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Thoughts on Sunvox

I've been trying out Sunvox 1.3 and getting a bit more used to how it works. Although. as I've said before I wasn't a tracker person, I'm getting my head around the interface and actually starting to make use of the application.

When you get into it Sunvox is an incredibly powerful application and very versatile indeed.

Version 1.3 has changed the way I use Sunvox. Now that I use it in Landscape mode I find it much simpler, and the resizing keyboard is excellent, especially for use on the train.

I think that now I can start to see how Sunvox can be an actual studio app in the same way that I've used Bhajis or Griff in the past. I'm not there as yet, but I am getting there slowly. More train journeys would help I guess.

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Unknown said...

hi Ashley, do you know of any good online resources for general info on trackers? like a decent FAQ or overview of how to sequence, control parameters, etc?
the Sunvox manual is helpful, but not yet thorough enough to stand alone as a guide to the tracker system.
cheers : )

ashley said...

Hi Drewzle, I don't have any links as I'm a learner too at the moment, but I'll post something to see if we can locate a bunch of links and useful videos too maybe.