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Jordan Rudess and Wivi Band

In the same way that I completely ignored Bebot until I saw Jordan demo it, I also ignored this app too. The video is a good intro to the app, but if nothing else you have to watch the quartet at the end. It is amazing!

Wivi Band

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velocipede said...

Jordan could probably make two sticks and a broken bottle sound great. Then, he'd convince us to buy the sticks. Whether or not he is being paid to do these demos, he sure makes them appealing.

robman84 said...

Have to agree. But I did buy this and it is fantastic and supports my iPod touch with ext mic. I also didn't "get" this from the description as it is made to sound like a toy app like bebot. Then I saw the JR demo and realized what it actually was and bought it

ashley said...

I know what you mean about Jordan. I think you're right, he could sell anything. I almost bought the app on the strength of this video.

velocipede said...

I got it too. It sounds quite good even though I do not have a mic hooked up to my Touch yet.