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iPhone OS 3.0: What's new so far (2)

Well, not much more came out after my first post, at least not much more for audio / music apps anyway. I'm still interested to hear developer views on the new APIs, but I'm guessing that this will take a little while to filter through.

Like many others I was hoping for video, and I still can't see why they can't do it, but let's hope it will come soon.

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robman84 said...

No folders then? What an annoyance. I'm fed up of deleting things all the time and moving them around between 9 stupid pages.

The only thing I'm excited about is the use of the dock connector for additional hardware. Presumably the devs can write drivers for things like keyboards (qwerty and midi-over-usb), game pads, Korg nanos ;o) etc. That would truly rock.

ashley said...

I know what you mean. You think they'd do something about the app / home page situation, but it just hasn't seemed to surface. Maybe something will make it into the final version.

I'm hoping for something decent hardware side too. Maybe even a hardware multitrack that uses the iphone / touch but is smaller than the tunestudio.