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Arduino instruments

Interesting Arduino post on making music in under 16kb. I must admit that I haven't checked this out properly as yet, but it does look really interesting and includes sample code too.

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Andy said...

Awesome, I've been really interested in music on limited platforms and have been doing things on the ATMega (that the arduino is based on). Most of my work tends to look at higher level controls rather than direct control so it's intresting to see this approach.

Here's one project of mine:

You should also listen to Tristan Perich's Observations (it's on his website) which is a great piece for microcontroller music.

ashley said...

Thanks for that. I'd heard of Tristan before, he's doing some interesting stuff.

Thanks for pointing me at the video, I enjoyed that.

Please stay in touch with your projects as I'd be interested in how things develop.

Anonymous said...

If you're interested see also


I got a fair bit of sounds in there too.