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zMors modular update preview (video)

An interesting if short video on what's coming next. I would have liked to see more about the javascript implementation and how that can be used, but I'm guessing that'll come soon enough.

Video description:
  • javascript midi controller
  • mixer console
  • editor for the midi sequencer

And this is still coming along, some time soon I hope!

No idea quite what it is as yet, but it is on the way ...

Introducing Tap Delay (video)

Songtree gets its first update with version 1.1

Here's what's new in Songtree 1.1:
  • Added AudioPaste and General Pasteboard to paste audio from other apps
  • Added support to import audio with 'Open in' iOS functionality
  • Simplified login
  • Solved a problem with Audiobus when switching between apps

Tap Delay from VirSyn arrives

Another interesting effect arrives from VirSyn. Tap Delay seems to have quite a lot of promise. Here are the app's details ...

Back in the “old days”, producers and engineers created delay and echo effects using tape machines. Tap Delay combines the warm sound of vintage tape echo machines with a modern, step sequencer-like tapped delay engine which continues the tradition of the tape echo machines into the 21st century.

#### Intro offer 50% off #####

The Tape simulation includes all relevant aspects for the recreation of a faithful analog tape sound:
  • Compression and Saturation
  • Tape hiss
  • Tape head bias
  • Wow and Flutter (Tape speed instability)
  • Smooth speed / delay time changes
Three feedback filters with hipass/lowpass and bandpass characteristic simplify the creation of authentic dub echo effects.

The built-in Limiter allows for endless feedback sounds.

Use live input from any source - Microphone, Guitar, Audiobus and Inter App Audio - or take a song from your iTunes library for processing.

  • Multi-tap delay machine
  • 24 taps for rhythmic delay effects
  • Tape simulation ( Saturation, Noise, Flutter )
  • Alias free tape saturation through oversampling.
  • MIDI controllable including Tempo sync
  • Delay loop equalizer for dub effect.
  • Glitch free simulation of variable tape speeds.
  • Spatial echo rotation effect.
  • Audiobus 2 compatible with state saving
  • IAA compatible ( Auria, Cubasis, Garageband ).
  • Integrated iTunes player.

Don't forget, Monovista is free and it's staying that way too

I posted about Monovista going free the other day, but wanted to give you a little reminder as it really is a huge amount of fun and well worth getting if you don't have it already. It used to cost $1.99 but now it's free.

So grab this app if you don't already have it as it's a really good mobile music making experience and I've had a load of fun using it.

This is what the developer says ...

DrumJam 1.3.2 brings loads of new stuff

Here's what's come along in the latest version of DrumJam:
  • Added option to ignore IAA sync
  • Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • Improved round-robin velocity behavior
  • Added option to set position of Audiobus control panel
  • Added Quantize Tap option, which quantizes all pad instrument taps to next selected rhythmic boundary.
  • Quantized tap can also be applied to incoming midi notes (optionally ignored in prefs), and stop hits.
  • Added Choke Decay control, which affects % of sample duration
  • Fixed Audiobus “port unavailable” connection issue, and updated to latest SDK
  • Fixed possible crash when starting up with midi device attached
  • Fixed missing note off messages when sending MIDI using pads

There are also several new in-app purchase packs available now, be sure to check them out in the Drum Store under the settings section of the app:

Pandeiro, modified Berimbau, Earth Udu, and Repinique Loops. Granite
block pad instrument.

Thai Rumwong, Vietnamese Hmong brass harp, Thai gong, and Chinese gong
loops. Anklung pad instrument.

Brekete, Kaganu, Kpanlogo, and Talking Drum Loops, along with Talking
Drum pad instrument

Pineapple lid req, Bulgarian Tupan loops. Paulo Mattioli Djembe, Remo
cluster, Garrapatta bells pad instruments.

Timbales Loops. Timbales, Conga, Tumba, Quinto, and Congas Set pad instruments

Indian Bongos, Piccolo Bongos Loops. Indian Bongos, Piccolo Bongos,
Remo Crown Bongos pad instruments.

Introducing BIAS FX Desktop (feat. Tosin Abasi) (video)

Auxy 2.0.2 arrives with some improvements

Here's what's new in Auxy Music Creation:
  • Tapping an empty slot now stops loop playback in the same column
  • Added auto scroll when moving notes between bars
  • Updated hints for new users
  • Slightly tuned master compressor settings
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Dahlia Delay and Korg iM1 Demo, A Beautiful Delay for iPad

Dahlia Delay on the app store:

iM1 on the app store:

Audiobus Remote, Setting Up and Getting Started for iPad

Gadget Fanfare (Korg Gadget using iM1 sounds)

Gadget on the app store:

iM1 on the app store:

FigureAddiction 2 - Kick drum melodies (video)

Figure on the app store:

GrainProc 4.0 arrives

GrainProc 4.0 brings some new things:
  • Now with a Preset Manager so you can save those awesome presets inside GrainProc itself!
  • Community option so that people can share the awesome presets that they make!
  • Bugfix where the "dry" slider would reset when changing between the 2 synths.

Quantum VJ #2 (video)

Video description:

Music visualization with Quantum VJ
Music: NightRadio - Quantum VJ Intro (2015)

Quantum VJ (video)

Video description:

Music visualization with Quantum VJ
Music: NightRadio - Quantum VJ Intro (2015)

PreSonus Studio One Remote App Review - Sweetwater's iOS Update, Vol. 106 (video)

Takete and Takete Lite both updated, Takete still very expensive

So, Takete gets some updates, but it's still very expensive for the mobile music world.

Anyway, here's what's new in Takete:
  • Open In functionality added for audio and video files
  • Audiopaste added
  • Optimised audio and visual engine
  • New video content added
  • Colour coded mixer
  • Posterize videoFX
  • Bug fixes

G-Stomper Rhythm and Korg Kaossilator pro / Jam Session (video)

LoopTree ideas: Audiobus remote (video)

KORG DS-10 PLUS: VITYS - Anthony Seeha (video)

How Do It: AudioCopy's Paste All in iMPC Pro (video)

AudioCopy on the app store:

iMPC Pro on the app store:

iRig UA - Greg Koch demos Orange Tiny Terror in AmpliTube UA (video)

KORG iM1 App Review - Sweetwater's iOS Update, Vol. 105

ScratchVOX 1.2 arrives

A year after arriving on the app store ScratchVOX 1.2 arrives and brings some nice new things ...
  • New easier and precise stretch and squeeze of paths
  • AudioBus enabled
  • iOS 8 compatible
  • Numerous other tweaks and fixes

Playground: Richard Colvaen - Vapor Dream (video)

Video description:

"Join the beta! Go to http://getplayground.com and subscribe! Playground - Music At Your Fingertips.

Playground is a new way to experience the music of artists from around the globe. Swipe and tap on the unique template objects and discover your path to musical expression. Fun and easy to use for beginners, become a real performer by growing your skills. Record and share your favourite sessions with your friends."

SECTOR with Audiobus Remote triggers (video)

SECTOR on the app store

Audiobus Remote on the app store

Introducing: Audiobus Remote for iPhone and iPad (video)

iVCS3 1.4 arrives

Here's what's new in iVCS3 1.4:
  • Audiobs SDK update to (May 4 2015)
  • Inter App Audio crash Fixed during Host Recording
  • Save New Preset As… (Shortcut)
  • Bugs Fixed

Elastic Drums Midi learn with Arturia Beatstep (upcoming Update 1.6)

BeatHawk 1.1.1 arrived

Here's what's new with BeatHawk:

  • General: prompt on startup to restore previous session
  • General: removed special icon for user samples
  • General: touching timeline moves playhead
  • Browser: added preview for user samples
  • Browser: user samples initially load without Stretch
  • Song Mode: export window closes automatically after render
  • Song Mode: removed extra bar at the end of export
  • Preferences: tabbed display with better organization
  • Preferences: added app version number
  • Preferences: added Global Tuning
  • Background Audio settings moved to Preferences
  • Audio/MIDI settings moved to Preferences
  • Audio/MIDI settings now restore on startup

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed project browser interaction
  • Fixed crash with AudioBus and InApp Purchase
  • Fixed InApp Purchase in iOS9
  • Fixed Sample Tab interaction
  • Fixed crash from selecting “Browse to Pad” on an empty pad
  • Fixed sample recording with built-in microphone
  • Fixed AudioCopy/Paste going to root directory
  • Fixed Japanese text display in Audio/MIDI preferences
  • Fixed push badge
  • Fixed illegal character handling when renaming files
  • Fixed Project save path

SoundPrism Electro updates for Audiobus remote and is on sale too

Here's what's new in SoundPrism Electro:
  • Fixed MIDI bugs: MIDI interfaces were not recognized correctly
  • Added Trigger Buttons for Audiobus Remote, find out more at http://audiob.us/remote
Also, it's down from $4.99 to $1.99

haQ attaQ 72 - Audiobus Remote (video)

And then Audiobus remote arrived

So it's been rumoured for a while and people have been leaking out news over the last couple of days, but here it is ...

With Audiobus Remote, transport your Audiobus-compatible music apps’ controls onto a second iPad or iPhone: it’s a second screen for your Audiobus session, powered by Bluetooth LE and Apple's iBeacon technology.

Start Audiobus Remote for the first time, then simply hold it near your other iPad or iPhone running Audiobus: the two devices will pair immediately, and you’ll see the apps running on your Audiobus device appear on Audiobus Remote’s control surface. You will see all the Audiobus Connection Panel controls you’re used to, including app switching, transport and record controls.

Apps can also define Remote Triggers, providing access to app-specific functions within Audiobus Remote. For example:
  • Record or toggle individual loops in Loopy HD.
  • Trigger drum samples in DM-1.
  • Move between presets in Bias FX and JamUp.
  • Change presets and adjust effect controls in Holderness Media’s effects apps including Johnny and Caramel.
  • Trigger individual sections in Sector, and switch modes.
  • Play a mini version of SoundPrism Electro in Audiobus Remote.
All this on a second screen, while you can stay focused in one app on your main device.

Audiobus Remote. More space for play.

Discover apps with Remote Triggers on our compatible apps directory at http://audiob.us/apps

Audiobus Remote requires the Audiobus app and two Bluetooth Low Energy-compatible iOS devices: iPhone 4S, iPad 3 or iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th gen, and newer.

Audiobus Remote is priced at $4.99 on the app store

Takete - Origins (video)

Songtree community for collaborative music making arrives

Songtree is an app & community for collaborative music making.

Songtree makes it super easy to collaborate to create songs with other musicians.
Simply open the app and browse the latest songs that have been posted, then pick a track you like to open it in the built-in audio recorder view.
Record your track on top of the base track by playing your instrument, then click the Share button to post the track back to Songtree.
As new tracks are posted a ‘tree’ of songs gradually grows, with each branch derived from the preceeding.

No login is required to start recording - simply download the app, pick up your instrument and start playing! After you’ve posted a track share it via Facebook and Twitter so that your friends can listed to you playing.

  • Easy to use, no knowledge of recording software required
  • Record using your device built-in mic or external adapter
  • Add effects, mix and edit recordings

Songtree just started, we look forward to your comments, suggestions and bug reports. Please contact us at feedback@songtr.ee

Patterning by Olympia Noise Co, Pre Release Beta Demo for iPad (video)

"DubNodes" NodeBeat LIVE Jam

Video description:

""DubNodes" is a track that came to existence by me chilling on the balcony with my iPad mini retina and NodeBeat by AffinityBlue"

AffinityBlue also have a nice bundle available ...

Drumjam v1.3.2 new features (video)

Drumjam Version 1.3.2
  • Fixed Audiobus “port unavailable” connection issue, and updated to latest SDK
  • Fixed possible crash when starting up with midi device attached
  • Added option to ignore IAA sync
  • Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • Improved round-robin velocity behavior
  • Added option to set position of Audiobus control panel
  • Added quantize tap option, which quantizes all pad instrument taps to next repeat rhythmic boundary (midi CC114). Quantize tap can be applied to incoming midi notes (optionally ignored in prefs), and stop hits
  • Added Choke control, which affects % of sample duration (midi CC75)

7 - Master Pad volume
85 - Master Loop volume

17 - Pad filter toggle
71 - Pad filter resonance
74 - Pad filter cutoff

80 - Loops filter enabled
81 - Loops filter resonance
82 - Loops filter cutoff

91 - Pad Reverb send
83 - Loops reverb level
86 - Reverb Size
87 - Delay time

1 - Auto-repeat rate (optionally channel pressure also)
2 - Auto-repeat velocity
This only affects the most recent actively held NoteOn for the channel.

11 - Touch Pad Velocity
12 - Touch Pad X Position
13 - Touch Pad Mode Enable

14 - Global Repeat type
15 - Repeat 2x sensitivity
16 - Drop %
18 - Delay input level
19 - Delay feedback
20 - Crush
21 - LoFi

22 - Bedlam master %
23 - Bedlam pitch chance %
24 - Bedlam pitch depth
25 - Bedlam pan chance %
26 - Bedlam pan width
27 - Bedlam rev Chance %
28 - Bedlam Buzz Chance %
29 - Bedlam Buzz Duration
30 - Bedlam Buzz Slice

69 - Randomize Loop Instruments (with value 127)
70 - Randomize Loop Variations (with value 127)
115 - Stop with hit (with value 127)
117 - Stop
118 - Play Toggle (or Clock Start/Stop)
119 - Record Toggle (or MMC Rec)
78 - Record On/Off
79 - Fade In/Out

102 - Undo
103 - Redo
104 - Tap Tempo

110 - Repeat Swing % (0=50% 127=75%)

CC 36-63 are mixer controls for the first 7 individual loop parts, in blocks of 4 representing Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo. So CC36 = Loop 1 Vol, CC37 = Loop 1 Pan, CC38 =Loop 1 Mute, CC39 = Loop 1 Solo, CC40 = Loop 2 Volume, etc.

Program Change messages with Bank 00 selected load the index of the installed alphabetically listed instruments.

Banks 01-63 will select the Factory preset group with that index, with PCs loading the alphabetical indexed preset in that group. Banks 64-127 will select User preset groups, with PCs loading the
alphabetically indexed preset in that group (where the first user group is at bank 64, the second at bank 65, etc).

iSymphonic New Sound Pack and Audiobus Update Pre Release Demo

There's also a nice bundle of these apps available on the app store.

PUC+ Bluetooth 4.0 MIDI, so fast you'll be happy to cut the cord 720p (video)

LP-5 - Loop-based Music Sequencer 2.0 arrives

Here's what's new in LP-5 - Loop-based Music Sequencer 2.0:
  • Inter-app Audio effect hosting support
  • Inter-app Audio host timeline sync
  • Import Zip files to the user library (Full version)
  • Launch scenes using a MIDI keyboard
  • Track mixer control via MIDI
  • Two new sound packs by Soundtrack Loops available for in-app purchase
  • Various bug fixes

FigureAddiction - make Trap drums with Figure (video)

Audreio 1.5 arrives

Here's what's new in Audreio 1.5:
  • New: IAA effects hosting
  • New: use another mobile device as an effect
  • Bug fixes

How To Connect The Puc+ to iPad/iPhone 1080p (video)

How To Connect The Puc+ to Mac 1080p (video)

So this is coming along too ...

Takete Lite also arrives

So this is the same as the main version but without editing. Here's the detail ...

Takete is an advanced audio visual performer featuring a unique set of tools for musicians and artists. Based on the phenomenon of synesthesia, Takete offers fine control between audio and visual elements to create immersive and tightly integrated AV works.

Combine audio and video loops with granular synthesis, drum machines, modular inline/send FX and extensive programmable and flexible behavior.

Takete Lite contains the functionality of Takete, with editing disabled.

Takete arrives, but it is not cheap ...

Takete is an app that has been rumoured for a long time now, but has only just arrived on the app store today, but it isn't cheap at $79.99 for the full app.

Here's the app description:

Takete is an advanced audio visual performer featuring a unique set of tools for musicians and artists. Based on the phenomenon of synesthesia, Takete offers fine control between audio and visual elements to create immersive and tightly integrated AV works.

Combine audio and video loops with granular synthesis, drum machines, modular inline/send FX and extensive programmable and flexible behavior.

Recommended for iPad Air 1 or equivalent.

So, this is coming ...

A new app from Wooji. No idea of what it is, but I think it'll be great whatever!

Congratulations to Matrixsynth for 10 years of blogging!

An amazing site and resource, here's to another 10 years of Matrixsynth.

ThereMIDI for iPad arrives

I've been using this app with a Theremini for a while now and it is a very good addition to the hardware. So if you have one, you should check out this app.

Get the most out of your Theremini with ThereMIDI a unique controller and patch editor.

Patch Editor:
ThereMIDI allows full real-tim control of the following parameters:
  • VCO waveform, transpose, wavetable scan rate and more
  • VCF cutoff frequency, resonance, filter type and key tracking
  • Various modulations
  • Advanced delay controls including effect mix, delay time and feedback
  • Store and load presents on your iOS device
  • Store presets to your theremini

ThereMIDI comes with a built in 16step mod sequencer. Sequence filter cutoff, resonance type and more. Even sequencing pitch is possible.

Midi Converter:
In this mode ThereMIDI converts CC data into MIDI notes making it possible to use the Theremini to play other synths. A built-in quantizer makes playing fun and easy to learn, users can choose from a variety of scales.

ThereMIDI costs $4.99 on the app store, and it's worth every penny

DIODE 108 Drum Machine, Advanced Effects Pre Release Demo for iPad (video)

MultitrackStudio for iPad 2.1.1 arrives

What's new in MultitrackStudio for iPad:
  • Master Limiter effect now has RMS output level meter.
  • Pianoroll: selected notes which are long enough get resize grip to move start of note (in addition to the one at the end of the note).
  • Pianoroll: notes that are too high/low to appear in the pianoroll appear dimmed above/below the pianoroll while scrolling vertically.
  • Score editor: notes shorter than current grid can be added/moved accurately without having to change the grid first.
  • Supports MIDI via Bluetooth LE (MultitrackStudio acts as Central, so it can connect to Peripherals)
  • External MIDI Instruments, Virtual MIDI and IAA Instruments: no pitch bend range messages are sent if the pitch bend range is set to zero. Can be useful if the instrument uses controllers 100/101 for something other than RPNs.
  • Fixed: SoundFont Player ignored note-offs with certain soundfonts. You'll have to re-import these soundfonts.
  • Better handling of some out-of-storage-space situations.
  • Now requires iOS 8 or newer.
  • Various bug fixes.

Amp ONE video demo

Video description:

"Video for Mercuriall Audio Software.
Signal Chain - Godin Session Custom (seymour duncan little '59) - Apogee Jam - iPad Air"

Everest : Audio Looper gets an update

What's new in Everest : Audio Looper:
  • Fixed recent audio/UI freezing issue. Everest now more frequently changes its audio state to match recently connected or disconnected hardware.
  • Recording mode can now be cancelled by pressing Undo. The previous loop state will be restored. If the loop was empty before Recording it will go back to being empty, ready for new recordings.
  • New MIDI CC "Allow Zero Value" MIDI settings switch causes Everest to ignore or not ignore CC values of 0 as valid toggle presses. This is useful for some MIDI controllers that toggle between zero and non-zero CC values for every press of the respective switch.
  • Updated Audiobus code and library to latest version of the SDK
  • Minor fix: MIDI global play/pause would silence output when used multiple times.

haQ attaQ 71 - 64 Bell presets for Propellerheads Thor (video)

Coming soon ...

Audio Evolution Mobile 3.7.4 arrives

And it's still there

So I've posted about this before, but it's still sitting there on eBay, and by now I thought that this would get snapped up as a little piece of history.

Akai Professional 4 Track Trackman Recorder

MIDIBrute (universal) arrives so you can configure your Brute from iOS

The iOS companion app for your Arturia Brute synthesizer. MIDIBrute enables you to configure all of your Brutes software only features from your iOS device.

MIDIBrute is especially useful when using an iOS Device together with your music equipment without a Mac or PC on hand to quickly change your Arturia Brute synthesisers settings.

Universal Application
MIDIBrute runs on your iPhone as well as on your iPad. So no need to buy twice.

MIDI Clock Support
MIDIBrute can send a MIDI clock signal to your synthesizer. In case you're unable to sync with something else you can at least configure BPM.

Simple And Intuitive
We worked hard to make MIDIBrute easy to use and nice to look at.

!!! MIDIBrute requires an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter !!!

Supported Devices:
Currently MIDIBrute supports Arturias MiniBrute and MicroBrute. We're working on support for MiniBrute SE and MicroBrute SE.

MIDIBrute costs $1.99 on the app store:

MoDrum & Elastic Drums playing together (upcoming Update 1.6)

Video description:

"ED should sync more tight now. Here an exaple with MoDrum. This is a preview of some improvements for the upcoming 1.6 update, coming in August"

Arpeggio Machining Teaser 2 (video)

Arpeggio Machining Teaser 2 from Tangible Instruments on Vimeo.

Video description:

Here is the 2nd Video teaser of machining for our prototype, accompanied by Arpeggio's AVR Synth Engine demo. We're cutting a block of aluminum for our button moulds.

Follow our progress and development towards Arpeggio's Kickstarter at:


"Run With It" [Figure & Kaossilator] LIVE performance (video)

All of the Holderness Media apps have now been updated

So they all have become ready for the new 'secret' app from the Audiobus team!

I've no idea what it is, but it better be good after all this!

So, from Holderness Media the following apps have been updated:

Arpeggio Machining Teaser 1 (video)

Arpeggio Machining Teaser 1 from Tangible Instruments on Vimeo.

Video description:

Here is a Video teaser of machining for our prototype, accompanied by Arpeggio's AVR Synth Engine demo.

Follow our progress and development towards Arpeggio's Kickstarter at:


So what's Nightradio up to now?

KORG DS-10: Logic - Anthony Seeha (video)

ToyTone is a little simple synth ...

I do like a nice little simple synth, and that's what ToyTone is ...

ToyTone is simple synthesizer!

  • Select waveform, and move the slider.
  • Tap the pad at bottom, you can play.
  • When you tap the label to the left of slider, the value is reduced by one.
  • When you tap the label to the right of slider, the value is increased one.
And it's free ...

Fingerlab DFX - Digital Multi-FX: New Sound Generators

Video description:

"A little video about the 3 new Sound Generators in Fingerlab DFX - Digital Multi-FX
  • FM Bells
  • String Pulse
  • Noise Pulse"

MIDIChordy arrives

MIDIChordy is the MIDI-only version of the chord player app "Chordy".
With a unique UI, it's very easy for you to play chords and chord tones with your favorite synth app.
(MIDIChordy generates no sound by itself. It works as a MIDI controller.)

  • Easy chord playing with Auto Select Feature (Diatonic Triad/7th)
  • Select a root note (and a chord type if necessary) to play a chord
  • Play arpeggio/glissando with Chord Tone Pads
  • Octave Shift (from -2 to +2)
  • 4 scales available (Major, Natural/Harmonic/Melodic Minor). Select Parallel or Relative scale change between major/minor.
  • Key Transpose Feature
  • Latch Mode Feature : a chord sustains until another chord played (Chord Tone Pads are not affected by Latch)

  • Virtual MIDI support: You can control other Virtual MIDI compatible apps (e.g. Animoog, Sunrizer synth, Launchkey, etc).
  • Wi-Fi MIDI support
  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE support: available with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.
MIDIChordy costs $2.99 on the app store:

Johnny - Multiwave Tremolo Effects Processor 1.1 brings MIDI and support for the secret app!

Here's what's new with Johnny - Multiwave Tremolo Effects Processor:
  • select presets via MIDI program change
  • receive MIDI via Inter-app audio host (requires host that supports the RemoteMusicEffect node type)
  • add support for the new super secret upcoming app from the Audiobus team
  • fix tap tempo
  • tap tempo now controllable via MIDI
  • various bug fixes

Another app adds support for the 'secret' new Audiobus app ...

JamUp gets an update which includes support for the new 'secret' app!
  • Bring back Griffin Technology Stompbox support
  • Add support for the new secret upcoming app made by the Audiobus team
  • Bug fixes and general improvements

haQ attaQ 70 - Installing synth presets with AudioShare [Tutorial] (video)

Elastic Drums Swing (upcoming Update 1.6) (video)

strng 1.2 arrives

Here's what's new in strng 1.2:
  • Adding Audiobus state saving.
  • Making popovers stay open on tap outside, to allow playing keyboard while loading settings.
  • Fixing oscilloscope line width scale on iPad retina and iPhone 6 Plus displays.

Frobulator (video)

If you want to know more about the app then check this post from yesterday where you can find the details.

If you're an FL Studio Mobile user then you should read this

It seems it's going to be a fairly radical shift from version 2.x, but it sounds like it'll be worth it. Read more here.

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth - Algorithm (video)

TF7 1 min "Dream Bell" Patch - haQ MP #16 (video)

Synth Jam: I'm The Calculator With My Pocket Operator (music)

No Input Mixing: Korg Monotron Delay (video)

No Input Mixing: Monotron, Monotron Delay and gMix (video)

Buttercup Bitcrush, Cactus Chorus, Phlox Phaser, FX Demo for iPad (video)

Buttercup Bitcrush, Cactus Chorus, Phlox Phaser, FX Demo for iPad.

Multiple Hardware sequenced with G-Stomper over MIDI / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App (video)

Video description:

"Multiple Hardware sequenced (and synchronized) with G-Stomper over MIDI / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App
(Device :Google Nexus 9)

This clip shows G-Stomper Studio with multiple hardware hooked up over MIDI.

All sequences are done in G-Stomper Studio, while the sounds come from G-Stomper Studio and the attached hardware.
The Nord Lead as well as the ESX1 act only as Sound Module (MIDI Extender), note that the ESX1 Sequencer is NOT running and its sequence is empty.

- The Drum Sounds on T01-T12 come from G-Stomper Studio, +triggers are fired to the backlit pads of the MPK225.
  • VT01-VT04 are pure MIDI instrument tracks which control the 4 Nord Lead Synth instances.
  • VT05 is a pure MIDI instrument track which controls the the ESX1.
  • VT06 is a regular VA-Beast synth.

Furthermore all hardware components are synchronized over MIDI clock (to keep the delay effects and LFOs in the right timing).

The Nexus 9 runs on OpenSL with an internal Latency of 10ms + manual Latency compensation of 20ms.

Required equipment:
  • 1 class compliant USB MIDI to DIN interface
  • 1 USB OTG micro USB to USB adapters
  • 1 4x1 MIDI Merger
  • 1 1x4 MIDI Thru
  • A bunch of MIDI DIN cables"

Offset drumloops - Why I prefer Kaossilator + Commentary (video)

DJing On An Apple Watch With djay 2.5

Video description:

"Don't try this in a club, but do try it at home if you have an Apple Watch - it's a lot of fun!"

Remember Synth top trumps? Well, whether you do or not you should check this out

Firstly, this looks a lot like the synth top trumps I posted on a while ago, except, you can download it and print it all free!

Go take a look at Rhythmic Robot Audio.

Cubasis, Jordantron, The Rick Wakeman Project (video)

Frobulator (universal) arrives

Frobulator is an experimental stereo modulated filter and delay effect. A combination of time and frequency domain processing gives it a different sound to a normal echo box. The special "FAIL" mode adds chaotic variations driven by an iterative map -- perfect for those times when your music is just too harmonious and listenable.

Apply Frobulator to live audio input, or connect with other music apps like GarageBand via Inter-App Audio or Audiobus. Frobulator supports Audiobus state saving and has IAA host transport controls.

NB: to avoid some nasty feedback, Frobulator is muted by default if you're using the built-in microphone and speakers on your iOS device. If you aren't getting any sound out, try pressing the mute button.

Frobulator is free on the app store:

This Rare Akai Trackman is still on eBay, but why?

I really thought that this would get snapped up as a little piece of history, but it seems not. I wonder why?

Akai Professional 4 Track Trackman Recorder

What's new with Loopy and Loopy HD ...

Here's what both apps get on their latest updates ...
  • Added "mute all" and "unmute all" actions
  • Improved "Solo" behaviour (unmute all when triggered on already-soloed track)
  • Use alphabetical sorting in sessions view, with proper date sorting for un-named sessions
  • New 64-bit build
  • Assorted bug fixes
Loopy on the app store:

Loopy HD on the app store:

FL Studio Mobile and the HD version get new features and a big polyphony boost too

Here's what's new in FL Studio Mobile HD
  • Inter-App Audio audio recording, instruments and effects
  • iCloud Drive
  • Native support for 64-bit devices
  • Polyphony increased to 128
  • Akai SynthStation is no longer supported
  • Minimum iOS requirement is now iOS 7.0
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

FL Studio Mobile HD on the app store:

FL Studio Mobile on the app store:

bent fm circuit bending synth, Demo for iPad (video)

Innerspace Welcome - Reality check (from New Space Project album) (video)

The album was created on two iPad apps - SoundScaper and SunVox.

Hexaglyphics 1.1 User Guide (video)

midiLFOs for iPad app preview (video)

Video description:

"Four independent LFOs with configurable shape, rate, clock sync, offset, lag, inter-LFO modulation and more!

Quick to configure, easy to use. Simple but powerful. Looking for a MIDI controller LFO app for your iPad? You've found it."

Hexaglyphics 1.1 Trailer (video)

iRig UA - Greg Koch demos Deluxe Reverb model (video)

iRigUA - Greg Koch demos Slash AFD (video)

KORG M01D: Nightdrive (Remix) - Anthony Seeha (video)

Quick MIDI session / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App (video)

Video description:

"Quick MIDI session / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App
(Device: Google Nexus 9)

Quick G-Stomper Session with a Nordlead3 hooked up over MIDI.
All Synthesizer sounds come from the Nordlead3, sequenced and modulated over MIDI with G-Stomper Studio 4.3 (tracks VT01-VT03)."

BIAS FX - Classic Effects Expansion Pack (video)

"Moebius Strip Tease" by Doctor Popular (video)

I'm a big fan of Doc Pop so I thought I'd post this and share it with you all.

midiLFOs for iPad arrives

midiLFOs is a MIDI controller app that sends modulation control data to other music apps and external synthesizers. It consists of four independent LFOs that are used to send 7 bit MIDI CC messages in repeating Low Frequency Oscillating patterns. The LFOs can be the various standard shapes (sine, saw, triangle, square, sample and hold) but can also modulate each others amplitude and rate to create even more interesting shapes.

midiLFOs does not make music or sound by itself, it controls other MIDI capable synth apps and devices in your studio. You can use it to modulate the filter cutoff frequency of your favorite synth app, the pan position of the hi hats in a drum machine app, the feedback amount of a delay effect, or the pitch of an external hardware synthesizer. Or you can do all four at the same time.
midiLFOs features:
  • Four independent LFOs that send 7-bit MIDI CCs
  • Easily configure CoreMIDI port, channel, CC# per LFO
  • Easily adjust shape, rate, offset, lag per LFO
  • Modulate the rate and amount of an LFO using other LFOs
  • Sync LFOs to MIDI clock
  • Map trigger, LFO rate, and modulation amount values to incoming MIDI
Designed to be easy to configure and use, midiLFOs gives you a quick to configure and easy to use MIDI LFO controller toy with some nice extra features that also make it a useful pro music studio tool.

midiLFOs costs $4.99 on the app store:

Cubasis Minisampler Tutorial for iPad, Making Great Samples (video)

What's the super secret app coming from the Audiobus team?

So in the latest version of audiobus there's a cryptic message saying "additional bug fixes for the new super secret upcoming app made by the Audiobus team"

So, what's the new app, and when will we know?

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth - KORG iM1 (video)

TubeMIDI arrives, an app of the TubeSynth group

An Application of TubeSynth App Group.

You can play Tubes you created in TubeSynth using MIDI keyboard and Piano Roll.
  • support recording with MIDI keyboard.
  • multi-track support (up to 4 tracks).
  • Inter-App Audio support.

You can use this app without TubeSynth, but it only comes with simple Tube generator. For editing Tubes, you need TubeSynth.

Some waveform with rapid changes in sound pressure could be damaging to your ears at high amplitudes or for long periods. Please avoid using earphones or headphones when editing waveforms.

TubeMIDI costs $3.49 on the app store:

BIAS FX - Essential Analog Expansion Pack (video)

LoopTree Tutorial: Beat repeat (video)

Video description:

In this video I look at the beat repeat. How to use it, record it and a couple of tips along the way such as:
  • • Reversing a track
  • • Using the beat repeat with the filter
  • • Making drops with the session controls

Zillidrone Free has arrived

Zillidrone Free turns up so you can check out the app and see if it's for you or not. I do like these kinds of trial version apps. They're useful for trying out stuff.

Here's the details for Zillidrone Free:

Get the full version to unlock features:
  • save projects
  • loops and tracks recording
  • MIDI in/out
  • Audiobus and Inter-App audio
Zillidrone is a sample-based groovebox for creating, performing and interacting with 32-step sequences for snares, kicks, hi-hats, sampler and two multioscillator synthesizers. With Zillidrone you can easily create, modify, save sequences and arrange them on the fly during a live performance. Use drum pads for making extra drum shots over the saved drum patterns. Shuffle samples, randomize patterns, use synth preset sequencers, apply DSP effects with automations to produce a wide range of sound transformations for your composition. Upload your own samples and use the magic of randomization without any editing to discover more ideas for your music. Record loops or full tracks in real-time, export recordings to other applications or share them via dropbox or email.

  • Drum machine and drum pads for real-time groove production with 4 types of touches. Tap or swipe drum pads within different areas to produce different shots.
  • Change samples manually or shuffle samples randomly during performance.
  • Two oscillator synth with 5 presets, preset sequencers and automations for each controller.
  • Sampler with piano keyboard (6 octaves).
  • 5 real-time DSP effects: distortion, free verb, pitch shifter, wah-wah, ring modulator , one non-realtime "looper" effect and global delay effect.
  • Mixer for panning and sending to global delay effect for each instrument and DSP effect.
  • Arrangement editor for storing 16 different scenes. Each scene saves all states of controls, sequences, automations. You can change scenes manualy, randomly or create a song arrangement.
  • Included library of 397 samples (99 per each drum instrument and 100 for sampler).
  • In-app sample packs creation tool. Record audio input to create your own sample packs.
  • Upload sample packs (wav, aif, aiff formats) via iTunes and assign them to each instrument separately.
  • Demo projects, help and video tutorial are included.

Saffron Saturator for iOS arrives

Saffron Saturator is a filter drive, distortion and saturation effect.

Built upon the tenet of simplicity, the flora project presents great sounding, lightweight audio effects using Inter-App Audio and Audiobus technologies to allow you to get the sound you want, without sacrificing processing power.

More information about the flora project can be found at http://timothy-j.com/flora

NB: Saffron Saturator requires either Audiobus or Inter-App Audio capable applications in order to operate. See http://audiob.us for more information.

Saffron Saturator for iOS costs $0.99 on the App Store:

Novation Launchpad Minneapolis Funk Pack Demo, Too Funkeeee (video)

Prodigy got updated, but I didn't know it was there, or at least I don't remember it

Personally I think it's a sign that the whole mobile music thing is completely mainstream now. There was a time when I could remember pretty much every app, but those days are gone. There are far too many to remember and I find myself missing them these days.

This is a good example. It appears to be a nice little synth app, it's universal and cheap too ($0.99). I also like how it looks like a calculator!

Here's the app's description:
  • FM Sound Synthesizer for iPhone and iPad
  • Three oscillators for frequency modulation and subtractive synthesis
  • FM matrix
  • Ability to draw any waveform for each oscillator
  • ADSR envelopes
  • Effects - delay, reverb, freq. filter
  • Keyboard - 5 multi-touch, 3 octaves, glissando
  • Polyphony 1-7 voices
  • Presets list
  • Supports Audiobus including state saving 
How did I miss it?

How Do It: Open With & Dropbox in AudioCopy (video)

Hexaglyphics 1.1 is here

What's New in Version 1.1
  • Added subsonic sine generator for generating sub basses and 808-ish kicks.
  • Latch mode and click mode are now on different buttons.
  • Added "Latch Filter" mode for holding just the filter setting.
  • Added button in "Latch All" mode that clear everything and stop the generator.
  • Added "Hybrid" mode that behave like Standard mode with multi-touch and like Click mode with single touch.
  • Added "Channel Mode" button for selecting stereo noise generation and different output splitting.
  • Extended range for the fourth noise generation mode.
  • Added a fifth noise generation mode for high-pitched beeps.
  • Minor improvements to Audiobus support, updated Audiobus API to
  • Slightly reduced gain for increasing headroom.
  • Settings saving on exit, settings loading on opening.

MIDI Drum Pads Feedback / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App (video)

Video description:

"MIDI Drum Pads Feedback / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App
(Device: Google Nexus 9)

Quick G-Stomper Session with an AKAI MPK225 hooked up over MIDI.
All sounds come from G-Stomper Studio, while MIDI Events are fired back to the MPK225 to let the pads flash for each trigger."

Congratulations to Borderlands Granular ...

A photo posted by Borderlands Granular (@borderlands_granular) on

Welcome to Icaro (video)

Welcome to Icaro from Icaro on Vimeo.

DM1 for iPhone 3.1 brings MIDI goodies

Here's what's new in DM1 for iPhone:
  • New MIDI Engine : automatic MIDI inputs & outputs detection
  • New MIDI Engine : improved MIDI synchronisation
  • Added Song Loop switch
  • Fixed Songs order issue in the Load popup

Multiple G-Stomper instances synchronized over MIDI / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App (video)

Sysex Base universal arrives

What a great idea for an app, I'm surprised it hasn't been done sooner!

Sysex Base is a MIDI sysex file manager for iPhone and iPad. Back up your synth sounds, organize libraries, and load them back onto your synths! Designed to be quick and easy to use.

Some of the features:
  • Record and send sysex data via a connected MIDI interface, or wireless MIDI
  • Organize your sysex files into folders, rename them, delete them, etc.
  • Open sysex files from other apps such as Mail, Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Export sysex files to other apps just as easily
  • Quickly view the data inside of a sysex file, including the individual bytes, the Manufacturer indicated, the file size, and the number of sysex messages in the file

Also, Sysex Base allows you to record incoming sysex data and transmit sysex to your synth at the same time! So you can even do backups of older synths (such as the Casio CZ series) that require a message to be sent to them to trigger a data dump. These trigger files can be saved within Sysex Base like any other file.

Sysex Base costs $9.99 on the app store:

SECTOR 1.1 has MIDI goodness in buckets ...

Here's what's new in SECTOR 1.1:
  • MIDI Control to trigger sectors or switch between memory slots
  • MIDI Clock Slave mode
  • Listen to MIDI Machine Control start/stop messages
  • New special silent WRP shape to mute sectors or add rests
  • Design tweaks for WRP page
  • IAA app switcher on iOS8
  • New Sync Settings menu page with Follow IAA Host settings
  • Allow turning off IAA clock sync for broken hosts
  • Include WRP reverse toggle in randomization
  • Bugfixes and tweaks

BIAS FX Expansion Packs - Tone Walkthrough (video)

Icaro - the connected sample player arrives

I'm looking forward to trying this out and seeing what it means by 'connected', as it doesn't seem to say very much about that in the description ...

Icaro is the best way to get started with sample-based music on iPhone and iPad. Choose from the fun and simple packs, and perform live using the colored pads.

Sample packs are updated weekly, and include a mix of percussive and melodic sounds to encourage randomness and ‘happy accidents’ while you play.
  • An eclectic and inspiring mix of sounds
  • New packs released every week
  • Simple effects built for live performance
  • Customize the UI color to suit your taste
The app is free