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My favourite posts of 2015, some thoughts, and a Happy New Year too

I thought I'd end off 2015 with a round up of my favourite posts of the year. Now the easiest thing to do would have been to simply direct you at the featured tagged posts, but that seemed like a bit of cheap way of doing it, so instead here's a more considered list of my favs this year.

Let's start off with music as an app, that still is an interesting idea and one that people still struggle with and don't really get right. This was a great step towards getting it right in my view. Music tech funding is an odd area and one that is hard to understand, this post aimed to try to clear up a few things and ask some questions too. Speaking at Abbey Road Studios was probably one of the most amazing and also important things I did this year and this post is about just that.

But even though that was quite important it doesn't mean that everything has to be so serious does it? I posted this in an attempt to make the point that creating music doesn't have to be so serious and needs to be fun too.

Mobile music has become about apps in the main, so here, in this post I decided to point out a few of the things I thought were important in an app. Just 10 things to consider, but important things and all of it still stands in my view, but I would say that!  On a similar note, I had to ask if there were too many synth apps in the iOS world, and, if anything, that question is more salient now than then! If you're interested you can also read my top 24 apps for 2015, which probably isn't the list you expect.

Staying with the apps theme for the moment, I thought it was interesting that Korg's latest two apps were both iPhone versions of existing apps, one from their iPad collection, the iElectribe for iPhone, and of course the iDS-10 for iPhone. This is important. I love that more apps are coming to the iPhone now, it saying something about mobility and the iPad and where the iPad range is heading.

Also on apps, Modular has been big in 2015. First we had AnalogKit modular and then Audulus 3 of course. Modular is not going away and I think both of these apps, and of course zMors modular too are really important. I did ask the question here about whether modular was actually right for mobile. You make up your own minds. Either way I think we'll see more of this in 2016 especially considering what's happening in Pd at the moment.

In terms of mobile hardware 3D touch is, for me anyway, a really big thing for mobile music, although it doesn't seem to have been adopted nearly as much as I'd expected so far and its potential is, in my opinion, huge! Although one notable adoptee is Roli with their Noise 5D app, and I hope that there'll be lots more soon. I'm hoping that this will change in 2016. But what seems to have happily eclipsed 3D touch is Ableton's Link technology, which I expect will roll out to even more apps in 2016.

I also expect that we'll see more crowdfunded (Kickstarter or Indiegogo) products in 2016. Aside from the fact that I'm waiting for a bunch of them myself it seems to be becoming the defacto way to get a good idea going these days. One of the best examples for me in 2015 was the Arpeggio, and I think it'll do really well as it will connect to its own iOS app.

Finally, one of the most important things I did this year was to help to run the SoundLab Play Space. You can read all of the posts about the Play Space here, but it was amazing to be a part of such a brilliant event and work with such great companies.

So that's a whistle stop tour of 2015. I'd like to say a quick thank you for everyone who's read PalmSounds, commented, tweeted etc in 2015.  Here's to an even better and more mobile 2016!

24 devices that have been important to me in 2015

I'd been meaning to post this before Christmas, but just ran out of time before I could get it done, but I thought I'd squeeze it into 2015, just!

  1. Teenage Engineering OP-1: A pure genius device from Teenage Engineering, I love it and it just gets better and better with every new version of the OS. I can't wait to see what they add next.
  2. Teenage Engineering PO-12:A fantastic little device and possibly the shape of things to come from other manufacturers.
  3. Teenage Engineering PO-14: That compliments the PO-12 very nicely and works well with the ...
  4. Teenage Engineering PO-16: Which completes the set, and they do work well together. I like the idea of small and well designed hardware. I think that the only thing that TE missed with this series and also the OP-1 was a way to connect and expand the devices with a mobile device. That sounds kind of obvious now, but probably when the OP-1 came out originally it didn't make that much sense.
  5. Monotron: The original and excellent Monotron I think it would be interesting to see if more synth makers did a Monotron equivalent. What would that look like for Yamaha? For Roland?
  6. Monotron delay: Was a great addition to the line, as was the ...
  7. Monotron duo: As was Korg's decision to open source the circuitry. Very nicely done.
  8. Casio VL-1: Is where mobile music started off for me, so it's something I'm really fond of.
  9. Casio VL-10:
  10. Thingamagoop: I've got the 2nd edition of the Thingamagoop but of course the new one comes out in 2016 and I'm really keen to see how good it is. I'm tempted, but haven't ordered one as yet.
  11. BC-16: The rarest of rate micro modular synths. Almost impossible to find but really interesting to play with and a device that gives you an appreciation of modular synthesis and analogue work.
  12. Handera 330: The first of two of my PDA entries. This one is the rarest of them all. Only ran Palm OS4, but it had an SD card and CF card slots onboard.
  13. TRG-Pro: From the same makers, the Pro had a CF card slot and was pretty amazing in its day. Of course it is very good at sending MIDI, and works well with older devices.
  14. Nebulophone: Another Bleep Labs device and a cool and cheap noise maker for having fun.
  15. DS: I included the DS as, pre-iPhone / iOS, it was a great platform for mobile music and of course had the original DS-10 synth.
  16. iRig acoustic: I've been really impressed by the iRig acoustic, especially when using it with my Ukulele and a bunch of effects apps.
  17. TouchBoard: I've become a fan of the TouchBoard since using it at our SoundLab play space event. I think that the device has a lot more to offer than perhaps anyone has thought about it so far, and I hope to explore that more in 2016.
  18. MuteSynth II: This is an incredible piece of hardware for exploring sounds. I've really enjoyed using it and have found it a great way to lose myself in sound design.
  19. Olegtron: Another interesting and very different hardware device. Something that feels like it's going to start growing into more than just a single device, but I'm not sure where it'll end up. That's quite exciting in it's own right though.
  20. Littlebits: If you wanted a modular experience and eurorack is too expensive, then this is (or so I'm told) a good alternative. It's also great to learn about how synthesis works.
  21. Ototo: A very underrated device with great expansion through sensors and the ability to play anything, like fruit!
  22. iRig MIDI 2: For connecting iOS and MIDI hardware, this is it for me. Solid and reliable and that's it.
  23. Molecule synth: Rare, unusual, modular and strange. I'd hoped that this could develop into something and there could've been more molecules available, but it's unlikely I guess now.
  24. Mixtape alpha: Another rare device which is difficult to play and worse to find one these days, but an interesting design and, in it's own way, quite soothing and pleasant. I like it anyway.
So there's my list. Not the usual list of hardware you might find on a blog, but a list of things I find interesting sonically and inspiring too. I hope you find it useful.

NOIZ is coming ...

It has been a long time coming, but it is still on the way, and next month it looks like things could get even more interesting.

If you've no idea what I'm talking about, then take a look at these videos ...

If you want to know more about NOIZ, then check out Studio Amplify's page and sign up.

There'll be more to say about NOIZ in the new year, stay tuned!

Musical Android on Pd party developments in Android ...

And if you're an Android user then you really want to take a look at this article a video on the Musical Android site about Pd party. Things have really moved forward and it seems that there's a lot happening in the Pd world and mobile now, especially on Android.

I think I'll have to take a bit more time over this too.

MIDI Designer Pt, 4: Testing and Debugging (video)

Video description:

"Today, I go through some of the glitches and missed programming parameters. I'm trying not to make these particular videos too long or talk too much. I hope you get something out of these. Thanks for watching."

Video published by Brian Kupferschmid.

Olegtron 4060 plug in board available

Olegtron have released a new plug in board for the Olegtron 4060. The new 7-bit plug in module is on their site although there's now way to order it as yet. It looks pretty cool though and hopefully I can get hold of a copy of it soon.

When I do I'll let you know.

Best iPad Synthesizer Apps Released in 2015 (video)

This is an interesting list, and I've annotated it with a few thoughts of my own (see below).

Video description:

"This are my favourite releases in 2015. I consider in majority only releases from 2015 and two updates from apps released in 2014.
If you missing Nave and other synths, please consider that the choice is only for Synths released in 2015. This choice is only my favourites and maybe you have another selection.

The included apps are available here:

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

Pocket Calculator by Modified Toy Orchestra

Released as a small run by Static Caravan records on white 7" vinyl now for the first time here's a digital copy as a free download.
Get the SoundCloud app to listen on your iDevice.

Heard of Chew TV? If you haven't, then you should and think about investing too

Chew.TV are doing some really interesting things for DJ's right now, and what's more they're crowdfunding on Seedrs right now and doing well too.

Go take a look on Seedrs. See what you think, and maybe chip in too.

Taylor from Audulus talks to Synthtopia

Some interesting stuff in this interview with Taylor, the man behind Audulus 3 (and of course the earlier iterations of the app too). Well worth a read.

Featured Song: 8 Bit Engineers by BachTeria (Rytmik Ultimate) (video)

Video description:

"Featured Song December 2015: 8 Bit Engineers by BachTeria (Rytmik Ultimate)"

Video published by CINEMAX GAMES.

Featured Song: Origin Miles by Lumpy (Rytmik Ultimate) (video)

Video description:

"Featured Song December 2015: Origin Miles by Lumpy (Rytmik Ultimate)"

Video published by CINEMAX GAMES.

Some interesting news about the Fairlight CMI in Australia

Back in 2011 ago I did an interview with Peter Vogel, so it was very interesting to me to get an email from Simon who wrote this piece about the Fairlight CMI. It's great news that it is being entered into the official Sounds of Australia site, and, in my opinion, it is very well deserved.

The article is well worth a read in my view.

SunVox 1.9.1 new features: Interpolation (pattern editor) & How to Apply the Envelope (pattern editor)

Published by Alexander Zolotov.

Reminder: The half price sale at Luftrum ends today

I mentioned this earlier, but in case you didn't see it, here it is again!

"A big thank you to Lionel who emailed me to point out that Luftrum have a 50% off sale on their preset packs and they have an Animoog and a Thor pack that you might be interested in. If you enter "hohoho" in the discount code field on the checkout you'll get 50% off. The Animoog's pack price is $9, and the Thor is $29, so you can get them for $4.50, and $14.50 respectively by using the code.

The discount ends today though, so if you want to grab them, please head over to Luftrum now and use code "hohoho"!"

Featured Song: Sky Clutch by BigLouie96 (Rytmik Ultimate)

Video description:

"Featured Song December 2015: Sky Clutch by BigLouie96 (Rytmik Ultimate)"

Video published by CINEMAX GAMES.

Interesting results from my recent poll on devices and Ableton Link

Although there weren't too many respondents I think it makes for interesting reading. It is what I expected though.

So how will you, or are you, using Ableton Link?

Seen the new logo on twitter?

If you haven't already seen it on the PalmSounds twitter account, well you've seen it now. What do you think?

And, if you're not following along on twitter, please do.

MidiOnStage is currently free

MidiOnStage has gone free. It was $4.99 before this.

Introducing DrumPerfect Pro v.2

Video description:

Introducing DrumPerfect Pro. Human Feel Drummer for iPad.

Following the steps of his predecessor DrumPerfect, DrumPerfect Pro ( DPP ) is now one of the most versatile and realistic digital drummer ever created for iPad. What set it apart is the fact that it doesn't sound like a drum machine at all. After watching and listening to this video, you will certainly know what we mean.

Unique virtual drum engine for ultra-realistic performances:
  • random velocity selection
  • two-handed-playing emulation
  • 16 linked sets (fills) to be played at programmable intervals
  • 16 multi-sampled instruments with up to 16 samples per instrument
  • humanize option adds subtle randomization of velocity and timing
  • programmable time shift per drum stroke
  • programmable number of beats in a pattern (up to 32)
  • programmable subdivision per beat (up to 16)
  • smart swing function
  • JAM! function
  • BPM between 20 and 340
  • convolution-based reverb processor
  • and more....
Grid style editor for easy rhythm programming and editing.
Kit editor for building your own multi-sampled drum kits
Song editor for easy song building
32 velocity-sensitive pads for live-recording

Rock-solid sync as a slave via Inter-App-Audio or midi-in clock sync
Audio file and midi file export to other apps
Audio file and midi file import from other apps
Full Inter-App-Audio and Audiobus support with individual outputs per instrument (16+1)
Low-latency midi-in handling for notes, control changes and program changes
Extensive midi-in configuration options per port
Midi-learn for mapping of notes and remote commands
... and more ...

New! A dedicated store with great content.

DrumPerfect Pro now offers Styles Packs .
Professional-grade musical content (drum kits, songs and patterns) covering a vast variety of drumming styles, downloadable as In-App Purchases.

Packs available now:

Funky Breakbeat vol.1 ( Classics ),
Funky Breakbeat vol.2 ( Modern ),
Jazz Sessions vol.1 ( Sticks )
Brazilian Rhythms vol.1
Heavy Metal
Batucada vol.1

A new User Manual is in preparation.

Video published by DrumPerfect Pro.

Sunvox v1.9.1 BETA spins up

Here's what's in Sunvox v1.9.1 BETA (30 dec 2015):
  • new module - Glide; it is similar to the MultiSynth, but it also adds the commands of smooth transition between the notes; see the glide.sunvox example;
  • advanced Interpolator has been added to the Pattern Editor: with this tool you can make a smooth transition of the values of any pattern columns, with various parameters (like the curve type, noise, etc.);
  • new function in the Module View (Routing) - Replace; use it if you want to replace the selected module by some other module without loss of connections;
  • MIDI buttons (with notes) linked to some SunVox actions (shortcuts) are now ignored by the synths;
  • added restoring of the JACK MIDI input connections;
  • Sampler (sample editor): now the Copy and Paste functions work through the file;
  • Sampler (sample editor): new effects (Invert and Center) has been added;
  • LFO: new controller "Duty cycle" (only for the square waveform);
  • CUT operation has been added to the Module View (Routing) and the Timeline;
  • new keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + > - select the next module;
  • new keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + < - select the previous module; new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + > - select the next synth;
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + < - select the previous synth; 
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + RIGHT - next module horizontally; 
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + LEFT - previous module horizontally; 
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + DOWN - next module vertically; 
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + UP - previous module vertically; 
  • new instrument from Cube48: DrumSynth48; new simple song examples: glide; 
  • new song examples: snowfall, SunVox Compo 2015.10 Winners (KnyazIvan - fatal precession, OceanicDegree - Dreaming, echo2 - unreal love 3); 
  • bugs fixed.

Featured Song: Hit Me Up by Circuit (Rytmik Ultimate) (video)

Video description:

"Featured Song December 2015: Hit Me Up by Circuit (Rytmik Ultimate)"

Video published by CINEMAX GAMES.

modstep 1.0.1 brings us Ableton Link and more

modstep 1.0.1 has arrived and brings Link most notably, but that's not all. Here's what is ...

New features:
  • Ableton Link support
  • Delete in Browser

  • improved MIDI sync slave

  • fixed a bug that would cause modstep to crash when deleting a Track with an IAA app
  • fixed a bug that would cause a crash when an Autosave Session was loaded
  • fixed a bug that would cause a crash when a New Session was created
  • fixed a freeze that could be caused by recording Note Repeat
  • fixed a bug that prevented saving of root notes
  • fixed a bug that could cause modstep to show a black screen when switching to an IAA app
  • fixed a bug that could prevent modstep from loading Sessions from the root folder
  • fixed a bug with the IAA browser index
  • fixed a bug that could cause a crash when long-tapping a Session in the Browser
  • fixed a bug that would keep Delete active although another Edit tool was selected (red frame kept on flashing)
  • fixed a crash that could occur when a MIDI Track was armed and external MIDI was recorded
  • fixed a bug where the first loaded Synth Patch was empty/displayed no name
  • fixed a bug that would prevent editing of velocities in the piano roll past the first pattern.

Jordan Rudess & GeoShred - Christmas Time is Here (video)

Video description:

"Christmas Time is Here- played on GeoShred. While feeling the spirit of the holiday, I decided to do this performance in a very impromptu style in my hotel room. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs"

Published by Jordan Rudess.

Something for the Sunvox users

I don't know if this blog might be handy for Sunvox users out there. It describes itself as an unofficial blog for Sunvox hints, tips and tutorials, so it might be of use to you. Who knows?

Nebulizer Demo and Tour, A Badly Behaved Delay for the iPad (video)

Video description:

"Nebulizer Demo and Tour, A Badly Behaved Delay for the iPad"

Publushed by thesoundtestroom.

I've just updated the App Sales Page, thought I'd let you know

Quite a few apps have gone back up to their previous prices, so I've taken those out obviously, but there's plenty still there if you're hunting around for a bargain before the end of 2015.

Check the App Sales page for details.

This could be interesting in Audulus

Audulus docs now available

And they look very good indeed actually. I'm impressed. Take a look at the Audulus (iTunes link) docs (docs link) here and see for yourself.

50% discount on Liftrum presets for Animoog and Thor

A big thank you to Lionel who emailed me to point out that Luftrum have a 50% off sale on their preset packs and they have an Animoog and a Thor pack that you might be interested in. If you enter "hohoho" in the discount code field on the checkout you'll get 50% off. The Animoog's pack price is $9, and the Thor is $29, so you can get them for $4.50, and $14.50 respectively by using the code.

The discount ends today though, so if you want to grab them, please head over to Luftrum now and use code "hohoho"!

Phantom Notes - by KAoTiX (video)

Video description:

"uFXloops features a song made by KAoTix, completely produced and recorded with uFXloops: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.ufxmedia.ufxloops
Phantom Notes is a very dynamic song which utilizes 20 different community instruments. Audio visualization has been made with "Audio Glow" for Android."

Published by ufxloops.

Not sure quite what this is, but as it's from TSA I'm looking forward to it!

iMPC Pro New Export Feature (video)

Video description:

"We threw this together right before the holidays to show-off our new iMPC Pro Export to desktop feature. Hope you enjoy!"

Published by Retronyms

So what's happened with 4Pockets?

It's been quite a while since we saw an update of any of the 4pockets apps, or indeed any activity at all for that matter. It's a shame. When I visited their site recently I got a notice saying that the site and the IP was now the property of Kai Holdings (or something like that anyway).

I hope that at some point they come back and update some of these apps. They were pretty good in my opinion. Apps like Meteor, Aurora, and Synergy Studio, the last being my favourite so far. It would be a shame for it to become abandonware, especially as 4pockets has been such a long standing name in mobile music. They started off with Windows Mobile apps, and did some truly amazing things back then. If they stopped now it would be a big loss to the community. That's my opinion anyway.

I'll be checking in to see what's going on, if anything, and let you know.

Dub FX + Loopy: Hip Hop (video)

Video description:

"I've been spending some time with renowned live-looper and all round cool dude Dub Fx, talking about Loopy Masterpiece and future projects. Along the way, we made an awesome App Preview video for Loopy on the App Store. Here's something else we shot at the same time."

Published by ATastyPixel.

So here we are on the last day of the year!

2015 has been a hell of a year in so many ways, at least it has been for me anyway. What about you? And as today is the very last day of the year, I'll be updating things and catching up with stuff from before Christmas, just to make sure I'm up to date before 2016 starts off.

I'll be updating the app sales page today to make sure that it is correct. You can still find a few bargains in there before the end of 2015, and don't forget to check for apps on sale via the tag 'price drops' (actually clicking on that will take you there). 

So expect quite a lot of stuff today. That's the plan anyway, to see out 2015 properly.

Ok, this is a last reminder for the Korg apps on sale as they go back to normal price VERY SOON!

If you remember, Korg's sale ends today, so I thought it would be worthwhile reminding you about it just in case you'd forgotten and thought you could get a deal from them right up to the new year.

You can't! Their 50% off sale ends today! So, grab one of these at half price (and the IAPs at half price too).
Last but not least, the new iDS-10 is on sale and down from $19.99 to $9.99.

Also, remember that the app sales page is still up and, whilst I'm not updating it right now, I probably will do soon. Also, don't forget to check for apps on sale via the tag 'price drops' (actually clicking on that will take you there).

bent.fm - circuit bending is on sale

bent.fm - circuit bending is on sale and down from $4.99 to $2.99.

And Symphony Pro 4 is on sale too

Symphony Pro 4 drops in price from $14.99 to $6.99.

Symphony for iPhone on sale

Symphony for iPhone is on sale too, and down from $4.99 to $2.99.

TouchOSC on sale

TouchOSC is on sale and down from $4.99 to $2.99.

TouchViZ is on sale a bit

TouchViZ drops in price from $9.99 to $7.99.

SonicScan Touch goes free once more

SonicScan Touch is free again. It used to be $0.99.

A very Happy Christmas from Palm Sounds!

Just a quick message to say thanks to everyone who's visited Palm Sounds, commented, tweeted or anything else for that matter. It's been a big year for mobile music, a good year, we've had lots of great apps and interesting hardware too. I'm sure that 2016 will be just as good.

PalmSounds will be silent from now until the new year, but if you're bored you can always catch up on the most important stories (from my point of view anyway) in the featured posts. If you're looking for a bargain you can check out the app sales page, and don't forget to check posts with the tag 'price drops' (actually clicking on that will take you there), just in case. There's bound to be something on sale that you want.

So it just remains for me to say thanks again for a great year, and see you all back from January!

SoundCloud group of the week is the Shapesynth group

Both SoundLab and Music Tech Fest in NESTA's 10 predictions for 2016

Interesting to see sound getting a mention here. Of course, you'll remember my involvement with SoundLab and NESTA. Well it's nice to be mentioned here by NESTA, and in good company too, with Music Tech Fest getting a mention as well.

We'll have to wait and see in what way their predictions come about next year.

Merry Christmas on zMors (video from sven braun)

Video description:
  • made with zmors modular synth app on ipad
  • full synth patch (subtractive + kps, no samples)

Published by sven braun.

NOISE 5D by Roli Ltd. The BIG Soundtest for iPhone and iPad (video)

OrangeAid for iPad gives you a comprehensive Reason controller

I'm not a reason user, so I can't comment on if this is a good tool or not, but it looks like it's got a lot going for it. Here's the app's description:

OrangeAid turns your iPad into a control surface for Reason and Reason Essentials, giving you seamless integration with all your favorite Rack devices. Whether you're tweaking away in search of that new synth lead, making beats, recording or performing OrangeAid is ready to help.
  • Create your own layouts to control your Rack devices, song files and play instruments the way you want, all from within the app.
  • Parameter mapping is a breeze with OrangeAid. Just browse the built-in lists and tap to map!
  • OrangeAid can follow the Master Keyboard input in Reason. Change tracks in the Sequencer and your rack layouts automatically change to match the new device.
  • You can also use Reason’s surface locking to stay focused on a specific instrument or effect.
  • Handy Transport, Track & Patch controls are always available.
  • Super-fine parameter control for Knobs, Sliders & Pitch Wheel.
  • Designed to take full advantage of Propellerhead Software's Remote technology for complete, two-way communication with Reason.
  • Works alongside your existing hardware MIDI control surfaces & keyboards.
  • Connect to Reason using Wi-Fi, MIDI over Bluetooth LE or with a wired connection using class-compliant equipment.

  • Redrum Drum Computer
  • SubTractor Analog Synthesizer
  • ID8 Instrument Device
  • Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player
  • NN-XT Advanced Sampler
  • Scream 4 Distortion
  • RV7000 Advanced Reverb
  • Line 6 Guitar Amp
  • Line 6 Bass Amp
  • MClass Equalizer
  • MClass Compressor
  • MClass Maximizer
  • MClass Stereo Imager
  • DDL-1 Digital Delay Line
  • CF-101 Chorus/Flanger
  • Combinator
  • Matrix Pattern Sequencer
  • Mixer 14:2
  • Line Mixer 6:2

  • Sequencer
  • Transport
  • ReGroove Mixer

  • Kong Drum Designer
  • Thor Polysonic Synthesizer
  • Malstrom Graintable Synthesizer
  • NN19 Digital Sampler
  • External MIDI Instrument
  • Pulveriser Demolition
  • The Echo
  • Alligator Filter Gate
  • BV512 Digital Vocoder
  • Neptune Pitch Adjuster
  • RV-7 Digital Reverb
  • D-11 Foldback Distortion
  • ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter
  • PH-90 Phaser
  • UN-16 Unison
  • COMP-01 Compressor/Limiter
  • PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ
  • RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator

Support for individual Rack Extensions is available with separate In-App Purchases
  • Audiomatic Retro Transformer
  • A-List Acoustic Guitarist
  • A-List Electric Guitarist - Pop Chords
  • A-List Electric Guitarist - Power Chords
  • Parsec Spectral Synthesizer
  • Polar Dual Pitch Shifter
  • Pulsar Dual LFO
  • PX7 FM Synthesizer
  • Radical Keys
  • Radical Piano
  • Rotor Rotary Speaker
  • Softube Amp
  • Softube Bass Amp
  • Synchronous Effect Modulator

That’s only the beginning - support for more and more Rack Extensions will be added with regular updates.

Mixer support is coming soon, and there are many other features in the pipeline. If you have suggestions for new features or ways to improve OrangeAid, please get in touch!
Email: contact@soundzest.com
Twitter: @soundzest
Or you can use the feedback form in the app.

Compatible with iPad 2 or later and iPad mini or later. Requires iOS 7 or later.

Requires Reason 6.5 or later, or Reason Essentials 1.5 or later, with the accompanying OrangeAid Remote Codec installed (download from http://www.soundzest.com/support/).

Wi-Fi connection to a Windows PC requires 3rd-party software.

MIDI over Bluetooth LE requires a compatible iPad running iOS 8 or later, and a compatible Mac running OS X Yosemite v10.10. or later.

Wired connections require MIDI interfaces that support SysEx.

Visit http://www.soundzest.com/orangeaid/ for more information.

Reason, Reason Essentials and Remote are trademarks of Propellerhead Software AB. References or use of logos or trademarks do not necessarily constitute or imply an endorsement or recommendation by Propellerhead Software.

What's New
  • Layout auto-switching. Set OrangeAid to follow Reason’s Master Keyboard input, or use surface locking to control a specific device, and your Rack layouts automatically change to match.
  • Layout Quick Picker. Open or add another layout without having to navigate to the Layout Organizer and back again.
  • Super-fine parameter control for Knobs, Sliders & Pitch Wheel. While touching a control, move your finger off to the side (or above/below for the Horizontal Slider) to change the parameter value more precisely. The further away you move, the more precise it gets.
  • Filter by Parameter. Mountains might be mountains in Zen, but buttons are not always buttons in the Rack. Sometimes they're really switches (yes, I’m looking at you Mr Combinator!) Use ‘Filter by Parameter’ in the controls list to find control types guaranteed to match a particular parameter.
  • Bluetooth LE MIDI. If your iPad supports it, you can use Bluetooth LE MIDI to connect to a Mac running OS X Yosemite v10.10. or later.
  • Transport, Track & Patch controls always available in the toolbar.
  • Someone pointed out there are other colors besides orange. Yes, it’s true! And, as it happens, they’re quite handy for telling your Oscillator 1 from your Oscillator 2.
  • Improved syncing between OrangeAid and Reason.
  • Added support for devices in the full version of Reason with the OrangeAid Pro Upgrade In-App Purchase.
  • Added support for Propellerhead Rack Extensions with individual In-App Purchases.
  • iOS 9 compatibility.
  • A thousand other little fixes & tweaks that all add up to make things better.
 OrangeAid costs $9.99 on the app store, plus IAPs as described above.

MIDI Designer Pro is on sale

MIDI Designer Pro drops in price from $24.99 to $14.99.

76 Synthesizer is available for $1 until the 2nd of Jan

76 Synthesizer drops in price from $1.99 to $0.99 up to the 2nd of Jan.

Spinphony 1.5 arrives with a nice festive message

I'm kind of taken with Spinphony. I really like it. It's quirky and comes from an interesting idea in the first place.
  • New Interface design eases use and streamlines computational internals.
  • Version 1.5 now runs more smoothly on all supported platforms from iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2 all the way up.
  • A fully customizable 'styles' option presents good sounding starting points when working with a new image.
  • New audio filters applied to all internal synthesizers.

Spinphony is free on the app store

Cream Mobile for iPad is here

The world's best software arpeggiator is now available as an iPad application.

Kirnu Cream Mobile is a very powerful MIDI performer music application for iPad.
This version is almost identical to the plugin version except the mobile version includes internal synthesizer and single drum track.
Mobile version also has only one arpeggiator track by default. If needed, the rest three tracks can be purchased separately with in-app-purchase option.

This version can open plugin version presets and vise versa.

  • 4 independent tracks (One track available by default. Other can be added via IAP)
  • 12 patterns per track
  • Very powerful internal 2 OSC synthesizer FOR EVERY 4 TRACKS
  • Two different views: Classic and quick edit view.
  • Live Keyboard, Chord Memory and Pattern Sequencer sections.
  • Sample accurate MIDI engine.
  • Easy to use note hold mode with transpose and bypass functionality.
  • Presets are compatible with the plugin version.
  • Powerful Pattern Step Data Section:
  • Tool section enables easy data editing.
  • All data sections are independent from each other.
  • Data sections can be looped with several different loop modes.
  • Chord memory section enables different chords to be used in every step.
  • Sequencer section enables sequencing the notes.
  • Accent, order, gate, accent, transposition, note divide, note shift.
  • 8 CC controls in each pattern.
  • MIDI learn for all knob controls.
  • Control Zone for changing most important parameters via external keyboard or MIDI events.
  • Audiobus (generator) support
  • MIDI sync with host and slave mode
  • And lots of more

With Cream Mobile it’s very easy to create catching lead parts, bouncing bass lines, swinging drums and lots of other cool stuff. The only obstacle is your imagination :)

Cream Mobile isn't like any traditional MIDI arpeggiator or sequencer. It's a lot more. With simple and clever design it has been made easy to learn and operate. You can easily create cool performances by tweaking only couple of controls. If this is not enough for you there are so many ways you can control Cream that you never feel bored with it.

Kirnu Cream is good for everybody; hobbyists, professionals, producers, composers, mamas, papas... whoever needs a good MIDI performer to make their songs PERFECT!

If you are sick and tired of conventional MIDI arpeggiators, performers, sequencers you should try Cream and see yourself how it differs from the rest.

The app costs $9.99 on the app store:

Chimera BC 16 Patchable Synthesizer on eBay

Chimera BC 16 Patchable Synthesizer on eBay. You can buy it for $400, or, bid on it from $0.99 until you get over whatever the reserve is.

Chimera BC 16 Patchable Synthesizer on eBay

LoopTree is half price

LoopTree is half price right now, down from $12.99 to $6.99.

synthQ is on sale until the 2nd of Jan

synthQ was $4.99 and is now $2.99 until the 2nd of Jan 2016.

Merry Christmas from thesoundtestroom and Watson (video)

Remember to take a look at the App sales page

Remember that the app sales page is still up and I'm updating it right now so that it's as up to date as possible for the next few days. Also, don't forget to check for apps on sale via the tag 'price drops' (actually clicking on that will take you there).

Rytmik Ultimate: Tutorial 3 - Per-note modulation (and Draw Synth)

A lovely post from the team at Intermorphic

I love what the guys at Intermorphic do. I wish them every success in 2016. Here's what they've written about this year and about what they want in 2016.

KORG iDS10 music app for iPhone! Review & Demo on 6S + (video from VJ Franz K)

Video description:

"The Nintendo music creation app is now for iPhone! Robot Voice ( Vocoder ) and other new features revealed! I demonstrate making original music with this electro composition app."

Don't forget that the iDS-10 is on sale until the 28th for $9.99.

The the app sales page for more deals, or just click here for the "price drops" tagged posts.

Effectrix is almost half price

Effectrix is one of my favourite effects apps. I love it, I find it incredibly useful and intuitive too, and it's on sale. It used to be $17.99, and now it is just $9.99. If you don't have it then I'd highly recommend it.

Sugar Bytes' Egoist for iPad is on sale as well

Sugar Bytes app Egoist for iPad is on sale. Originally it was $29.99 and now it is currently $17.99, which is the lowest price that this app has ever been down to.

iMaschine 2 is back to its launch price

iMaschine 2 is back down to its launch price again. It was $9.99 and is back to $4.99 again now.

rrarrow is half price

rrarrow is 50% off and down from $3.99 to $1.99.

WOW Filterbox is half price too

WOW Filterbox drops in price from $19.99 to $9.99.

Thesys is 50% off

Thesys is on sale and half price. It's down from $19.99 to $9.99.

SunrizerXS synth is a $1 now

SunrizerXS synth is on sale for just $0.99 (£0.79) at the moment.

Turnado is half price

Sugar Bytes' Turnado for iPad is half price and down from $19.99 to $9.99.

Impaktor is on sale for just $2

Impaktor drops in price down from $4.99 to just $1.99.

CZ Touch is half price as well

I've used CZ Touch and I think it is brilliant actually. I've been really impressed with it, but now it's half price and down from $29.99 to $14.99.

Get Sunrizer synth for half price

Sunrizer synth is 50% down in price, it was $9.99 and is now $4.99.

Patch Touch: for Oberheim Matrix is half price

Patch Touch: for Oberheim Matrix drops in price by 50% and is down from $29.99 to $14.99.

Phawuo is on sale and half price

Pick up Phawuo for just $0.99 as it's on sale with 50% off right now. It's down from $1.99 to $0.99.

Patch Touch: for Dave Smith Mopho is half price

Patch Touch: for Dave Smith Mopho goes on sale again. Earlier this week it was down from $29.99 to $19.99, but today it has dropped even further down to $14.99.

Sysex Base is half price

Sysex Base drops in price by 50% and is down from $9.99 to $4.99.

Patch Touch: for Yamaha DX/TX is half price

Patch Touch: for Yamaha DX/TX is on sale with 50% off at the moment. It's down from $29.99 to $14.99.

SynthTronica is 80% off

SynthTronica is on sale again and down from $9.99 to $1.99.

Cyclop iPad Edition is half price

Sugar Bytes' Cyclop iPad Edition app is now half price, and down from $24.99 to $12.99.

Photophore Synth is 50% off too

Also Photophore Synth for iPad is half price, down from $7.99 and now just $3.99.

djay 2 is half price

djay 2 drops down in price by half from $9.99 to $4.99.

B-Step MIDI tricks (no sound, please read the comments) (video)

Roland JP-08 Korg Electribe Elektron A4 Roland TB-3 Patterning Acid Trance seq'd with Genome MIDI (video)

Video description:

"Roland JP-08 Korg Electribe Elektron A4 Roland TB-3 Patterning Acid Trance seq'd with Genome MIDI

The iPad Patterning app is doing a 6 bar repeating loop of 4 different patterns of syncopated snares that gives an unpredictable element to the syncopated sections at the beginning and end. I straighten things up and mute Patterning in the middle where the trance-ish 4 on the floor straight section begins.

JP-08 is playing 32nd bass notes sequenced by Genome MIDI
TB-3 is tying things together with the repeating 16 step acid pattern
Electribe is doing kick, hat, extra snares, beepboop and 1 lead
A4 is quite lonely doing only the delay laden lead in the middle"

Patterning on the app store:

Genome MIDI on the app store:

Lifted-Up-Over-Sounding - @ Soundlab PlaySpace (video)

Video description:

"Performing with my Crowded Planet app on iPad at the Soundlab Play Space event at Nesta, London."

Just to be clear, I actually recorded this on my iPhone at the SoundLab Play Space in November. This was a totally amazing performance and you should really check out Robert's app, it has incredible depth and beauty to it.

The basic app is free, but the whole thing is worth the small in app purchase.

This is the best news ...

GeoShred App Preview short (video)

App sales ...

Remember that the app sales page is still up and I'm updating it as often as I'm able. Also, don't forget to check for apps on sale via the tag 'price drops' (actually clicking on that will take you there).

Auxy for iPhone demo (video)

Howl: A formant synthesizer is on the app store now

Free and quite interesting sounding too. Might have to give this one a try.

HOWL is a simple vocoder/synthesizer. It uses formants to simulate the human voice and a pitch-space keyboard to help you find interesting melodies.

  • Simple synthesizer (just a sawtooth wave nothing too complicated okay)
  • Simple vocoder (four banks of five cascading bandpass filters, a bit like the Klatt engine)
  • Adjustable pitch-space keyboard
  • Cool FX (bitcrush, reverb and vibrato)

HOWL is also open source (check out the code at https://github.com/dclelland/HOWL). Send me a pull request!

HOWL is free on the app store:

Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard (European Trailer)

DrumPerfect Pro is coming ...

Patchblocks Keyblock - First Prototype (video)

Video description:

"Here you can see the first working prototype of the upcoming Keyblock. Thanks to J S for sharing your DIY version earlier this month."

Ableton Link coming to SECTOR

Modstep arrives, a massive sequencer for iOS on your iPad ...

Introducing Modstep, Modulation Monster and the first full-blown MIDI sequencer for the iPad. Modstep allows you to create music and jam with your iPad and your favorite IAA Apps, Mac and PC software and MIDI hardware as well as the internal drum sampler and synth. Use it as the centerpiece of your setup to create and perform music on the go, in the studio and on stage.

  • Full-blown MIDI sequencer with Step Sequencer and Piano Roll
  • Unlimited MIDI tracks
  • Audio and MIDI streaming directly via charger cable to Mac and PC using studiomux technology
  • Up to 128 MIDI CCs per Track can be modulated
  • Built-in drum sampler with filter, delay and reverb, fully modulateable
  • Built-in synthesizer with filter, delay and reverb, fully modulateable
  • Templates to control external MIDI hardware
  • Template editor to create your own templates for IAA Apps, desktop Apps and external MIDI devices
  • Supports all MIDI interfaces for the iPad
  • Core functionality controllable via external MIDI controllers
  • Works on all iPads (iPad 1 restricted to MIDI only)
  • Trigger out
  • Integrated IAA mixer
  • Step Sequencer with active steps
  • Use third party IAAs as instruments and effects within one app

iOS 8 or later
for audio and MIDI streaming to a Mac or PC, the studiomux server software is required: get the latest for free at studiomux.net

Modstep costs $19.99 on the app store:

Oscilab is on sale at its lowest price ever!

Oscilab drops in price lower than it has ever done before. It was $9.99 and now it's just $2.99.

GuitarCapo+ is on sale too

GuitarCapo+ is on sale and has dropped in price down from $4.99 to $2.99.

ScaleGen on sale as well

ScaleGen drops in price down from $9.99 to $5.99.

Cassini for iPad is also on sale

Cassini for the iPad is on sale as well. It is down from $5.99 to $3.99.

Cassini for iPhone is on sale

Ice Gear's Cassini for iPhone is on sale and down from $3.99 to $2.99.

Remember Axoloti? Maybe you should take a look ...

I remember seeing Axoloti in 2014 at the Music Tech Fest hackday. It was a great idea for a new platform, and it went from strength to strength. It crowdfunded through Indiegogo and now it's got a whole community behind it. If you like things like Reaktor or Max and hardware like Arduino, then imagine putting the two together. You have Axoloti.

Interested? Take a look at the Axoloti site.

Gestrument LE is free

Gestrument LE was only $0.99 and is now it is free.

bismark bs-16i is half price

bismark bs-16i is 50% off and down in price from $7.99 to $3.99.

Gestrument is on sale too

Gestrument goes on sale today and is down from $7.99 to $4.99.

Fugue Machine in Space - haQ attaQ 109 (video)

LORENTZ is on sale as well

Ice Gear's LORENTZ synth for iPad is on sale too and down from $5.99 to $3.99.