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A Four Track Recorder for Android

Great to see a multi-track app arrive for Android. I think it is a first, or at least it is the first I've seen anyway.

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Konkreet Performer is coming

say Hello to KONKREET PERFORMER from Konkreet Labs on Vimeo.

Now that looks really interesting. I have to find out some more. Via Matrixsynth.

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Sound Squares minor update

Only a little update for this app but good to know that it is still getting developed.
  • Fixes bug where changes to squares might not save.
  • Updated graphics to support retina display.
  • Updated for iOS 4.1
Sound Squares - Mark-V Apps

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Hacked Gakken 150 controller

Looks like a great mod for the SX-150.

Via Matrixsynth.

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Vocal Beater price reduced

Only from $1.79 to $1.19. Still, it is a bit cheaper now.

Vocal Beater - migamo

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Arduino CSQ sequencer, loud demo (via Matrixsynth)

Via Matrixsynth.

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Basic! Updated

Another update to Basic! the retro coding app. I have to admit that I am having a lot of fun with this app already. Just running little bits of code as examples and starting to have a play with the music function that came in the last update.

Anyway, here's what's in this update:
  • Input, Len, CHR$ & Color Features!
  • Paste Code into Editor! Enjoy!
  • Now, set the Background & Text Color in Terminal!
  • Enhanced Input and Len Functions. Additions to Help Screen.

Basic! - miSoft

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Music on: Acoustic Guitar - DSiWare™ - Abylight

Don't think I've seen this DSiWare app before. Thanks to Moonbuz for posting it.

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SoundPrism 1.1 arrived

Confirmation of what's new in SoundPrism:
  • Recording Feature was added - record and email your compositions right from your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • Note names can now be made visible.
  • Improved bass. Fuller sound when playing quickly with more then one finger. SoundPrism is now less then 20MB to download.
  • Pitch Space System has been improved: The circularity of the diatonic subspace is now fully implemented. SoundPrism is now less then 20MB to download.
SoundPrism - Audanika GmbH

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Lets get LoFi 8 - Prosound Modded GBC + Pocket Music

ChrisLody | October 31, 2010

This is a bit of a departure from my normal Lofi videos but i just finished modding a gamboy color so i thought i'd do a video of it.

The mod to the gameboy color is a prosound mod which adds an extra output. At the start of the video i use the normal headphone jack to show the difference in level. My GBC had a blow speaker so i installed an extra jack in place of it. There is still some noise but that just appears to be part of the sound of Pocket Music as i also tried the music software built into the gameboy camera and that sounded nice and clean. In the past i've also used Imageline's Edison to remove noise from signals like this.

The software is Pocket Music. I created this track 'Z80' years ago but i still realy like it. Pocket Music is nice and simple to use but can still produce some cool sounds. Its also available on the GBA but i wouldn't recommend that version as it sounds horrid.

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1st Video updated

Good to see this video editing app get an update. Here's what's new:
  • Import, Edit and Render video at up to 1280x720 on iPhone 3GS/4 and iPod touch 3g/4g with iOS 4.1
  • Import videos in .MOV and .MP4 format using Sharing function
  • Import videos and pictures from Photo Library and audio from iTunes library with iOS 4.0+
  • Mix videos with different resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Improved Trim tool, accurate to single Frame (1/30th sec)
  • Faster background processing of new or imported videos for use in Editor
1stVideo - Consumer Edition - VeriCorder Technology, Inc.

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I've been away ...

and I'm catching up on emails, sorry if you haven't had a reply as yet, but I will be trying to get through emails over the next few days and also catch up with any news that has been missed!

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Moon released by Jason Sposa

Another release from Jason Sposa / Falling for a Square. I'm looking forward to giving this a good listen very soon. Here's what Jason has to say about the release from his blog:

MOON is a concept EP loosely based on the 2009 Duncan Jones script MOON. I personally just fell in love with the idea of a man (clone) spending years on the moon, while the whole time his world was a lie. I believe I took a little different spin on the idea, and I am quite happy with this dark image I have captured.

Moon is compiled of eight songs all of them composed with NANOLOOP (for iPhone).

In addition, Glocken Jr, Manetron, SV-5 Vocoder, PiezoPop, WS 101, Pocket Organ, Sound Squares + a little Casio SK-1 were all used in the recording of this record.


DOCTOR POPULAR - collaborating music on the track "Trans Oceanic Lullaby"
Please find out more great things about him at www.DOCPOP.org

VIVIAN KIM - background vocals on "Blast Off" + lead vocals on "Where Your Heart Lives"
More music from Vivian can be found at THEDUALIES official

You can hear all the tracks here.

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don't worry be happy like music played with IPhone apps (inspired in bobby Mc Ferrin)

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Reggie Watts improvising with Everyday Looper on the radio !

Everyday Looper - Mancing Dolecules

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CDM Previews new Indamixx 2 tablet running MeeGo

CDM has some early details of this tablet running MeeGo which is expected in May next year.

The specs sound very capable, and it could be a real step forward for mobile music.

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Win 3.1 install on iDOS

 Wow! Amazing. Not a big surprise that Apple pulled it really. Thanks to BeatMakerTV

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Hexaphone is free until 31/10

Hexaphone is still free at the moment until the 31st, so if you haven't already got it, get it!

Hexaphone - iOS Keyboard - Impresario Digital

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Sound Club DOS on iPad iDOS

Wish you could still get this app. Wish I hadn't missed it! Thanks to BeatMakerTV

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Back to the Mac in 104 seconds

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Music Producer Assistant

I thought that this might interest a few people, and it is of course free.

Producer Assistant is a hip hop producer app that lets you keep up on what's going on in the music producing industry.

It also shows you how to make beats for some of the hottest software in the music business, Learn secret tactics on how to sell your tracks and where to get sounds for your beats and more.

There are tons of different tutorials on how to make beats using different software like the akia mpc, ableton live, Reason, beat thang, and much more. This app is good for inspiration to get your tracks sounding hot, and also when you're done, where to sell, and which artists are looking to buy beats. This app is what every producer needs to have in their arsenal. Get it now for free for a limited time - The Producer Assistant.

Music Producer Assistant - Wooten Technology

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New Storyboard app coming soon

According to HHH. The app is aimed at storyboard artists and isn't to be confused with the app previously known as Hitchcock!

I'm sure HHH will bring more details as they're available.

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This looks like a good musical sketchpad app. Here's the description:

Designed by a songwriter, for songwriters.

Songcatcher is the perfect tool for songwriters. Its functions and useability are designed to allow songwriters, from novice to professional, to document and build on their ideas, whilst still in the moment of inspiration.

Songcatcher has two interfaces, Sketch mode and Project mode.
Sketch mode offers the main functionality in a fast, easy to understand interface, tailored to the inexperienced music interface user. In the style of a wizard, you are walked through the process with prompts, and can build on your ideas within seconds.
Project Mode offers the full functionality of Songcatcher. Its layout is in the style of conventional music software, with all of the controls easily accessible and functional.

  • 10 layers of recording, including both Audio and MIDI.
  • Audio to MIDI conversion, allowing the user to sing ideas and have instruments play them back. You can create your band with your voice.
  • Resizable Piano Keyboard to play instruments.
  • Instruments include: Piano, Electric Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Distorted Guitar, Synth, Organ, Strings and Horns.
  • MIDI editor to edit performance.
  • Mixing functionality.
  • Ability to bounce mixes and re-import, hence allowing unlimited tracks.
  • Tempo track with optional click.
  • Ability to export mixes in various formats.
The app is priced at $7.99

SongCatcher - John Vella Music

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Audio Technica looking for an alternative Christmas song

As we get closer toward the end of 2010 here's an interesting competition from Audio Technica. Looks like they're after something a bit alternative in terms of a Christmas song. Details here.

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Next version of SoundPrism on the way today

SoundPrism 1.1 arriving later today!

SoundPrism - Audanika GmbH

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KORG Monotron Song - Tiger Dance

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