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Working together in Windows Mobile

I'm using a variety of apps in Windows Mobile now. Here's my list:

- Mixtikl
- MeTeoR
- Griff
- Audiobox Microcomposer
- Pocket Stompbox
- Sunvox

What I've been experimenting with is taking wave file outputs from one app and pulling it into another. So far I've imported percussion loops from Sunvox into Mixtikl, and exported audio from Mixtikl (which is quite a lot of fun once you get the hang of it).

What I have struggled with though is getting the audio export form Mixtikl into MeTeoR to use it as a loop. MeTeoR only imports at 44khz and Mixtikl outputs at 22, so, what can I do? Any suggestions?

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Pi Time said...

Could you please post links to these programs with information on obtaining them? Thanks.

ashley said...

Dave, I've added links to all the apps in the original post. Let me know if you need more information.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

Mixtikl has a whole heap of options you can play with for your "cooked audio output" format.

Take a look here:

The screen shot on the right (http://www.intermorphic.com/tools/mixtikl/doc/images/common/common_Recording.png) shows the Options entry in the menu expanded, and the recording format set to 44Khz stereo in this particular example.

Hoping this info helps! We've tried hard to make Mixtikl flexible. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, you can set Mixtikl audio output to 44KHz mono or stereo as well as its recording quality.

On PPC/PDA you can get away with 44KHz for basic things (like short loop mixing), but not heavy duty stuff where there is lots of FX or synth sounds or big loops which get expanded into memory at 44Khz size!

To make an audio recording at 44Khz on PPC/PDA (smartphone only goes up to 22Khz) you need to check/set 2 things:

1) For general audio output settings, go to Menu > Options > Audio Output and select the output quality you want (this is the maximum quality available for step 2).

2) For Audio recording settings, select Menu > Mix Actions > Recording and then click Show Options. Tap/select where it says Audio to change the recording setting. If you have PPC and have set 1 to be 44Khz, then you should see that in the list.

Make sure you save to storage card!