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Ellatron for iPhone

Ellatron is a Mellotron emulation for the iPhone platform. I haven't had a chance to try this out as yet, but it does look good, and comes with a promise of an update including a 32 note polyphony sequencer.

More soon when I've had a chance to play with it.


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velocipede said...

Looks nice. I'll wait for the sequencer. That could be handy.

Wish something like this would get rolled into Beatmaker.

Amazing how cheap all these apps are. I hope the developers are making enough to stay motivated.

robman84 said...

It's a nice little app, recreating the limitations of the original quite well (I especially like the wow and flutter option). I'm glad to hear they are planning some updates too.

Definitely a welcome addition to the pocket studio.

Omenie - home of the Ellatron said...

Hi there - version 2 is being designed right now, not clear when the release date will be. The playback engine for the sequencer is in place and sounds great, we just need to get the user interface right for input. And then test it to bits.

So watch this space!

ashley said...

I've just mucked about with this app this morning. Not bad. I think that the sequencer will make a big difference though.

ashley said...

Thanks for the update. Good to hear that things are moving along.