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NLog MIDI Synth details

Professional Virtual Analogue Synth supporting Line6' Midi Mobilizer interface

This app is an extended version of the famous "NLog Synthesizer" app providing external access from MIDI keyboards or other MIDI controller. The synth engine has been rewritten to provide polyphonic realtime response. Now you have a real synthesizer out of your IOS device which you can play with your keyboards. A MIDI interface is needed to operate with external keyboards. This version supports Line6's Midi Mobilizer. Other interfaces like Akai's Synthstation will be supported in future updates once they become available. The app is also usable without MIDI interface with on-screen keyboard.

Full feature set like "NLog Synthesizer" PLUS MIDI connectivity PLUS additional bonus sound set!

Full MIDI implementation for note on/off including velocity control, pitch bend, sustain pedal, modulation wheel and assignable midi controller.

The N E X T L E V E L of IOS musical instruments:
  • A PROFESSIONAL GRADE synthesizer in your pocket with extreme value
  • including fresh new soundset by the trance producer 7 Skies (www.7skies-music.com)
  • Over one hundred parameters and options
  • More than your beloved hardware synths might offer
  • Store up to 96 own edits in 3 user banks
  • Exchange sounds with your friends by email
  • Professional 44.1 kHz Stereo CD quality
  • Internal 32bit floating point engine
  • Highly efficient sound algorithms
  • Enabling maximum CPU performance of your iPhone / iPod devices
STAGE safe KEYBOARD implementation
  • Fully customizable keyboard to your personal style
  • Keeps all settings automatically in your preferences
  • Famous SLIDING keyboard and LOCK options
  • Double manual option: two independent keyboards on screen
  • POLY, MONO & LEGATO modes
  • Optional velocity control
  • Four different key sizes
  • Full range of 6 1/2 octaves
Fully customizable EXPRESSION CONTROL
  • Realistic PITCH BEND and MOD WHEEL implementation
  • X/Y two dimensional controller
  • Four fully customizable PERFORMANCE knobs
  • Keyboard with VERTICAL modulation control
Incredible FAT & RICH
  • New filter implementation for SMOOTH and JUICY control with 7 FILTER types
  • Incredible UNISONO mode for up to 4 parallel sounds with detune, delay and panning control
SOUND editing features
  • 2 Oscilators with 20 waveforms:
  • classic analouge SIN, SAWTOOTH, TRIANLGE and SQUARE and 16 additional carefully designed wavetables
  • True PWM pulsewidth modulation
  • Modulated by LFO or envelope
  • Frequency modulation
  • Sinusoidal and complex waveforms
  • Modulation by LFO and envelope
  • Ring modulation
  • The old school electronic effect
  • Noise generator
  • Individual modulation by LFO and envelope
  • Incredible 7 filter types
  • Low Passes, High Passes & Band Passes
  • Finest sweeps and smoothest cutoff tuning
  • Carefully resonating
  • 12 & 24dB option for steepness
  • 3 Envelope generators
  • Classic Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release
  • Velocity controlled attack time
  • 2 Modulation LFOs
  • 4 waveforms
  • Sample & hold
  • Fade in delay
  • Rich set of modulation parameter
  • Organized into 3 modulation pages
  • Exclusive modulation envelope
  • Multi-effect section
  • Stereo delay with cross-feed and damping filter
  • chorus
  • distortion

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Anonymous said...

...sounds like I'd be able to plug my tenori-on into my iPad....hmmmm....might have to invest in this app! are there any other MIDI enabled synth apps out there at the moment, or is this a first?

ashley said...

No there are others, I will be doing a list of line 6 compatible apps soon though.

jaybry84 said...

Midi in doesn't really interest me in an app with such limited recording functionality.

jaybry84 said...

Unless you use this live a lot...

ashley said...

My understanding is that the MIDI out from a sequencer app is really difficult. CoreMIDI in 4.2 might help?

Anonymous said...

I bought the App and the Midi Mobilizer. Really incredible so far. I've been running VST synths for years on my laptop. Will be trying my iPod in my 80s rock band now. Makes for a great replacement when you play shows that you have 10 minutes to move your gear, and a laptop isn't suitable. Very handy that you can put your iPhone on top of your keyboard, no stand needed, boots quick, etc.

I made a reasonable recreation of the OB-X sweep sound Rush uses for Tom Sawyer, and will be testing on stage in front of 200 people this weekend.

I hope NLog offers a site to exchanges sounds with other users.

Does anyone know where to get more sounds for NLog?

Also can recommend BS-16i. That is great too. I have a collection of SoundFonts from years ago, and I now have a portable grand piano and other lots of other sampled instruments.

Any other decent Apps I should know about?

I hope other Apps I bought add Midi Mobilizer support. I bought Pocket Organ, Argon analog synth (excellent), Ellatron Mellotron, MiniSynth (not too impressed), Wivi Band and other apps.

Moog Music recently made their first App (Filtatron), and it would be awesome if they made a MiniMoog App.

With any luck, there will be VST type of Apps made in the future.