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Getting in touch
If you're a developer and you've got a new app or any other news for that matter please do get in touch. I'm almost always interested in hearing about new apps (music related preferably) but at times I'm not the speediest of responders to email so please don't be frustrated if you don't hear back immediately.

Advice and Opinions
As I've been involved in mobile music for some considerable years a lot of developers / companies ask my opinion on what they're doing and often on what to do next. This can be in terms of how the app fits into the overall market, it's features and functionality, or how to structure marketing activity and brand.

If you're interested in feedback on your app or you want an opinion or some help, please feel free to get in touch. In most cases I should be able to give you advice for free via email. However, if what you want or need is more involved and is likely to involve a more considerable investment of my time we can work out the arrangements for this and agree on a price for the work and under what terms it will be carried out.

Other services
If what you need is assistance with testing your application I suggest you take a look at services from Discchord.

If you want to get in touch just email me at [ashley at palmsounds dot net]. I'll do my best to reply as soon as I can.