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Basic! for iPhone and iPad

Having got C64 Basic on the iPhone now Misoft has gone one step further with Basic! Actual basic on your iPhone. The app is also a universal and costs only $2.99 / $1.79.

Thanks to BeatMaker (not intua) for emailing me about this app.

Here's the description:

Remember the day? Hammering out your own Code?

This is a Retro Simulation Game like no other
- welcome back to Basic!

Hanging around and playing with Basic on an iOS App is like sitting aside of time and think'n about just how cool it's been to live in these last 35 years!

Now, this is a mobile Basic, it works as a fun way to re-kindle your old Basic Skills and even as a Basic learning tool.

The App comes with a Sample Program to help you get started. You'll need to know, learn, or re-learn Basic to play with this App. So set your Code, hit Run, let Basic! process, and have a blast!

We are working on a great update so you can keep playing, learning (and re-learning) all the historic Basic commands you so miss from your youth. So, please, enjoy and be patient with us! This is 1.0 of miSoft Basic!

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