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New Amidio site

The new Amidio site has info on all of the Amidio apps so far, and the new ones to come. 'Star Piano' and 'Hot Dancer' (a game app) are still on the way.

I'm interested to see what the piano app is like, and very curious about the game!

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Anonymous said...

I was a beta tester for the game and I can say that it's nothing like their music appz. Personally, I would rather them focus on 1 mega application with mini music appz within. The app limit on the iphone/itouch is ridiculous so combining the smaller programs into one main program would be a nice solution. I don't mind if they don't work at the same time due to memory issues, but being able to launch from within one main "browser" app would be ideal.

ashley said...

That's an interesting idea, a bit like the launcher apps from older OS platforms.