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Little MIDI Machine arrives

Another Line 6 enabled iPad app. Little MIDI Machine is a sequencer for external MIDI hardware.

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Anonymous said...

what about an ipod version? i am already searching everywhere.. :/

Unknown said...

Good App!

synthetic bits said...

Hi anon, sorry, but this one is an iPad only app. I got to the point where I couldn't justify spending more time on developing it for now, but I wanted to release what I had since people seemed interested in it. So, no iPhone/Touch support, and a number of other missing but would-be-useful features. On the plus side, it is free! And it's still pretty fun to play with in its current form.

You can also sort of use it even without the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer. It plays very basic melodic sample sounds if the L6MM isn't plugged in, so if you have an iPad but not the interface you can still play around with it and make some patterns.

Thanks for the mention -SB