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YUDO SV-5 Vocoder & Synth for iPhone

The YUDO SV5 for iPhone / iPod Touch. I don't think that this is available as yet, though it does look good.

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robman84 said...

Looks very interesting indeed (as does their upcoming releases list at the end of the vid). Latency is clearly an issue they are aware of, but the sound is definitely good enough to get my wallet twitching. Mind you, $8.99 is not exactly cheap for an iPhone app. Especially now you've tempted me with Nlog.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me any Notation music software for iphone, symbian,or Windows Mobile 6.1, please?Thank you!

ashley said...

I know what you mean. $8.99 is a lot for an app these days, although I get the impression that the average price is starting to creep up a bit.

To the anonymous commenter, as far as iPhone notation apps go there are one or two on the app store, but nothing serious in my opinion, as for windows mobile there was an app ages ago for notation as part of the PDA musician series of apps. They can be found here:

Symbian I don't know. As for Palm, try:

I hope that helps.