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Gamesalad iPhone details emerge

Gamesalad have issued a press release confirming details of their programme for developing interactive media and games for the iPhone platform.
With GameSalad, Gendai Games promises the easiest way to develop and publish interactive media for the iPhone, eliminating the requirement to channel software through Xcode and other programming environment. “Our goal has been to make it possible for the 99% of the population who do not program the ability to design, develop, and sell their own games,” says Michael Agustin, CEO of Gendai Games. “Our tools have evolved to the point that we can now make that a possibility.”

All of this is pretty well in keeping with the iPhone 3.0 announcement early and sounds like it should make programmes like Gamesalad much more workable.

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Anonymous said...

Will gamesalad make it possible for people to make games like electoplankton and the like for the iPhone?