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Feed 2 arrives

Feed is updated for the first time since 2012. It's also on sale for just $0.99. The description of what's new is a little brief ...

"Whole new newness: kickass file management, multiple effects and control, tutorial."

Tera Synth arrives

Well that didn't take long did it? Here's Tera Synth, Modular Analog Synthesizer (app), and it's introductory offer price is 50% off. Not sure how long for though.

Here's what the app's description says ...

Explore new sound spaces with Tera Synth that go beyond the emulation of synthesizer legends. Use the power of analog and digital synthesis combined with new modules for physical modelling. Wireless patching of modules combined with an intelligible modulation routing simplifies the development of new synthesizer designs from scratch. Distortion effect, Delay/Chorus/Phaser and Reverb effects give your sounds the final polishing. Tera Synth gives your music an individual character with its unique fat sound. The well-designed algorithms and the economical modular structure provides you with a comparatively high voice yield. Precise timing with the unique built-in Arpeggiator let you feel the rhythm.

Tera Synth supports Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio for integration with other Music Apps.

Modular Analog Synthesis
  • Modular synthesizer with free connections between modules.
  • 25 Sound Modules
  • 4 Low frequency oscillators
  • 4 Standard ADSR Envelope generators.
  • 4 Multi Segment Envelopes with tempo sync.
  • 64 time/level segments per envelope
  • Monophonic or polyphonic with 16 voices.
  • More than 920 factory presets, unlimited user presets can be shared.

  • Chorus with four delay lines.
  • 8 pole Analog Phaser.
  • Distortion effect with Tube/Tape emulation
  • Stereo Echo/Delay effect.
  • Hi end reverberation unit.

  • Play melodies live with the onscreen keyboard. Drag fingers for slides and vibrato.
  • Optionally use CoreMIDI* compatible hardware keyboard.
  • Dozens of scales selectable
  • Variable Keyboard layout for scale optimized playing

Full featured programmable Arpeggiator
  • Uses programmable sequences with up to 32 steps.
  • Can trigger single notes and chords.
  • Unique randomizer generates Arpeggios with 100% usability.
  • 32 Arpeggios included, unlimited useer arpeggios possible.
  • For each step you can program tie, accent, transposition and note order

  • Audiobus compatible (Input slot).
  • Inter App Audio
  • Audio pasteboard. Copy audio recordings to Clipboard for use with other Apps
  • Exchange user presets with File Sharing in iTunes.
  • Support for virtual MIDI input connections.
  • MIDI learn functionality.
  • Publish loops and recordings online with the SoundCloud audio platform.

The app's into price is $9.99 (50% off)

Meteor Lite Multitrack Recorder arrives

Meteor Lite Multitrack Recorder from 4Pockets has arrived. The first thing I wanted to know was how restricted this version was, but actually, when you look at what's missing it isn't much at all. Here's the limitations:

"This version of Meteor does does not include MIDI support, the WAVE Editor, or simultaneous multi-track recording which are available in the full version. You can however purchase these as In-Apps to give the same functionality of its bigger brother."

Not bad really. The lite version of Meteor costs $8.99 against the full version at $19.99, so I don't think that this is a bad deal at all.

Anyway, here's the full app description:

Meteor is a digital multi-track recorder DAW designed specifically for the iPad, featuring up to 32 high quality audio or MIDI tracks, complete with built in Mixer and Multi-FX Processor.

Key Features:
  • Record up to 12 tracks (upgradable to 32) of CD quality audio.
  • CoreMidi Compatible (see limitations above)
  • Multi-Effects Processor.
  • Integrated 32 channel Mixer with 3 Band EQ per channel.
  • Supports up to 24 Inputs and Outputs
  • Midi Editor (In-App) Edit MIDI Note and Controllers
  • Virtual Instruments.
  • Sound Cloud, DropBox, and Copy & Paste Support.
  • AudioBus Support.
  • Apple Inter App Audio (IAA).
  • Import & Export Midi Files (In-App Required).
  • MIDI Clock Sync with External Hardware.
  • Integrated Sample Editor.
  • 3 Insert Effects Per Track.
  • 3 Global Send Effect Busses
  • Insert Effect and Virtual Instrument Freeze facility to reduce CPU load.
  • Record Effects & Record Monitor
  • Mixer and Effect Automation
  • Metronome
  • Stereo Mixdown / Bounce Facility
  • Import samples and iPod songs.
  • Export to compressed CAF, M4A and WAV formats
  • Automatic Delay Compensation
  • In-App Purchases through the Online Shop found in the Help Menu

Editor features include cut, copy, paste, fade in/out. clear, reverse, gain, normalize, remove DC offset, time stretch, pitch shift and basic auto tune.

Effects include digital delay, chorus / flanger, reverb, graphic equalizer, auto tune, noise gate, tremelo, tone boost, distortion and many more.

The Mixer and effect levels can be fully automated using definable controller tracks.

Great tool for journalists, With The Video Import In-App you can import a video and Edit, Create and Export the Video and Soundtrack. Great for reporting on the go.

Supports up to 32 tracks on a 4th generation iPad (or later), 24 tracks on a 2nd or 3rd generation when used in conjunction with the In-App 12-32 Track Upgrade.

Today is the last day to get Quincy on sale

Quincy has been on sale since the middle of July. At the moment it is just $4.99, down from $6.99, although it has been priced as high as $9.99 before. So today is your last chance to grab it at the low end.

A Beginners Guide To Audiobus 2 (video)

JamUp - Ola Englund "Ola Crockett Lead" Preset (video)

uFXloops Community Features (video)

Portable Eurorack Modular Synth Jam (w/ Tape & Final Touch iOS Apps) #TTNM (video)

Korg Gadget - Kiev - Instrument Tour (Part 4) (video)

Fiedler Audio AD 480 Reverb App Demo - Sweetwater's iOS Update, Vol. 81 (video)

PinballDJ Teaser (video)

uFXloops Basic Concept (video)

Gnat Synthesizer Solo (video)

Just some nostalgia from me as I still miss my old Gnat.

Dekichatta KON - BakaOscillator Ver. (Original music by Simonger Mobile) (video)

Teenage Engineering PO-12 Unveiling, Norberg 2014 (video)

BURG - PolyMetrics (novation mininova, elektron analog four, TR-8, ms-20, volca) (video)

modified monotron & microbrute test (video)

Rheyne - Ambient Jam #6 (video)

BM2 still on sale, but why?

KORG DSN-12: 13 (video)

Music Studio gets a pretty impressive update

Here's what's new in Music Studio:
  • New effect routing: 5 track, 5 send and 6 global effects
  • 4 new effects: Compressor, BitCrusher, Phaser, StereoWidener
  • Polyphony during export increased to 256
  • MIDI CC2 input is mapped to track volume
  • Audiobus SDK 2.0 compatibility
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Teenage Engineering PO-12 + Moog Minifooger Analog Effects (video)

Video description:

"The PO-12 is a new drum machine from Teenage Engineering. This is one of the first 200 prototypes ever manufactured, made exclusively for the artists who performed at Moogfest 2014.

Here the PO-12 is featured with the MF Ring, MF Delay, and MF Drive from the Minifooger line of Analog Effects Pedals by Moog.

Learn more about Moog Minifooger Analog Effects here: http://bit.ly/Minifoogers"

Tuna Knobs Engineering Update (video)

Samplr vs. Bass Station II (video)

Tuna Knobs now 200%+ funded

Still plenty of time to grab these, their kickstarter has over a week left.

Gliderverb by Amazing Noises, Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

In case you missed my piece on Android ...

You can find it here. It's a little look at where we are with Android.

ToneStack: High Quality Preset Demo (video)

Mitosynth 1.1 is live with IAA and more

Here's what's new with Mitosynth:

Major new features:
  • Inter-App Audio support
  • Audiobus State Saving
  • Painter mode: Paint your own single-cycle waveforms into the Wavechamber
  • Gridcøre mode: Assemble waveforms into a grid, morph across them in 2D
  • Create “packages” from your patches, to share with others
  • 20 additional built-in patches

Other neat stuff:
  • Additional musical scales & ability to transpose them
  • Adjust tuning & mix levels in the wave chamber (e.g. you can make pre-baked chord patches)
  • Can type in exact values for dial settings (& don’t forget: you’ve always been able to fine-tune settings by dragging downwards while adjusting them!)
  • Lots of extra flexibility in patch design, including enhanced settings for Bit Crush, High Pass, Low Pass, Pitch Bend, use Tube Resonance in the Prefilter
  • And of course various minor stability, performance & UI improvements.

Turquoise DS for iPad Demo and Setting Up with Audiobus 2


GliderVerb is a “Reverberator with Glissandos” simulating a room gradually changing its shape. It is an expanded version of an algorithm created by James McCartney for his Supercollider 2 programming language.!
The original algorithm had no user-variable parameters: this device adds a series of parameters to create a wide palette of effects; from evolving reverberations to granular disintegration to smooth resonances.!

And it's free ...

Caramel: High Quality audio demo (video)

GRIT update brings lots of MIDI improvements

Here's what's new in GRIT:
  • Midi Automation of knobs:
  • Double tap a knob to enter learn mode and send a midi CC to assign.
  • Midi mapping is automatically saved a recalled on startup.

Praxis Beats Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

AnaddrSynth update brings some really interesting new features

Here's what's new with AnaddrSynth:
  • MIDI: Hardware keyboard MIDI input support.
  • Arbitrary waveform generator and wave engine, which is defined by drawing on a new pad interface.
  • Sine waveform engine.
  • Updated interface for new features and improved graphics and text for readability.
  • New selections from oscillator destinations to support the Sine and Arbitrary waveforms.
  • New modulation outputs from the LFO bank for the Sine and Arbitrary waveforms.
  • Several bug fixes, including missing keyboard/keys sensing and button/settings logic.
  • Improved settings save process.


rrarrow adds IAA and more

Here's what's new in the rrarrow update:
  • Audiobus SDK updated to 2.12
  • Audiobus State Saving support
  • Inter-App Audio support!
  • processing switch and master volume level
  • download the new manual on the iBooks Store or as a PDF on rrarrow website

XK1 from One Red Dog Media demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

Modular Synthesizer

Modular Synthesizer adds more modules in version 1.0.5. Here's what's new:

This update requires iOS 7 for Audiobus 2.1 Compatibility

New Modules:

  • Analog Modeling Oscillator
  • Variable waveform which morphs from triangle, saw, square, and pulse
  • Analog circuit characteristics from minimal to extreme
  • Sweepable frequency modulation over the entire oscillator frequency range

  • Super Wave Oscillator
  • 7 simultaneous oscillators which have been slightly detuned from each other to create a huge sound
  • Choose from Super Sine, Super Triangle, and Super Saw
  • Detune and mix controls
  • Sweepable frequency modulation over the entire oscillator frequency range

  • Audiobus 2.1 compatible
  • MIDI event handling vastly improved. Fast playing legato should work perfectly now.
  • Misc. bug fixes

AmenBreak Generator for iPad Demo and Tutorial (video)

Wave DJ update

Wave DJ updates with support for Audiobus 2 and inter-app audio.

KORG DSN-12 :11 (video)

SoundCloud for iPhone 3.1 looks like an improvement

Here's what SoundCloud say about version 3.1:

Thanks to everyone who downloaded our all-new iPhone app, and to those of you who have gotten in touch with feedback. We’re taking everything onboard, so stay tuned for future updates. With 3.1, you can enjoy:
  • ‘Now Playing’ indicator added (so you always know what's playing)
  • Liked playlists now show in the 'You' tab
  • ‘Record with AudioCopy’ added to ‘More’ tab*
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

*We've partnered with Retronyms on the AudioCopy app, which lets you record, edit and upload directly to SoundCloud. AudioCopy also enables you to upload tracks created in other apps directly to SoundCloud.

Moog Werkstatt-01, Korg microKORG, Volca Beats (video)

Just a quick note about the lack of posts recently

My apologies for the lack of posting over the last few days. I was away at WOMAD over the weekend with almost no signal and trying to keep my iPhone battery from giving up for 3 days. Anyway, back to normal now. If you want to see a couple of pictures from WOMAD I've posted some here, and also on instagram.

Everyday Looper gets its first update since 2012

This is great. I had wondered if this app was going to be abandoned or not, but it looks like it hasn't and I'm really pleased.

Here's what's in version 1.6:

Restore the previous version of a track modified by recording, erasing or merging.

[Send Mail]
Send individual tracks or mixes of your loops, in AAC or WAV format, by email.

[iOS7/8 Look]
Menu and icon updated to match iOS 7 and 8 look.

  • Instant mute by tapping on the left side of a track.
  • 4 beats count-in for click track based loops by repeating the stop gesture two times.
  • AudioCopy SDK updated to version 2.

For more info on how to use these new features, you can go to http://www.mancingdolecules.com

Korg ESX, Volca Bass, + Volca Keys Techno Jam (video)

Anything new for the wait list?

It's Monday, is there anything that needs adding into the wait list? Let me know if there is, or just take a look and see what's coming up.

What's your workflow?

Everyone has a different workflow and a different way of working and getting the sounds you want. So what's yours? How about sharing it and explaining why it works for you? Just get in touch (check the 'about' page) and tell me all about your workflow.

Reminder: Buy apps from the sites and blogs you love

Just a regular reminder that if you want to help support the blogs and sites that make up the mobile music community please do consider buying your apps using the iTunes links you find on those sites (including this one of course). Thanks.

Happy birthday to AirVox from Yonac

Today in 2011 Yonac brought out their amazing AirVox app which is a complete revolution. A massive happy birthday to AirVox and to Yonac for making it.

What's your app of the week?

What's the app that's been most useful or the most inspiring this week? Or maybe just the app that's been your work horse for the last few days. Tell me which one it is and why.

Where we are with Android, and where next?

This has been a long time in the promising so first off an apology for it taking quite so long. Secondly a little bit about what to expect in this piece. What I started off thinking about was a straight comparison between android and iOS. There's some of that here but maybe not as much as you might expect. In thinking about where we are with android I started to wonder about what the best way was to approach the topic. Obviously a straight comparison is easy. iOS has loads more apps and is better developed and supported. We could delve into that in more detail but the outcome is roughly the same. Where I ended up was thinking about what I would think of Android if it almost existed in a vacuum. If I think about what mobile music making would have been like without iOS it's pretty stark but if the only new mobile platform that emerged had been Android then it would still have been a step in the right direction and I think that Android would have been quite different without the competition of iOS. But that's probably a set of speculations that could just run and run so I won't go there.

When I started Palm Sounds most of what I talked about was Palm OS based. Of course Palm OS didn't last, which was a shame but then that's history.

Now we have a range of mobile platforms for music making and what can be described as a revolution in music making. Android is a part of that whether you like it or not. So let's start by looking at what's good in Android.

Android is open or at least to a degree it's open. Depending on who you talk to this is either a good thing or a bad thing or of course somewhere in the middle. But one of the major things that makes Android in some ways superior to iOS is that it has access to the file system. That's a big plus over iOS and its sandbox approach to apps. Having said that the situation may be improved when OS extensions come to iOS in iOS 8.

Anyway, that's the background, now on to what's good about Android.

What Android has going for it:

There are apps that are really good for making music on Android, just not as many as on iOS. Here's a brief list:
  • Sunvox
  • Oscilab
  • Mixtikl
  • Caustic
  • RD4
  • SPC
  • Nanoloop
  • Virtual ANS
  • PocketBand Pro
  • uFXLoops
  • G-Stomper
  • Music Maker Jam
  • PhoenixStudio
  • Jasuto
  • Audio Evolution
  • GrooveCloud (in beta)

These are probably some the best music making apps for Android available on the play store, but it isn't an exhaustive list by any means, and I've almost certainly forgotten at least one significant app.

There are also quite a number of synth apps, drum machines, recorders and even some quite experimental apps on the play store. But, even so, Android hasn't achieved the same degree of acceptance as iOS in terms of music creation. It's interesting to point out that a large number of the apps in the list about are actually cross platform apps and exist on iOS as well. That says a lot about what works and what doesn't.

But it isn't all about apps. Android also has some interesting developments going on for it. Such as patchfield. When I first heard about this development I thought it could be something really amazing to take Android into a whole new direction. However, to date nothing like that has happened as far as I'm aware. At least I haven't heard about anyone integrating it into an app anyway. Patchfield has potential, but it hasn't been realised so far, which is a shame.

So, why isn't Android so popular for making music?

The first thing? Latency. We all know about it, it's a big problem and as far as I'm aware it's never been really sorted out. I remember that at Google IO 2013 they talked at length about low latency audio. What happened about that? Nothing as far as I'm aware. At this year's Google IO there's been a lot of talk about web audio, but I'm not going to hold my breath this time. I haven't been able to get any developer views on whether this is a game changer or not, but at a fundamental level I'm not sure that Google will want to make Android a music creation platform at any point.

Aside from Patchfield there isn't a way to connect apps, and as Patchfield hasn't had an implementation (let me know if someone has, I'd love to hear about it) this remains a rather isolated platform.

So what next?

I still hold out hope for Android to become a more viable music platform at some point. With each new initiative my hopes are raised and and then little or nothing comes of it. It's a huge shame and a missed opportunity too as I think some real competition in this area would benefit both operating systems.

The apps that are around can be very good, so if you're an Android user don't think that you music making needs won't be catered for, there's a reasonable number of apps although it's small when compared to iOS.

If you're looking for a good resource for Android apps then I'd recommend Musical Android, which is constantly updated with news on new apps and updates. You'll hear any major news here, but Musical Android is great if you're more focussed around Android than iOS and other stuff.

I hope that one day Android will be as useful for music making as iOS. I think competition would be a positive thing for both. I think that different OS's can make for alternative experiences and interfaces. One day, maybe.

Tune Knobs has 2 weeks left to go

They've got 2 weeks left and they're nearly at 200% of target! Excellent stuff.

AMPLIFi: The World's Greatest Bluetooth System | Line 6 (video)

Sonic Port and Inter-App Audio - Record Mobile POD into Garageband | Line 6 (video)

Welcome to App Sound! (video)

Video description:

"Welcome to App Sound and enjoy new presets for your DAW, Plug-in, Synthesizer or iPad App created by Matthias Sauer.

New Freestyle Mode in Guitar! by Smule (video)

Tera Synth - Modular Analog Synthesizer coming to iOS very soon

Playing With GuitarCapo+ (video)

New studio section turns VocaLive 2.0 into a full-fledged DAW! (video)

Version 1.1 — iMPC Pro Log (video)

In case you missed it from this morning ... Holderness Media release Caramel, a new effect app for your iPad

You can find all the app's details here.

Yonac Software Tonestack Amp/FX App for iOS (video)

Take Creative Vocal Recorder 1.1 brings new features

Take Creative Vocal Recorder

Key New Features
  • Song navigator replaces the scrub bar. It gives you an overview of the recorded spaces. Drag to scrub, or tap directly to jump to a point in time.
  • Redo mode now restores to the last audio change undone.
  • Tutorial walks you through how to use Take. Re-enable viewing it from Take’s settings.
  • Clearer UI for indicating the beginning and end of recordable space.

Fixes & Improvements
  • Improved audio recording latency correction on all devices.
  • Faster rendering feedback when recording.
  • Preview backing tracks without running all the way to the end of the recordable space—when no audio has been recorded.
  • System view page scrolls to the selected back track on open.
  • Sleep timer is disabled by default to prevent the device from locking while recording (can be disabled in Take’s settings).
  • Proximity sensor is disabled to prevent the screen from darkening while in use.
  • Device supports upside-down orientation. Adjust your device’s mic/cables as you like for the best recording position for you.
  • Open shared songs directly opened in Safari from the share page after upload.
  • When sharing in mail, Facebook, and Twitter, the text is automatically pre-filled with the song name and a message inviting friends to listen to the song.
  • Song shares are cropped better to prevent leading and trailing silence.
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements.

KORG DSN-12: 10 (video)

Buchla Easel Remote Control app would be even more awesome if I owned a Buchla Easel, but I don't

Of course, it just makes me want one of these even more. Anyway, here's the app's description:

This iPad app enables owners of the new generation Buchla Easel musical instrument to remote control the device via W-Lan or MIDI. Complex patches (performances) can be created and stored within the app. A selected subset of up to 24 performances can be transferred to the physical Easel for direct accessibility.

I think I can sync : KORG DSN-12 sync test with Volca and MS-20 mini (video)

Made with RD4 on Android ...

Chordy v.2.0: Instrument Mode Sounds (video)

Mr humbleTUNE is in Film and Game Composer, you have to read it, he's awesome

You can read it on page 10 onwards in this issue of Film and Game composer.

FACE, a jam with Kaossilator Pro, iPad and more (video)

Video description:

"Trying out my new setup with iPad as MIDI controller for Kaossilator Pro. Will be better as an interface for a hardware controller, but works okay for now."

ToneStack 1.1 brings improvements and more

Here's what's new in ToneStack 1.1:
  • More robust audio subsystem
  • Increased bottom-end response for amps
  • Enhancements to amp tonestack behavior
  • All amps also get ~3dB output volume increase
  • Latest Audiobus SDK - now iOS 8 compatible
  • Many other improvements & fixes
  • Thank you for all your feedback!!

Caramel for iPad Demo and Tutorial (video)

VocaLive 2.0 is a big step forward ...

VocaLive gets a really big update:

  • Studio section* (available via in-app purchase) offers DAW-style features: waveform visualization and editing, touch-and-drag looping, normalization, punch-in/punch-out recording, per-channel FX on/off button and full access to all mixing and recording controls
  • AutoFreeze (allows each track to have its own full effects chain)
* requires iPhone 4, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 or later

jamstik - the guitar designed for your iPad (video)

XK-1 (universal) is here

XK-1 is the perfect companion to your CME Xkey keyboard. Now take this powerful synthesizer with you everywhere your iPhone goes.

Optimised for live performance, the large touch pad supports dual-finger parameter manipulation combined with the high precision ribbon strip for pitch bends.

Connect the Xkey to your iPhone or iPad using the USB Camera Connection Kit and access the full library of presets for FREE.

Includes 16 free presets from our professionally developed sound library. Use In-App Purchasing to buy the full library of 168 presets.

  • Simple to use design
  • Support for polyphonic aftertouch
  • Fresh and modern presets
  • CME keyboard design
  • Up to 8 voices*
  • Supports Audiobus
  • Supports Inter-App Audio
  • Supports CoreMIDI

Powered by Arctic ProSynth

* 1 voice only available on iPhone 4
* This is a preset player only synth, you cannot save presets

Ep.67: Jenn Miller, COO at Audiosocket (DMT 1-2-1)

Pocket Organ C3B3 update

After a very long time (since August 2011) Pocket Organ C3B3 gets an update, here's what's new:
  • iOS7 Compatible
  • Audiobus and Retina Display Compatible
  • An optimization Of Percussion, Key Click, Leslie Sound

Apollo Remote Recorder with Reaper (video)

Follow Conductr on instagram

DMT 193: Facebook Save, Spotify, Ultra vs Phan, Senzari, Samsung headphones, iTunes Festival

Happy birthday Addictive Synth

Today in 2011 Addictive Synth first arrived on the app store, so a big happy birthday to Addictive Synth from Palm Sounds!

Apollo Remote Recorder for iOS arrives

Apollo Remote Recorder is an innovative iOS app that will change how you make music. It can capture sound from other apps using Audiobus, or audio from any iOS compatible input. Recordings are triggered with MIDI, and can be transferred to the desktop using the web server built into the app. For the most in-depth explanation on how to use the app (as well as YouTube demo videos), please visit the Secret Base Design web site, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

There are hundreds of great synthesizers and samplers for iOS, but getting recordings in and out of a device has been a hassle. Most musicians use desktop DAWs -- Logic, Cubase, ProTools, Reaper, Ableton, and so on; the desktop DAWs offer limitless storage, a wide range of hardware and software interfaces, and more. Studios are heavily invested in their DAWs, and few musicians are willing to abandon them.

Apollo Remote Recorder is designed to bridge the gap between iOS and the professional desktop DAW world. You no longer have to give up a full fledged DAW as part of your work flow, and you don't have to buy a pile of hardware adapters either.

The app uses Audiobus to let you easily record synthesizers (with the recording happening on iOS, to avoid latency). The app features a built-in web server, which lets you transfer recordings to the desktop with an ordinary web browser. MIDI sent your DAW toggles on and off recording -- so the recordings are perfectly timed, and drop into your desktop environment without needing to be trimmed or edited.

The entire flow is digital and wireless. No sound degradation. No latency. Just pure awesome.
Some technical details: because the recordings are triggered by MIDI, the jitter in a connection should be minimized. We recommend hardware MIDI adapters for use with Windows and Linux based DAWs, and either hardware adapters or Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth with OSX. The app will work with MIDI over WiFi, but we do not recommend it because of the potential for jitter.

The app can also be used to record live instruments and vocals; any iOS compatible audio interface can be used, with the recording being captured either by sending MIDI from a DAW, or by tapping the buttons on the interface. The latency of a MIDI trigger will impact timing for the recording of live instruments; most DAWs support latency compensation for MIDI, making this problem easy to eliminate.

If the timing of a recording is not critical, the app can be used as an ordinary voice and Audiobus recorder, for sketching song ideas or taking notes. The built-in web server makes it easy to transfer the recordings to the desktop.

The app is priced at $4.99.

What's the worst app you ever bought?

There are great apps, not so great apps, average apps, and then the ones that are terrible. What's the worst app you ever bought and why was it just so bad?

Holderness Media brings us Caramel for iOS, stereo distortion, crusher and fattener effect

Holderness Media does it again, a new effect for your iPad ...

Caramel is a stereo distortion, crusher and fattener effect designed for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio. Caramel is perfect for adding lo-fi grit and punch to drums, bass, synths, guitar and more.

In addition to Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, Caramel can process external hardware by connecting a professional USB audio interface such as the Apogee Jam or Apogee ONE, and many more compatible USB interfaces. You can also use the built in headset microphone.

Caramel supports Core MIDI via the Camera Connection kit, USB MIDI interfaces, Virtual MIDI and WiFi connections. The MIDI Learn function lets you easily assign your MIDI controller's knobs and sliders to control Caramel's effect parameters.

Caramel features two distinct modes:
Perform and Tweak.
  • Perform mode is focused around four XY touch pads. Touch to control Crunch, Sizzle, Crush and Bite independently for left and right channels.
  • Tweak mode features large expressive sliders and additional effect parameters, allowing you to fine tune your sound.

For more info and video demos visit: http://caramelfxapp.com

  • requires iOS 7.0 or later
  • iPad Mini/iPad 2 or newer
  • Audiobus 2 compatible (Effect, state saving)
  • Inter-App audio compatible (effect node)
  • compatible with USB audio interfaces
  • Core MIDI compatible

  • Control Left and Right channel Crunch, Crush, Girth, SIzzle independently for interesting stereo effects.
  • Girth parameter adds subtle to punishing low end boost to drums and bass.
  • Multiple stereo output modes including Normal Stereo, Wide Stereo, and Sum to Mono.
  • Wide range of colorful lo-fi distortion tones are possible, from subtle grit and punch to absolute digital wreckage.
  • Audiobus 2 compatible with state saving
  • Inter-app Audio compatible
  • Core MIDI compatible, works with any MIDI controller via MIDI Learn

Caramel works with just about any professional iOS compatible USB audio interfaces. Here is a list of interfaces that have been tested and verified to be compatible:

  • Apogee Jam
  • Apogee Mic
  • Apogee ONE for iPad/Mac
  • Apogee DUET for iPad/Mac
  • Apogee QUARTET for iPad/Mac
  • iConnectMIDI2+
  • iConnectMIDI4+
  • iRig
  • iRig HD
  • iRig iMic
  • Focusrite Scarlett series (*requires USB hub)
  • Alesis io2
  • Alesis IO Dock
  • Behringer UCA202
  • many more

Caramel costs $4.99 on the app store, click below:

Back in 2006: My post on the Chronology of Palm Music on Tam Hanna

I'd all but forgotten this piece I'd written for Tam Hanna's blog.

INTRODUCING: The littleBits cloudBit (video)

Awesome ...

How Do Synths Sound Through Caramel? (video)

How Do Beats Sound Through Caramel? (video)

SonicScan aLive (universal) arrives

SonicScan aLive is a multi-touch sound toy application in which you can create and manipulate textures, drones and shifting sonic landscapes derived from your own original recordings. Use up to four fingers to control, layer and manipulate sound. SonicScan aLive is capable of creating vibrant and dynamic sonic textures and drones if you find a good sound source to record.

Recordings (in WAV format) of your drone/texture sounds can be exported using AudioShare, or accessed using File Sharing in iTunes, allowing your new sounds to be loaded into other apps, or used in your music and sound compositions. Or simply just play with SonicScan aLive for fun.

  • This application is compatible with iPad2 or later, iPhone 4S or later, and iPod Touch 5th generation or later.
  • iPad4 or later, or iPhone5 or later recommended.
  • It is advised that Multitasking Gestures are disabled when using this app.

SonicScan aLive costs $1.99.

Introducing The Sound Test Room Website (video)

Audulus 2.8 (video)

Audulus 2.8 arrives

Audulus gets even better with version 2.8. Here's what's new:
  • Improved graphics rendering. Sharper, faster, and consumes less memory.
  • New Create menu for creating nodes and inserting patches. With integrated documentation.
  • Now show the patch name in the toolbar.
  • Update Custom Nodes so the exposed UI now can be edited right on the patch node.
  • Improved labeling of inputs and outputs.
  • Update Audiobus.
  • Improved on-screen keyboard.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

ScratchVox Demo for iPad, Maddness I Tell You, Complete Madness (video)

Those Tuna Knobs guys are doing great

If you haven't seen these before then you should check them out on Kickstarter as they've still got more than a couple of weeks to go. So, plenty of time to get in to fund them.

Tenori-On app sequencing a Buchla 200e (video)

n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack Recorder update

n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack Recorder gets some nice new updates:
  • Improved low latency performance
  • Ultra low latency (128 samples) available on iPhone 5/5s and iPad Air
  • Upload MIDI files to dropbox
  • n-Track can be used as Inter app source (switch available in “Settings" menu)
  • Fixed subtle clicking while moving Volume/Pan sliders
  • Minor bugs fixed

Akai iMPC Pro App and MPC Element Controller Demo - Sweetwater's iOS Update, Vol. 80 (video)

What's coming up in Mitosynth 1.1

For a 1.1 I think that this a pretty big update. I can't wait.
  • Inter-App Audio support
  • New Wavechamber modes: Painter and Gridcøre (see below)
  • Audiobus State Saving (stores which patch was in use)
  • Package creation
  • 20 more built-in patches, from freaky noises to synth basics
  • A bunch of extra scales (and you can transpose them into different keys)

Other new features include:
  • Tube Resonance added to the Prefilter
  • Pitch Bend: can now set the range (1-12 semitones), and map to an XY Pad
  • Additional options for Bit Crush, High Pass and Low Pass filters
  • Per-wave semitone tuning and gain controls in the Blender & Gridcøre
  • Type in exact values for dials
  • (iPad only) Synth master output gain control on performance screen

Plus take a look at Wooji site as well as it has some good screen shots too.

    Chordy updated

    Chordy gets an update. Here's what's new:
    • Instrument Mode: High quality 8 instrument sounds including acoustic/electric piano, organ, strings, brass, etc.
    • Audiobus 2 support: Save and recall presets.
    • Inter-App Audio support
    • Wi-Fi MIDI support. You can also connect via iOS-supported MIDI interface (e.g. iConnectMIDI).
    • Choose a type of scale degree labels (Arabic/Roman numerals or Movable Do)
    • Auto Accidentals

    iKlip Stage - Your page turning stage assistant (video)

    Ototo is moving forward ...

    PULL - Ableton touchscreen iPad workflow tool! by XMONSTA (video)

    The daily picture ...

    Whatever happened to these?

    Arduino stm32f4 Synth Sound 07/21 (video)

    Don't you just love little home made synths based on arduino?

    KORG volca and monotribe - Power Hall (video)

    littleBits Pantograph Keytar is completely awesome!

    PreSonus Capture for iPad Demo and Tutorial (video)

    Polychord promises iOS8 compatibility soon

    Reactify's installation is moving forward ...

    What's Mogees work with? Everything it seems ...

    Has anyone tried Jammcard as yet?

    Anyone given this app / network a go? Useful or not? I'd like to hear what people think.

    KORG DSN-12: 9 (video)

    iOS MARS on 5 developers you need to know

    This is a good list especially when you include the honorable mentions as well. I'd add a few extras too, but perhaps I need to do my own list for that.

    Useful tip for Sunvox users on iOS ...

    KORG DS-10 PLUS: ticktack365 - FUJIKOMATUNE (video)

    Answer some questions for Conductr and you could win a premium pack

    It ends today, so do it now if you're going to ... Here's the link.

    A little bit more about FLUX:FX

    Something from me made in Gadget

    The Electric Waste Orchestra looks like it's something we should all give a try

    I think I got this link from the maker of the awesome Molecule Synth and if I did then it's just the sort of thing that he'd be interested in. It's worth a look as some of the stuff they're doing isn't difficult and contains some good ideas.

    15 Juli 2014 iOS Live Improvisation by Stefan Gisler #iosArtist (video)

    Interesting that he calls himself an iosArtist ...

    Brighton Mini Maker Faire tickets available

    Here's a link to the eventbrite page for the Brighton Mini Maker Faire for September this year. I might even see you there.

    Introducing the new iXY with Lightning connector for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c (video)

    BBOY Tech Report Interview with Fletcher Kaufman of Sunsine Audio

    This is a little old now, but still worth a read if you're interested in Sunsine Audio, maker of lots of great preset packs for a wide variety of iOS apps and more besides.

    It's a good interview.

    Steinberg brings us VST Connect Performer for iPad

    VST Connect Performer for iPad offers absolute freedom when it comes to remote recording collaborations with producers and musicians. Connect your iPad to the Web, hook up your mic or instrument and allow any studio running Cubase with the VST Connect plug-in record your performance in real time, no matter where you are!

    And it just gets better: with VST Connect Pro on the host machine VST Connect Performer for iPad excels in audio quality as well as providing multi-channel and LAN support. And with onboard cue mix capability for talkback and monitoring, it’s just like in a typical recording studio environment, but that’s probably as representative as it’ll get: you could be anywhere besides the studio!

    System requirements

    VST Connect Performer for iPad is requires VST Connect SE or VST Connect Pro as a counterpart.

    VST Connect SE is included in
    • Cubase 7
    • Cubase 7.5
    • Nuendo 6
    • Nuendo 6.5

    VST Connect Performer for iPad support requires iOS 7.

    The app costs $4.99.

    Useful field recording tips

    Here are 10 handy field recording tips from Cities and Memory if you're into or thinking about doing field recordings.

    Meet the Makers: Ayah Bdeir of littleBits (video)

    Interesting to hear Ayah Bdeir from littleBits talk about how it came about, and it'll be handy for anyone wondering why I (and lots of other people) talk about littleBits so much.

    Artiphon at NAMM ...

    KORG volca + monotribe - 8 (video)

    Turn your mobile phone into an environmental sensor and participate in the monitoring of noise pollution

    This looks like a really good way to use your iOS device. I think I may give it a go myself.

    GORT vs VOLCA (video)

    This is an interesting piece on distruption in the studio

    Whilst it doesn't actually address the whole issue of mobile it does show up some interesting trends which will only continue in my view. Anyway, I'll let you make up your own mind. You can read the whole piece here.

    Recording with Mikey Digital microphone for iPhone and iPad (video)

    Blue Microphones has announced the availability of Mikey Digital with Lightning connection.

    Video description:

    "The perfect tool for mobile recording, Mikey Digital is an ultra-compact stereo microphone that connects directly to iPhone or iPad to capture pristine audio for video, voice or music using your favorite audio or video application. Featuring two custom-tuned condenser capsules, check out how Mikey Digital captures everything from live music to mobile podcasts to video and more! Now available with Lightning connection, for more information, visit www.bluemic.com/Mikey_digital"

    DJ Player update

    DJ Player gets updated:
    • Redesigned and completely rewritten track browser.
    • Intelligent path bar for super quick navigation. One tap navigation between multiple playlists for example.
    • Tap on the artwork, time, comment or bpm columns to queue/unqueue a track.
    • In the queue, tap and move the track number or artwork to reorder.
    • Unified search in the Music Library, Recordings, Dropbox and Deezer.
    • Convenient bpm editor in the track browser.
    • Bugfix: horizontal waveform touches.

    Wait list updated

    Actually the wait list page has been updated quite recently, but please do take a look at it and tell me if you think there should be something added to it.

    Drumagog iPad Version for Auria, Demo and Tutorial (video)

    I do like MzTek workshops, they make awesome things

    Nanoloop 1.7 vs volcas (video)

    Video description:

    "Little test with the new nanoloop 1.7 beta. Sync out works great via midibastl. + Minirig"

    Anything new for the wait list?

    It's Monday, is there anything that needs adding into the wait list? Let me know if there is, or just take a look and see what's coming up.

    Happy birthday to Matrixsynth

    A big "Many Happy Returns" to Matrixsynth which turned 9 years old yesterday! Amazing stats too.

    Zivix Jamstick - Summer NAMM 2014 (video)

    Cotracks on sale until the end of July

    Cotracks remains on sale for $0.99 until the end of the month.

    Mr Phormula - Minority (Live beatbox looping remix) (video)


    Tuna Knobs announce stretch goals on Kickstarter

    And they're some really cool stretch goals too if you ask me. You can see their whole update here.

    KORG DSN-12 : 8 (video)

    Let's Play with iMPC Pro (video)

    Introducing Caramel - Crunch & Crusher Effect for iPad (video)

    Apollo Remote Recorder -- Connect your desktop DAW to iOS (video)

    AltiSpace Convolution Reverb, demo and tutorial for iPad (video)

    Novation LaunchControl XL Review & Insight (video)

    AMPLIFi: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Jam | Line 6 (video)


    DMT 192: Thrilling Rights, Fair Digital Deals Declaration, unRadio, Soundwave, Soundcloud, Pono

    PreSonus AudioBox iSeries: iOne and iTwo (video)

    PreSonus Capture arrives for your iPad

    Interesting to see a new multitrack arrive for iOS. It's iPad only, but it is worth a look I'd say. Here are the details:


    PreSonus® Capture™ for iPad® is a powerful 32-track audio recording application with up to 24-bit, 96 kHz fidelity and a lean and easy-to-use design. With level and pan control for balancing your tracks and essential editing features using intuitive finger gestures, Capture for iPad is the perfect mobile recording solution. Compatibility with PreSonus AudioBox iOne and iTwo USB/iPad interfaces (or any other MFi iPad interface) enables you to record high-quality audio anywhere inspiration strikes.

    With Capture for iPad, you can record and save multiple songs on an iPad, and Capture is the only app that provides direct wireless transfer of your recordings to PreSonus Studio One® for Mac® or Windows® (version 2.6.3 or later), where you can edit and mix. A link to a free version of PreSonus Studio One is available in the app. Songs and individual tracks can also be copied using iTunes if the iPad is connected to the computer with a USB cable.

    • Simple, intuitive, mobile recording solution for Apple iPad®
    • Capture 32 audio tracks at up to 24-bit, 96 kHz
    • One-tap recording
    • Direct wireless transfer of sessions to PreSonus® Studio One®
    • Editing functions include cut, copy, paste, split, and duplicate
    • Level and Pan controls for balancing your tracks
    • Saves in compact Apple Lossless format
    • Works with any MFi-compatible interface, including PreSonus AudioBox iOne and iTwo

    Compatible with iPad only. Requires second-generation iPad or newer, iPad Air, or iPad Mini and iOS 7 or later. Works with iPad-compatible (MFi) audio interface (including PreSonus AudioBox iOne and iTwo) or the internal iPad microphone.

    Capture costs $9.99.

    Audio Mastering still on salle

    Audio Mastering is still on sale with the price down from $12.99 to $6.99.