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Dingsaller 1.2 arrived

Dingsaller 1.2 arrives with these new features:
  • MIDI Channel Filter
  • MIDI Output
  • NoteToControl Node
Dingsaller - Tim Bolstad

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Pocket Hipster is currently free

Lots of people have been talking about this app and how cool it is, and as it is free I thought I'd let you know.

Pocket Hipster - Hunted Media

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Concretedog: Doktorus Ruffmix (WIP)

Concretedog has a new track and it is in the Palm Sounds SoundCloud group. He writes about it here.

Doktorus ruffmix WIP by concretedog

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Introducing the Fairlight App for iPhone & iPad

It is coming ...

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DrumtrackHD Review

You know you've got a great bit of software in front of you when you keeping finding things and thinking 'wow, that's really useful', and 'I didn't know they'd put that feature in'.

Well that's how I feel about DrumTrackHD. I've always like the iPhone/Touch version of the app and I was really pleased when the iPad version came out. The interface is very similar so the learning curve from one app to the other is quite short.

However there's plenty of features in the new HD version of this excellent drum machine. I've really enjoyed the additional screen space with the iPad version. It's made a big difference to workflow within this app.

One of the great things about DrumTrackHD is the level of control over each step in your pattern. Each step has individual volume, pan, pitch control and gives you just want to for you patterns especially with up to 16 tracks in the pattern too.

All of the export options that were there in the original, which makes it an easy addition to your existing workflow.

I also like the new FX in the app. Overall this is a great drum machine for the iPad and I hope that it will continue to get better and better.

Overall I like this app because it is simple to use with plenty of options to configure it

DrumtrackHD is priced at $9.99

DrumtrackHD - Simple Is Beautiful

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FiltererMoPixels promo code give away CLOSED

The promo code give away for filtererMoPixels is now closed and codes will be going out in the next couple of hours.

filtererMoPixels - glidepro

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Noise Boxx for iPhone

A new noise maker for iOS. Thanks to Piet for sending me an email about this app. Here's the details:

Noise Boxx is just what the name says: it's a box which makes noise. But it makes very cool noises, and you are in complete control!

For the audio-techies among you: Noise Boxx is a Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO), which can be linked to a Voltage Controller Oscillator (VCO) and a noise generator.

For the not-so-audio-techies: Noise Boxx is an app with a virtual keyboard and five dials, which you can combine to make the most awesome of noises!

Just fiddle with the rate and intensity of the LFO, change the VCO's pitch to something absurdly high and observe the reaction of people and animals around you.

But don't just be annoying! Noise Boxx can also be used as a real instrument. Consider it a synthesizer without the piano lessons! Just listen to a beat or song and play along on your Noise Boxx!

Noise Boxx - Coding Dutchmen

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Rumours of iOS5 demo on the 2nd

A few rumours cropping up about a demo of iOS5 on the 2nd of March at Apple's event. I wonder what they've got in store. What's on your wishlist for iOS5 then?

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controlling Oddity with TouchOSC

controlling Oddity with TouchOSC from crazed mule on Vimeo.

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In the Palm Sounds SoundCloud Group: Paper Notes by MikiStrange with MultiTrack DAW

Paper Notes by MikiStrange

Really nice use of a group of apps and all finished off in MultiTrack DAW. Nice one Miki.

MultiTrack DAW - Harmonicdog

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Fabric Speakers (various coil materials)

Posted this as I think this kind of material could be really useful for small portable or wearable speaker set ups.

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More on the Ion Piano 2 Go

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In the Palm Sounds SoundCloud Group: Bad Guts by jamiedoughty with KORG iMS-20

Bad Guts by jamiedoughty

Nice sparce electronica.

Put your tracks in the Palm Sounds group here.


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Monle gone!

Monle has gone from the app store! Thanks to everyone pointed this out from the workflow post and forum thread. I'm trying to find out what's happening.

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Austin - BleepLabs Breakfast

Austin - BleepLabs Breakfast from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

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AmpKit setup pages

I only found this page because of a tweet from Agile Partners. It has some useful stuff if you're an Ampkit user.

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Shruthi-1 demo

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Another track from the SunVox Song Archive

More SunVox songs from the archive.

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What's next from bleep!BOX dev?

A little look at the new app from the developer of bleep!BOX and bleep!Synth.

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In the Palm Sounds SoundCloud Group: Rest by evolvE

Rest by evolvE

This track has a certain cinematic quality I liked. It takes a while to get going, but the wait is worth it.

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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Can anyone help with this?

This is completely off topic but I thought I'd ask as I know someone will have an answer.

I've got a mac mini that I want to use with my MacBook but without a screen or keyboard, so I want to control the whole thing from my MacBook. First off, is that possible, and how could I do it?

All help gratefully received.

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Some thoughts on 50 in 1 Piano HD (and the iPhone version)

I've been playing with this app for a few days both on the iPad and iPhone, and it is a really nice app. Great for mucking about with some keyboard ideas or just doodling.

But that's not what I wanted to write about here. I was playing with the lessons in the app, and they are great fun. If anything I think these 'lessons' good go a lot further then they do now. I think that they would be great for game center. For kids the lessons are a great way to get them into trying to get better at playing songs.

If you've got children I'd say this is well worth checking out.

50in1 Piano HD - Alexander Gross

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InstantDrummer: Space Time

A new InstantDrummer app arrives. Space Time. The app is priced at $2.99.

InstantDrummer: Space Time - Sonoma Wire Works

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In the Palm Sounds SoundCloud Group: eyes and hair by jamiedoughty

eyes and hair by jamiedoughty

I found this track both rhythmically interesting and also almost mesmeric at times. I really liked it!

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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The wait list ...

It has been a while since I wrote a 'wait list' post, but I thought I would as there's a few on the list now, at least for me anyway.
  • Fairlight app: The long awaited
  • Fruit Loops mobile: What will the specs be like?
  • Tympanum, the next iOS app from miniMusic
  • Isle of Tune: Making music with your world
Is there anything I've missed?
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    filtererMoPixels promo code give away

    I have 5 promo codes to give away for this new iPad effect app. To enter the promo code give away all you need to do is answer this question:

    'Name one other app from the same developer'

    Email your answer to palmsounds.comp@me.com by tomorrow 28th of Feb 6pm GMT. Winners with a correct answer will be picked at random.

    filtererMoPixels - glidepro

    iPads at the Apple Store

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    Workflow thread in the Forum

    I was taking a look at the workflow thread this morning and saw some really interesting ideas on using Monle to work with FTP and also goodreader for moving files as well.

    I think I might have to try out those myself.

    If you're looking for some ideas for your own workflow, or want to share what you're doing the visit this thread in the forum.

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    "Close To You" on iPhone PianoStudio

    PianoStudio - Frontier Design Group

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    Loved this picture

    So I had to just post it. Via Low Brow Eye.

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