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Appleinsider on iPhone 3.0

Well, the speculation will be over tomorrow, but for now Appleinsider has some more rumours on what could be in OS 3.0.

For me the most important things are:

- Video capture (allowing developers to make apps like TrakAx and beyond)
- Multi-tasking and apps being able to share resources (WAVS and MIDI)
- Proper Bluetooth profiles

From what AppleInsider says maybe I can look forward to multitasking, but not much more on my list, and certainly not video. Still. We'll find out tomorrow.

I still don't get why it takes so long to do copy and paste?

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robman84 said...

I'm not building up my hopes for this release. No doubt Apple will make it sound like they just re-wrote the history books, blah blah blah.

I guess if they give me folders and multi-tasking I'll be happy. But in some ways I can't imagine multi-tasking being in there due to (a) a lack of memory and (b) a lack of "Apple control" over how your device performs if you are running some combination or other of apps. Let's face it, half the time you need to reboot your iPhone just to run a single app due to some stuff hanging around hogging resources (which you can see AND control if you jailbreak...)

velocipede said...

If multitasking would allow one app to record the output of another, that would be great for us. Otherwise even being able to exchange audio and midi files between apps would be nice.

Pighood said...

I was hoping for a nice HARDWARE update....ie...a new model of iPhone with a fcuking VIDEO camera & interchangeable battery already.

Are you LISTENING, Apple?

velocipede said...

Pighood, I doubt that Apple is reading this blog. They do have a feedback page.

ashley said...

The iPhone feedback page is:


iPod Touch feedback page is: