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Any good tracker resources?

So, following on from my last post on Sunvox, Drewzle has commented that it would be useful to have a bunch of tracker tutorials / videos / resources for those of us who are 'tracker newbies' (me included). So, if you know of any good site / videos etc, please email them or comment them in.

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Mark Heckman said...

I've been tryin to learn trackin for over a year now. Resources are a bit thin, but they are out there. Most of my tracker skillz were learned from LSDJ gameboy tutorials. Maybe as a project we should put together a collection of tutorials, tips, and guides in a wiki or a youtube channel. ON a side note my viewsonic PPC died and no more mobile milkytracker. Why hasn't a tracker been made for iphone yet?

NightRadio said...

I working on SunVox porting for iPhone now. One thing, i can't say definitely at the moment - where this version will be distributing (on official app store, or more freely for jailbreaked devices).

ashley said...

Wow Alex, that's amazing. I can't wait to see it.

In my opinion, you should go for the app store rather than jail break users. I know personally I'd pay for Sunvox on the iPhone, and I'm sure many others would too.

Please keep us posted on how it is going.

concretedog said...

Nice news for iphoners....
Here's a handy online tracker handbook that i recommend;


Unknown said...

thanks alot concretedog!!
this is exactly what i was after