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NLog Synth possible updates

Thanks to the developer of NLog who has commented some possible updates he is considering for his synth. It is an impressive list:

- wavetables
- HP, BP etc. filter modes
- step sequencer
- arpeggiator
- chorus / phaser / flanger
- reverb
- wav export
- echange of sounds banks by email
- more sound banks
- play along iPod
- glide / portamento
- unisono with 1-2-4 voices spread
- random wave for LFO
- overdrive / bit crusher
- x/y control
- hold for keyboard
- extend osc pitch to +/- 24
- autorotate screen in both directions
- accelerator integration
- integration into Logic

All excellent stuff, I'm especially interested in the Logic integration feature.

Click the iTunes button to see it in the iTunes app store:

NLog Synthesizer

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Pighood said...


velocipede said...

I wonder how Logic integration might work as opposed to integration with Mac music apps in general.

This is certainly looking like a very attractive synth.

robman84 said...

Fantastic! Look forward to seeing them Rolf, in whatever order they arrive!

velocipede said...

Decided to get it sooner than later. I'm pretty impressed with the current features and sound. I'm not sure, however, that virtual knobs are the best way to work, especially for the performance controllers. I'd like virtual ribbons for performance instead.

The ability to scroll the keyboard while playing is great. Would love to have XY control to play notes too.

There is a bug in the patch saving page in the version I got today. I think the bank numbering is one step off. I overwrote two of the factory presets with my own patches even though I chose the User 1 bank.

Are there are some parameters that can only be accessed by adding them to the performance page? I wish this page's setup was saved with each preset separately.

Overall, I am quite impressed. Not as radical as Noise I/O, so it is much easier to get into.

Looking forward to future updates.

robman84 said...

I think you're right about the patch saving bug as I did the same thing. I noticed it didn't save the patch name in some cases too - it just left it as default I think.

The virtual knob thing is interesting. I'm not sure which app (mobile or desktop) has got that one fully intuitive. I'm not sure whether I prefer relative or absolute control either. One thing I am sure about is that my fingers always seem to get in the way of the data value on a touch screen! And I find precision a nightmare. There must be some research paper somewhere or other for this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Why I'm the only person to rate this awesome little synth is beyond me? (oops- just checked- sorry robman84!).

Yes the save bug is annoying, but what nLog does in return is worth the fuss imo. Would like more waveforms (continual from sine to saw would be really cool, for both oscillators and LF oscillators). Random mod too would be nice, but if the developer is saying he/ she is updating- great!

PS I still don't get why Noise IO is so great- I find its interface counter-productive (good engine though :) ).

Pighood said...

Agree with 6duke...revolutionary GUI on Noise.Io, but counterintuitive as hell GUI. Like a mini Absynth wit ha crippled keyboard input.

Pighood said...

Just upgraded to 1.1....doesn't appear that anything's different except for the "dismiss" button in patch selector screen. Saving seems to be fixed also. Other than that, no new features. :-(

Anonymous said...

I've been having a lot of fun with this app on my iTouch. IMHO, this is the best sounding sequencer-less virtual analogue synth for the iPhone.

Anonymous said...

Despite a new update at the app store, I've just found another bug. This one is in performance control knob assignment. You say the developer is called Rolf?

ashley said...

The 1.1 release seems to have very little, but the good news is the developer (Rolf?) seems keen not only to update this app with all the stuff on the list, but is also thinking of others to.

Excellent news.

velocipede said...

Great to see a bug fix so quickly.

Anonymous said...


I am the "Rolf" :-) and I really like all your feedback which helps me to get inspiration and improving the app.

Yes, the 1.1 update was just for fixing the save bug. I detected it in the plane to Australia and I wanted to fixed that asap. However it took 1-2 weeks with Apple to get things published.

They want to restrict frequency of updates, so max one functional update a month. This means I will implement new features and need to collect them for a functional update 1.2 beginning of April.

From the list I already finished:

- extend osc pitch to +/- 24
- rand wave for LFO
- osc OFF (silent waveform)
- chorus
- distortion

but till April I will get a couple more. I got the idea of updating that list continuosly on my website whenever I got something developed. So, you might follow my progress in "realtime" :-)

However, the current website is only a basic placeholder. I will need sometime to set it up nicely.

Still, I am looking for beta-testers, just email me in case.

And: Nice comments in AppStore allways help :-)


ashley said...

Thanks for the update. I'm especially interested to hear that Apple are restricting developers to one functional release a month.

I guess that they must be struggling with apps coming in.

Pighood said...

That could be looked upon as a good thing????

robman84 said...

More than happy to beta test, Rolf. Will email you.