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So, does Apple TV run iOS or not?

GadgetLab has this post about the new Apple TV and claims that it does indeed run iOS. So, if it does what does this mean? Well I guess it could mean that Apple might have another whole app market opening up, but will it be for the same developers who work with iOS on the iPhone, Touch and iPad?

With the old iPod Classic Apple released a number of click wheel games but the SDK was never available to all developers. Might we see a similar approach for the Apple TV with Apple only allowing specific developers to create software for the device? And what sort of apps might come for Apple TV? I have no answer for this as yet, but I'd love to hear what you think.

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Richard Lawler said...

Even if AppleTV runs iOS it won't be anything like the same as an iPhone or iPad. UI is completely different and only input is a 7-button remote (compared to very rich input devices on iPhone/iPad). There's also almost no local storage on the AppleTV.

So that would mean AppleTV would require a major new SDK. It costs Apple a fortune to publish and support a SDK and an App Store.

I suspect Apple is taking it slow (like they did at first with iPhone) before they commit to an AppleTV SDK.

If AppleTV 2 turns out to be a dud like AppleTV 1, they will not bother.

It almost seems like they might be leaning more toward AirPlay support on iPhone, iPad devices. i.e. Apps are running on the iPad/iPhone but displaying to an AppleTV. But I don't know that AirPlay would work satisfactorily for user interfaces. Probably too much latency.

vnllnv said...

Anyone for karaoke ?

Unknown said...

Can't wait till they Jailbreak it to run different Video Formats like my old AppleTV.

IMO the future is SmartTV's, not boxes that hook up to TV's.

Anonymous said...

> IMO the future is SmartTV's, not boxes that hook up to TV's.

Yea. Because it would be fun dropping a 57" LCD panel in the dumpster every three years or so because the software's become obsolete.

ashley said...

I think you're right Richard, I think that it is still a hobby for Apple and more than that just an experiment in some ways.

It would be interesting to see some AppleTV apps / a store, but I can't think what would be on there.