ANS is available if you want to play. If you're interested in what's coming (iOS and Android soon) read on ...
  • layers;
  • multi-level undo buffer (default number of levels - 2, but you can change it in the app Settings);
  • improved brush manager (with such options as Load From JPG/PNG/GIF file, Save to PNG);
  • now any selection can be converted to brush;
  • new effects: Gain, Noise, Vibrato;
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + Y (redo);
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + A (select/unselect all);
  • new keyboard shortcuts: SHIFT + LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN (faster movement);
  • now it is possible to move the selection (in the Selection mode only) by pressing LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN button;
  • new Visualization settings: Pitch Panel (Show/Hide), Time Panel (Show/Hide);
  • progressive JPEG support;
  • AIFF support (load only);
  • bugs fixed.

Virtual ANS on the app store:

Mobile music objects of desire ...

Know what this is?

Cubasis Updated With IAA And A Brand New Free Synth Called Nanologue

Rheyne - Ambient Jam #5 (video)

AudioTest (GitHub) project from Michael

This github project from Michael might be useful for developers looking to test new ideas:

"AudioTest is a simple Core Audio/Audio Unit iOS app for testing and experimentation. It consists solely of an App Delegate that includes routines to setup, start, stop and teardown a Remote IO Audio Unit based audio system.

It can be useful for testing issues and evaluating ideas."

Anything new for the wait list?

It's Monday, is there anything that needs adding into the wait list? Let me know if there is, or just take a look and see what's coming up.

Launchpad para iPad: como usar seus próprios loops e samples sem precisar do computador (video from Marcus Padrini)

Play a Song: Row Row Row Your Boat (little bits video)

And they've done it!

They hit their £100,000 stretch goal before the end of the campaign. It's amazing to think that they only started by looking for £15,000 in the first place.

News from @bigrobotstudios

What's happening at Mutable Instruments? Lots actually ...

Yep, Olivier is pretty amazing, there's loads going on there, so if you're a Shruthi user of MIDIpal user or whatever, it's worth checking out what he's up to as there's some interesting stuff going on around new firmware versions.

All the details here.

News from @robman84

Here's the weekly round up, and wasn't it another great week?

Every time I think that things are getting quiet I find I'm wrong, and this week was one of those weeks wasn't it? Here are all the good things that happened ...

New apps:
  • Monotone arrives, a Monotron like app for your iPhone (see a video of it here)
  • CTRL arrived and you can hear my interview with Yuli, developer of this great app right here.
  • Beatbox Looper arrives from the maker of Protein Der Klang
  • Nanologue arrives from Steinberg and it's free
  • c3n Play arrives and is currently free
  • CHAiOS synth for iPad is here

Significant app updates:
  • AudioReverb updates with IAA and more
  • triqtraq gets an awesome update with iOS7 support, WIST and more, plus their site gets an nice refresh too
  • Junglator gets audiobus support
  • SQRT gets audiobus support and more
  • Phawuo gets virtual MIDI and more
  • Cubasis gets IAA and more
  • touchAble 2 arrives and is a complete re-write and has loads on new features

Crowdfunding stuff:
  • Patchblocks has still got some time to go on their campaign, you can see a video of patchblocks in action here, and another here.
  • Touch Board looks like it's well on the way to hitting their 2nd stretch goal of £100,000 which is amazing
  • Palette is a modular controller on kickstarter and looks pretty amazing



Things to watch out for
  • There seem to be things going on with meeblip, like this picture,
  • After a long break Jasuto 1.5 is on the way! There's a video teaser here and the site has also been updated

Useful stuff:

So, lots to catch up on and I'm sure there'll be lots of new things next week!

BIAS Tone Shaping for Synths

BIAS Tutorial - Metal Tone

BIAS Tutorial - Crunch Tones

BIAS Tutorial - Blues Tones

touchAble 2 User Guide: Template Editor Module - Control Ableton Live with iPad

BIAS Tutorial - Clean Tone

BIAS Tutorial - JamUp Integration

BIAS Tutorial - Factory Presets

So you know that Cubasis has IAA now, here's the rest too

Of course you might of missed it as it's pretty recent, but here's the full details on the update:

  • Use Inter-App Audio apps as insert/send effects.
  • In the instrument rack you can choose Inter-App Audio apps as instruments for your MIDI tracks.
  • On audio tracks, select any Inter-App Audio app from the routing tab in the inspector to record them.

  • Audio inputs popup added to the inspector to easily assign tracks to mono, stereo, Audiobus or Inter-App Audio.
  • New in-app help system including interactive search function.
  • AudioCopy 2.0 SDK has been implemented.

touchAble 2 User Guide : MIDI Clip Editor - Control Ableton Live with iPad

touchAble 2 User Guide: The Browser - Control Ableton Live with your iPad

c3n play arrives on the app store (and it is free for now)

c3n play arrives and it's free at the moment although there seems to be an introductory period but no clear view of how long that is. The content that comes with it is free, but there are other content packs available via IAP (of course).

Here's the rest of the app's description:

C3N.play is free during the introduction period.

C3N.play is a live performance loop player. We have carefully designed the user experience for a free workflow. You can arrange performances from the exploration and improvisation of hundreds of loops created by professional artists.

We believe that freedom is a feature. With a few cautiously designed features that can be combined freely provides a low learning threshold and room for virtuosity. C3N.play provides these essential features:
  • Play and stop loops
  • Manipulate volume, high pass filter frequency, low pass filter frequency, and resonance
  • Create performances from collections of playing loops
  • Arrange scenes of loops in a performance
  • Play and stop scenes
  • Add loops to a playing scene
  • Remove a loop from a performance
  • Clone and delete a performance
  • InAppPurchase of loop packs

C3N.play contains four free loop packs. Each loop pack contains up to twenty loops or more. Over 280 loops were composed by Håkan Lidbo, David Laake, and Emil Hedin. Loop packs can be added via inAppPurchase.

touchAble 2 User Guide : First Contact - Control Ableton Live with iPad

touchAble 2 User Guide: Midi mapping an external controller - Control Ableton Live with iPad

CHAiOS Synth for iPad arrives (and it's free)

Another new synth for you to try out on your iPad ...

The CHAiOS Synth is an easy-to-use synthesizer for iPad. Including basics like different waveforms, envelope, filters and effects, you can create random melodies in a slightly different way of using a common synth. CHAiOS Synth was made during a project by University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf.

Not only for musicians! Just play, explore and get creative.

And the app is free it seems.

News from @AudioEvolution5

touchAble 2 - Control Ableton Live with your iPad

touchAble 2 arrives

touchAble 2 has arrived after a long wait. Here's what's new:

Complete rebuild of the application and underlying engine.

New features:
  • MIDI Sequencer
  • Template Editor
  • Isomorphic Keyboard
  • Live 9 Features including browser access
  • Advanced Native Live Templates
  • MIDI Mapping external Controller
  • Countless of new features and improvements

Volca Beats Improv. (video)

It's that Movember thing, I'm going to keep mentioning it so please do something about it

It is now exactly a week to go for Movember and once again I thought I'd give you a (maybe not so) gentle reminder that it is a great cause and if you can make a donation, however small, it would be very worthwhile. It doesn't take long, and you can donate anything you want.

So, if you've saved a few £ or $ on apps from Palm Sounds over the last 12 months, had your app featured, you video posted etc, why not make a small donation to the Movember campaign. It's all about men's health.

But even if you really can't make a donation (and I do appreciate that some people can't), please visit the page and rate it. I'd really appreciate that.

Thanks. You know it makes sense.

Stacked to the ceiling by Mike J Dayton

Thor, interpol, and TF7 for the synths and STIX for the drums. Arranged in nanostudio with a few Different Drummer bits and the name sake sample, toy stacking cups.

3quarterBeat Beatmaker2/iPulsaret at On My iPhone 5 by Sinapsya

Uploaded with AudioShare app - http://kymatica.com/audioshare

Nave+DifferentDrummer Session at BedRoom with headphones by Sinapsya

Uploaded with AudioShare app - http://kymatica.com/audioshare

A little poll on app pricing, please tell me what you think

I'm interested to know what you think about app pricing and in particular price drops or sales. Please vote on the poll which will be up for a week.


Beat Twirl goes all flat (iOS7) and a bit more

Beat Twirl has an update after quite a few months. Here's what's new:
  • New iOS 7 look
  • iOS 7 Compatibility
  • Audio Copy 2 Compatibility

Silent Night ios submission being considered for Apptronica's Christmas Compilation by MariaCalfa-DePaul

This is my submission for consideration for Apptronica's Christmas Compilation Album. The premise was to take a Christmas song that's in the public domain and create it using only ios. I used my iPad4 and I played my Godin USB guitar straight into Auria using the camera connection kit lightening to usb adapter. Then I recorded the vocals using my Blue Yeti Mic. The Blue Yeti requires a powered hub so I sent the yeti into the hub and the hub into the lightening to usb adapter into the iPad. Then I added 3 tracks of synths using Audiobus. The synths were Artic Synth, Artic Pro and BS-16i using my Korg Nanokeys2 as the controller into the CCK lightening to Usb. Once all the tracks were mixed I exported the finale wave and copy and pasted it into Audio Mastering (Igor Vasiliev's wonderful app!) and uploaded that wave to soundcloud. I hope you like it and thanks for listening

Caustic 3 Rocks -- guitar modelling test by EIPStudiosOhio

A quick guitar modelling test using Caustic 3 app -- using synths to model guitar, bass, and lead. Aldo featuring PocketKit Pro drumkit

a12 by mchlnrvs

a futile effort to ward off frost giants by Mike J Dayton

Made with Yellofier app - http://yello.com Created for one app challenge on Ipad musician facebook group. Djembe, keys jawharp, and the mighty analog power of the monotron ;)

Kate And Alison by apapdop

A dubby ride to nowhere and back courtesy of Samplr. I apologise if this doesn't make much musical sense but my head is slowly filling with mucus...

Babylon Shall Faarl by apapdop

More Samplr manglings. Heinous...

Once Upon A Time... Quietly... by apapdop

Created in Samplr, lightly polished in Auria. Many thanks to my wonderful son, George, for providing the words, vocals and inspiration to this track.

Living Life A Fiver At A Time by apapdop

More Samplr. Just wish it had a pan control...

Dreams Of A Kyoto Snowflake by apapdop

Uploaded with AudioShare app - http://kymatica.com/audioshare Samplr is just fantastic...

nightmares by Sinking Feeling


inept by Sinking Feeling

Counting Sheep "iPad Musican Contest: One-app challenge part 3" by MariaCalfa-DePaul

This is my submission to the current contest sponsered by the developer of the new App: Cotracks. The idea is to use one app only to create a song. No audiobus no Interapp audio Nothing but what the app provides. Midi controllers are allowed and I used my iRig Keys to input the notes. This is the most tracks I think I have used for a song: 9 I used the bongos drum loop. The following were also used: bass smart bass, Strings were the keyboard strings as well as the smart strings but I didn't used the smart controls just my keyboard to improvise. The smart guitar was also used but just for the sound as I improvised that as well using my keyboard. Other sounds were a sample I did of my breathing using the onboard sampler as well as a sound of water that I created rolling my necklace beads in my hand and pressing record. I then played that sound on my keyboard. Another on board synth I used was one called Organic Bells but I tweaked it to sound a bit different using the onboard controls. The last instrument I used was also from the keyboard collection it's called Fuel Cells. I then directly uploaded the song to soundcloud. Hope you like it. I wrote it when I couldn't sleep lol!

jazz mini1 by mchlnrvs

Something Figure#2 by Jordwin