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Add a USB Port to your PocketPC (via Brighthand)

Brighthand has this news of a CF card that allows you to add a USB port into your Dell Axim or other Windows Mobile device. Now this opens up possibilities for adding on peripheral devices to a pocket PC surely? How about a USB keyboard to work with Audio Box?

I can't help thinking that there must be some other possibilities for this kind of hardware?

Program for Mobile Music Workshop 2008 now online

The Mobile Sound blog has news of the program for this year's Mobile Music Workshop which is online.

phaseArray: More on Corrosion plug in and more plug ins on the way too!

Fantastic news from phaseArray according to this post on the Bhajis Garden forum. Here's the detail.
Absolutely! There is more in the pipeline right now.

Also, I thought it might be useful if I add a couple of instructions for corrosion:

Phase: How far the distorting signal is phase shifted (in samples)

Amp: How much the distorting signal is amplified after being phase shifted.

Height: The final height of the distorted section of the signal.

Feedback: What percentage of this signal is fed back to the phase buffer.

Offset: The final DC offset of the output signal.

Korg DS-10 blog update

Another post on the DS-10 blog, which I think is more about debugging the software.

A new Bhajis Loops plug in!

I hadn't thought that anyone would put out any new plug ins for Bhajis, but I'm really glad that this new plug in called 'corrosion' has turned up in beta from phaseArray
Corrosion is a sound distortion unit offering phase-based distortion with features like feedback, amplitude modification & DC offset with wraparound.

It is is a 3rd party sound effects plugin for BhajisLoops & Microbe- both fully featured studio packages for handheld devices. Corrosion is available for free download and is in the beta phase of development, consequently we would appreciate the reporting of any bugs so as to assist in the development process.
Corrosion begins by offsetting the phase of the incoming signal by a defined number of samples, this phased signal may then be amplified before using it to distort the original signal. Part of this signal may be fed back to the phase buffer, finally the entire output signal may be given a DC offset with wraparound before being returned to the mixer.

This provides the user with a wide variety of distorted artifacts and there is also the potential to produce oscillations and spatial-sounding effects.

I shall be trying it out soon and reporting back and giving them some feedback too at their bug reporting page.

Let's hope that this is the start of lots of new plug ins from phaseArray.

What will Mesh bring?

I've only read a little about this new thing from Microsoft called Mesh. I wonder what it means for mobile music? My thoughts were around how developers could exploit Mesh so that applications could go beyond the traditional 'sync' of data into something more like applications working across desktop, device and net all at the same time.

DAWs on the iPhone?

I found this debate on the iPhone and music apps on the CDM forum. Worth a little read

Yes, you can perform with very small devices

I was talking to a friend yesterday about performance with PDAs and handheld devices. He pointed me to this video suggesting that I if Kraftwerk can look ok using a calculator to perform then why shouldn't it be ok to use PDAs?

Korg DS-10 blog update

I tried Google translate to make sense of the latest post on the DS-10 blog, you can try it here. The blog doesn't seem to get too many english posts which is a shame really.

Groovestep site update

The GrooveStep site has been updated and has some new stuff on it now such as a dedicated FAQ, and a media section too. The FAQ section has some more useful information about what GrooveStep will be like when it is released.
Create rich layered grooves with 16 tracks, perfect for Hip-Hop, Techno and other electronic styles.

Song Features:
16 monophonic tracks with up to 2 samples per track
Tempo: 30-300 BPM

Pattern Editor features:
Variable pattern length: 1-64 steps
Variable pattern playback speeds: 1x, 2x, 4x

Mixer features:
16 channels with volume, pan, solo and mute controls

15% off Palm Software Connection

15% off at Palm Software Connection using code: APRILEU.

Madplayers on eBay

By chance the other day I found a couple of MadPlayers on eBay. These come up every now and then, and aren't (to be honest) very popular any more, so you can pick them up quite cheaply, but they are interesting to play with. They basically generate random music in a variety of styles and then you can export to MIDI and take the track from there.

Gadgeteer on the HP 2133 Mini Note PC

I have always liked the gadgeteer site for their comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Here's a good one of this latest sub notebook from HP which makes for good reading.

Apple releases updated iPhone SDK

According to a variety of sources Apple has released an updated version of their iPhone SDK. This version includes OpenGL ES support.

Photos from the Mobile Music Workshop 2006

The Mobile Sound blog has posted photos of the 2006 mobile music workshop to flickr. It just reminds me that I never got around to buying a copy of miniMIXA and I really should have.

Atau Tanaka site has moved

To here, and I found an interesting project he's involved in.


Thanks to Brian for pointing me to this little device. According to the review on SlashGear it is in fact worth the money. So, maybe it would be a nice compliment to your mobile studio?

Buy your own PDA Orchestra!

Ok, it is in fact a PDA museum rather than an actual orchestra, but I bet you could get quite a lot done with this bunch on eBay although the price is a bit high!

Dolby coming to Symbian

It seems that Dolby Mobile is coming to Symbian OS.
Dolby has introduced a set of software technologies collectively named "Dolby Mobile" that claim to add depth to sound as also adjust audio algorithms in such a way so as to enable hardware provide the best possible sound. This year's World Mobile Congress saw Nokia announcing it would adopt "Dolby Mobile"; the Finnish handset maker even demonstrated "Dolby Mobile" on one of its N95 smart phones.

So perhaps Symbian OS could be taking off for audio too. That's going to complicate things.
"Dolby Mobile" comes with a post-processing licensing package that comprises Mobile Surround, Natural Base, and Sound Expander and supports mobile audio, video, and TV sources. 'Mobile Surround' works on regular headphones and is supported by a full-fledged software equalizer. It works in tandem with 'Sound Expander', algorithms that simulate a surround effect.

Apparently "Dolby Mobile" leaves little room for code protection which is why Dolby says it has to be careful in protecting intellectual property. As such, "Dolby Mobile" will not go to market as a stand-alone application, rather as a bundle with upcoming smart phones. Meanwhile, Sharp and Sony Ericsson are already offering "Dolby Mobile" enabled cell phones in Japan.

New Platform: Fair comment

This is a very fair comment from Drew and I think I probably agree in terms of the iPod Touch. I guess in many ways I am just looking for a reason to get one...
being a devoted Bhajis user, I'd need something with the intuitive design and HUGE feature list of Bhajis Loops before I switched from Palm to something else

these other apps seem interesting, but none seem to offer a full 'system' of production and performance

What would make you switch?

I've thinking about all the stuff coming out for the DS, and the impending app store for iPhone and iPod Touch applications. What would make me want to buy into another platform? What feature of a device or app would make me spend on new hardware and software?

I have to admit to really liking the iPod Touch, but until the apps come I have no reason to go there. So, what would make you jump?

Another DS Homebrew synth?

Anyone get to try out this DS Synth I stumbled over it and wondered if anyone had any pictures or video?


I found out about this from the Trinity Audio site This device looks really interesting. There seems to be a good range of applications bundled with it, but it is a really expensive device at $1,299.

Make ringtones from your camera

This seems to be a strange application that turns camera input into sound on Symbian devices. Interesting I guess ...
Turn your handset into an experimental visually controlled synthesizer and create instant ringtones from camera input

New version of PixiLang on the way ...

According to the night radio forum there's a new version of Pixilang on the way, and after that the updated version of SunVox, with a load of new bells and whistles:

* new module: delay
* new module: reverb
* FM
* stylophone
* zoom in pattern editor
* parallel synth playing
* OSX port
* switch instruments / sampler etc by using the hardware buttons

PalmBuzzer 1.2 Support for loops

PalmBuzzer now has support for looped sounds as well. I know that this is a very simple little application, but I think it is quite handy to have something that is good for just setting off loops and samples. Perhaps more useful if you're using it alongside lots of other devices in a live setting.

Wrong Assumptions about TuneStudio

Whilst many reviews of the TuneStudio rave about how innovative it is and all that kind of thing, this is one of the first that I've found that actually points out the main issue with the device, in that it is not a multi-tracker.

Although the first part of this review from Sound and Vision does give the device a glowing introduction, it balances out nicely and is worth reading from that perspective.

MixPad thoughts

I've been using MixPad lately and quite enjoying the nature of the sounds it uses. However, I've got some suggestions and thoughts about how it could be improved. I thought I'd check the miniMusic site for details of what the next updates are likely to be for MixPad. According to the miniMusic development calendar MixPad will get the following updates:
MixPad 1.1 change tempo, instrument transpose
MixPadPro 1.0 Record and edit MIDI files

Well I think those updates would be very useful, but I'd like to add some more things:
  • Instrument change
  • Being able to patch multiple SoundPad banks to a single track
  • Save settings for an individual MIDI file
  • Export to WAVE

I think MixPad could be a really handy little application with a few more features. Let's hope it get's updated soon.

TrakAx Mobile Updated and still for only $19.99

TrakAx has been updated. There's a new icon to of a graphic of a movie clip and scissors - so when you want to create a video, just click the Movie icon. The application's been slimmed down, with great improvements in file size - this is especially noticeable in the VGA version, which is now almost 40% smaller. Along with better a/v sync, smoother transitions and some small bug fixes.

With trakAxMobile now only US$19.99, this is the perfect opportunity to get mixing and start sharing your life, on the go!

SunVox 1.0 further thoughts

I've been toying with SunVox even more and I've decided that it is an excellent application and it could be especially useful in a live setting.

I've been using it on Treo 650 and the fact that you can use the keyboard directly is really useful. I'd like to be able to quickly switch between instruments, but perhaps that will come with time.

Korg DS-10 blog translation

Once again thanks to M.H.D for the Korg DS-10 blog translation.
They'll be doing a demo of the DS-10 at a "sound-creator" type event called IMSTA FESTA. It'll likely end up being Sano-san saying "see, look at this, cool huh? and this, cool huh?"

But, they regret that things will still only be preliminarily debugged by that point, so they although they would want people to freely play with the DS-10, that's not going to be possible. If people want to come up and do "light testing" that might be possible however.

If you go to the IMSTA FESTA, you have to RSVP though. (They provide a link).

As soon as things slow down and they get a finished version, since you can take the DS-10 anywhere, they want to start doing product demos (especially to elementary schools!). To the teachers of Japan: How about a special education session? If there's a problem with having long hair and a beard, these issues "can be dealt with."

Apple WWDC iPhone Audio Development Sessions

Apple has posted details of the sessions for WWDC 2008. Some of the iPhone sessions look tailor made for audio and music application development. Here's a few I picked out.

Audio Development for iPhone
Core Audio provides a powerful engine for playing and recording audio in your iPhone application. Learn how to play sounds and alerts, record audio from the built-in microphone and play sound files of arbitrary length. Understand the best practices to minimize latency and conserve power. Learn about the audio codecs and formats available for iPhone and understand the capabilities for playing multiple sounds simultaneously.

Core Audio and OpenAL Lab
Core Audio and OpenAL let you add sophisticated audio playback and recording to your application. Receive one-on-one technical assistance and development advice from the Core Audio and OpenAL engineering teams. Bring your laptop, your code, and your questions.

iPhone Multi-Touch Events and Gestures
iPhone's ability to handle multiple touches simultaneously is central to its unique usability. Learn how touches and events are represented to your application and how it can respond to a user's gestures to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

iPhone Multi-Touch Events and Gestures Lab
Get expert one-on-one assistance from the Cocoa Touch engineers and technology evangelists on multi-touch and gestures for iPhone. Bring your laptop, your iPhone, your code, and your questions.

I'd love to hear from anyone who goes what kind of take up there is for these sessions. I'm hoping that June will see some really innovative iPhone / iPod Touch music and audio apps appearing and a whole new platform for music.

Pacemaker video via CDM

CDM posted this Pacemaker video. Not sure if it makes me want to have one or not. I don't think it shows off what it can do as well as some of the other videos.

CDM on Tenori-On Launch

CDM picks up the story of the Tenori-On launches in Montreal and New York. Makes for interesting reading.

CorePlayer update via PalmInfoCenter

PalmInfoCenter has news of CorePlayer which has just been updated.
CoreCodec has released a new update to its massively popular CorePlayer Mobile multimedia software for Palm OS. CorePlayer v1.2.3 brings a large number of new features and all around improvements. The main new features include YouTube video support and a native YouTube browser, the addition of a number of new streaming audio and video formats, Google GData support, multi-language support, optimized AVC playback and AVCHD support.

Coming soon to SunVox

Coming soon to SunVox

* new module: delay
* new module: reverb
* FM
* stylophone
* zoom in pattern editor
* parallel synth playing
* OSX port

PocketGear 25% discount

PocketGear are currently running a 25% discount scheme if you spend $25 or more. The code to use is APRSALE the code is valid until the 30th of April.

Milkytracker update

CDM picks up the story of the latest update to MilkyTracker. MilkyTracker has got itself update with some new features and has also gone open source. They've also updated their site and made it much more accessible to use and find stuff.

ElectroPlankton Notation

Check out the original on Flickr.

Discounts at TrakAx

TrakAx have discounts on their Trakpaks until 30.04.

Socialight iPhoneDevCampNYC

Socialight are sponsoring an event this saturday called iPhoneDevCampNYC for interested developers. Of course this is in New York and so not too much use if you are in Europe, but it will be interesting to see what comes out.

Korg DS-10 blog update

This post seems to be on the same lines as the last one about bugs and timescales. If anyone knows better (and let's face it that wouldn't be difficult) than my lame translation attempt please let me know.

MixPad track

This video is more of a accident than anything else. I was re-creating an old song in Bhajis Loops and decided that I wanted to work on it on the desktop, so I exported it to a MIDI file. I thought I'd listen to it using MixPad from miniMusic and found that it sounded nothing like the original track. So, I recorded it using my Boss Micro-BR and then added a few spare video clips too.

I kind of liked the minimal sounds in mixpad so I thought it was worth recording and making it available.

Pandora audio

I was nosing around at the Pandora forums and found this thread, which just goes to show that there are plenty of people already thinking about using this device for sound.

Pandora ....

I picked this up from RetroThing it looks amazing. I especially like the fact that it almost looks like a little cassette too.

It strikes me as the kind of device that could maybe even rival the DS in the future.

Boss Micro BR first impressions

I bought my Boss Micro BR last month and so far haven't used it much until today. I needed to get my head around some basslines for a gig and I hadn't played them in years, so I used the Micro BR as a little practice machine, and it worked really well. I realise that this isn't a true test of its capabilities, but a good first step. I have to say that so far I like the unit, although the centre cancel feature on it produced some very strange results.

Anyway, I thought I'd also point you at a good review from Sound on Sound.

1src on PalmBuzzer

1src picks up the story of MetaViewSoft's new app PalmBuzzer that I posted about a few days ago. They also have the link to PDASSI where you can buy it for just £3.55. It is a nice little app if all you want to do is set off specific samples from a treo keyboard on the on screen pads.

More DS Music via CDM

CDM has this story on the DS hacked as a hardware sequencer including full details on how to do it and the ROM download.

CDM also has the news of Chibitracker on the DS too. It seems that the DS is getting lots of attention these days.

Another Palm Sounds video

Another little video for your viewing delight!

Larva Labs site update

I had a quick look today and the LarvaLabs site has been updated since the last time I looked, but I can't see a way to get these apps?

Groovestep update

There's a brief update of what's going on over at GrooveStep on their site. Still no release date, but hopefully that'll come soon.

Also, they're at the CDM Futuristic Music design challenge:
April 10, 2008 - GrooveStep will be competing this weekend in the CDM Futuristic Music Design Challenge taking place at Yuri's Night Bay Area 2008! If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday, April 12, 2008, and want to try out GrooveStep in person, please stop by the CDM Lounge after the competition. The competition takes place 2:30-3:30PM and we'll be at the lounge afterwards for a few hours.

Korg DS-10 blog translation

Thanks to (M. H. D.) for this translation of the latest post on the Korg DS-10 blog:
It basically says that they are working on getting all the bugs found and fixed and that because they're busy doing that, there aren't going to be any new additions included on top of what they already have.

They're fixing bugs as fast as they can find them, but new ones keep popping up, "There's another enemy!" "There's a scary one!"

He makes a funny reference to feeling like the snot-nosed Nobita-kun asking Doraemon for a fantastic machine invention to get them out of the fix they're in.

They aren't saying it's not going to come out in July, just that there's not going to be any new additions. July seemed far away, but now it's closer than they thought.

Not a big shock really when you think about it as it is a very ambitious project overall.

Concretedog serves up awesome circuit bent QY10 !

Take a look over at his blog. Excellent work.

Yamaha Announces Two Date Tenori-On US Tour (via FutureMusic)

FutureMusic have a post ont eh US 2 date tour for Tenori-On. Read more over at their blog.

New post on the Korg DS-10 blog is once again in Japanese

The Korg DS-10 blog has a new post in Japanese. I did try to translate it but it still didn't make much sense, there was some stuff about bugs and maybe something about finding it difficult to hit July? I don't really know, but if anyone can provide a better translation that would be really useful.

New iPhone SDK

AppleInsider amongst others has the news that Apple has released a new version of the iPhone SDK and firmware 2.0 to developers. Nothing really new in terms of audio capability although there are rumours of a 3G chipset in the firmware and the possibility of more video functionality which would be good.

HP 2133 Mini Notebook via Brighthand

Brighthand has this post on a new sub notebook from HP. It looks very nice and from a quick read of their review it sounds like it might be a good step in the right direction for sub notebooks.

SunVox updated to version 1.0b

According to the comments the app has been updated and the crashes with the Treo 700 have been fixed. Excellent!

Musika (iPod game) removed from iTunes

iLounge has an update on a bunch of games for the iPod being removed, one of which is the Sony game Musika. I've got this game and I have to say it is quite poor. Still, it has gone now, no big surprise there.

SunVox 1.0 first impressions

Well I've only had a brief chance to play with SunVox, but so far so good. I've been running it on a Treo 650, and it seems to be performing very well. The interface is vaguely reminiscent of miniMusic's SoundPad. I was able to start to create some interesting sounds by adding filters and sound generators. The sound quality is quite impressive.

I know herrprof has had crashes with the app on a Treo 700p, so if you have similar experiences please comment them or feed them back to NightRadio

Groovestep for DS

What a day. There's been loads of interesting news today, and this just tops it all off. CDM has a great post on this new development for the DS. It looks like 2008 could be a really interesting year for the DS.


Just because this video is in German (I think), don't let that put you off. It looks like PalmBuzzer is an answer to what a number of people have been asking for. I've often read forum posts asking for an application that allows you to simply set off samples. Well, from what I can see it looks like PalmBuzzer does just that.

I thought I'd add in the current naming rules:

Every file needs to be a WAVE audio file and stored in /PALM/Programs/PalmBuzzer/

for the 16 on-screen buttons: Test1.wav to Test16.wav
for the 4 hardware buttons: Hard1.wav to Hard4.wav
for the letters: Test_a.wav to Test_z.wav
for the numbers: Test_0.wav to Test_9.wav
for the space key: Space.wav
for the skin: Test.jpg

MeTeoR updated to v 1.08

MeTeoR has been updated to version 1.08. Not sure what that means, or what's been updated. I'll try and find out.

SunVox 1.0 Released

I only just heard about this new app from NightRadio. It runs on PalmOS and also WinCE so I will try it out on both (time permitting).

It would seem that NightRadio is becoming a big source of new Palm apps, which is always good news. Here's what the site says about SunVox
SunVox is a small, simple, fast and powerful program for music creation, based on modular synths and tracker-like interface.
(Detailed info about music trackers is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracker) SunVox is Based on parts of the PsyTexx tracker, the PsyTexxSynth engine and the SunDog engine.

As soon as I've had a chance to play with this I'll post again.


Thanks to concretedog for pointing out that the email address on the blog was in fact incorrect. If you have emailed me and have been wondering why I haven't replied it isn't because I'm rude I just might not have got your message.

The correct email for palm sounds is:

palm dot sounds at mac dot com

Styletap update

The StyleTap beta program for Symbian is now open if you're interested.

They also have an update on their experimental iPhone version of their Palm Emulator and they encourage any potential user to lobby Apple to ensure that the SDK will allow StyleTap to bring in files to use on their emulator. Which, all in all, is a fair point.

Where to get a Kaossilator?

Following an anonymous comment I thought I'd write a little something about where to buy a Kaossilator. Basically, I tried all the regular UK retailers, like Dolphin and Turnkey but couldn't find one anywhere, so in the end I turned to eBay and found one there.

So, what is it with Korg then?

I've been wondering this for a few days. What is going on with Korg? First there's the Kaoss Pad series. Nice devices, lots of fun. Then a really little one, the mini KP, that's fair enough, and I expect it will have done well enough as they then made the Kaossilator, which is a far stranger device entirely. I bought one, and I really like it, but I'm not sure I entirely understand the rationale behind it.

Now, we have the Korg DS-10 on the way. I think it is a great idea, and I will definitely buy one, or more likely two, but I don't get it even more than the Kaossilator. What is the reasoning behind these developments, and more importantly where will it go next?

How about a Korg music based handheld? Something like a clamshell with a screen on one side a keyboard on the other? Maybe that's too much to ask as yet, but who knows what they'll come up with next?

Anyway, I'm off to connect my Kaossilator to my mini KP and have some fun!

3 months into 2008, how are we doing?

I thought I'd have a brief look back at my 'predictions' for 2008 to see where we'd got to so far. This is what I had in for the first three months:

- What will Apple announce at MacWorld?
- TuneStudio released at last?
- TrakAx competition closes - 21st Jan

- Apple to release the iPhone and iPod Touch SDK!
- Pacemaker DJ device available?

- First iPhone music apps?
- DScratch and DS Protein apps develop?

So not too bad overall I think. It would be nice to have seen a bit more on the DS side in terms of Scratch, but I know that the developer has a lot on at the moment, so maybe later in the year...

Obviously there have been some extra stuff too, like the DS-10 coming along which is nice.

KaOSSILATOR initial thoughts

I've had my Kaossilator for just over a week, and although I haven't had loads of time to play with it I have to say that already it has really grown on me a lot. The sounds a high quality and the ability to quickly loop together a track is fantastic, and possibly the most interesting thing that you can use it for. You can of course use it alongside another piece in more theremin like way, and it works well with that too.

Once I've become a little bit more proficient with using it I'll post up a video of it in action.

Korg DS-10 video

According to this video the DS-10 is available on the 24th of July this year.

iBand are something aren't they!

I think this video goes to show what can be accomplished with a few iPhones and an iPod Touch. Nice one iBand.

CrunchGear on TuneStudio

CrunchGear have an interesting review of the TuneStudio where they give it high scores for being cool than for value.

iLounge article on iPod recorders

iLounge has an interesting article on iPod recorders and Belkin, and there's even some stuff on their Podcast studio device.

New version of Milkytracker soon

According to the MilkyTracker site a new version is coming soon with a new web design, documentation and even some surprises.

Sounds nice.

Pixilang Competition extended to 1.5.2008

Thanks to NightRadio for this information. The Pixilang compo now finishes on the 1st of May. Get your entries in quick!

TrakAx Mobile for $19.99

I got the TrakAx newsletter today. Lots of good things in there, not least of which is that TrakAx is currently available for $19.99

Making noises

Over the weekend I spent a very happy few hours with a friend making lots of noise with handheld devices. Namely:
  • Tungsten T3 running Bhajis Loops
  • Treo 650 running AxisPad
  • Kaossilator
  • Mini KP

It was great fun and on the whole quite a nice noise for the most part.

It does make me want to do some live shows though, and hopefully I might get a chance to this year.

Anyway, I've only just got the Kaossilator and the Mini KP, and I have to say that I really like them both already. The mini KP is excellent, really interesting to play with. The Kaossilator is more of an aquired taste, but already I'm beginning to see how I can use it alongside other devices.

Once I've had more time to play with these I'll post up a couple of serious reviews.

DS-10 blog no longer lost in translation!

Thanks to m19ha2ne for this translation of the DS-10 blog. This is really useful m19ha2ne, please do comment in more from the DS-10 blog as you can it is much appreciated!
Hi, Palm Sounds

I tried to translate Mr. Ok@miya's post on DS-10's official blog on 2008/3/24.
There might be many mistakes since my English is incomplete.


I've read comments on this blog. I found that there are lots of people who
have a question. These are the following.

"Does DS-10 have MIDI IN/OUT ability?"
"Can DS-10 connect with the PC by Wi-Fi?"
"Is it possible for DS-10 to send and receive it's projects via internet?"

The answer is "NO" to all these questions.
The reason why we do not implement these functions is that they have many
problems. (for example, too much costs.)
First of all, we wish that you'll enjoy our DS-10 at stand-alone.
We are convinced that you shall be crazy about our product.

Since DS-10 is able to save it's tone-settings and sequences as a "session",
you can store your own "session" in DS-10 cartridge, even if you were in the destination.
DS-10 will be able to preserves 6 "session" in it.

We have a plan to make a "setting-sheets" for DS-10 to print out it's settings
on the paper. (ex. position of knobs) We think that it will be fine since it has retro,/analogic moods.
We wish you could download them from our official site of DS-10.

On DS-10's drum-trucks, First, it generates percussive tones by using the same way that
it's "synthesizer-parts" is using. Next, it samples the tone as a PCM, and assigns them
to each truck. (If you carefully watch our demo movie of DS-10, you will notice at this point.)

There are no need to assign percussive tones to drum-trucks. You can assign your favorite
tone to them as you like. You can use 4 drum-trucks among with your ideas.

We will prepare the "pre-set sounds". But we wish that you will create your own
sounds/technics by yourself.

Enjoy it!