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Lasertron universal arrives, because we've all wanted a laser harp right?

I bet you wanted a laser harp when you saw Jarre play one right? I know I did. So here's Lasertron, a universal app for your iOS device.

Here's the app's description:

Realistically based on the famous laser harp used by Jean Michel Jarre. Featuring a choice of sounds, laser colours and note scales. Choose from sounds like koto, dulcimer and synth but also the actual sound used to play THAT Rendez-Vous song. Note scales like chromatic and diatonic etc but also the notes used to play THAT song.

Set on an out of focus city scape, you can pretend to be Jean Michel Jarre on stage!
  • 3 laser colours
  • 5 note scales including the notes for Rendez Vous II
  • 9 different sounds
  • Realistic laser simulation
  • Ambient fog
The app is priced at $1.99.

Lasertron - BeatsnBobs

The music like astronomic observation - SpaceWiz -

SpaceWiz - Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, LLC

#yo #monotron #fun #fun #fun by izalach

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O_v0TvDOTI/

So, you want to make iOS music apps? If you're based in London, read on ...

Let's face it, we all love apps, and I'm sure that many of us have great ideas for our own audio apps, but making apps takes a lot of learning, and here's a great (and very cheap in my opinion) way to get your learning off to a good start.

So, here's the details:

As many award-winning music apps have shown, iOS, the cutting-edge mobile operating system that powers iPhones, iPods, and iPads, has great potential for making creative apps. This course will go through introductory concepts and techniques involved in the design and building of creative music apps for iOS.

The course will guide you through the initial design stages of an audio processing app, and will then introduce you to a powerful music-making toolkit for iOS. The course will then guide you through the steps required to make an iPhone play beautiful mandolin sounds, and then show you how to implement Gesture Recognizers to easily control the instrument. By the end you will have a fully-working handheld mandolin, as well as the knowledge and the code needed to start building a beta version of the app.

Date: Saturday the 8th of September, 2012, 11am-5pm at SPACE, Hackney, London.

Price: £60 (£48 conc.)

Read more and register here.

Retronyms blog: Q&A + Song from Technosquirrels

An interesting interview and track over at the Retronyms blog.

Amazon app store now open in Europe

Amazon have now opened up their Android App store (am I allowed to call it that?) in Europe, so Android users in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain can use it. I'll take a look and let you know what I think of it.

Kommander Thingamagoop

Video description:

After calibrating both of my Koma Kommanders I had a little test patch to try.
Gate two from Kommander to vca for Z3000's slightly detuned from one another sine waves.
CV two to vca controlling the sound allowed in from the Bleep Labs Thingamagoop.
CV one to the Z3000's 1v / oct. inputs.
That is all, dont mind my nesferatu hands and enjoy!!! Thanks for watching!!!

Guardian Newspaper hosting a Raspberry Pi programming workshop

If you're interested in the Raspberry Pi then you might want to take a look at this workshop for programming being hosted by the Guardian newspaper as part of the London Games festival.

MagMIDI arrives on the app store

Magnetometer virtual MIDI controller to control pitch wheel and mod wheel of any synth app that supports virtual MIDI. Supports multitasking so you can play keys with one hand in a synth app and have fine control over mod or pitch wheel with a magnet in the other hand.

The app is free.

MagMIDI - fotoh LLC

Video: Use Your iPad With Any DJ Controller

Via The Modern DJ.

SampleTank for iOS on sale

SampleTank from IKM is on sale for 50% of the previous price, $9.99 against $19.99.

SampleTank - IK Multimedia

BleepLabs on Instagram from wahzel

via Instagram, dated August 31, 2012 at 12:00AM

IKM announces iRig Keys

You may have heard, you may not. IK Multimedia have announced their iRig Keys product today.
This looks like a really interesting keyboard, and it'll have to compete with the Line6 keyboards and the of course Akai's offering too.

The package is priced at 75 Euros but is a good bundle for the price:

iRig KEYS comes with 1 free app (download from the App Store): SampleTank for iPhone and iPad FREE. Plus, iRig KEYS includes a serial number for a FREE download of SampleTank 2 L, the ultimate virtual instrument sound workstation for Mac/PC ($129.99/€99.99 value).

iRig KEYS is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (4th and 3rd generation), iPad 3rd generation, iPad 2 and iPad. iOS 4.3 or later is required.

PPG WaveGenerator iPad App - Show And Tell 2

New setup #beats #korg #akai #monotron #microkorg #line6 by grindingmygeary

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O91q8bk02V/

CDJ integration comes to DJ player

It looks very cool. Check out the video at The Modern DJ.

Make a WIRED OSC & MIDI Connection on Jailbroken iPad

Description by

I'm going to start performing with the iPad, but I've been hesitant to use a wifi connection onstage. Apple's camera connection kit seemed like a good solution for a MIDI connection, but left me hanging when it came to OSC communication.

Well, the solution is here! For about $30, I pieced together a way of establishing a stable connection using the basic iPad cable and a USB extension cord.

Here are the pertinent links for stuff you'll need:

--If you haven't jailbroken your iPad yet, you'll need to do this to get this to work. It seems like there are many decent tutorials on how to do this, like http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/how-to-jailbreak-your-iphone-ipad-or-ipo...

--The USB extension cable:
http://www.amazon.com/USB-Cable-Extension-25FT-Black/dp/B006HDAAC2 Technically this is optional if you want to get this up and running today, but you'll probably need something like this if you want to use your iPad onstage.

--Get the Cydia App Store and download MyWi:

--I'm using the NLog MIDI Synth app in this video, but this technique should work for any synth app that accepts MIDI: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nlog-midi-synth/id391268291?mt=8

--And of course, the amazing TouchOSC App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/touchosc/id288120394?mt=8

Via Discchord.

ThumbJam+StepPolyArp jam#3 (searching the guitar)

ThumbJam at the app store:
ThumbJam - Sonosaurus LLC

StepPolyArp - Midi Step Polyphonic Arpeggiator at the app store:
StepPolyArp - Midi Step Polyphonic Arpeggiator - Laurent Colson

Give Bad Hotel a like

Give them a like, if you like Bad Hotel that is. Lucky Frame's new game Bad Hotel has some interesting musical possibilities, so if you like it, give them a like on Facebook.

WerkBench 1.1 arrives

The new version of WerkBench arrives. Here's what's new:
  • Improved "Getting started guide" in app.
  • Longer sampling time!
  • Stereo effects!
  • Edit level, pitch, high-pass filters, decay, and pan individually for every step!
  • Save full sets of patterns along with tempo, swing, delay, and mixer settings.
  • Now you can delete patterns too.
WerkBench - Bolasol, Inc.

SpaceWiz - First impression

Published on Aug 29, 2012 by nakanosyun

Those where you try became slow. I performed pre-setting randomize. I have been excited purchasing this, after a long time.

SpaceWiz - Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, LLC

Need some help understanding MIDI?

I think it can be too easy to assume that everyone knows loads about how MIDI works and as a result just gets how virtual MIDI works too. I know that this isn't the case, so if you're struggling a bit with what MIDI is about you might be interested in Basic MIDI by Paul White.

It isn't expensive on iBooks, and you can get a hard copy quite easily too. It isn't massively up to date but the key MIDI concepts are all there and it'll give you a clear idea about what people refer to when they're talking about how MIDI works.

So if you're struggling with MIDI, take a look.

Basic Midi - Paul White

Beatmaking with iMaschine and Ableton Live - Making Music With Apps (pt.3)

Character Weekend 01: Monotron pieces

If you like Monotron analogue music you should give this a listen, it's good stuff.

Magellan and Cassini - iPad Show - Sonic TOUCH 14

Nanostudio stuff on Instagram from ezraalfandy

A Nanostudio photo from ezraalfandy via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O8bpeFJeHu/

CASSINI Synth for iPad is still on sale until the 31st

The excellent CASSINI Synth for iPad is still at it's introductory price of $2.99 until the 31st of August, so get it before it goes up in price.

CASSINI Synth for iPad - iceGear

Day drink smoothie recovery by dan_stalone

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O8QnWDnmFT/

Visualising #mobilemusic #guesstheapp

via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O8RKwvzFBV/

mobile music studio :: test jam! :: 08/12 :: transient

Yeah, now that's mobile, isn't it? Great to see tran5ient keeping up the great mobile tradition!

Video description by tran5ient:
welcome to my house/mobile studio! just giving her a test jam out! :) hope you enjoy! Everything played live and fully improvised, no sequencing or loops were used.http://www.noisyvagabond.com

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A bit more DS Homebrew fun

Random gives surprising results #mobilemusic #guesstheapp

via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O7R44mTFI1/

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Nanostudio stuff on Instagram from naorunaoru

A Nanostudio photo from naorunaoru via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O7FzqGPzaI/


Video description:

A test run for the iConnect midi interface using Tenori-On and TouchOSC on the iPhone to control Tinysizer.

One layer of the Tenori-On controls a bass sequence using one of Tinysizer oscillators. TouchOSC provides a virtual joystick controlling Tinysizer's second oscillator. The joystick needs more work (rescaling) because its really too sensitive at present.

Drum sounds are a custom set I made from the DrumDokta module by Din Sync. No other sound sources involved.

Best on good headphones or speakers.

Some times the coolest sounds come from the smallest #synths #korg #monotron #analogue #sound #studio #noise #fametube #house #music #gear by elroachy

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O6-i3uFLPz/

Wolfgang Palm Shares The PPG WaveGenerator App - Show And Tell

In this video, creator of the PPG Wave, Wolfgang Palm gives and extended show and tell of the new PPG WaveGenerator App for iPad.

Feed - ipad music apps

Raspberry Pi Synthesizer blog

An excellent new blog has started, well, especially if you're a Raspberry Pi user. You can find it here.

FEED For iPad with Jordan Rudess

Music iPad App: Crystal Synth

Green Oak Software

Still time left to back Molecule synth

It's still got almost 2 weeks to go and it's already fully funded, so why not take a look.

SYSTEM-100M & iPhone

[Warning: seizure inducing flashing lights]
EOS Kiss X4 550D/ Rebel T2i
CANON EF50mm F1.8 II
iPhone4s:App"Morse Code FlashLight"

Typewriter landscape, I think I'm speechless

Monotribe+monotron by peanuts_78

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/Ng3qqcTJDM/

Sunvox new testing version 1.7.2 BETA 3 is out!

New Sunvox version for test. Here's what's in beta 3:
  • new module - MetaModule; with this module you can include some external .sunvox song to your project and use this song as synth or effect; EXAMPLES INCLUDED; Not available for PalmOS;
  • new option in the Preferences->Audio Ouput: Audio buffer size;
  • new std. pattern effect 30 - use it to stop playing the song;
  • changing the size of the modules by mouse wheel (scroll wheel);
  • bugs fixed.
Full details here.

OP-1 Acid House Track Demo - Teenage Engineering

Video description:

In anticipation of the accessory event tomorrow (8/28/12) in NYC I got deep into my OP-1 on the kitchen table tonight. Everything you here aside from my voice came from the default OP-1 synth engines and drum samplers. My voice was sampled into the drum sampler. All music parts were laid down to the 4 tape tracks with a combination of live playing, endless and finger sequencers and some manual control over volume for fades.

This song is dedicated to all of those folks who think smartphones can do the same thing the OP-1 can. Maybe they can, maybe they can do more, but the OP-1 is way cooler to put in your pocket. People always ask me if it is a banana, LOL JK. Sure the OP-1 is $800, but iPhones are $600 or more if you don't sign the service agreement. It is almost the same cost and I have yet to see a smartphone with midi in/out, stereo audio in/out, fm radio, tactile keys, buttons and knobs, and a speaker this loud. It's not for everyone, sure I get it... you like free (cough...pirated) software and PC's. More power to ya folks, but I like it quirky and the if the team at TE get any quirkier we may be playing electric wind chimes with spaghetti noodles and opening and closing filters with kites and string like old benjie franklin did way back when.

This is a humble example of using the OP-1 for what it is good at... having fun with music. It's raw, it's portable, and it is super genius to play with. I speak geek and the op-1 gets that. Buy one, borrow one, or just go to your local music store. No YouTube video does this thing justice. I stand behind it all the way and look forward to sharing ideas and best practices with you at http://ohpeewon.com forums if you dare to get involved and think outside the laptop/phone/pad.

This music piece is inspired by many old house and acid house tracks, particularly Acid Thunder by Fast Eddie but my rendition is way off base from his classic take and my notes are not even the same. As recorded here it is 100% original if not a cover and the creation of me. I give myself permission to use this clip on YouTube as the owner of said recording.

Helix DJ Precision Turntable (iPad, PC, MAC)

Another kickstarter project, but for an app this time, which is interesting. I'm not entirely convinced as yet though.

What's coming from Korg?

I hope for something mobile of course, but what? Guesses?

Via Matrixsynth.

OP-1 Accessory Demo: Especially check out the accessory for connecting Lego

I can't believe it. Connecting an OP-1 to a Lego Mindstorms!

BleepLabs announce three new artist instruments and sell out of one immediately

Well, they are kind of popular aren't they? Here's what they've got to say about them.

"We’ve been busy!
Dam-Funk, Freelance Whales, and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion all have Bleep Labs devices out now!"

The DAM-DRUM will be included with Dam-Funk’s new 12″ 'I Don’t Wanna Be a Star'. [you might remember this one from this post]. (This is the one that's already sold out).

For the new Freelance Whales album, diluvia, The Astralark Home Planetarium.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s new album, Meat Bone, will have a special edition pack that includes the JSBX2012 Blue Exploder.

Details here.

PPG WaveGenreator App Demo - Drone Rise

iOS Update Vol. 10 - Sweetwater Sound

JamUp Pro - Ola Englund presets

JamUp Pro - Positive Grid LLC

#Monotron space travel by thekentron

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O4vJeJhgvf/

1 Minute Of Oscillation

To mark the passing of Hans R. Camenzind (designer of the 555 timer chip), MAKE reader Jim Frize freeformed this lovely little oscillating circuit as a solemn tribute.

Here's a link to a PNG image of the circuit schematic:


Makezine on 555 weekend projects

Continuing the theme of the 555 chip I thought that this was a good post at Makezine on some interesting and simple weekend 555 chip projects if you're interested in giving them a try out.

meet sugru: Handy for Color Coding Patch Cables, DIY, Repair & More

Whilst not really mobile related I thought this would be useful. Via Matrixsynth.

CASSINI Synth for iPad still on sale until the 31st

The excellent CASSINI Synth for iPad is still at it's introductory price of $2.99 until the 31st of August, so get it before it goes up in price.

CASSINI Synth for iPad - iceGear

Lego case for ipod touch 4g

That's just so cool!

Music Box Composer gets an update taking it into the real world

As far as I know this is probably one of the most unique updates for any mobile music app. Why? Here's the update details and then I'll explain:
  • Save strip to PNG file. You can then print this as a punch guide for the physical music boxes (print at a 47% scaling on light card - 180gsm - and it can be played directly once cut out and punched). Offers to email after creation, or copy through iTunes. Customise the base file so your creations are always generated with your personalised strip image.
  • Bug fixes to the help text display.
  • Scrub bar could end up behind buttons when in Small Screen Mode.
So, the first bullet point is what I'm talking about. I don't think that any other iOS or in fact any mobile music app that I know of has ever offered the ability to print a punch guide for a physical music box. Yep, I think that this is a first.

Wonderful isn't it? As is the app too in my opinion.

Music Box Composer - Jelly Biscuits

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 1 - Elegant 555 Radio

Via Make.

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 2 - Mint-tin Intervalometer

Via Make.

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 3 - Simple DIY 555 Synth (probably the one you want to see the most)

This is the one you probably want to check out the most.

Via Make.

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 4 - 555 Cable Pulling Robot

Via Make.

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 5 - How-To: Make a remote timer for a Canon SLR

Via Make.

Science Museum London event: Electronic Music 60s & 70s: A Public Reunion

I so wish I could get along to this event at the end of September as it looks totally amazing, but there's no way I'm going to make it sadly. If you manage to go please let me know what it was like and take loads of pictures.

Here are the details on the Science Museum site.

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 6 - Collin’s Lab: Atari Punk Console

Via Make.

The Klirrfaktor: Somewhere... (Teenage Engineering OP-1 - Radio Sampling)

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 7 - 555 Footstool

Via Make.

Concreted0g's "made from the spares" DS

Not bad in my opinion, why not make your own?

Via Concreted0g's twitter feed.

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 8 - Maker's Notebook 555 cover

Via Make.

#monotron #maschine buena pareja by santosneri

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O3rvcOzAoc/

iPhone connected to Raspberry Pi

Makezine posts about connectivity between the iPhone and Raspberry Pi. Looking very cool.

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 9 - 555 Origami

Via Make.

DJ PLAYER 2012 autumn - part 1 - DVS


B&W Molecule Synth

Just really liked this view of them.

MIDIpal tanpura app

MIDIpal tanpura app from mutable instruments on Vimeo.

A Tanpura-style arpeggiator/sequencer that might be available in an upcoming MIDIpal firmware revision.

Top 10 Timers from Make's 555 week: 10 - 555 Cake

Via Make.

PalmEvolution site

This is a bit of a retro post. If you're interested in the old Palm OS stuff you might be interested in this site which has a great history of Palm devices. You can find it here.

Nanostudio stuff on Instagram from johnnn_

A Nanostudio photo from johnnn_ via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/O3M5JVDH5N/

Music Hack Day - Reykjavik

Music Hack Day - Reykjavik has been announced. Full details here.

Is crowdfunding better for hardware than apps?

I've noticed that a lot of hardware goes down really well on Kickstarter but not so much apps. I'm speaking here entirely in terms of music hardware / apps and I've no idea if the crowdfunded model works in other app categories like games etc.

It just seems to me to be far more accessible and tangible for hardware, whereas for apps it's difficult to see how the app maker can reward people for funding the project. I think when we start to see crowdfunding platforms that allow backers to opt for equity things may change and apps may become a lot more popular in terms of raising money through this medium.

LED jellyfish light suit

Interesting take on mobile music. Perhaps it is time to open the debate on wearable tech and music?

DrumJam - External MIDI (new video)

Video description:

Here we have DrumJam being controlled over WiFi network MIDI by an Akai MPK49 attached to a nearby computer. The MIDI clock is being generated by the keyboard which DrumJam syncs to.

Learn more about the DrumJam iOS application from Sonosaurus LLC and Pete Lockett at:

DrumJam - Record and Export (new video)

Video description:

DrumJam exporting a recorded loop via AudioCopy to ThumbJam. You can also use Open In, for apps that accept WAV file input, direct upload to SoundCloud, or email the WAV.

Yes, I know ThumbJam needs a landscape mode!!

Learn more about the DrumJam iOS application from Sonosaurus LLC and Pete Lockett at:

DrumJam - Virtual MIDI (new video)

Drum Description:

Use DrumJam to control or be controlled via virtual MIDI and other compatible applications. In this video we show DrumJam alongside MoDrum and BassLine (from Finger). There are many apps supporting virtual MIDI nowadays..... buy them!

Learn more about the DrumJam iOS application from Sonosaurus LLC and Pete Lockett at:

DrumJam - Intro (new video)

Video Description:

DrumJam is a whole new world of percussion and drums for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It's an exciting and powerful tool, opening up the world of rhythm in a completely hands-on and inspiring way. Whether you are a novice just looking for a bit of rhythmic fun, a songwriter or producer looking for a fresh rhythmic idea, a percussion student writing arrangements for a project, a music teacher looking for rhythm ideas to teach, or a drum circle facilitator seeking to expand their repertoire, this app has something for you.


The app is designed by award winning international percussionist Pete Lockett and Sonosaurus LLC, the developer of ThumbJam. Pete has been top of his game for decades and has performed with the stars, from Peter Gabriel and Björk to Robert Plant, Dido, Jeff Beck and more. He has also worked extensively in the film industry, arranging and recording all the ethnic percussion for five Bond 007 films.

DrumJam is a direct and personal route to his rhythm factory with all the individual percussion parts recorded by Pete. Build layers from a wide range of ethnic percussion and drum kit loops and jam away over the top of the grooves you create. With intuitive quantized beats performed by simply dragging your fingers around, it is possible for even the absolute novice to get some funky grooves immediately.

First Sounds from Anaphobia Destro

Good to see that this new app is progressing well, if you want to hear what it's starting to sound like then visit the site for a listen.

MicroTrack dB site has moved

If you were following the old MicroTrack dB blog you should be aware that it has moved now and the new site can be found here.

MicroTrack dB - bang means do it

Arctic Keys and NodeBeat HD - Sunsine Audio

Upcoming Arctic Keys factory preset Retro Arp controlled by NodeBeat HD - Sunsine Audio
Visit at - www.sunsineaudio.com

SampleWiz Hotel Fun 2 with Jordan Rudess

SampleWiz - Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, LLC

Great review of bad hotel

If you want to know a bit more about Bad Hotel, the new game from the developers of Mujik, then read this. You won't look back.

Molecule Synth with ship with a little pack of Sugru!

Which is great news if you backed it and if you know what Sugru is. If you don't know what Sugru is then you really need to find out!