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From the app archive: AirVox for iPhone and iPad

This was, and still is in my book, a really innovative piece of software. I'm not sure I ever mastered it, but I always enjoyed using it.

Oddbox: MiJam Mini Keyz

Another odd little device.

See the similarities ...

And another awesome collection

OrigaMIDI demo (video)

Korg Monotron Delay and Molecule Synth

Mira Quick Start: Automatically connect to Max and mirror your interface

DMT #64 - We7

DMT #63 - Ditto Music

OddBox: MiJam mini Lixx

Another in the series of strange little bits of hardware that have vanished off the face of the earth.

Twitter news from @maestrochild

Things that never happened, but I wish that they did

Gestrument on sale for this weekend

Gestrument still on sale for this weekend with the price down from $9.99 to $5.99.

zMors update

Lots of tweaks for zMors:
  • Cloud presets will be cached if there’s no connectivity
  • Sequencer score length is shown
  • Default sound in better quality (sub octave , decay, level)
  • Added glide mode when decay value > 10sec
  • Saving a preset from now on always creates a new item
  • Improved Modwheel assignment in user interface
  • Keyboard pitch is disabled by default in System menu
  • Attack, Decay, Release now up to 10 seconds
  • Editable sound designer profile via System menu

Hands-on with the Korg Volca range

Twitter news from @AudioEvolution5

DMT 50 - James Clarke, Musicmetric.com

That's a hell of a collection!

Gestrument LE arrives

 If you were wondering about getting Gestrument, but didn't want to spend the money, now you can try out Gestrument LE for just $0.99. Here's what to expect:

Gestrument LE - the revolutionary gesture instrument! Swipe your finger to play - it has never been easier to make music!

Gestrument received the Innovation Prize in culture 2012 from the City of Stockholm.

Developed by Jesper Nordin (www.jespernordin.com) and Jonatan Liljedahl (www.kymatica.com)
  • Play and compose music with the swipe of your finger
  • Generate music within defined scales and rhythms
  • Play with the internal GM sound bank, to use costum soundfonts or to control other MIDI devices or Apps, you can buy the full version of Gestrument
  • Download new presets from www.gestrument.com or buy the full version of Gestrument to make your own
  • Record what you play to audio and MIDI file
  • Export recordings to AudioShare - audio document manager
  • Copy recordings with AudioCopy
  • Play back previous recordings, optionally looping
  • Use Gestrument as a source synth in Audiobus or JACK
  • Allow mixing with other apps, for example play a track in the Music app and play along with it in Gestrument.
  • Hold (sustain) toggle let you play on other apps while Gestrument is still playing in the background

Improvise or compose within predefined scales and rhythms. Use parameters like pulse density, scale morphing, rhythm randomness or pitch fluctuation to find new paths for your musical expression and creativity. Use the tutorials and presets to fit the musical style you want to play and compose in. Play on up to eight instruments at once - all with different individual settings.

Gestrument works equally well for rhythmic music or sweeping soundscapes, for solo melodies or chord blocks, for long lines or short staccatos. It can help you make music in whichever genre you can imagine.

DMT 46 - Gregory Kris, Decibel.net

KORG volca

DMT 48 - Ryan Rauscher, Future Music Camp

New Junglator Beta video

You can watch the video here, sorry I don't seem to be able to embed it at all.

DMT 44 - Mix-Linzer, CEO of Tracks and Fields

DMT 42 - Susan Bonds, 42 Entertainment

Last day of Yamaha 50% off sale

Don't forget that the Yamaha 50% off sale only has until the 1st of September, so if you've left it until the last minute, please be aware that the last minute is sort of now.

Twitter news from @omeniesoftware

Tunnel Vision (iPhone Mix)- Unreleased by charlienorth

Created entirely on the iPhone 4s whilst traveling through France. Apps used: Nanostudio Alchemy Figure AudioShare

Birds Cry by Mood481

spring leaving -- birds cry, fishes' eyes fill with tears Matsuo Basho, 1687 Composed and produced on my iPad for the iOS Music Community Vocal FX Challenge: http://iosmusic.org/forum/vocal-fx-challenge

DMT 41 - Wired Magazine

"an extensive interview with Frank Rose, journalist, author and currently contributing editor at Wired magazine"

DMT #62 - Yangaroo

Summer2013_06 by MOG_hidekinoway

*Loops made with Yellofier *Everything else is done with Beatmaker2 *ChopLab is a fun thing to mess around!

Essence by Mood481

This track was through-composed in one performance on my iPad 4. There are basically 4 parts. I decided to leave it as one gap-less track as opposed to splitting it up. Part 1: 0:00 - 8:00 Part 2: 8:00 - 17:30 Part 3: 17:30 - 23:00 Part 4: 23:00 - 33:30

Gaius Manlius by JimStraynge

86z Gasius-1c NanoStudio, Some samples

Alchemy by MyklH

An iOS made tune - Node Beat & Alchemy loops recorded via audiobus into LoopyHD - song put together by recording played loops using the LoopyHD record function and then transfering file to a PC via iTunes

Drone Test 2 by asmo23

Use Your Imagination by MikiStrange

Uploaded with AudioShare app - http://kymatica.com/audioshare

Decay by Mood481

Composed and produced on my iPad 4.

Particle by Mood481

Composed and produced on my iPad 4.

a few seconds of casio vl-10 (and nils)

"Just playing a it with casio vl-10 and nils chop filter. Though I would hit record."

Volca Beats , Volca Bass , Volca Keys , and Monotribe -Strapped

Miroslav Philharmonik soundpack for iPad SampleTank Sound Demo

Pioneer New Controller DIGITAL DJ-WeGO2

Video description:

Aspiring DJs can mix on the move with the compact Digital DJ WeGO2 (DDJ-WeGO2) console, which boasts all the easy-to-use features of the original Digital DJ-WeGO (DDJ-WeGO) plus the ability to access and mix with tracks on their iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

You can find a bit more detail at AppleInsider

Gestrument for the iPhone

Gestrument goes universal and so much more

A huge update for the already excellent Gestrument. Here's what's new:
  • Universal, now also runs on iPhone and iPod touch!
  • Allow flipped ranges by swapping min/max for pitches or durations
  • Many new presets
  • Replaced default soundfont with a stripped down version for better performance
  • Add help page about avoiding audio glitches
  • JACK support
  • Improve lo/mid/hi quality setting. Can now change while connected to Audiobus or JACK and doesn't need a restart of the synth engine
  • Keep running in background when 'hold' is toggled
  • Show alert if soundfont is missing when loading patch
  • Don't allow preset to turn on/off internal synth while we're recording
  • Don't re-show tutorial text after visiting editor

Yamaha sale has 2 days to go

Don't forget that the Yamaha 50% off sale only has until the 1st of September, so if you've left it until the last minute, please be aware that the last minute is sort of now.

Finally decided to get myself one of these

Having used them in the Sound Lab project I decided that for just messing around they were actually very useful indeed.

Volca Beats and Montribe =¥*R2D2.?

Peter Vogel drops by the Miselu office to check out the C.24

A short post about it over at Miselu's blog.

Twitter news from @amplifyio

SampleTank iOS gets Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestral Sounds and iPad native Retina Graphics

So, the new 2DS has no hinge

And my first impression is that it sort of looks like a tablet but with two screens, or is that just me being strange?

Alchemy Synth Mobile Studio update

Just a little update to Alchemy. Here's what's new:
  • SoundCloud and email song sharing
  • 'Featured' Song page (menu option)
  • Various other improvements

Live Jamming with Korg Volca Bass, Volca Beats, Octatrack and Quneo

Introducing Modular - The synth app for iPad and iPhone (from Pulse Code Inc)

Well, sign me up, this looks completely awesome!

Video Description:

"Modular looks, acts, and sounds like a hardware modular synthesizer to give you features that musicians want such as pulse width modulation, oscillator sync, 4 pole ladder filters, and 1v/oct filter tracking. Traditional modular systems are expensive and out of reach for the average artist. Modular is here to bridge that gap and allow everyone the opportunity to use these powerful synthesizers."

CUCKOO OP1 live gig at TED X OSLO SALON (rehearsal)

5 beauties ...

Twitter news from @OlympiaNoiseCo

AD 480 pro (video from Apps4idevicesMusic)

One day I'll find one of these for myself

Reminded by Mr Concreted0g that they are real and I still want one!

DMT 147 Teaser: VMA's 66% ratings increase...

DMT 147 Teaser: Apple TV gets Vevo

GST-FLPH Electronic-Producer-2, FunctionLoops, G-Stomper Beat Studio for Android

Song Summoner on iPod Classic

Sort of music related games stuff from such a long time ago ...

SynthDrum Pads (video from Apps4idevicesMusic)

A new Processing App for Android

A new app on Google Play for writing and running processing sketches on your Android device. Here's the app's description:

IDE for developing and viewing Processing sketches.

See processingjs.org and processing.org for more details about ProcessingJS/Processing.

  • Run the sketch in-app
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code tidy-up/indent
  • Code keyboard with visibility toggle
  • Open/Save sketches on SDCard
  • Download remote sketches
  • Share code with other applications
  • New sketch opens with basic template
For 3D/WebGL sketches make sure you have Firefox installed and choose 'Launch sketches in external browser' in the Options screen, then when running the sketch choose Firefox and select Always.

DMT 147: Pandora's cap, the VMAs, finding new releases, Vevo on Apple TV, PledgeMusic and more

Beatsurfing 1.2 arrives

Here's what's new in version 1.2:
  • Lot's of bug fixes
  • Performance improvement
  • Fader Behavior Enhancements
    • GOTO 'X' Behavior: The READ Mode let you read the value from the target Object and assign the value to the current Object
    • GOTO 'X' Behavior: The RANDOM Mode assign randomly a value to the current object
  • Circle, Line and Polygon Behavior Enhancements
    • VELOCITY Behavior: The READ Mode let you read the value from the target Object and assign the value to the current Object

Analog ensemble study with the looper (video)

Video description:

Analog ensemble study with the looper. KORG Volca bass,Volca keys,MS-20 mini,Vox DelayLab (Delay and looper), Lexicon MX200 ( Delay )

Steinberg apps likely to be on sale from the 6th of September

According to this entry about Steinberg at the IFA show it seems that we might have a nice little sale coming up from them on the 6th of September and for the duration of the show.

So, put it in your diary, but I'll probably be reminding you and letting you know what's on sale anyway.

Vintage synth top trump card of the day is ...

And today's route on the (Audio)bus is ...

Making me happy that Aurora Sound Studio (iPhone version) is on the bus.

What's you fav app and what do you want from it?

So, which app is keeping you busy right now and what would you really like to see it get updated with? What's the feature you really want to see? Comment it in and here.

Guess what's coming to Android ...

Music Maker Jam is coming to Android for free on Google Play. The Smartphone and Tablet App is optimized for Android 4+ touch devices and is one of the most successful Apps on the Windows 8 Store. 

MAGIX Music Maker Jam’s playful approach to music means everyone can start jamming! Music Maker Jam is now available in 11 languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese.

The user experience has been redesigned for Android, and now includes new features and an intuitive, familiar interface. The smartphone version has been designed to allow full functionality even on small resolution devices. The starter content package has loops from four different genres: Hip Hop, Berlin Minimal, Electric Jazz, and Rock Ballads. 

The next App update will give users access to dozens of other musical styles, available for purchase on Google Play.

A highlight of the Android version release is its new "shake feature." By shaking the device, random loops will replace what you’ve been working with. This little bit of random activity is a great way to push past a creative block. Other functions include touch and swipe controls of the soundboard as well as easy recording, exporting, and sharing of user created tracks.

App Highlights and Included Features:
  • Four free soundpools with professionally produced loops: Hip Hop, Minimal, Rock, & Jazz
  • A step sequencer which allows for easy harmony adjustment
  • The ability to record/edit songs in real time while adding sound enhancing effects
  • An eight-track 8 loop mixer for easy, complete song mixing
  • A board which provides clear overview of all tracks selected including defined song details.
  • Customizable background images
  • A "shake" function to explore new loops
  • A "tilt" function to adjust saturation levels on the effects board  
  • The ability to combine different styles of music with the loop selector
  • The ability to record and live edit tracks, save as an audio file, and share with friends

So, there's something to look forward to on your Android device!

SeekBeats 1.0 introduction video

So, here's the second code fro SeekBeats:


Hope you enjoy it!

A huge thank you to Rugoso for the codes. If you didn't get one then do check out the app anyway. It's great.

1st SeekBeats Promo Code available

The first SeekBeats promo code is:


Good luck, and enjoy to whoever grabs it.

There'll be another code coming along at 11:15pm (GMT).

Steinberg Cubasis Latency Control & KORG DW8000

SeekBeats Promo code give away coming up (please read for how to get them)

I have 2 promo codes to give away for SeekBeats, the new app from the maker of the excellent TweakyBeat. The promo codes will be released here on the blog at 10:45pm and 11:15pm (GMT) exactly. Codes won't be made available on twitter although a tweet will be tweeted when the posts for the codes are made. However, as it sometimes takes a few minutes for those tweets to go out it's worth looking here first.

It's a first come first served thing, so if you don't get one I'm really sorry, but I only have the two to give away.

So, stay tuned for 10:45pm and 11:15pm (GMT).

Omenie have a new corporate identity and I really like the reasoning behind it

If you want to know more about this, you can read about it here.

VL-1 Micro Jam - Week 10 catchup - Royalty Free Electonica

Video description:

"This track was created using a Step Sister, a Casio VL-1 (not easy to play with massive meat shovel hands), Ibanez DM500 delay and an Inkel MX880E Mixer. Using the DM500 and the inkel mixer i was able to create a wide delay effect by running the DM500's normal and inverted outputs into the mixer separately and hard panning and EQing them. Interestingly this technique isn't mono compatible though so if you're listening on a phone or tablet you won't hear any of the delay due to phase cancellation trickery :O Another quicky this one as i've been too busy to do my weekly upload so i'm trying to catchup!

Right, so here's the idea. Trying to write, upload and give away a fresh piece of music on a roughly weekly basis. Will i be able to keep it up? Will i run out of ideas? Can i be bothered? How shoddy will they be? Does anybody care? God knows. But that's the point.

Basically the idea is to flex my musical muscles a bit. I have collected quite a bit of gear over the years and not much of it is getting used as much as i'd like, so this is my attempt to justify all those purchases whilst practising improving and getting ideas down fast as an antidote to procrastination. "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." as Picasso once said.

Royalty free for you to use for whatever under the creative commons license. Just rip the audio out of the video for now, i'll get these tracks uploaded to a dropbox account when i get my act together. Let me know if you use it, i'd be stoked."

Look what's coming on Friday ...

Echo Pad - Audio examples and presets demo

Twitter news from @amplifyio

The Spinto Band - Shake It Off (Korg Remix feat. MS-20 Mini, Monotribe, Monotron, microKORG & more!)

circuit bent "programmable organ" (video)

bs-16i Tutorial.Importing Soundfonts using only your iPad

Sonic Touch 25 - Real Time Effects

nils gets that lovely chop filter and more

Another update to one of the apps I keep coming back to, nils gets that lovely chop filter and more. Here's what's new:
  • Adding dimetrodon chop filter. A real time tempo controlled non-linear delay.
  • Fixing filter midi save bug.
  • Updating guide.

Hacking to Entrepreneurship event at Hack the Barbican tonight

I posted about this before, but as it does sound like a very interesting event I thought I'd give you a reminder, and especially as it's from the nice people at the London Music Hackspace. Full details here.

50th Anniversary Edition Mellotronics M3000

It's great to see Omenie back with a complete revamp of their excellent M3000 app as a celebration of this year marking the 50th anniversary of the shipment of the first production mellotron from Streetly Electronics' factory in Birmingham, UK.

And to celebrate this historic occasion they present the 50th Anniversary Edition of Mellotronics M3000, an authentic replication of the legendary M400 tape replay instrument, packed with awesome additional features.

Features :
  • 16 voices in total, 35 chromatic 8 second tapes per voice, almost 200MBytes of samples
  • All samples are original MKI, MKII and M400 voices from the production tape library of Streetly Electronics
  • 3 new unlooped voices - MKII Vibes, Rhodes and Piano
  • 3 looping modes - unlooped (maximum authenticity), 5s loops (maximum playability) and 3s loops (very high fidelity, minimum memory footprint)
  • Looped modes support 4 simultaneous voices - A/B/C continuous blend plus additional D voice on chord pads
  • 32 voicebanks each with 12 programmable chord pads
  • AudioBus support
  • Core MIDI support for class-compliant USB interfaces
  • MIDI responds on all channels to : keys (5 octave response from 3 octaves of samples), pitch wheel, mod wheel (for A/B/C continuous blend), master volume, program change for Voicebank selection. M3000 Tone control may be programmed to any free controller. MIDI notes 1-12 trigger the chord pads.
  • New synthesis engine with 44.1kHz playback supports mix of looped and unlooped sounds - e.g infinite violins plus decaying piano
  • Variable 'Tape inching' for authentic factory-style calibration of note attack
  • Built-in stereoizing reverb engine
  • Tone control matched to M4000 analog tone
  • Hypnotic 'Oscillotron' waveform display, in soothing chill-out colour palette

Full voice list :
  • Church Organ
  • Boys Choir
  • Female Choir
  • Eight Choir
  • String Section
  • MKII Violins
  • Cello
  • MKII Flute
  • MKII Clarinet
  • Oboe
  • Tenor Sax
  • MKII Brass
  • Trombone
  • Piano
  • Rhodes
  • MKII Vibes

What's new
  • Core MIDI
  • AudioBus
  • Retina graphics
  • 44.1kHz audio synthesis
  • 3 new voices - Piano, Rhodes, MK II Vibes
  • 3 loop modes including full unlooped voices
  • 32 voicebanks up from 16
  • 'Oscillotron' waveform display
  • 100% code rewrite

Don't forget ... Cassini for iPad is still on sale

Cassini for iPad is still on sale with the price down from $4.99 to $2.99. The sale ends on the 31st.

Focusrite Tape App and Squier Stratocaster with USB Demo - Sweetwater's iOS Update Vol. 52

EGSY01 now universal

Here's what's new:
  • iPad version (universal)
  • selectable midi channel
  • panel to assign modulation wheel

Vintage synth top trump card of the day is ...

Synth & Dr Pad + Loopy jam #1 (h╬ąpotonic mEmories)

Live jamming with Korg Volca Bass, Maschine, Quneo, Ableton

Making music with Yamaha PSS-270 & iOS Apps

From the app archive: Aardvark Synth

From back in 2011 and still fun to a degree.

DRUM PADS 24 - Live jam with Electro preset

Artiphon Instrument 1 at SF Tech

Twitter news from @humbleTUNE

KORG Volca Beats Jack in FBQ800(BEHRINGER)

Now that Cassini for iPad is all on the bus ...

I'm wondering if Xenon could get some long overdue attention. What do you think? What would be on your wishlist for Xenon?

ALL KORG ACID JAM #9 (video)

Loving AUFX:Dub

I've just been playing about with the presets in Kymatica's second app in the AUFX series and I love it so far. The sheer range of effects that you can get out of this app is amazing.

I was already impressed with its predecessor AUFX:Space, but Dub moves up a pace with a great range of controls which are well demonstrated by the out of the box presets.

I can't image what Kymatica will pull out for the next app in the series.

If you don't know the app already then I'd recommend it as a great FX app for your Audiobus routes.

JamStik Demo // Treasure Bruno Mars // GarageBand

Stylophone Hacking Workshop at the London Music Hackspace

The workshop is on the 1st of September and the cost is £20 including materials, but not a stylophone although you can buy one for £10 on the day.

Full detail here.

Twitter news from @lucky_frame

KORG Volca : Sunday night improvisation

Vintage synth top trump card of the day is ...

Read Discchord, you won't regret it

Whether you're a mobile musicians or developer (or both), you should check out Discchord for news and opinion, and if you're a developer take a look at the test services on offer too.

And today's route on the (Audio)bus is ...

Just loving AUFX:Dub.

A new app from the maker of TweakyBeat, here comes SeekBeats and I think it'll be awesome!

And there's a fantastically descriptive write up on the app store:

"PLEASE NOTE: iPhone 4S or faster required!!! My newest drum machine, synthesized no samples."

SeekBeats is priced at $2.99.

Using Werkbench/FunkBox/Sunvox together

The amazing Caustic 3.0 moves from alpha to beta

I haven't had nearly enough time to play with this Android app, but my first impressions of the alpha were that it really is pretty amazing. So hearing from Musical Android that it has moved into beta already is great news.

This is going to be an amazing app and it'll set a new standard for Android music making.

Uber Synth (video)

Chordion Demonstration with OP-1

Mr Concretedog's live rig

Well there's some lovely things in there aren't there. Including his very nice matrix mixers.

DrumPads24 TEST PLAY #1 (video)

Music App Blog reviews AUFX:Space

Another review from Music App Blog, this time he reviews AUFX:Space, which is an excellent app in my opinion.

Audio Looper (video)

Twitter news from @j_liljedahl

What's coming to nils ...

The new chop filter coming to nils ...

Rheyne - Live Jam #85 (a live-looping coffee table jam with Ableton Live)

Hacking and Entrepreneurship Event at Hack The Barbican

This sounds like a very interesting event at the Barbican from the London Music Hackspace this Thursday. Full details here.

Video Tutorial 2 - Configuring the Misa Tri-bass Touchpad (Prodigy)

rePatcher: Arduino powered Pd modular synthesis

I think I might need one of these.

Vintage synth top trump card of the day is ...

Really wouldn't mind an app for that ... good that there's not long to wait then eh?

And the daily rebuttal ...

And today's route on the (Audio)bus is ...

A variation on a theme for me, but one that I found worked really well. Although I still find it a real limitation that you can only route through one effect.

Still, good use of bleep!BOX, MoDrum, Master Record, and Cubasis.

Pictures of the new iVCS3

A huge thank you to Josue Arias for letting me post these pictures of the new iVCS3 alongside a real EMS Synthi AKS.

Please take a look at Josue's facebook page which is where the pictures came from.

It shouldn't be too long to wait for the app to come along as it's due next month.

From the land of the long wait list: Tympanum Preview 2

Brilliant news! Aurora Sound Studio for iPhone is on the bus!

This is superb news. The original Aurora Sound Studio from 4Pockets is now on the bus. I'm so happy!

From the land of the long wait list: Tympanum Preview 1

Still hopeful that this might become a reality at some point in the future.

Twitter news from @audulus

Another picture of the lovely serial adapters from miniMusic

Computer Music Specials are 50% off for now

All their specials are 50% off for a limited time and well worth a look. Thought you'd like to know.

From the app archive: Pianofly Pro Synth Demo

From the app archive: Pianofly Intro

Another video of miniMusic's Pianofly for iOS, which was based on the excellent krikit sound engine.

The SG20 expansion module

And not only does it give you audio via a 3.5mm jack out on the module, but you can connect it to this expansion module and get MIDI and stereo audio out.

Just in case you didn't know what it was ...

It's an SG20 in all its glory! A little sound module that clips onto an old Palm PDA giving it amazing music making abilities!

I love this.