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EM Tronic Synth

The EM Tronic looks like quite a cool little hand held synth that's available at Etsy. The EM-Tronic is a small hand held synth that makes a large range of electronic noises. If you want to hear what the EM-Tronic sounds like, I have upload a small YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm2K51MhHh8

With the combination of pitch, speed and mode controls, giving endless combination of sounds this Synthesizer packs quite a punch for it's size.

Main controls:
  • Pitch: the pitch control allows you to make, 127 tones and 127 white noise variations.
  • Speed: The speed control has different functions depending on what mode is set, but essentially, it sets the time a tone or tones are played and repeated. 
  • Mode: the EM-Tronic has three modes, mode 1 is basic and gives a bleep at the pitch and duration you set. mode 2 is delay mode, this mode gives a delay effect as you move the pitch control up and down. Mode three includes a delay and multiple notes played rapidly.
The output is via a 3.5mm stereo socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

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